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3-14 8:10am Tommy talks to Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson

Mar 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Pelicans Ryan Anderson about the team, his injury, and an event on Saturday to benefit coastal restoration

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're to talk to low. Elegance here with Ryan Anderson who joins us pelicans -- and Ryan in which Steve gallery here heavy lifting when it comes a basketball because. And I'm 55 I don't know much about it. -- seriously though before we serve which is favorite kind of pie. And oh in the -- yeah well it's all right it's -- three point one force though. -- literally it is again. While. March 14. Would agree it's certainly score and so. Are you were. -- I can't do it and exercising. -- -- program and so. I -- trying to eat real well but I. Believe that you put on anyway. Actually gave her saying it was not use. At least on again. And every once again only to him that the food that feed. -- a lot to gamely. A lot yeah I mean it's time. Generally pretty accurate or hard court to occur or be outside. Like sure -- I did that in eating probably company and yeah I think they did. This is my second will -- -- them do it and it just makes your body good little you know rejuvenation. Aggregate it. -- -- -- -- My favorite pie I mean. You can lose the good part in July ago I mean like her and look forward to thank you cut -- Though. Richard. Normal to have Thanksgiving. Thank you. For all your. Apartment. Well thank you right entry you know goof around with -- let Steve -- talking about. Actual profession which is basketball plaza go right on how the back to a man. Good OK you know it. I mean. Not in pain or to their core deposit -- mean. It's. You know. It is. -- -- com you know properly so. Dot. Looking into next steps talking to doctors. I'm trying to figure out the next steps as far as getting back in the -- Really debating now right now so. Yeah I mean I just got manufacturing and and and not a whole lot has changed and actually injury happened so. That's not the best sign that. You know it's it's a definitely an injury that that. You know it's bad because to do it by. -- in my spinal cord. Same time it's. -- it would be safe surgery and also it that's something that. I'm not in -- it would break now so it's kind of weird walking around Tokyo trying to sleeping fine and everything. But it is still there. Is there. Any concern all that it's a career that threatening thing. Now now I haven't heard anything in terms of that so it's not that's Calgary are our future yeah. Which is great yeah that's a relief. Good thing when you hear about an injury like this. You know is that first. Injury first happened record. Because it -- due to. My spinal -- area. Heard things. -- she got. -- hurt -- that this happened to. You know like paralysis. Just as scary thing -- -- court. So have you been keeping -- not being able to be on the court right now I know. I I read some of your movie reviews recently was pretty you're. You know that's the hardest. That's totally understand it well. Is she getting it out watch the guard play army and I think I would be great look he's got a -- much Arden and chill you know obviously. I do love watching you guys. Evidently I'm just Soeharto ought to be out there I have competitive nature. To the -- largest majority -- not not not being able to play. But you know. Trying to estate partners -- happy do best and that and you. Two or some kind of plan. Its road to recovery. Ryan day you we wish you nothing but the best I just got as quickly what did you like it would didn't you like when it comes to movies because I haven't seen the reviews. Unusual other big movie guys so I generally like. I like he's a better movies that are leaders are obese but want the court are out. And not -- a bunch. Or if I'm on the road to do that this year and so. I really love. That movie her -- -- -- love that stand out. It was weird futuristic. But it was so amazing because basically acting. To himself. The whole movie it's got electric -- Thing with Tom Hanks he's basically acting jointly sell it to like operating system. It's it's integrated anybody has in that you got to Utah and what did you not like. I shot the movie. Gosh oh call truly memorable. It -- that memorable night with friends. They're -- Michael B Jordan courtroom like you it's via. Pop and actual -- built station. Was the movie I really like but I wanted to -- movie with with him and it was like it was her call. It was all -- all anyway so I'm. Sorry Michael B Jordan but. Belt states definitely agree that it's spilled so I don't remember the name. Ryan has -- we're talking -- Ryan Anderson forward for the -- 610 and you know Ryan it would be might like to sit right behind -- theater or. Yeah yeah it did there. All so funny actually where I what last night where a former. Hornets. Robin Lopez. Are we actually got some confidence in the theater but by about what should be -- there were very happy. Well two big men out there are exactly the candidates probably said would you mind sitting down as it we far. Thank you so. I'm pretty. Good luck with the healing in the -- -- you -- Italians of course hosting toes politicos. It happens to mark the automatic query and all proceeds from the event are gonna support coastal restoration. Education and research -- on important that is. Intimate party guests the opportunity to enjoy time talking and mingling with elegant players just may be talks -- movies. With Brian Anderson. And it's it's at the it and also check out the aquariums exhibits is the background so. Happens -- the query includes or dinners cocktails silent auction if you wanna know more about all that is. And had a great time with the pelicans. And sore neck from looking out. -- -- mean Beaulieu at the hold them all the tall guy and I spoke to hold the microphone way up I'm interviewing these guys out of the latter. And round just talked to the doctor in my and I you know. Anyway it it's good cause tomorrow -- tennis for the coast to the aquarium. IE and find out more about it it pelicans dot com and your big elegance manner just abandon the coast Israel should be any query and I'd go to the site and try to tomorrow night pelicans dot com.

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