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WWL>Topics>>3-14 8:45am Tommy, NRA t-shirt suspension

3-14 8:45am Tommy, NRA t-shirt suspension

Mar 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to David Law, Professor of Law & Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis, about a student who was suspended for wearing an NRA t-shirt in school

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about a case in New York where high school student was suspended for wearing a shirt that says it and our rights -- amendment knew who. We shall not infringements. And economy but anyway yeah it didn't quite quote the Second Amendment it -- raised right here. As -- and no. Actually add guests and I apologize for that David law joins us right now. Incidentally -- the director of law and professor of political science. At Washington university in Saint Louis constitutional law expert morning -- More. Items are about the clumsy introduction but it's Friday and were pretty laid back here the LD teacher says. Second Amendment shall not be in three instances NRA -- a couple of rifles -- the rate a couple of text for you that. I think you can comment on. One and says the real issue that we are rightfully worried about the guns in schools certainly the shirts confrontational -- aware of the then. Generated controversy of if he came in with a gun and seen and killed students oh -- say how can we miss the signs. -- says com. You have a right to express your opinion. But if you do -- outside of your home. And you have to deal with the consequences which seems mean there's some limits on expression of opinion especially when it comes something political likeness. Tell me what the constitution says -- the precedent setter. Well so for decades the Supreme Court and made it clear that the government at eight all of the way and -- regulating student at school -- -- freedom of speech or written by insurgents teacher or abandonment because. All we -- necessarily defending the law you're out sort of works. Wait I think -- kind it's in -- -- -- call -- we -- at -- school district. Court case that school officials. Can prevent students and speaking as long they can show -- that prohibition is -- is that that your desire to wait if copper. -- -- -- Right what the what school people would you. Is to show some sort of connection with -- -- -- -- in the war treat key right about now assume that you bring guns into the picture is not local school administrators to draw a connection and our annual. Between the idea guard and the idiocy Q school that -- likable -- but these are about where you'd be regulated. -- -- students who or how to record with a view that would be an example. That error a second teacher also recently now when he called before school district where the ninth circuit upheld. Prohibition on students where you liked teacher unthinkable -- On the ground that might create outright physical conflict altercations between students. Sometimes students are or they think they don't say war there aren't -- want the -- -- be Ebert called there's called nude art student forced to respect the at a beach. Quitting -- work under caught. Which we are -- in -- Soul and then -- little and too drug testing pursuit as well you can do things that -- -- rental truck that would be legal or settings. Now don't agree with that but your rationale why the government or our school. But I can't do under that first the government has responsibility for people when their government. And when you're dealing with it for school -- involved currently there. The beer legally actually respect the -- -- loved it but from this respectable. They're like -- that's. Giving. Happened to that the government responsible. -- Prisoners and at. -- -- -- -- say lord knows I would never argue with you but I'm just wondering in terms of that -- Supreme Court ruling Abe Fortis writing the majority opinion and that tankers standard saying that. On differentiated fear or apprehension of disturbance is not enough to overcome the right to freedom of expression and when you mention -- about the American flags. In -- on -- -- you know I mean yeah Timmy could via a an active he treated as a not necessarily trying confront. Mexican students are so -- you draw that line and I mean fears on differentiated fears of very subjective things -- me. Right so. I in the in the age it turned out that they actually -- that that altercation. And it's typical that let's say you're in particular all away. I don't think that's I think will be more so they're there are certain schools where -- actually that's in there might be a threat of violence. It would show up wearing the wrong on the war. That that. But again yeah I Europe we. You know what sort of boat of group that the government be required to carry your camp yet and that's what said the -- group this is really low that part of that is because -- -- -- the court construct its report -- stressing that. A special responsibility. Our native born in intruder -- all right let another actor that statement. -- -- the decisions that the what you educationally beneficial. The same part of our legal party out I might view that when a student at that point. Probably the government has too much power and responsibility. But now the law again. Without judicial -- is it the government or law. We but the real like. I'll let an insult your intelligence but it ever seen the movie 21 jump street. It's curator at all so right so when the principal says luck. I got this on dealing with -- that I'm dealing with that's the last thing I need is trouble you're bringing. It just seems to -- sometimes principles. You know they want a pretty easy chip in on any trouble at all and I'm just concerned that sometimes a student's right of expression gets trampled under the you know the feet of principles suggest they -- trouble all it is wanna work toward their right. Right I think you know -- reported data that yet -- the constitution. Doesn't apply in this school setting but. They wanna get a lot of -- school administrator and I think it's reality school administrators expect the kind of rough frontier justice and judicial courts are reluctant to second guess the decision that official. Well let me tell you one thing professor David law professor of law and political science at the procedures Washington university in Saint Louis you've made me feel better. About myself by knowing you're -- 21 jump street money. In the report. And a great Dave spam and have a great day and I will talk to -- report.

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