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3-14 9:45am Tommy, New Orleans elections

Mar 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to UNO Professor of Political Science Ed Chervenak about the upcoming elections in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- elections coming up this weekend we don't want that to get lost you know these saint Patrick. And saint jones' day activities please keep in mind you got to live with -- gets elected that he may as well have your voice heard doctor Ed Sherman act joins -- right now. A professor of political science from my alma mater UN no good morning doctor -- -- Image is real quick I was on campus day before yesterday for the first time in twenty years. And it's in those. The original liberal arts building in the business administration building somehow farther apart is it took me longer time to get between them and it's disparaging. Tell me about the elections coming up this weekend. Well we have more 41. -- -- our City Council race. Circulate. In the -- race and of course we have districts. I let's talk about I guess -- the I don't like in phrases properly but the ugly as civil album of the the council's seat the sheriff. Well -- the -- so pretty close between these large and mr. sort of a it's pretty negative. By both campaigns. -- like everybody says they wanna get away from negative campaigning and -- talk about those two races. In particular but generally speaking but it must work as people keep doing. You're absolutely right. That's the reason that doesn't work and I mean it's it's really nothing new negative campaigning you know that's just it's been going on in the republic. And the virtual. Negative and others. I think it's something that part of American politics. You know it drives me crazy about that is. It's almost like TV trying to get a promotion don't tell me why the other guy sucks tell me why you're better. Yeah I mean that the whole idea is about mobilizing people out there convinced them that you're the first for the but -- the about you know trying to convince people the other person and not pretty. Iowa overnight campaigning for anybody bridges to let you know your choices yet Cynthia -- morale in the councilor at -- seat against. And Jason Williams a relative political newcomer. -- newcomer he did -- for district attorney several years ago. I'm -- never held public office and so what he's operating in the fresh -- and fresher ideas on the council. And yet Cynthia Willard Lewis that is -- term limits and hardest were. Issued to them are yet. Guess she she was present for district beat. And term limit that seat and now she is attempting to import via. -- and in terms of the is there Jackie Clarkson runoff as well. Yet -- technicolor and is -- against. That's -- -- get district seat the opposite if you Willis Cynthia hedge morale who has gone from a district seat. To be an at large councilman now Jackie Clarkson. Her intentions are to go from at large back to her district CC. -- and she's facing Nadine Ramsey. And Nadine hand Ramsey at least be judging it's some kind of political. Yes you that the -- and then you resigned to run a -- four years ago. And has decided to throw at clothing for the -- -- Not enough I should say this or not but you know the sheriff's race very hot leak contested in there's a commercial where in. Marlon dozen plays out -- that the sheriff said in a former. At a previous time and I think doctor read mine my a a lesson from this is never say anything nice about anybody. When it comes to campaigns. An -- -- merit that is -- out there to win the opposite. So. You know use every tool -- resource that you disposal to -- -- in the fourth election it was people -- the Ottoman Milledge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doctor -- throughout sources are dirt like macabre and so they'll be taking no one of the will be taking over. I don't puppet that's been held there basically for decades by doctor Maynard. They're building in new. Forensics center. And so little in will be running that center. -- -- Lightning can heads -- board experience and -- and if you're got the name. Yes even though the school board. And then -- -- tax issues and and that's spent some time in federal prison. -- -- earnings for quarter were sent. And I are abducted like McKinney's a medical records yet. And is -- come pre requisite to being in a corner. Now. The only thing you need to be corners. Is more votes than the other person. And the others gentleman running is articulate. Routes. Who works. In the mental health. Portion of the corner so. A little. You'd get get it any political newcomer -- -- four. He had some working knowledge of albacore opera works and so these fields. She -- boring. You know. Good practices. And standards to the opposite it's the black and. I'm sorry it's -- that you don't have to be corner doctorate at the corner and you don't actually dealer would be judged. How can you possibly understand any either way if you know the doctors conducting an autopsy the proper way if you doctors. Yeah all these laws and precedents to figure out in. Our. You don't advocate collection because that which you need to know your but the pension -- final but. You know when you have all these options that are a lot of you know what you -- you know one more vote than the other. Person tell me about the audobin on Milledge. This is kind of an interesting Milledge to shoot a request for a renewable. Of the -- stick to support on the on institutes and what they're asking or is safe sixty year village. The air and so. There's some kind of at their perspective figure that's a long time. For Milledge. So people are saying that it's not a renewal that the actual increase. In the Milledge and they're so. Complaint about some of these salaries. You know executive -- are on the -- says that there should be doing very well but then they're coming out. But it happened and -- for more. And a man trying to it to be devious simple task here and teach civics 101 gives you a little beyond that but. For people don't understand when Milledge is Kenny it was a little thumbnail of -- Basically it just a percentage. What you're -- a war a certain -- so psychic thing it's like 3.3 when middle. Get your property values. And so that tiny percent that the sign you to your value your property and and you -- that tree. And millions. What I wanna say it one thought 111000. I don't call and. So I guess I'm trying to get to an iMac canning and campaigning for -- against any thing. What would be the real effect of people on this on -- Milledge. Well say for example at your house was horrible. -- at 200000 dollars or -- probably go from 650 dollars seventy dollars. Allows it would be substantial -- nudges you -- human a couple of blocks. Well the answer yet it. If we tax bills you know 201 -- news -- 5000 dollars next two point. -- and much effect I think yeah are there any other elections throughout the aerial or those that are. Really both those are the ones that. Had little or tomorrow. Nights and it's five and means narration. Five choice is to be made right at a right time and again I -- -- sheriff and two council seats and the Milledge fraud and parts again vote doctor appreciate your time I really do. And double check those buildings -- doing. Welcome to do in order and has a right a lot farther apart and I really do appreciate -- time.

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