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3-14-14 10:35am Don Dubuc: on cell phone etiquette

Mar 14, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with etiquette expert Colleen Rickenbacker about cell phone etiquette.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And is down to -- -- for Garland -- on Friday's column will be back with you on Monday of this first -- were talking about a a study that researchers from Boston Medical Center did they went undercover and -- fast food restaurants to -- The -- playground as they called watching from the distant day observed interaction between family members. And particularly noting reactions children and when you -- mom or dad was punching away. As some portable keys on Smartphone Osama that. Device that accessed international communications of what they found was that parents and forty of 55 families they observed. Wore absorbed in those devices. They seemed more distracted when they went typing in making swiping motions I -- surfing in. In looking on the Internet and reading stories in the -- photographs -- -- then when they away actually make in the phone calls 13 of those -- Matters used a device is continuously. Throughout the meal. Some children and effective against a division sort of used to it. Others just sat there ate their meals and in some we're trying to get obviously get attention from their parents. Joining us to talk about this is Colleen -- and -- Colleen is a manners and etiquette expert telling thanks for joining us now we -- trouble finding -- glad we got. I thought maybe I put argue Smartphone on on on offer something for the -- it. Actually in a place where it actually -- -- communication. And -- outcome in the mountains and say you cannot I cannot ask the kitchen perk up. I know exactly what you mean telling us a bit about your background and manners and etiquette expert new -- -- hard to find folks to do which you'd. And -- markets around the ground lately because were seen in me for it. And basically do I guarantee corporations and schools and individuals that need more and more and it. It is becoming worse than me because. Technology is increasing that -- but just corporations -- people committed to their business. Because people aren't they country because they are now looking at there electrical device no matter what. Because it's not so much. Study that they didn't. It's not so much. Anymore. -- it's just a Ricky. It's not so much purportedly. Wore texting friends and different could be ten feet away from them. And they -- gonna extend more fair and pick up front and called them and have been forbidden topic on talk to them. They got a text and when their next to them at her to talk to them. Yeah I've seen that with teenagers and evidently is becoming more -- with a golf let me ask you this -- Do you see this as a manners etiquette issue or more vote parental responsibility. Issue or is -- both. I like to comment about. And it you know people saying -- arc and the kids kicking -- the front -- making the cable. But not a generational and blew it across the generations. Before it was all the appearance saint that children are you can turn your pet doctor in this spot turn this the low altitude just need to learn -- -- Mom mom you know they would have to appearance to question the bad. And you're saying it over and over and Karen turn out to him and you know what -- you know goal on the table. I wanna say the appearance. Mom -- Shelby. And said. And frustrated because -- -- the company did during the -- here they are they did something during their sports. They couldn't to channel it in print it from being very frightening to warm. And they want to help them within at first and whatever it united them -- they -- on what the -- in the moment. I had apparently is helping him one and sure they wanna look at this photo like he says. But couldn't hit it's very important in the moment that they -- what are they gonna stay in school board for that being enforced -- or whatever it is and that moment gone their excitement and they bought itself. It's about the importance it. Well Colleen and this question may be better estimate child psychologist but do you agree with me that that mealtime is critically important time to an apparent -- relationship as a parent and a performance alma self. I found that it ones and I think to ignore them doing that time. Really is gonna leave a lot to be desired as far as your relationship that the. They're a couple of times in the day I think should be sent a different. School after the one important. To what age are. -- a younger age are content -- -- and the pictures you know drawn. You know that they did in school whatever keeping your topic -- -- -- -- when they get older -- they're teenager. It -- in the what is JD -- and what you are not saying. Come here actually today not being at issue between Angela you packed up and I think a meal should be time. When the camera can't get excuse me an extra hole around the can now a lot of the -- appeared to work in particular and all these activities. I don't think it's important -- -- come together -- away from the people -- electrical -- -- -- -- I think you need to time. At least want to talk to to make important. It could be under your view when they're -- or did you find want to time. Try to -- the week that you come together. And the last time that you lean and -- me differently but as the -- find another time. -- it can be every day can't be every night together and I I think he echo what you said. It's been lost we're seeking to try. It's not like you say you've mentioned would be either shoot me. People who can contact with slightly and it doesn't matter what age you are you have to bring back -- Telling you touched Donald that the we come back from the spray economic -- from a management manners and etiquette standpoint -- some solutions as far as. Phone use on how to use accomplished living in today's fast -- world -- all this. Age of mobile Internet communication but at the same time not give up those very important interpersonal relationships between them with talk with Colleen -- -- Manners and etiquette expert you spend too much time on your Smartphone or you know mobile device. Particularly when you should be paying more attention to your children to 601 late 7866. 8890 point seven if you part of Florida Texas it's simply 87878. Please remember -- responsibly will be right. Al welcome back into the think tank this morning we're thinking about. -- session that's about Delaware reckon they give it was Smartphones. And how it affects our branding skills. Kids are taking notice that's the results of the new study the conclusion they came away with Boston Medical Center. Went undercover to observe -- parents and having meals with their children what they noted was forty out of 55 and it's pretty hot. One absorbed in them mobile devices but furthermore they also notice that the children. Noticed -- too. And the game would exploring what impact this may have -- relationship between parents and children and I know is apparent at three grown daughters but those that don't feel bad about it spent every minute I could with them when they were young. That goes on to this day but didn't have the distractions back them that we have now with the Internet and cell phones and texting in. FaceBook and all these different distractions so we're talking with Colleen -- back she's a manners and etiquette expert and in Colleen if you would. Maybe just tell us some possible solutions some ideas suggestions. That would help people. Put down those addictive pieces of equipment not just when there with they've been -- and other places where they've become. In eruptions in distractions like in the gators and in restaurants. In other places where. I guess what used to be one of someone got a phone call in erupted it was a distraction of people were insulted but now it seems like it's more acceptable people say well -- gotta take this call law they just -- and take it stopped talked -- the person at this sending. It is a war and fortunately. Eight -- ego and -- and I love it when I see signs we will wait tree would he take that call before you. And yet eager to pick up may be -- a pharmacy. And you know in and they tell you what you don't what you call you will -- -- peculiar. You know your prescription or whatever the where you're actually upsetting to me when people get it checked out. Check out of the battle card check out -- court street store food outlook what you're talking on your front your text -- A lot of hurt at least a couple minutes that you point -- -- those electrical. That people standing there waiting and you. -- is not actually be something you tell yourself when you're driving through. It you know on the or whatever the speed of the actually -- should be. Or if you want to take -- it is true. They can think you know when you're sixteen and every start to try that should be first and hang up -- -- -- through your point your bank. We say OP OP on your house and turn -- radio -- need to keep it nice polite. Couple that she should be done to the person on the other side your point to. An illegal restaurant. Not -- you're rated -- not iPad. And here and join the company and yet the person. Actually answered traveling you go into a restaurant and you're by yourself. You people read a book or you aren't doing something you'll be talking on firm. Aspect courtesy that you are not talking person loud you're disrupting all the people around you. Airplane is another place where hadn't heard on the top line and allow people to be part you don't turn the whole -- light. What you can and you are gonna call someone to tell you what turn on your -- -- where to pick you up at bank which claimed. C hopefully it'll be your everything you did -- 94. A fighting a war which it. We ran at -- all the news. But the most important. Time for four times in that time you know let -- with your kids or. Your parents say. This year time that we're gonna talk to -- out at the dinner table is going to be there's going to be you know what pops is going to be you know and cancer. In a while for torture high that could be on the -- -- down. When you go to church -- more importantly in the world. I've heard a lot funeral. All but even -- -- to people park you'll actually take the phone call. Either sit there and it turns and then they'll actually put on get up and walk out of the church. That at the height of disrespect. Absolutely darling I'm not so sure that people could do that could could be without any amount of time just put the thing away. And not answered for an hour. Half a day a day weekend I think some people would feel sold missile attached to that now that are well. I think most people need to do an exercise and at the really find out about themselves can I get by without that device. I get for a trip where he could not happen I would respect Guinea. The first two days a lot that they -- to probably not even some people like luck and the front like -- connected -- level that. Our students are almost a shock for me it was my -- contradict. Our. Do you by heart went legal -- that you went to go check. After the second birthday he didn't release it was absolutely. Not -- I let all these messages on. Our second year on my laptop I would be without. Found. And neither the access and -- he -- me cull the actress and likely in the you don't like you're gonna call a library yeah. -- candy -- to get vocal coming in I -- -- her or her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we can sit -- which you and you know wouldn't that many years ago that. You know people that -- we did have tremendous connection to them. But it's it's it. He yesterday what -- round yeah and were keen and so they not see people condemned what we found -- at least I'm not seen Nat. But I repeat or -- Every person which you know -- everybody it was pretty. -- person that little girl committed more than two years old. And she was an option description of the pitch he had. You know something in her. Four year old is. I don't what you're Irish kick the door -- 301. Option that what the movie appreciate what you -- Only way that we got to wrap up here shortly but it to -- ended do you think that the pendulum will eventually swing you know and society depend on -- so Fortis off to go back the other way when we simply get burned out on it may be revert back do you think. It's too late. Would you -- now we have we're means last achieved something on TV without a pretty all these big cars. Your electoral point we're way beyond it should get more sophisticated. And he is very very very clear that should be in our body. That we're going to be talking to ourselves that we're gonna be so automate it -- it's going to be twelve point. I hope we get to a point we're not going to be so disrespectful on another. That you know were -- people means that you can be so automatic. I think so we can hopefully that would not be sole. Disrespectful to the best -- that I can say it would not forget that we do have face to face communications. That we're not going to be forgetting thank you and loads thank you notes and those types of wonderful things. -- individual. All the way to do that is to. Impress that upon our children as they grow up because they definitely old actor Colin thanks enjoyed the visit in enjoy a lot of thanks. Italian American back him and is an expert. And etiquette expert will be right back into this study was coming up next -- Clancy Dubose is gonna jaundice and about those negative ad campaign -- like him are you hate them. One last of that question coming back and have to use.