WWL>Topics>>3-14 9:10am Tommy, university logos on licenses

3-14 9:10am Tommy, university logos on licenses

Mar 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Senator David Heitmeier about a bill that would allow Louisianians to get a Louisiana university logo on their license

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And elected David -- -- state senator about a new laws that would allow you get your favorite team's logo. On your driver's license. As long as your favorite team is a Louisiana team. And we just wondered that crosses the line when it comes a Louisiana loyalty. Alleging go to Louisiana school when it doesn't and a Notre -- -- whatever with -- we welcome in state senator David Eichmann who I think amended the bill right. And I so. Tell me to how it started in -- you meant it. Sure. For bill it is today built some action -- And last year he allowed you to put on driver's license I'm -- agent as onlookers and for some. Municipalities and gratitude you have. Note I'm a driver's licenses not license plates also had those proud to be a cajun license plates. It. So the bills designed to be a fund raiser bill -- universities. And the hawks was about a 175000. Dollars of taxpayer dollars. And I just thought it was appropriate to -- police in taxpayer money to have fundraisers for honesty universe. So you pay an extra amount of money. And for -- do to customize license driver's license and that money the extra money would go to the school. So you're the one that amended it to make it Louisiana school's only. Correct this would happen is -- -- on the setup. Office motor vehicles in the crucial. If you read the fiscal -- it's going to cost about a 105000. Miles the driver's license bureau. -- said it so that the software to allow this to happen. And then it's going to be an additional 30000. Per university. So I felt and were. Currently 30000 -- university. Senator learn. Letting her Austin's now. You know what would happen is that each university is one to have to put you up front all. All 30006 year old did that. So you know basically to fund raising event. Or universities and just at Louisiana taxpayer dollar fund raiser Ben prostate universities. Woes -- -- -- appropriate. So people wanna get. A theoretically here would have planned it be possible to. Com. Let him get out this the stage or different private universities -- they want on their license plate be at Notre Dame Stanford Alabama what have you. And and keep the money in Louisiana and he has some kind logo problem there. I'm I'm not sure you know again what's gonna happen each universe is perhaps a -- 30000 miles. Or foundation of the university Robert Charles most seated in large numbers. And so if you historic fundraising. -- store will have largest numbers you know like you know that you. You know the Tulane and southern university and a large. -- the out of school -- state schools when in essence have DNN I guess you and amortize that over hi I have many schools want to get involved. And they pay by the way in basically they wanted to do that. Correct and -- now that's an email from onstage in and people and it's imposed on. FaceBook page from Alabama fans and you know all -- on and is -- you know very great rivalry in the SEC in you know I'd I'd. Treated as any fun rivalry in appreciate -- which it was intended. But I was thinking you know like -- Subway alumni they column of people that love notre -- and have and never been airing in you know on entitlement that kind of thing. Is there any way he can make that happen or even the look into that. Sport in the universe would have to put up to 30000 well. On the foundation to the universe and corporate -- Well if he had a lot of different schools are willing he could drop that down a lot less varieties spread it across different schools. Birdie -- -- Now understand that but -- to pay for gearing up. The DM view him whomever it is to make these changes software for these license drivers like is right. A coach you have as a one time sort of feel 175000. And then if -- she does their loan that's 30000 to it does all of the thirty. The software itself is 30000 or logo. Lou the so that the of these telling us as -- very well -- Oh via but that extensible do you have any plans look in the -- -- pretty expensive. That's what they can vote with their fiscal vote and we we question should know that -- -- that they receive. I senator anything knows Lance let's go. -- -- -- --

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