WWL>Topics>>3-14-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on negative political ads

3-14-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on negative political ads

Mar 14, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with political analyst Clancy Dubos about negative political ads.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And of course on Friday says the Friday edition of the think tagged out to give filling in for Garland Robinette -- will be back with you on Monday. One remind you don't forget to vote if you live in Orleans parish tomorrow is the runoff elections please get out involve them -- the results -- in. Be the first to -- text the word news now to 87870s. And you'll get the results. Also that is not text message board address where a few campus and the common in directly into the studio while -- on the air. We ask you to please do that but also please text responsibly no texting and driving -- a designated driver if you texting. And remember when you hear me reading these texts from some of my listeners that does not necessarily in my opinion that the station it's strictly that. Of the person who is -- who is listening -- and a lot of you when you punch the button gets me in midstream and I get accused of that being my -- it is I'll let you know if it's not out to use it is at least that that it is adamant text appears it's pretty much anonymous we have your phone number but. No name unless you wanna give it -- I -- asking you to vote well you gonna be voting for you gonna be voting for someone who has been running in negative ad campaign that's the topic of this hour. I am just really fascinated with this so mud fest that is gone on between Cynthia hedge morale. In Jason Williams running the City Council large seat from -- Grossman in -- except Charles voting. Not quite so bad his middle -- them and I think that the hedge morale and in the Jason Williams has really been. I'm just a slam bang type of event you know in fact going to the point where -- morale has got a website out there has called. Run from Jason dot com. Kind of reminiscent of Friday the thirteenth Jason Avian mean if you look at this thing boy he is. Not necessarily directly accused but there's a lot of very strong I would call -- new windows. A suggesting things and he has been involved with and suggesting some of his personality his traits and his character win. A lot of it goes back to him being a lawyer and needs defending what a lot of people might consider. Unsavory personnel and -- -- are ready opinion poll question is exactly that do you favor or negative and ad campaigns. Are they more likely to make you vote for the opponent. On him all likely out of sympathy. To vote for the person who is being. Negatively portrayed or do they not have any impact at all you just kind of looking for the fact sometimes the hawks -- about them the facts are hard to fine. We best political analyst Clancy do boasted John is to discuss this -- Marty gets some text and let you know what the current opinion bowl voters right now. 89% of you saying no you do not David negative ad campaigns. 11% saying yes. Is that because you don't think true. Is that because you would rather see the person tout their good qualities and forget about their opponents or. Is that a good opportunity to expose some things to 601878668890870. Our phone number you can call. Lets you do both political analyst joins us now -- Clancy thanks to new englanders. Are you enjoying this says morale Williams. Mud fest is much as I am lately this is get some. Do love politics but I cannot sit -- and George. You know when people start slinging burgers and -- and start over generalization. Yes sometimes the public needs to know if there's somebody out there who's pretending to be something here actually isn't. And your opponent isn't it department doesn't expose them and who will. And and heard the result that you get a battery -- -- yeah little one negative campaigning -- but the truth it is. Politicians -- candidates and campaigns engage in negative campaigning because it works. And it's all in how you do it. So people would say cabinets and particulates there was not much going if it's true. And it has somebody's done their thing and in he rescues limiting children burning building construct a little speeding bullet. It turns. He's a convicted. And -- Well I think the public would like to know that at. It's it really is the question of how you do it and never know bright Lar to sanction it will -- to the line you shouldn't cross -- line when you attack somebody. It's all of the matter -- deliberate on how voters perceive -- to happen is -- candidates have lost. Because they crossed that alarm it would too heavy handed he would -- They just went too far with these attacks. They've been many more instances -- not seeing where candidates more because they're real well placed well timed and the ball ball. -- -- -- -- -- Criticism. Their opponents' records. And expose Clinton voters reacted to. I'm and it goes in or politic -- and a lot of things that he attended council abolished in some exaggeration. But it's not like there's no bright line. It's okay -- this you can score Bubba six all of the exaggerations scale you balloons it's it's more question I'll voters perceive that. And and throughout the American democracy has been described as a discussion. Our compensation. And sometimes -- decision can get either didn't collection targets typically when the term solutions. The temperature goes up a little bit on these conversations and and discussion. You know plants -- if you got a chance to two views does Ron form Jason dot com website and evidently this is probably going to be and up and coming in. And common tactic that politicians and used against their opponent when they create this website that raises all of these questions shields some evidence some facts. A lot of things a quantum leaps and assuming things. But nonetheless they run their ads they're paid ads to drive people there at a look at that and and and you know and it's up to the people believe that but. One of the questions on that website that says how did drugs alcohol and guns get into a prison. Ask Jayson Williams's then again it goes on to say that according the newspaper. The DA wants to questioned Williams about his conversations with the incarcerated something about a phony knew about. But no hard evidence saying that he was responsible for helping get that. Well a huge troop there's no water and was responsible but that's an officer corps which is what attorney here. He has. Do teachers. Not survive. That's what would take part. And any illegal activity in the part of its clients who might be accused of a crime it is a criminal intent to turn into very good one. Take the criticism of him having a phone conversation. -- then somebody who's in parish prison on a sell -- and you know so well. That's a legitimate criticism he. Sixty. You don't and I on the as an -- looked -- as my opinion that topic a lot of other term agreement. Children and everybody's both attorneys that -- -- should know that. People who are incarcerated parent personal bottle popping out so well and that you talk to somebody sell you know what prison. Then you know from what could encouraging them participating in it. That would be that legitimate -- How far this line that says tax cheats and violent criminals overwhelmingly agreed Jason -- I stand with Sam. Now you know defending them is one thing but that's a quantum leap to say he stands with them and believes in what they've done. Yeah I mean that's that's part of the hyperbole and exaggeration of it's actually probably more the directions on weight on Williams and -- You know he's he's got to protect federal RS tax -- to more than a 100000 dollar of taxes going back to trainer. Look you're aware of that and that's that's where that comes from. Yell -- him miss that that's mentioned in this tube but you know he's also mentioning who we represented now and now he's locked -- -- regardless. He's a real estate rapists and he's not even been brought the -- yeah. Every time somebody who has a criminal defense lawyer runs for all us. He or she get marked for defending the criminals well our our democracy. It's but upon. Everybody getting fair trial and everybody have a right to counsel what part of the bill right. You know that you have a right to counsel so yet -- -- you know patrol -- toward your -- you do. You know eutectic aren't typical man. And a pure criminal defense attorney that is the particular -- work that you do. And I happen to think that people who. Cruel defense attorneys are our last line of defense it comes to actual Bill Bright shall I have great respect to -- to -- and that they. That is not fair to knock somebody just because there are a little -- I'm not sure but. I think. Mr. Williams was a prosecutable Florida election of Obama to Q weren't you Hezbollah which. That most of the criminal defense or as a I don't know. What formal prosecutions. So that they they've done both sides of that question just like a lot of the crater floor of the nominees is deterrence work. And so lawyers often pick a career change where they will quote switch sides -- which which side did you decide to practice. In the same arena. But from a different angle and -- are supposed to do it for economic reasons I want to just leave that that's whether -- go or should remarks of people decorum. Architects and some become engineer -- two career choice. But. I have great respect for criminal defense lawyer that -- that provider. Really important service in our society under our constitution. And opened -- their remarks and that just because they practiced. And the defense Lauren more than somebody should get bonus point because there were -- prosecutor. Russia's interest in -- prosecutors are always right and subsequent innocent people in jail and that's wrong so. What well what about the libel and slander suits certainly you would think that you know there would be some damages that they could show them but does the public figure or the -- person in a public. Issue applies here that rule to Wear pretty much -- and free game. Well you're getting into. Complicated Kirk amendment question -- try to make it as simple lecture and it is order law you don't open water. -- -- -- -- The bottom line award at the bottom line on. Defamation and libel slander Balkans and and adding a defamation. A public figure. Is more open to criticism and a public -- shall. It is still most is the least protected. Sort -- beat her and you're speaking about Republicans should shorten its political speech that is the most protected form of speech. Under our First Amendment. To the US constitution and the role of the court cases. -- -- -- to US Supreme Court can load protection. To political speech but that doesn't mean -- about somebody. Where the rubber meets the road on -- if you. It's a candidate. Look let's put -- the context that you put that if one candidate -- a lot of opportunity. And in any knows or should have known that it was aligned. And that person can be held libel and defamation laws that take awhile to. You know full lawsuit to a -- but a campaign in the short. Time frame so the practice. Yes you're you're open and -- the person who's being afraid had some recourse to a defamation. It could take two years for decades -- the trial of the election like two weeks away. But some -- a big target because the other extreme. It in cases where that. The -- Really extreme Orton couldn't have a court. Is such that. It's going to affect our -- election opting -- with a court order candidate particular commercial all be there because it's not true. And that's. So extreme measure but it has happened. Lance is there limited take a break here we come back and a lot of text and some of -- mine have answers for you uncertainty about Jason being prosecutor. Also some comments on the negative ads also someone what they think going genius ads and dean from Springfield get to your call are coming up. And after this were talking with Clancy Dubose political analyst at WW all television. But negative ad campaigns like -- mark Tatum cast your vote at WW all that. And welcome back into the think tank I think doing that break we heard exactly what we're talking about some negative ads do in this campaign looks like several of them have gotten pretty negative and -- asking you do you favor those 86%. Say no they do not. 14% say yes they do but I gotta agree with Clancy I believe they run because they work in the although people may -- not wanna admit it. Classic got some interesting Texan here are some of them say most of the negative ads -- they exaggerated most of them crew I think we comic -- that. Another one says negative ads served a purpose they expose things the public needs in order to make the best possible decision. -- over the law should be much -- was gonna say strict about it got cut off. Another one says that though Williams was never prosecuted he's always been a shady defense attorney ask anyone who's ever had a case with -- -- And yet another one who must BA prosecutors says as a prosecutor I can tell you that Jason was never in all caps -- prosecuted as an interest. This one says that goes from an ad using -- own words praising those -- are ingenious I gotta agree with that you can come up with some. Clearly that was a very clever. And now -- about that now that you. Are at the very clever you know Arctic effective. When you look at how close a moment ago when he came to winning in the primary. -- -- -- shade under 49%. And he's probably it's make predictions but he's clearly the paper when. But of course -- -- point like the fairgrounds most of the horses -- data problem in the race. Repeat that comes on the -- is this optical election more than usual. Put they -- and there's certainly the favorite to win this statement that was very. Or clever and very on point. And as well as saying you know what can only say you know. -- -- It appears as well as lion in online now at. The bigger. Your art. -- would they call that -- -- that they called that move the gambit makes me keep it technically candidates strategic ploy sort of. -- -- -- -- -- -- they would meet the news. Sure okay great will be back and got some what's next government and -- Springfield promise -- be up first run after the news his demands though with the latest. And welcome to the Friday edition of the think tagged out -- -- info Garland Robinette and today with thinking about negative ad campaigns which. 86% of you listening in casting your vote at WW all dot com say you do not favor of that type of -- campaign only 14% saying yes. Of the most campaign manageable today you yes indeed they do work. Joining us to discuss this is Clancy Dubose the political analyst for channel four WW Coleman never get to see over their Clancy and I don't know if market find you with that renovation ago. I now hopefully soon be able fonts and anyway let's bring in gains from Springfield in the conversation he's on line one Deane thanks to you patient. Well I can. Honestly you know it -- Would've thought ma and weather changing and does that -- stop that you really want you here. -- speak any form. That would say you know. When you attack -- -- about Eric wondered why that morale get back they do want to you know why. That it irritates me to know. It's it's it's affected me. At that point I wouldn't vote for. And -- were born just because but I also believe. Channel people that a poet. Locally -- And -- banking on the required by a good job. But when. You know that -- -- and you don't vote. Or. You're just he just -- and that is the thing and you go broke but police are doing and I'll. I think that's a problem. You deal with that because you've got these people -- That you know ought orange rational I -- it is the board it doesn't affect. Much like -- anyway and the fact that bad stop and and you know understandable people form Poland. All in order to what the issue and talked about it it's -- she -- not that you want. And the talk about but it gets back -- doubt that. -- -- Not that your expression of frustration that a lot of people feel I'm curious news said that when you grow. Up that's not -- -- imagery there. That's actually. Commercial objects on the -- a little -- and Wednesday but. I would certainly come from a different point of view if she's actually saying that that was the words to that effect is would she evidently told the state trooper on the interstate. But that's not her saying that there is a big difference between our. Although the person saying it -- -- just yet. Yeah a lot of don't like. That commercial should and that is probably the more active commercials. That Williams and issues and campaign against as well. I think he's certainly gonna need and thanks for you called -- let's go to Harvey for a keys Keith you're wrong with Clancy -- Next we got -- you got to. Okay -- I believe it was then. Either we're told them that aired on the ballot and not on the ball. Why would -- beat -- the solution. If you don't like. And can -- in it you know any pact that we live in all football and anything else like we have and not have the ball. Well it would say that person in particular constitutional amendment. The problem with that frankly in a state like Louisiana where we do not. The ability. Full voters to do initiative and referendum. To get to them about like California does. The the people who make it possible. To put that on the ballot. Vote on the chase constitution to -- going to be about. Well the very politicians that people wanna choose somebody other -- So put it's a political a political answer whether that the problem as a political one. I would expect Japan is dependent upon the PP you know like. We're going to be adversely affected by the change to make the change -- put the change in motion. Okay thanks for the call Keith let's go to jail on his cellphone alive three wants to talk about voting against people as opposed to four people Jake thanks -- -- I'd never voted until I was in my early twenties or believe it leaves. 1980 carrying 1991. Where there there was the duke Edwards elections for governor I don't want. 91 point and I basically closed by the open and vote against David duke in there. It was a one of the campaign slogan was vote for the crook it's important -- You remember those bumper stickers are. Can't -- people. And an elegant with a typical fashion. The morning. After he won the election and lord delivered good remember covered that race she's. A crowded room. So yesterday. Campaign elections there that are. Who only had one mr. governor -- sorry record in both Korea war because it wouldn't hold my nose all of us and I. You know -- -- about it felt great partner right. What we what we have to do -- we all ballpark our state legislatures. All we're emails -- sure what their offense whatever the could think that we portrait. Aired on that term limits is that the doctor -- everything but I think it's a good start. That way you don't get people entrenched in power the -- what it would take especially for or statewide office. We got to have. The people in Baton Rouge at it for a prayer rituals that I'm not sure about eighty in -- awards put up a bit on the road many aren't there. Actually contacted. The representative from -- to -- altered. The school board bill call -- -- year here Africa and he said he didn't think it was or not support in the legislature for -- to be able term limit. Things like -- -- and our I think -- -- state every parish needs an option at least give the option Paris barker. Of limiting our plot to government officials -- limited. And our all our our council members -- in torture whether via their guilt or members -- we really need that option at least you know. You know -- have been reduced term and support for some things on the local level Mary. Police juries and City Council in new law parish council objective certainly I don't know about any -- did not expect that. Think Tammany. Police security at it -- a little police -- your console has -- held -- do they have. Try and limit there do you. But countrywide getting current and its employees for. -- -- that would take a lot of a lot of muffled because they're there as a true yeah group in a great return that lobby in state legislature. Yeah closest they'll will be right back after this timeout -- on a cell phone mostly continue to come station about these negative ads also some nice text messages coming in if you'd like to shoot this -- it's simply 87870. -- act responsibly will be right back. Well the dollar has moved very little on operating opinion poll question do you favor a negative ad campaigns is still locked in 86% say no 14% say yes but why do we see so many because they work. Discussing his witnesses political analyst Clancy Dubow Clancy let's go -- line -- -- Jimmy on a cell phone line one Jimmie thanks for you call. I -- all the -- long. All of involved in the campaign probably true in years ago and it's dangerous and negative campaign we do specific. For country western station. And one for urban stations. And one that was distributed they reverse. And we're here in the country western Garko. Really play with no problem just destroyed. They had been killed when -- Quote. You have to -- -- portrayed what you were arbitrary Pretoria. Actually you'd make a good point because that's part of what I was saying earlier about negative campaigning you have to know your audience always. Even on a. Other. So the only way to audiences -- went wrong here. Or record other campaign worker. About two. -- loose statewide campaign it goes in the interest. Good lord I mean. But we're hopeful. -- -- your. -- -- -- -- thank you for the -- Jimmy would appreciate it Clancy got an texted him maybe you can help but says. I have not heard whom mail Andrew supports is that because he disagrees with the way goes and manages to jail is because of his relationship with voting. Or what is the reason for no public support if I'm mistaken and he has put his support behind on the other. Who is. To my knowledge you're not endorse anybody in that race he would stay. And -- -- -- commercial off on the air were supporting him to hurt -- That happened in the parlor game -- not wearing Jackie Clarkson. And he recently endorsed Jeffrey -- in the -- race. Frankly what my newspaper gambit -- no position should first two. We just feel like we want to land and our name so I have a candidate. Recognize that the voters are virtues. And what's most important as the level -- be held accountable. For implementing federal consent decree. And doing it -- and efficient manner most cost effective manner. And and doing it effectively so that does -- -- -- that need to be addressed wind up getting dressed and result. Speaking at a missile Andrew would you consider his last campaign for mayor to be a clean campaign no was he negative. Quote -- it can't yell at this stage you. Pretty I thought so too I don't think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- criticism negative against him but I'm pretty aggressively but I don't remember him. Really getting negative on his -- You have to understand the polling consistently showed him leading by a large margin remarkable rules -- are such that when you're out front. And you probably don't -- you don't need to army attacked typically go on the attack when you aren't. I need to take votes also bigger person out Cabrera which is more. Well what judge Wagner had to criticize -- -- because from the incumbent who you know always in conference brought opera to the credit January. But in this case where we're at a huge advantage because not only has good deputies aura of incumbency you know shoot show. Are outlining in his campaign bank account. But we also. The support of the voters in the sense that. Polls and -- for about every pull out there consistently showed that people in the laws were pretty happy. With the way things go in the cities -- when voters are happy action and the incumbent has lots of money in good name recognition and -- marks from the voters. That's a real challenge to try to beat a guy like that and while people -- just partner at the best but he could he ran as hard hitting campaign Egypt spoke with some criticism they can attack on there. -- -- it here at McLaren to elaborate -- you say let. Michael ray's partner phrase some issues that we -- what Tressel track position. It was it was very issue oriented but there were criticisms in the sense that it said the matter had an address he she went out and addressed them. Effectively and I can do better that's an example optic. Quote attacks can be done. They don't always work but I think in this case he was trying to attack Fort Knox politically and and immediately while there have been insurmountable. Well -- -- to kind of wrap up here is still the polls the same 86% saying no they don't -- negative ad campaigns only 14% saying yes. We both agree and I think most people do that they work why is it that people don't favor him but yet they work and we gonna continue to see him -- any explanation. What sort of the same reasons people go to NASCAR races ago like correction of the network crashed app and -- and see away. In it's nobody likes to admit that there lightness of it and I think it was a question story you like negative. Sort like but they do respond to. Miller and democracy shot the equipment he -- -- in your -- Well. The stock market. -- Clancy will we CEO election coverage -- you tomorrow night on WW. All right will be looking forward to and thanks for his chance some time -- we appreciate our. Thank Clancy Dubose political analyst for WW all television and get a text in his today on not term limits for parish councilman saint Tammany. Not sure about that the -- in that. Is another one term limits are joke politicians go from the house of reps to the senate after three terms in back to the house and there's a lot of that going on. Would be right back to wrap up this hour the think tank and on WWL 870 a and according to what I found it appears at saint Tammany once had term limits for council -- that was repealed by amendment to the -- Also got a -- since its term limits are applying to -- City Council but not for the fourteen parish council. -- coming up next how are we going to be joined by David Woolworth David is an acoustics expert that was hired by the City Council. To measure noise on urban street to try to resolve the conflict. Story may then national headlines in the New York Times we'll talk about that coming back on the third and final hour of the think tank right here on WW -- -- -- --