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3-14 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 14, 2014|

Dave talks about a victim kills suspect, St. Patrick's Day fun, and the 5 second rule is true?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this the fourteenth of march 2014. And it's TGI -- well go. -- pride day. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Another move was coming through city stories we're gonna match bombs from. -- like a bonus room that's. Especially this off. I'd. I'd it's time change. Some whatever was. Weather change. I've been dragon my rear end through this week out it's behind me just. Enough time job it's been terrible. Really bad army just you know I'd like to pots of coffee later -- come around. In the next this is this more than. -- that I should get up right now comment -- again. Played their phone bank -- And then get dressed and I was so tired of -- -- I'm like it -- them sitting down put your -- -- -- that I'm not I'm -- I am I shouldn't. And thank goodness Yan gang member those that -- belt that feel weird to among them belt on. Those -- the sick the kind of -- it to be easy to leave things behind -- forget things very easy to announce those cell phone you know your belt whatever. He says -- you to not just me. Are now I was -- a difficult week to get through as spreads through the newsroom as well a lot of dragging knuckles and and then the sleek has been hardest pocket -- years out yes that that has been very good when I get it meant one more. Yeah I'd like it I love -- -- about it tomorrow morning revered goods bought thank goodness it's the weekend but. A weekend full -- And so on anonymous that target this weekend either because as we get parades. And other activities. All weekend long. Now mostly for the Saint Patrick's Day it's it is coming -- Monday. By also for sanctions it's all kinds of stuff go on non. In terms of parades and activities and fund got a list of the parades on our website at WWL account. Take -- -- there while the parades on and it. You know -- starts tonight. Wrote yeah this is that timer your liberty would get the big bag and load up on programs and yet. -- -- -- is the market Irish parade tonight at 6 o'clock in the French Quarter than tomorrow is the Irish channel parade in the Irish channel. -- at 1 o'clock. And then the Italian American saint -- disparate as in the French Quarter tomorrow night then Sunday as its name Patrick paper in Metairie road and can. -- Gooden of that Sunday and then Monday the downtown Irish club parade is at 6 o'clock Sunday night. And of course I mean Monday partly Monday the seventeenth is -- on Irish parade at 6 PM. And Monday's practice and -- Tuesday. Or you get those Italians and Irish together oddity I'm chagrined that it has on the next week and the point there it is the Irish Italian Maria matters -- So you got all that going on today. The saint Joseph's day celebration. Will include the world's largest -- pasta according to. The Irish American. The Italian American. That's on a yearly thing -- Italian American marching club justice and justice Costa. At Hilton on the Riverside. And -- faces the world -- his ball toss them argue that the league there's rubric Austin. It is that's the weekend that there. Mike winters. With little sleep at the parade and a set of the launch or wait for the greatest weakness in Asia with a married to go. January better wake up before against them because otherwise you're gonna get -- -- it today it and not knowing that the that would wake up the habit Denton don't wanted to. Flight catcher Ramon who had a dog. I only need water to beyond that anymore cabbage and pray that when you do it. You know you can really go a long way with just one head of damage yet alone -- if they -- -- with documents and tournaments more first news. Yeah -- WWL AM FM and that delegate David back we'll get more details. On this overnight killing. Now what police are saying is the suspect. Is dead after costing two people who were walking down the street a man and a woman. And apparently going to a vacant field. And -- attempting to hold the Manning gunpoint and sexually assault the woman at the same time. This is a male victim gets the gun away from the guy and shoots and kills him with his own gun bad guy dead. They will turn over the DA's office the police on the scene determining that they should not charge anybody. Details on the coming up. More details about fifteen minutes VW well implement now get to weekend forecast right after that's -- out -- there will be rain on our parade and Stephen -- in with your Friday morning sports. That was LSU Alabama last night in the SEC basketball tournament was going on this weekend in the saints have they done make it moves and it's created superiors -- -- to -- Steve Geller got all of that. Right after this ninety minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first -- welcome -- the weekend and a half. Happy pride day for your Friday around seventy this afternoon even milder than what we saw yesterday but still plenty of sunshine around. Although the clouds will begin to increase tonight and that keep -- right around 58 tomorrow watch out for some spotty showers on Saturday with highs around 72. And in -- Patrick stay -- on Sunday may be a little bit soggy that they 70% chance for rain and highs in the mid seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm wrote is Clark -- it's. Now looks like Sunday is the wet days this week and keep that in mind as you mine yours and Patrick celebrations -- announced partly cloudy 45 at the airport in -- Clear skies 38 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell 36 up in -- -- a -- frost let us -- Texas and it's 7870. So we can warn your neighbors that is they get out this morning and me fine little. Crystallized water on their windshield. Some text and an 8770. Today how dare you now outweigh your belt the war. Mine now it's obviously -- the end of the world but it just looks a little weird you know button up shirt tucked in and no belt. Actually I was after I told -- experts news this morning this week has been horrible for me whether attack guess it's adjusting to the time -- justice and really hard to get up in the morning. Actually locked out the front door with just the top button and bottom button in my shirt done that was buttoning and as I was getting in the car and as I was driving and trying to put all my button because. I just in ninth and I and in over sleep by intentionally slept a little extra. But -- belts -- sit right there -- was getting Preston. Just not on me and it's kind of Scioscia hired Miami tired folks -- get along wake you. Really glad the weekends here. -- along with our sports department Steve Geller in here because you guys have been found every twist and turn in -- free agency and trades and deals done. All that's action is better than no action and a deftly keeps you busy and makes the week go faster than expected this excuse me yeah man you tired. The adult I think I'm suffering from some kind of post daylight saving hangover effect I think that. You get the enjoyment of them buzz that present prevent yet there was there was no vote comes before that hang over. Sports stymied Steve gallery here at WWL happy Friday's good morning and happy Friday to everyone according to ESPN NFL insider John Clayton. This are suspected to host quarterback Brandon Browner after he wraps up a visit with the Washington Redskins. Browner was the 2011 pro bowler with the Seahawks. One negative though he's scheduled to miss the first four games of the 2014 season as part of a continuing suspension for repeated violation. Of the NFL's substance abuse policy. An NFL free agents other free agency news Oakland signed defensive end Justin -- 282 year contract. He joined the raiders following nine seasons with the giants during which he helped that team went to Super Bowl titles. Taught me to pro bowls and has sixty point five career sacks forced fumbles six fumble recoveries and 127. Career games. Carolina released all time receiving leader Steve Smith after he spent thirteen years with the team. In a radio interview Smith was asked what's gonna be like when he plays against the Panthers for the first time. His response. Put on your goggles because it is going to be blood and guts everywhere. The LSU men's basketball team buried -- season's best 113 pointers and the tigers won their third consecutive opening game at the SEC tournament. Straight it will -- -- -- the ball and this is a big big forehead for the LSU flying tigers that is being -- the ball game. Score and play good. Six -- Coleman scored fifteen points -- quarterly and added twelve. The number seven seeded tigers advance to face the number 2 seed Kentucky this evening coverage starts at 530 on WWL. Tip off -- set for six. Over to the diamond with the LSU baseball team opens SEC play tonight in Nashville as pulmonary tigers get set to face Vanderbilt. Two of the best pitchers in the nation will take the man. As Ellis you send their ace Aaron go to the -- who's -- a one year with a zero point 00 ERA. Commodores counter with -- -- Tyler Beatty who's also four row along with a one point 08 earned run average first pitches at 630. Two baseball looking to snap a three game losing skid and are on the road to -- east Carolina. First pitch for tonight's series openers at 530. Today -- for on sports talk that -- will hold part of training camp in West Virginia good idea or not. At seventy and the pelicans host the trailblazers on the flagship one of 53 WWL let them I've Steve Geller and that your early morning sports. My 2.3 they've gone Steve Geller with -- on Friday morning and thank you -- for joining us so. Browner Brandon Browner. Was with the Seahawks in 2011 and made the pro ball. And now he's with the Redskins he was he's visiting with the Redskins you're free agent yet freeagent. And but he's doing with the suspension floor. Violating the NFL's substance abuse policy so. You know saints are also gonna visit with them right in the also. Also took a visit earlier week. The New England Patriots as well OK so he went to the patriots he's in Washington next we expect him to come to New Orleans right -- it wherever he ends up next season the first four games he will be out of the regular season not -- pre season. He'll be out of of the first four regular season games so this guy is it's a gamble and it's it's it's a risk and -- someone who can't play your first four games -- participate in training camp and all that absolutely -- the biggest thing though with him though is he is. Obviously very talented coming from that secondary the legion of boom in Seattle. And very big physical type of corner able to shut down some of the -- -- taller wide receivers in the NFL. This guy you think would be good if the science program. Oh deathly via a huge boost to the defensive secondary mean even number two quarterback right now. The question is -- the team willing to. Do without him for the first four games that's tough. Or after you without you for the next point five minutes that would get you back here with more sports that that when we come back I want to give me details on the substance abuse allegation that got him suspended what substance wasn't. And is there fear if you're an NFL team that maybe this guy could. Have another incident where he'd then be re suspended. Steve -- back -- -- diamonds have more sports here on WWL am FM and now we're back with your weekend forecast after the dozens of agreed text messages today 7870. 5 point 7 good morning I'm days California a lot of people -- 7870 says there -- tires this week and so happy Friday is here. -- there and I'm also happy to -- meteorologist -- -- tell -- that weekend forecast. Mostly sunny today and mild again even warmer than yesterday highs hitting about seven -- later on and in dropping only in the upper fifties tonight as Krauss begin to increase and that's an indication that things will change for the weekend Saturday still a couple of spotty showers mixing and 30% chance. With -- mellow seventies but Sunday that rain chance increases to 70%. Could see a couple of heavy downpours with highs of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark backed out. I'd no rain today a little rain Saturday a lot of rain Sunday got it 45 at the airport scanner 38 in Slidell. The only text message I'm getting a ten NE 870 about frost is coming in from Picayune coming up the latest on this. Man who allegedly killed another man who attacked them -- -- coming up the latest on this investigation. Police say that. Suspect attacked a man and a woman was reaping the woman when the man to the kind of -- killed the attacker get the details on that also. Problem with people 37 minutes after Friday and it's the early edition of WWL for listeners it's -- -- the fourteenth it's 2014. It's TGI after Wellcome just. Ride. When you're jumping around. Everybody is on tonight driving come around right now. Friday. Finally the end of the first week of daylight saving time you made -- dragon but you can jump around a little help. I got a lot of people who are. Texting me and -- 7870 sit there dragon their butts. And have been all week all week and it's like it's like ten feet behind you you're you're here -- your -- back there and you just kind of dragged -- -- for example. One hour make that big of a difference apparently can't yeah I guess. I'm hearing from lots of people who -- just tired -- tired. -- -- -- I couldn't do it yesterday and I couldn't do it today apparently -- creatures of habit and changing that have the fact just an hour. Is enough to really mess up the receipt. -- that having been that. -- very quickly about this. Killing case and the by water happened in the 3800 block of rampart street. And now police are read straight from the -- they say that. Police are investigating a homicide of a 26 year old man was fatally -- after brandishing a handgun and sexually assaulting a woman. The incident occurred at approximately 9:25 PM in the 3800 block of north rampart street. The 26 year old man approached an adult male and female as they were walking. The man produced a gun and demanded. That they walk to a building that was being renovated once they entered the yard. The man sexually assaulted the woman. At which time the adult male disarmed the man and fatally shot him. Detectives recovered the handgun from the scene are in the process of determining the origin of the weapon at the adult man and woman were interviewed and released. Not arrested. The investigation is ongoing and the district attorney's office will review the case to what they're saying happened based on their investigate. Is that the victim. The male victim who was with the woman who was being sexually assaulted took the suspect's gone away and killed him. -- and you've got to believe my yeah I got a gun on the you know he was in danger. Now of course there will be debate there will be discussion the DA's office will look at it likely it will go to a grand jury and the question will unfortunately be. It's DDF to kill what he had his gun -- or any and he had him at gun point. Could he then have. Held him yes exactly now try to police what police are telling us was the -- -- -- and -- was he still fighting him over the weapon. My guess is that that's going to be what we're gonna hear is that he was he -- the violence now and when no good guy took the gun from the bad guys. And -- he's still in the process of assaulting this woman. That's what they say and so at that time he was sexually assaulting her -- took the -- got to figure you know that is just the whole scene and the I don't know off idea I don't troubled charge and that. Just -- but you know policy we will stay tuned. Now as we say in the business to this one guy he's got to see a movie this weekend about a rainy Sunday don't wanna go sit in the rain -- a great. That may be wanna go to a movie so we have a few new movies that are opening this week the big one is indeed force the Horry third down PG thirteen. Fresh from president street racer. Who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mine that's Jesse firm break and bad that's -- -- big move since the series and so -- -- -- Aaron Paul Dominic Cooper -- -- skewed and others. Him so also PG thirteen is Veronica Mars starring the very attractive Kristen now. I years after walking away from her post as a teenage private I've erotica Mars gets pulled back to our hometown distant time. For high school reunion in order to help her old flame. Who's embroiled in a murder mystery. Of the chose to -- new ones in that are in wide opening going up against the current top five of 300. Rise of an empire mr. Peabody and Sherman nonstop. The Lego movie and son of the guy I don't like I'm going with made for speed you'd think that will be at the top of the box office when all is said the reviews say the cars are much more impressive -- the acting as a methodical. A catch just maybe not a good sign. I don't know if your car or not you might love our great cars not such great acting I don't think you -- on the need for speed to see the acting notes aren't thank -- that we'll see you and less than twenty minutes more first news here on WWL happy. Side. Today. We'll pass that happy Friday which is on -- meteorologist rob -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know explodes. And he told yesterday that it's about a week that it takes people to kind of get back into the swing of things that's -- an analyst we're almost there increased car crashes increase in heart attacks increased -- tired -- on that last for a week. After we change the clocks for most people on -- Like Miley did daylight saving time again. Actually my -- it would have. After world war -- and I nearly had a stroke and it's not by having more late in the evening of the people would save money or my medical bills host yeah I saw a report on at CBS Sunday morning that it would increase commerce. That they say that it it would keep more money in the and they I think -- -- -- that's my money keep it now. That originally was to reduce. Electrical -- the electricity to save his minimal yeah apparently -- that back then maybe. Maybe not your idea anyway what I do now is that it's the weekend it's here and I need to know when it's gonna rain because we got rain tonight parade tomorrow parade Sunday parades Monday. Why I think today's I know today's rates are fine no problem proud tonight to be great yeah -- was it's in my hands Molly's that the market. Operate -- should be fine. It actually be beautiful weather temperatures in the upper sixties to late seventies tomorrow. We are at the Irish channel rate a couple of showers around for your Saturday that at 1 o'clock about 30% so it's not a big chance it will be more. The war on the cloudy side tomorrow. And then Sunday that -- relate to watch that what about the Italian Americans and just desperate in the French Quarter it's 6 o'clock -- yet that same thing is if it's that it arrange for a -- -- divided -- -- -- -- yeah we're gonna -- by -- it really -- all day Saturday just at 30% rain chances just a couple of showers around that -- noon for the Saint Patrick's Day -- on -- route that you laugh and here's the shamrock and -- Sunday morning and so all of the -- may be impacted by it -- -- have to watch that -- Have the rain gear at close by -- live on -- read it typically hosts parties. Be prepared for babies and tendency to be popped upper you know to have folks inside your house that -- there will be some rain around on Sunday -- and on Monday actually Patrick's day the right parties in the downtown Irish collaborated to -- cool and rainy on Monday night race 50% chance for showers. It'll be that fifties but it's gonna -- -- the forties on Monday. That IRA there that are run down if you want to do even wanna drink drink green beer and and where you're shamrock and all that fun stuff that looks like tonight and tomorrow or the best days to do it like today Monday about it you know Ireland is kind of -- -- and -- you like -- -- is cool and cloudy yet -- feel like an actual. Irish saint Patrick's hi guys I'd -- gum has meteorologist Laura but don't listen to today. Sat -- it will tell you there's a 52 rule when you drop food on the ground pick it up within five seconds it's still safe to eat and guess what it may be true. British researchers tracked how many germs transferred to food when dropped. They tested positive toast cookies and sticky candy and drop them on various surfaces including carpet tile and linoleum. What they found was that there is a direct correlation between how long the food is on the floor. And how contaminated it becomes and five seconds appears to be a fairly safe limit. Jim Genovese CBS news. You believe in the -- -- always thought it was made just because you really wanted to eat whatever you dropped but apparently. We're okay. You where yet if I say okay answer any faster the better -- -- he can do to exactly the better right well and I don't think it's edited the back to -- blowing off or. Wipe that off on the idea yet on -- yet David is hot not that kind of -- out at a cost of that I haven't got my spaghetti I think you hit it on. That. A cookie and brownie. Something you think something that. Dry -- cut whatever witnessed nearly picked up a lot of terms -- some people might they want people eating food off the ground but this study. Finds it now really there is the five -- I'm gonna. Suggest that that. A fact makes it even better though is not you know pick it up you're safe but just to make here. And -- can have a germ -- council of blues you have right I'm really -- likely to -- really -- when it -- them -- funny how they have a study for every thing you know who would have thought they were viewed as -- as scientific study on the -- that role you know. Nagin waited this study is an and it's dollars an alternate right there. I don't know who -- that it meant absolutely thank you have a great weekend you'd still I think that the Miami think you. -- about -- -- have a direct from the Eyewitness News forecast I'm Dave got thank you for joining us on the early edition of WWL first news sports with Steve Geller coming up your -- WW. Some -- an 8787 NC Tyler Perry's single moms club is also opening. But anomalous from Miami DP may be one of those they get a stop released and now it's going into worldwide now that's also in the mix to consider which human ST three Kennedy's showing locally thank you that. And I'll stay committed 77 into the 52 rule applies and much of a 32 dog -- that's -- -- it's different for you do us. -- matter how it's time for that better be quick because that's done it's just that and we need to props. Sigalet covered sports on us here on Friday morning what does they've. Happy Friday. John Mica found -- -- B to BZX games I'm still like us that still have the -- Daylight savings I forgot my belt and Wear my bell today you -- on your microphone I think it's yet. This week has been tough for a lot of. Ready for the weekend for sure. Well the saints may be tried to build their own legion of boom secondary. ESPN NFL insider John Clayton reports that New Orleans is expected to host former Seahawks quarterback Brandon Browner. On a free agent visit after he wraps up a meeting with the Washington Redskins. Between nine year old is one of the biggest and most physical corners in the league. At six foot four and 220 pound. However he's scheduled to miss the worst four games of the 2014 season as part of a continuing suspension for repeated violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. LSU basketball to the court in the Georgia Dome for their opening game of the SEC tournament and shot lights out against Alabama. Striker drive solid kick it back out -- at the park or to assist cult like. He -- -- -- ball the tigers drilled a season's best 113 point is winning 68 to 56 over the Crimson Tide. Fortune -- Coleman led LSU with fifteen points along with eight rebounds. The number seven seeded tigers must now contend with the number two seed Kentucky Wildcats coverage on WWL starts at 530. Tip off is that six LSU baseball hits the road and opens conference play against Vanderbilt. Game one of the series looks like it's going to be a tight pitcher's duel as the tigers and Aaron go to the hill with his ERA of zero point 00. Against The Commodores Tyler Beattie who owns an earned run average of one point 08. First pitch is set for 630. Too -- looks to snap a three game losing streak as they begin a three game series at east Carolina. First pitch for game one tonight's 530. And Chris Fowler is taking over play by play responsibilities for the marquee Saturday night college football game on ABC. ESPN announced that Fowler had signed a nine year contract extension through 20/20 three. The network said earlier that -- must Berger was leading Saturday night football and doing games for the SEC network. Today apple on sports talk the saints will hold part of training camp in West Virginia good idea or not. At 7 PM the pelicans host the trail blazers I'm 1053 WWL that bam I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sport. I'm 53 days go on Steve Geller with you on your radio arts -- tonight on the radio we have the SEC basketball -- because LSU won last night beating -- -- -- they play Kentucky. But the 530. Pre game 6 o'clock tip off right. It's so we -- of the baseball game tonight as we of the basketball game. Yet unfortunately we won't be able to carry the baseball game on a sister of one of our sister stations either because the network will just be an up and broadcast and -- exactly the amount -- wouldn't and that's a shame because it is. A heck of a matchup tonight well on Saturday and Sunday is based on that. Unless Al issue wins -- -- baskets Sunday they'll basketball game will be the we will Ellis is going to be Kentucky. They held them close at. Kentucky. The almost be -- -- Kentucky once and then indeed amended admitting them in the -- -- neutral site so we'll see what happens but I don't expect the tigers and the coming out of victory today. -- does -- -- the cost is about the only way they're gonna make NCAA tournament as if they win the SEC to absolutely 83 more -- to -- the entire tournament and then. They have a they'll end up getting a bit to the NCAA to morning at some Brandon Browner cornerback part of the legion of boom in Seattle. Visited with New England went to Washington now it's coming in New Orleans talkies freeagent. But. He was busted for substance abuse and asked to serve four more games of the suspension to begin next season what city. Allegedly abuse what what. Initial reports came out they says performance enhancing drugs and that it was changed. The substance abuse so. The thinking is it's not confirmed but the thinking is that it's marijuana but nothing too far right exactly like the only arrest whoever takes this guy. He's got a history of some things. They could be an issue why and one thing you know if he does get signed by the saints they have great. They're a great way of determining character issues and you would think that it would be a solid addition to his ballclub -- have successfully turn around some problem players in the past right -- -- Jeremy Shockey gave here. That's it thank you -- will let you turn around and come back with more sports about fifteen minutes at WW well. Let's get your weekend forecast an Eyewitness News forecast -- -- meteorologist Laura about now. Mostly sunny for this Friday but even milder than yesterday beautiful afternoon Temps right around seventy degrees. And then tonight increasing clouds will keep us a little bit milder lows dropping only to about 58. Then tomorrow will watch for the clouds to stick around and maybe few spotty showers mixing and right -- Saturday's rain chances at 30%. Highs will be in the low seventies with more of the rain around on Sunday especially Sunday morning through the mid day at 70% chance foursome downpours. Look for highs in the mid seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast. I have a great week and happy Friday in Mega Millions 353 million I want it.

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