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Scoot Show 3-13 11pm, Houston father

Mar 14, 2014|

A Houston father shoots and kill a teenage boy in his daughter’s bedroom at 2:30am…father found the teen in bed with his daughter and the daughter told him she didn’t know the 17 year old kid…father saw the teen reach for something so he shot him….self defense or not?

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And welcome back George -- this Thursday night that there are some things that we're gonna talk about tomorrow night that we did not get to tonight's I hope you'll tune in tomorrow night there's another LSU basketball game on tomorrow night. -- issue beat Alabama tonight LSU plays Kentucky tomorrow night that game begins at 6 o'clock and you'll hear all right here and to -- WL. And will be on right after the game which will be around 8:30 at 9 o'clock so which -- or ninth. We've been talking about to sit cons and here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Do you watch more -- it comes or pass -- -- In reruns. 82%. Say they watch more passive content -- runs and only 18% say. They currently watch currents account. And we're talking about this because. The the Big Bang theory on CBS has been renewed for a couple more years three more years. And a number of shows they were very promising. And had stars in and that's sitcoms were supposed to be very promising this was supposed to be the year sitcoms. It they've been canceled and does some other sitcoms are not doing as well as as expected so that's what part of this conversation tonight. The -- like tonight is on our website -- once again this is another case where you'll either totally agree with me or you will totally disagree with me. And you might actually be angry with my point of view it's titled hot heads with guns. In -- about a Houston area Dan who shot and killed a seventeen year old teenage boy. That he caught in his teenage daughter's bedroom of -- talk about that tonight but that blog is on our website at WW real dot com you can read it. If your comments and their share with others. If you're gonna do easiest -- gun control enthusiast either way. It's an interesting an interesting blog also Tivo behavior has. A video that's gone viral abouts. Of the rhesus and who dat nation -- you gotta check that out that and much more is on our website at WW dot com. So this Malaysian airlines. It's a triple set point at the biggest planes in the year. It's been missing for six days -- disappeared Saturday. And with all of the technology that we had. Available. It's amazing that nobody can find a Trace at this point. And apparently in the transponders and there -- several types of transponders on this plane for the plane itself for the engines. And they go to several different locations for example the airline. And they also go to Boeing the manufacturer of the plane and also I believe they go to goes to Rolls Royce which read the engines. So it's just it's it's a great mysteries to what happened to this point. Apparently going in one direction then veered off and went in another direction and they're just hasn't been a sign of displaying yet. So what happened to this plane. This is led to some people coming up with some conspiracy theories. And here or fuels and I felt today. Aliens were involved in it in the -- It somehow aliens were involved. Plane just disappeared and that that exploits. Another suggestion -- No conspiracy theory the passengers are still alive and families are waiting about hearing from their loved ones. And they have told reporters. That. The missing relatives. Have talked to them I weathered this is true or not I don't know this is one of the conspiracy theories that the passengers here are still alive and some have contacted their loved ones. Another conspiracy theory is that -- Snowden. Is somehow connected with this guy with the the NSA. Leaks who is now in Russia. Another conspiracy theory is the Iranians. Have kidnapped the engineers they've got the plane and they've kidnapped the engineers. Another one is that the passengers were taken to. Pyongyang. In North Korea. Another theory is the -- and -- was involved. Another theory is there's a new Bermuda Triangle. And this is around Malaysia. Indonesia. Vietnam. Is in Burma. In the general area. We could there be a Burma trying. Another suggestion is conspiracy theory more than suggest a conspiracy theory is the plane is in Vietnam. Where it's waiting to be used. As a weapon. And defining other conspiracy theory is. There was some kind of -- miniature bomb that was controlled by an iPhone app. And it created a miniature black hole. And so that's what. Led to the disappearance. Of -- again these are conspiracy theories or across a few of these today at boston.com. Slash news slash source web site. So what happened to this point I mean it is amazing that this displayed -- disappeared but the area that they're looking -- is really of vast area. I guess that this thing that I find most curious about this. Is. That. Sophisticated planes selected the triple seven. They have so many different systems of redundancy. When it comes to electronics. Communications. It's hard to believe that that. That the transponders would just be turned off or they would just they would they would break down and there would be no more communication. So one of the theories is. Did that transponders were turned off. Now did they suddenly stopped working because the plane disintegrated in the air. Did they stop working because they were turned off. And I know originally there was some concern about a couple of students on the plane who had stolen. Passports couple passengers has stolen passports. But apparently in this part of the world but it's not that uncommon. And it's it's believed that these these two young people with these passport super stolen weren't were not involved -- that there is no reason to believe. That they were involved at all. But is it even possible. That in 2014 with all of the technology that we have in space. All of the technology that we have on the ground. That. This plane will never ever be found. -- we've all heard the stories of planes it just totally disappeared. In the premier bit diverted trying. Ansonia I don't know is it is that possible is that this vortex. It with space -- on a plane -- just can just disappear. Have you heard a conspiracy theory. That seems reasonable to you. Have you heard one that's totally ridiculous. -- being covered on all the major news network channels. They're covering Wolf Blitzer this was there is his entire show and other shows have dedicated their entire shows to dismissing plane. Because it's just so one heard of it's something like this would completely. Disappear. What do you think happened to this point I mean I know we don't know. And we may never now. But it really is a mystery. With all of the technology today. It's really mystery as to why and now. This plane is completely disappeared. And they just there's no Trace of it now on the ocean and author of the plane crashes in the ocean. There's going to be some Trace of it there was at that -- I think it was an Air France. Airliner. Going from I think Buenos Aires to London or some something like that somewhere South America. Two a European nation. And -- not far off the coast of South Africa South America. Gates did it disintegrated there -- end up in the water well they they found that you rather quickly because she just. You are playing even if a plane disintegrated Melissa gist. -- -- -- Time is there would be some some signs of it if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number 670. And you know Malaysia is not used to handling things like this so there's been a lot of criticism of the Malaysian government. For the waited they have handled. Information that history has flowed to two world media. But -- They're not going to be as sophisticated as we are in terms of dealing with something like this affect the the National Transportation Safety Board from the United States and the FAA from America. Are actually helping out and I'm wondering does the country pay for that. I -- because these are these are US government agencies. And I know that agencies from other countries are trying to help out as well. Are these. Are these efforts going to be financially reimbursed by the by the country. You know it is. This is not a criticism of Malaysia it's just a reality this is something did not every country has to deal with -- and the have been criticized for the flow of of information and holding back some things which I guess they have to do and then maybe giving out some things -- too quickly so apparently now they've got their. -- hands on exactly what needs to be done in terms of handling this and obviously they're getting a lot of information probably from the NTSB. And also the FAA began to join us with a comment have you heard any theory that you think is more believable than another theory any. Initial thoughts on what do you think may have happened to this point hijacked. Just totally disappeared. Is it today is it as one can conspiracy theories suggest it's in Vietnam waiting to be used as a as a weapon. If you wanna join our show -- nights are numbers 2601872. All free 8668890870. And a text member states have creates every time getting more text of out. About sitcoms here's a text that they show about a black family was the cause we shall see it I don't I don't think the 'cause we show was about a black family. Any more than I think. They show like my wife and kids is about a black family I think those shows. Feature black families but I think those are shows. About families. I scoot and will be right back on giving him. Well congratulations. To my high school alma mater the east Jefferson lawyers are gonna play for the state championship in basketball. Saturday in Lake Charles. They won. The football championship this year for the first time in the history of the school. I know what I was going to reach Jefferson had a very good basketball team and I remember going to I think it was a playoff game in Baton Rouge. Think they lost in the the closing seconds but the east Jefferson lawyers are now gonna play for the state. Basketball championship -- -- -- EG Winston high school football and basketball championship. The same school year amazing but congratulations to the east Jefferson lawyers. I want to remind you that as some of our -- we will listeners outside of the greater New Orleans area and their calls and emails and has sent us a lot of text. They're having reception problems and listening on WW relish them 1053. We are experiencing some problems with -- FM antenna. These issues are temporary they're working on right now and they will result in limited coverage perhaps in your area but they will be fixed very soon. So if you are experiencing reception problems on WWL FM 1053. And you can tune in it's the same programming right now on our 50000 watch. Clear signal -- station the -- 870 WWL. WWL SN issues will be solved. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon but again tonight or tomorrow morning you're having any difficulty just switch over to the big 870 it's the same programming and then he could switch back to WW relative amplify three FM. When those problems get fixed. I here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Do you watch current sitcoms or do you find yourself watching more past sitcoms in reruns. Only 20% say they're watching -- sitcoms. At 80% say they're watching. Pass it comes in re runs more offered I really didn't get a chance we're gonna talk about the the site filled episode one of my favorite episodes. -- with Keith Hernandez from the New York Mets. And did they did a brilliant take off on the Kennedy assassination. I've Kramer claimed that. Somebody spit on him leaving leaving the game. And and apparently they were toning some player in the in the stands. And the way they talked about this loopy and I hitting Kramer and had and then bouncing off and hitting. Hitting. Newman. It it was just it was a perfect. Take off on the Kennedy assassination. And even talked about well you know that dispute this Peter came from -- grassy Knoll. You know nearby in the disputed it Kramer and then and then bounced and hit it because it did the Kennedy assassination included the governor of Texas John -- Of the shots I thought that was it was a brilliant episode. -- am getting a couple of text about the possible. Theories as to what happened to that Malaysian. Flight 370 that is totally disappeared now for six days no Trace of it what so ever. Here's a text and might the only person to seek castaway. That was the movie with Tom Cruise and I'm in the movie with a Tom Hanks. A plane traveling at that speed. In any particular direction. For any length of time is pulling could be almost anywhere. It took 85 years to find the Titanic. And they had a pretty good idea of -- your -- should. It's probably invite you Saint John. I mentioned earlier that. Did the the coverage even though it's expanding its sister rumor that it's been expanded to the western part of like -- -- Here is taxed then it's reads. I see the most accurate I see the most accurate in reasonable. Explanation of the Malaysian airlines plane mystery. Is that it would there was a critical failure of the electronic equipment including radio. They called. The crew that caused the crew to become disoriented. And that has probably caused different reports of the plane showing up. On different radar. And here is a comment I think it was hijacked. My hacking. I'll -- hacking guide -- sometimes people that sometimes spell correction. It makes people say something that I know that there really not a trying to say -- -- try to correct some of these as I read them. I think it was hijacked. Two. By hacking the plane's electronics. Boeing knew there was a risk of hacking due to integration of controls systems net. And the network. On the passengers have access. Here's a text. I do nothing the yen Malaysian airlines plane was hijacked -- brought down by terrorist because somebody would have come forward. To take credit. May -- this is supposed to say I do not think the Malaysian airlines was -- that's something interesting too because there has been no chatter. And usually somebody is is claiming credit. Four for this here's a text. I'm thinking. It's like the TV show lost. It is that this is a total mystery this plane has just totally disappeared where. We're headed the Kara they have this in Malaysia I know in Indonesia. They have those Komodo dragons. Yeah I was thinking about this for -- looking at Dave did the mapping that that part of the world. Whenever I think about Indonesia Malaysia and with him in Malaysia but it's a net in the part of the world and -- Komodo dragons. I -- more free to -- Comodo dragon and any other animal on this planet. I would rather encounter a great white shark. I would rather encounter a snake. I would rather encounter anything because these Komodo dragons. Deer predators -- their aggressive you know a snake would would bite you are out of defense. And and it's not gonna just a -- And and we understand -- in spite of what we were told to me watching Joseph lies. The great white shark is not gonna commit premeditated murder second -- after these Komodo dragons. -- Lafayette soul. God forbid if this plane landed in an area where they ended up on a place where. There was a Comodo dragon. This could block tonight is titled hot heads with guns there's a Houston area -- who shot and killed a seventeen year old teenage boy to be caught in his teenage daughter's bedroom. According to the police reports. One of the fathers of the children alerted the father. That she had heard someone in her sister's bedroom. This is about to -- this morning so the father goes to his daughter's bedroom with a garden. And -- -- a seventeen year old boy who was there. The man's daughter said she did not know who the boy once. The father then told the boy not to move. The father told police. He saw the teenage boy reach for something and then he opened fire killing the teenager in his daughter's bedroom. Police say the teenage boy he did not have a gun. -- sixteen year old daughter later admitted that she did know the seventeen year old teen who was in her bedroom. No charges have been filed against the father and police investigators are you gonna turn the information over to a grand jury. The name of the father was not initially released at least this was what are with the blog and earlier earlier tonight I did not know the -- same maybe it's been released by now maybe we'll know by tomorrow. But this is just another one of those interesting cases. He shot and killed this kid it's a tragic situation no matter what happened. But I guess. The question is did the -- for -- shoot him because he was really threatened. Or did the father shoot him because he was a hot head with a government. Because he was trying to punish. This seventeen year old boy. For being in his daughter's bedroom. And it may not be a coincidence that several these high profile shootings that have occurred in in parts of the country where carrying a gun for protection seems to go sometimes with some people. Goes beyond protection. And includes the right to punish inappropriate actions. Right there in public. Or to a avenge and rage or anger. You know there's a case of the 47 year old guy Michael -- We talked about this on the show he shot and killed a seventeen year old in Jordan Davis following a confrontation over loud music in the parking lot of the convenience store in Jacksonville Florida. This was another case that attracted national attention the jury found -- not guilty of murder but guilty and other charges that could lead to a very long prison sentence. As sentencing has been delayed for a couple of days Michael times criticized by many who seem to think that his life was not really threatened based on what they heard about it. And that he actually. Was trying to punish the teenager for being disrespectful to him by refusing to turn down music in the card the teen was the end. Also in Florida. We talked about this on the show a 71 year old retired Tampa police officer. Is facing second degree murder charges for shooting a 43 year old man following an apparent argument over texting. In a movie theater. This every one year old retired Tampa police officer Curtis -- is shot and killed 43 year old channel soon. Following a verbal confrontation over Olson texting in the movie theater during the showing of previews. Prior to the showing of the feature attraction which was the lone survivor. The retired police officer told police that he felt his life which threatened went Olson hit him. However witnesses including the police officers that the ex police officer's wife. Told police they never saw Olsen. Hit reefs. And -- is being held right now without Bart. One report indicates that Reese felt like his life which threatened when Olson threw popcorn in his face. There was another report that he threw a cellphone in his face. Reads. The retired Tampa police officer also had another encounter with a young woman over texting in the same movie theater. So is this another case for gun owner who was too quick to use his -- and not for defense of his life sports property. But to punish someone. Who didn't listen to. Since any criticism of gun owners in America. Leads to the hysterical assumption that the criticism is motivated by an anti gun agenda. I think it's important to say that I favor gun ownership legal gun ownership in America. And I have always supported the Second Amendment but. When I do not support. And what I do criticize is gun owners. Who are using this stand your ground law mentality to protect their belief. That they can be pro active with their guns. And punish somebody. In a moment of anger or disagreement. And shocking as this may be to many gun owners and and people who literally worst -- the Second Amendment. This is not part of anybody's right to own a gun and America. You don't own a gun. To. You don't own a gun to to punish somebody in the field. The summary doesn't turn down music you're not justified in shooting them. Now what all of these people are doing is claiming that their life which threatened but there are legitimate questions about whether their life was really threaten. And it's a big difference between self defense. And the use of lethal force against somebody who is being disrespectful or disagreeable. And -- gun owner who really does. Used to use a gun to protect themselves. When -- -- There should be clear understanding of -- and if if if there's any gun owner. -- just done understand the difference between self defense and using lethal force against somebody who's being disrespectful or disagreeable or not listening to them. Then you should know -- Second Amendment notwithstanding you should not own a gun. In all of the these recent profile cases that I've just pension and and we've talked about on this on this show. We don't know exactly what happened. But we should all have legitimate questions about whether the claim of self defense was real or simply justification. For a hot head with the gun. Who's hiding behind the Second Amendment. In America. You're not allowed to shoot somebody who's disrespectful. Or somebody who doesn't Obey your orders. Don't text turned down that music. Or what are you doing in my daughter's bedroom. You're only allowed. To shoot someone who we -- literally threatening your life the life of your family or your property. Now that there -- and I I guess really and in your property you'd still have to claim that your life was threatened. Now there are few other circumstances were lethal force is allowed but no -- allowed did you shoot somebody out of rage frustration anger. Now we should. Have the right to be honest about -- responsible gun owners without extreme. Gun happy -- assuming that any criticism of a gun. Being used. Is a direct attack on the Second Amendment it's not. And extreme gun control activists. Should not assume that every gun owner in America is ready to use his or gone for any purpose other than for protection of their lives and their family. Gun right supporters who automatically assume. Or even ghost of -- to justify that the use of a gun into a shooting following a verbal confrontation. And I'd that they need to realize that that. Support of -- responsible gun voters. Is not protected by the Second Amendment. And that supporting. Irresponsible gun owners. It is is really something that it did negatively affects those who stand up for gun rights and the Second Amendment. Now. Inevitably. There will be those who will be inspired to call me a liberal because of this opinion. As if that some kind of derogatory. Comment you liberal. And of people use liberal or conservative as is listed as if their dirty words. So for those who were so inspired to think that I AME liberal. And that's a derogatory term. If you would think that it may because of this opinion that's fine. But you may be calling me liberal. On your way to prison. If you don't understand. When to use a gun and how to use a gun. If you wanna join our show with comment our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven -- And our text number is 8787. Here's a text that reads. I think the sixteen year old girl shares. And the ability in the death. The sixteen of the seventeen year old friend. She should not have lied if the teenage daughter tells me she doesn't know the boy. That's in her room I tell and to freeze any makes a sudden move I'm probably going to fire my weapon as well. Here's another texas' thank you -- will -- and he was a hot head with the gun unfortunately. We live in hyper pro -- country how sand. Thank you and that's from from -- Here is another comments our text. If I found a stranger in my home I would run away as fast as possible that's me. If I am alone. If my wife or kids or at home the guy is dead. This has nothing to do with the gun the guy is debt. Well. If somebody's in your house. I understand that. However. If your daughter. In fights the seventeen year old in to her bedroom. At 2 o'clock in the morning. Is that is the seventeen year old boy. Totally to blame for being there I agree with this text this girl is equally responsible for that kid being her bedrock. And if she initially told her dad I don't know who this is and he thinks it's a stranger and shoots him. Then maybe he has a right to do that. I realize in our society we are very very quick to. To blame. The guy. Well it's it's. It's not his -- Torre had to say it is his fault and I see it both ways. But in this case by the daughter saying. That she didn't know. Who the boy was that made him a stranger in the house. When in reality she knew him. And she invited him into her bedroom. And quite possibly they were having sex in her bedroom. In her house. And if you're a father. And you have a daughter. Nor Europe altered your daughter's older now you remember when you had a daughter home. And you felt like there was a stranger in your daughter's bedroom that's a different scenario. Then. Then somebody who your daughter -- And the daughter did later admit. She knew the guy wants. So isn't she equally responsible. You know win when it comes to two sex quite often. The guy gets the blame but -- quite often the girl gets the blame. -- how can a guy resist. How can a guy saying only she's -- sent -- I heard that during the deal at a debate about Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky will win that was a big story. Well it wasn't really bill's full effect Hillary even commented to a friend this came out recently. There really wasn't it wasn't bill's fault because. Jennifer got the word she used but it was some kind of a derogatory. Term for Monica Lewinsky it it really wasn't bills fall because. -- -- Made herself available she pursued deal. -- was equally bill's fault that he participated. And I don't care what a girl offers. If a guy says yes he's equally responsible. And if this girl knew this guy. It she may have contributed greatly to aim at a shooting that in depth in a death whether it's a murder or not that's yet to be determined. -- blog tonight is titled hot heads with garlands we don't know about this particular case but there are definite reasons to ask questions. And sometimes you maybe. Be hard pressed in court. To convince somebody. That your life was threatened just because they're reaching for something in -- by the way police did not find -- gone. In the hands of of this seventeen year old who who stand. If you would join Russia with a -- tonight's numbers 260187. -- toll free 866889070. -- Amber's late 7870. Here's a Texan reads carry permit holder and gun carriers since the day I turned Tony one. A gun and should only be used when the gun owners life or another person's life. Is in danger period. Not for retaliation or justice by the way. I'm a concealed. I'm a concealed that our blogs jump around -- the concealed carry and that there's nothing wrong with carrying a concealed weapon that you have a permit to do that. But in doing so you have to know that you can't you should go line for retaliation. And I hear stories about the texting story the loud music story I don't care what these people say. I'm not convinced that their life which really threatened I'm more convinced. That they shot somebody who was disrespectful to them and there's nothing in the Second Amendment protects that. I'm -- we'll be right back. But every of you well -- early hours talking about the part of the the world where this Malaysian flight 237 he has disappeared their rounds in Malaysia. Indonesia. And I whenever I think about that part of the world I think about that Comodo dragon. -- that is one evil predatory creature. And it seems like of all the the the animals on this planet that's one that will go out of its way to attack Q. And here is attacks today. Talks about let me get to this text here again Novo while we're on the airlines -- -- jump all over the place. Yeah and we are an easy prey for the Comodo dragon. They're very quick. And once they bite you the poison in their saliva. Kills you slowly they usually eat their -- Before completely debt. Yeah I've seen I've seen shows about this kimono -- says that is one very evil creature we've been talking about this. Father who shot and killed a seventeen year old that he caught in his sixteen year old daughter's bedroom it to to Tony this morning in Houston area. And is a sky via a hot head with the gun the daughter recently said she didn't know the guy wants. Answer that made the father think that this was a stranger in his daughter's bedroom. And he might have thought rape. The daughter later admitted she did know who the guy wants. So is the daughter equally responsible. Here's a text the girl is 100% wrong. Not the guy Sheila the men and then lied only had to do was enter with permission. While he might have broken a house rule. The guy didn't break any laws the girl should get negligent homicide charges. Because she caused his death. If you wanna join our show with a comment our numbers 260. 1870. Tool free 8668890870. In a text numbers -- over the a's have a tough situation I think there -- legitimate questions to be asked no charges have been filed against the father whose name hasn't been released yet. And the police say that they're gonna turn all the information over to a grand jury has to figure out to what to do there. Here is attacks that reads the daughter is equally responsible because. Are you live in if you live in front of her dad's. Not exactly sure did against sometimes there's -- spill. I checked it today changes words and sometimes these attacks don't make sense throwing freedom of the year. That's the thing about her dad's. Would not be mad at her for this guy beating her bedroom. And again if she if she knew him but this is -- going on to say should be charged with manslaughter. And you know again we don't know what's gonna happen but a grand jury is gonna take this case here's a text why did the parents become so. -- week. When I was growing up if I were caught in a girl's room. That late at night the father did not need a gun he physically remove me from the house. So this is a suggestion that. Guns have replaced. Physically beating people whopper physically removing from the house I think which really sad about this is the girl -- Amp -- certainly some dissent as part of it is a seventeen year old guys stand. But the girl lied about this making this seventeen year old appear to be a stranger. In her bedroom when in reality. It's obvious that she if she knew -- and she invited into her bedroom. And big guys. I don't know I I know I was I wasn't nineties but you know I was. I -- not a rebellious. Bold teenager when -- came due to things like sex. I can't imagine. Trying to sneak somebody in my bedroom although. My dad was the kind of dad and in part of the generation that you know my dad would have applauded that our rights on it ago. No way to go well yeah I never did happen I mean that would have been my dad's reaction I mean honestly. So. I can't imagine trying to sneak somebody in your in your -- and you know it's parents. You know sometimes. You might get involved in nocturnal activity. -- -- -- -- -- But you can't always be assured that their sleeping. But then I can scan a managing kids assuming that their parents are sleeping. So -- getting involved in nocturnal like again I I can't imagine doing that in somebody's own home. Here's a text about the Comodo dragon. Would you go to bed tonight and lay down on the pillow relax and think about the Comodo dragon under your bed here. Right I'm not gonna go to sleep tonight. If you gonna join our short numbers 260187. Until free date 6688908. -- tax is a 7870. Legendary news woman and community leader Angela hill is the newest member of our radio family. As she's got some great stuff coming up tomorrow at 1 o'clock ghostbusters. It's Angeles open Mike with three men who tracked paranormal activity for a living. Including Kevin dancer who's with the scifi TV channel. And he does show deep south paranormal. To tell you some real stories and we wanna hear your stories as well. That starts tomorrow 1 o'clock provincial event fun stuff on Friday and shall also have an open Mike with and if they'll commit NFL and college analyst for football might retaliate. So don't miss Adobe a lot to talk about with -- to Chile with the trade of Darren Sproles who's going to Philadelphia and and Malkin Jacobs made a decision to go to Philadelphia want to talk about all of that tomorrow Angela one to four. But every WL you know no matter what I say -- always going to be -- that has a different opinion retirement how vicious Komodo dragons are here's a Texan -- -- dragons are sexy despite their status is pure hatred. Here's its exit -- likes to could ever get a girl anyway you know it when I was when I was young no I've I couldn't get their checks at all but -- when I got to be in my -- so all of that changed into Tuesday at. Remains. Quite a good part of my life I -- being here on Debian -- time for a quick comment. A certain degree because if you're not in Nevada against but. But in -- is likely -- -- in and he -- -- -- -- like debt for you know. Unfortunately. In the area -- did get a lot of community grants are the only the only engine and young men. Our teenage. -- -- even said that -- would more. Than the other debt that was me. And. You stuck into somebody's bedroom. Yeah what happened yet it happened I was I was invited in you know inviting in it's a major we will -- change. At all. Developing Kapanen from the temple. -- And our -- future of the they'll call it -- -- out the year ago. In endure a lot of circumstances that happened. You know after that didn't -- in our process -- but basically. No he used to hormones. The. Yeah well yeah -- being -- Polonium in the whatever it is an alternate and whether it is proper -- in the home is usually. It is proper card no proper provision -- in different things like that you know is spears spears. -- -- and you know in the child liked to towards. Well I knew I needed anyway chuck I've got to I've got to get to a 839 tomorrow night. Love -- New Orleans.