WWL>Topics>>3-14-14 1:10pm Angela: profiling local ghost hunters

3-14-14 1:10pm Angela: profiling local ghost hunters

Mar 14, 2014|

Angela profiles local ghost hunters Christopher Melancon, John Gaultieri, and Raymond Kennerick of the Paranormal Society of New Orleans.

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Well our favorite day of the week Friday welcome to Friday and is it not glorious outside. I hope you're enjoying an outside. But if you're nodding your listening to us are really -- gonna enjoy this day in particular this show. Because it's our favorite day of the week for so many reasons the first being that we start our show with an open Mike. Where three people share their wonderful lines and we get to know them better. Today we -- actually again for at least one of them. Young man who make up the paranormal society of New Orleans. We had one of them on talking about last fall trying to communicate with coast. Will Christmas loss on is the founder of the paranormal society. And he is dedicated to helping others feel comfortable by investigating. And providing information about paranormal activity. John volunteer. Is the lead investigator with the paranormal society. And he is passionate about helping people who were experiencing a paranormal situation. And -- credit rich. Who joined the group after doing an interview with the others for a paper he was writing. On spirituality. And the afterlife. He went on to an investigation. And he says never looked back. So I welcome all three -- I'm calling you just for people to understand in away your ghost busters. But you're really more than that it yeah. You take this very seriously yes is very -- and and and your. Not making fun at all this is a serious. Think it is of great interest to you a -- we start with Chris about why what that your interest will look. Lisa -- it was the -- aspect of the attention and it was getting in the awareness that came out with the technical side the equipment side. Of the paranormal field. What really caused the passion and it was that. After going on investigations. And you know dealing with people in the residents side. I figured that we can help people. You know it even if it's not to try and get rid of whatever is in the home largest provider of knowledge about what's there maybe it was a loved one. Maybe someone who used to live in the home before they live there boom you know that moved and and down. When I would get these text messages in these emails from clients that we investigated saying we love you guys whose great thank you so much I feel more comfortable my home now. You know it just sparked a fire -- us and we just kept moving forward you know. What when you start to paranormal society. We launched in that. He was made in May of last year we launched we launched a group. You know we took a lot of prepping. A lot of investing the fact that they you know and there we launched in May and we colleges. You know wanna take it easy and just you know get some investigations into the cars blew up to where -- the kind you know. Kerkorian a little monster there and then we'll investigation is left and right now offers left in Brighton and people at least seeing an eight yeah. Yeah demand almost -- man yeah you know. What that you interest. I think -- can accurately on this well. I've known Chris for about two years now and I've seen you know its senior had a passion Ford and actually I don't know how many times it's that you asking me eventually get me on alive what ended up getting me on was an -- I would go forward Chris -- house frequently and you know he would -- show me episodes of ghost adventures and and the show was really cool like you know it's -- actually you know got into the show -- in you know and hearing about how he's taken this group out. Who might we actually have my roommate was on the team prologue -- come back and talk about the things he experienced. In this guy with such a skeptic that it was so crazy hearing this is now because I was a skeptic when I got in you know and sells like -- their legacies for myself. It's in delegate Chris calls lately so got an offer open for a position. Slate you know we were summoned. So. I would on my first one in -- within about three hours. You know and -- what was it that may -- from skeptic to believer. It was. What was the city that we first -- is in Paterson. I don't know what he passes by you Vista by -- and -- -- to action there yeah being Chris were both holding -- to device will we dedicate to device on Monday we had a -- box going. And man who. What is -- reason electromagnetic fields OK and that the more power. That the electromagnetic field ads which stands for Ian map of the more than meter -- -- It's pretty basic device in an hauled in by this thing and -- -- Yeah well what happened was I'm sorry but what happened was crazy because. And we John was asking questions he was trying everything in his power to -- the situation is happening. Because we ran into an intelligent -- in the -- when -- indicated communicate with us we tried different timing. We we tried different questions we try the same questions in just everything and then. That the for some reason that -- did not want us to fail. It was very passionate. That's the only time we took the cameras at -- the room. Our devices but our devices would start hitting again we would start getting it. And I know that sounds probably. What people stated skeptics are calling all whatever you know but I don't know what else to say you know any time we removed you know any kind of filming. Cameras to digital quarters we could start getting more activity. And I was sitting in the master bedroom with you Chris and we had on the pillow and advocates -- device on the pillow and I think we had -- box running. Not at that time don't do maintain that kind of I think this is what sold John is what kind of really freaked me out was that we had everything opposite do you want us to turn our it's our devices in the meter flushed for yes. So eternal part of vices in the that I -- trying to -- we can grab my digital recorder. Which collects he VP electro voice phenomenon and I try to sneak it on and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain in my head. In almost maybe -- monies. And in China is standing united and yet it is it was his -- like okay. Sorry I don't you know in something psychological because we you have to and is eager enough. Yeah I had neither in that we talked about it afterwards you know and and also I remember you know we're asking him for some reason I felt like it was anatomy any time we try to be out you know if if there was a negative energy towards somebody in the room yeah my name -- -- and we do what's it like to write off the nose and it Johnson and do you not -- main -- which is pegged to -- to conflict why he'd. So -- just head you know within that Raman. Raymond so you're doing a paper going to UN now yes you're doing a paper and spirituality you heard about these guys are used to let me interview. Yeah I actually email Chris -- some common -- November -- the samba. And the papal was not very particular class is just I've. Sometimes I found an interest and wanna do you know -- thesis on it all at a research paper and one of my interest was psychology and different belief system so -- -- listening to interviews -- by who worked in the paranormal. And so you kind of -- an open minded yes I -- NS. I would say half as a skeptic and you know I didn't really have anything that proved to me. That. It was a real at the time but Chris took me on the first investigation and he. It was phenomenal and I loved it I love the the equipment much like him and I also love the fact that. Tried to explain the phenomenon that we had to. It cracked me I'm wrong -- your mother was a spiritual yes and so she was always very sensitive to things. Yes she. She died -- six -- -- know all that well but it my brother who is who's a little bit older than me he told me some stories she. That's why got most of my interest from. With different belief systems and scientific. Things such as -- -- biology and psychology. But so now -- team and you know what we're gonna take a quick break but I want everyone to stay with this is listening. Because we're gonna tell -- here's some great stories and these guys about what they have seen and experienced. As the paranormal society will be right back I'm Angela under the to -- well. -- -- loss on John solitary. And -- Ramon. Credit rich are are a very special guest today and they are all members of the paranormal society and world in which was founded by Chris. They go into people's homes or other places and they helped people who are having paranormal experiences. So let's pick it up from there you've got a phone call you an email something's going on in my house kind of take is how it works. You -- a circus. You mean you list are okay no bull we do is we when we do get a request which can either come through email through the website. Are -- to fill up message over FaceBook or phone calls directly to one of -- The first thing we do as we of course talked with the homeowner. Get an idea what they're going through what kind of paranormal experiences are having. And -- give me some examples. Of those experiences all -- can be anything from somebody saying they saw their doors shut to somebody saying it's you know that their kids seeing the monster under the bed they you know. It it it's as we've heard everything you know what I mean you really hear everything -- in this kind of field vicious flying cross for -- yet pictures off walls and stuff like that. And you know the first thing we wanna do is what we want to get an idea. Bird com. Legitimacy you know what I mean because we have a lot of requests so we we try to do an assessment we we get that phone call we get that message we talk to the person. We make sure that you know we keep an open mind bit at the same time. You know. We don't Walken is something that's that night in activity maybe they saw horror movie got scared you -- -- -- -- -- mean -- sometimes will go out there will will just -- him. Keep the team behind you do an assessment. You know we'll sit down with the people will -- based I readings with the devices a quick maybe 1520 minute walk through and -- we'll see if we get anything you know wolves will see how the how the clientele are at. You know if the story matches you know and stuff and and and a lot of times we do we do get that quick activity that -- -- we schedule full investigation and we bring our team back. And on there's only been a couple of rare times that. Did. That we had to cancel mom because of absolutely nothing we've we've -- we wouldn't feel anything we would really see. Com something that stood out to noticeable normally do is noble believe them or number Woolsey you know it if you do happen. Yeah well it's an assessment we assess the situation could have -- different variables that the plane to factors there. You know the homeowners in if would we feel at home and what are we getting and could it just -- one shot experience so they could be. Yeah you know one time there. -- open and that's one of the things we like offers that you know awareness education knowledge on on what's going on because. I believe the main thing that people are so afraid -- ours because they don't understand it. Okay it could be completely different spears stand right there put it in the average person sees it. They're gonna run in they're gonna screen and there -- traumatized. Wise because they don't understand and there's no powers no controlled there's no. Go away and call the police something like that you know you feel completely helpless and that's why I believe some people are so scared. When they see an entity and what they're -- news. The majority most spirits. Are just parents exactly they're just us who -- you know they just people who -- Some of them are very nice -- very beautiful -- -- Mean. Very -- me you know. They remain as people yes yeah we believe I believe parsley might there is that how you are as a person on this earth is how are you going to be in the after. Is everybody going to be spirit. I don't know I can't answer that that's a -- answer you I can't answer that. I don't know hopefully through the equipment that we can no use this thing get more answers which we feel like is progressing every day through technology. Is is that as this field advances in more people get involved that's why we experiment was so much controversial equipment. What do take one quick break -- I want to pick up where you are but we've been having a reception problem with WW LFM. That problem is about to be fixed. To do so we're gonna have to leave the air for about five minutes. On one of five point three. Please tune into the big 870 WL AM for the next five minutes. And then we'll return to the air full power on 105 point three WW LFM. And now here's Jim -- with the latest news. Probably against. Wallets are open Mike and were talking with three up. Members of the paranormal society. Learning a lot and done. And we had a little in eruption and I appreciate. You'll think so kind of nodded and they did say perhaps technical issue. Was a goat but it will go ahead and accept that. Before we continued stories let's go ahead and go to whatever callers Kenny in New Orleans. Kenny in New Orleans. -- -- our yard Normandy we're good all right there. Are well back here capitals three. And of course and I happened. Our cable network and supported and we -- call your. And when -- bribery. Turn it back. At all -- -- Robert. -- in the ground black remarkable vote -- -- -- Troll are are well you know I'll. It and every -- -- -- to come in. An effort like shall. I would -- -- sure I'm going to be an actual content. And and -- and -- but got no money in hand and not go on appropriate board it would appropriate my -- right. That knee in -- -- right knee and not so concerned about our right shall. BIE not that it's -- got Jack Crowe and they came -- the -- -- the right. It's got to accept make gotten pretty but it didn't judgment. Andy in app that happened. All got our back we are now. And I don't want -- you know and outside and got cold again start to get to go to you on. All drug could be. And it got cold again -- -- are -- old problem on the back. All of sudden when Orton beat me. But I would be. A Mac or a -- out these are being. And -- -- -- shall meet full featured Orton would like to recall it. Struggling -- -- up to -- Greek treaties are Greek sculpture out we're out. And there was actual tool birdies and one of the -- couldn't. Couldn't he couldn't recognize our couldn't I couldn't see him to do. At a certain before it was right. And they're a little bit of luck to him about it and straight packet saying I couldn't. Couldn't should -- NATO premium children. And and you get about the same thing and couldn't get that well. Knock me out to be a car had been kept secret that you don't see it. They're about I mean she introduced me get back in the -- You know sort of in the ministry would be. Went when mishap continue put the covers over your head. Your your wife was there. -- program and she. Should be a human -- When I woke up and she got huge tumor. Would be account. And and that has never happened again. It happened pretty -- but it was different. In Britain all sorts shot. Tonight our I went to I went to. Hit -- in -- patent and brought it out by bridge. And and are actually quite Iraqis bigger and I'm glad you didn't you go to jail. Bull crap and I would be so I went away. Not proper to opt out and eat eat we prayed and I went wrong. And when -- holes are what you can do people. At a dollar and -- Bill Murray could not -- community not -- beat. -- -- body would walk out decent round. And and and a bit. We -- might work -- they came home very night. And -- Margaret again so. Our enemies in human you know. It was good cop got much it's. You can't speak about markets I'm going to be -- -- in trouble. Kept me out of here and not give them -- -- market couldn't be quiet. My bottom like -- -- -- be our children our properties should vote that's not our opinion objection to what they would saint. But I couldn't understand what it -- like erect plain English accent and -- give couldn't understand what they train. And election because spam you know every word you ought to bring. In a strike and didn't let that happen. It's -- -- going to be out that we would be with you what I am in a sudden bought Jeremy. It for -- abort their people. -- -- -- -- are on the mountain they're sold each term of all I'd say that you -- I think she's the -- market Fiji. Walk cruel -- I'll -- right there. What do you think you lines. That it would negate our. Opportunity. On and on a mass Whitney. You know correct what. It. -- -- -- In China market -- the district specific -- -- the court. In the about these huge -- -- Now you -- probably. And everything. And it's never happened again. No it never happen again never happen again. I really appreciate you calling in and telling a story that's very scary it really is scary. How he may have a spell -- in my mind. Of course you did of course it thank you very very much -- Okay. Things like people who called you. I mean yeah we just not often but we have had wondered too. Similar things to what he said palm. And you also answer Chris. Well let me ask you -- what have you seen -- Now that your part of this group. The very first investigation when all was actually at the terminal means and during that time we had multiple motion lights go aloft and we had Kate who hits. Which is a device that measures electromagnetic pulses. The sec investigations actually. As his helmet. And we had a lot of activity. In that home. Almost all of our devices interacted with the and those those people called you for what was yet it was. It was an elaborate on the -- house -- go out and that would also cover the one where you're asking about what was here you know biggest experience auto and I want to ask Margaret Carney went. We had gotten a call from she -- what it right at the it was a single mom with four kids. Wafer. Yet what for an she had four kids and -- them and -- as house out -- met. -- dollar kids had similar stories to what they are seen which you know the scary thing when you talk to a child strolled in don't lie I mean they do you know -- the you know when you're getting stuff like that from all four kids and they're saying the -- in the same exact thing. I'm I'm sure they didn't -- have a little group meeting and say hey let's scare mommy in -- -- And I think we can can size and -- daddy and arm of the reports of a tall. Figure out the man dark shadow kind of figure. And com. She called us in in you know being Crist cannot global judge -- gonna set up an investigation by the urgency of it sounded urging you know -- -- scared she wars come into an Internet peace of mind. Because her kids were scared to do so. We became and we get an assessment right away real are gonna go and do like Italy committee investigations mean Chris and that we brought -- back with us. And we went into the house. And maybe we did have a lot of light we had to motion detector lights that are only gonna go off when he emotion in the house we have one point on each hallway in there actually going off you know in different sequences almost like growth at the same time that what -- golf than the other one -- and this would all twice in it would do that don't command like you could ask its present itself the -- -- you -- emotionally it's a ball. But that was even half that we are still getting you know Kate two hits which like -- Chris -- same measures that electromagnetic field. And already you can really get that device to -- law is if you put it near something electric -- if I remember correctly I think -- cup parted house and we do that so we don't get any interference with our equipment. And as we discuss the other you know we had the tackle box which is an apt to run do you can -- to eye opener and -- in -- column it it makes where is it helping out Chris. Williams is different syllables broken syllables of different sounds along what white noise and also thank -- echoing. Your voice in all coincides together and that there is that spears -- use that to manipulate. The public that. That community -- reproduce word but it's funny his Jai. We have there was a bit old backyard okay. And the thing -- we report -- echo box and it was very rude but today and who's saying curse words duty and in I was like you realize. Properties there and and it is only in over a talent. As you realize we're not afraid -- right. And it says John is in the and you heard the dog with a -- whimper and I'll look over and I see -- to -- play music I was that -- -- fifth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey whispered in my ears you know I was I was already had a slight -- -- -- you know wanted to wrap it up next -- -- boxes now it's up. It was seen all sorts of it also. The same there was mocking us it was very mocking is very sarcastic. Mary were still there had to what did you do to try -- we we we use saves and we try to cleans the house but the family was already moving up that night. Sometimes it's weed -- cases where you know we can -- -- -- -- -- people. Are just like no I'm gone and done. You know we had a case Gretna. It was to no sorry Terry town there out there and we had a family who called us you know they contact Chris and Chris got we actually it goes with spare normal -- -- we -- two teams come in. And we have about ten people total we went to this house in it looked ransacked like -- they'd just gone through and grab what -- when -- is that they could and it looked like -- caught us and I say well are you still -- -- is not -- Marty dog. I'm like god and I try to walk weekly is that -- to walk back through -- -- just like now I'm like come back here. Stay with -- will be right back after this financial under the -- We are talking out with three guys who have devoted their lives really in the last several years. To paranormal and I want state everybody. All of these examples they're giving where they go into people's homes and help them. They're there's no charge to this they're doing it because they wanna do it. And I am really sensing it's because of the the technology that's now available but his. Given credence to what you believe deaths a year not just saying do you feel something in the house you're showing something technologically. Yes no that's that's one of the biggest things about our group is that what we stand for is that technology. We experiment where a lot of equipment a lot of controversial equipment some of it works out great some of it not so much but it's all about experimentation pushing the field forward. Someone. Some day. Isn't it a piece of equipment. And we're gonna use the scientific method to prove the existence it's parents it's gonna happen goals to get science to recognize the equipment offers exactly that's that's that's the part they're out they're looking for big equipment. You know that they're not coming here and look at for spirits and we actually have -- spears you know. You know an an an awful lot of people who have had experience that'll never call this radio station. Never tell us about it. But I I know that they have never tell anyone know they'll never tell anybody here -- laughingly say something because society and amp and and it's really -- -- that way Monday were more comfortable with it. But Europe concept and belief is is that as people died -- energy remains bright and so I. I'd like left behind almost Danica imprint America -- conscious imprint on energy. Energy can neither be created order surely. So the NG in our bodies were -- ago when we die. You know so many stories. Of let's say hotel's. Historic hotels are not historical -- Where the civil war soldiers seen at the bottom of the steps and -- Annie yeah ours -- but that. Many people have seen them. And then yet we still -- exactly. Even though these people may be very credible they have nothing. -- to say other than this is when I saw him why do you think society still fight or run comfortable. Yes I I think I think that's one of the biggest reasons is that it's almost like. -- taboo the correct word yeah it's the people who want to talk about it because they don't want a I don't think it would be -- -- -- that almost like they're gonna become like. Some social abnormality no -- gonna be weird by coming like guys yeah -- that's -- it's -- because this says the exact opposite effect I thought it was when I started out many people are gonna think I'm crazy but I get so many people. So republic about me. -- know that I do this -- they always like in front of a lot of people that we -- overdue but then you know what he's locked in they'll collect yes -- what's going on in my house and all this stuff is you know it's just everyone has a story everyone has experienced something Carol Moore has agreed answers for this they just don't. They don't come out about it as much some do some doubt. And I think that's one of the main reasons is because of you know how how it's almost like they don't wanna be labeled crazy. Yeah to tell me about Fort Jackson all right will work overly right we leave here we're driving appears Louisiana and we're going to be investigating Fort Jackson. -- talk a little bit about. The parish they -- -- for McCain a little bit about the resiliency of the people there yes. My cricket too much into the history of it. I know it was built after the war of 1812. And as user in a civil war and forcing bill opens across away on each side. And it was taken over by the union. In April. And down. And that was when the union you know army was it -- -- The senator was also -- there -- -- get too much into the history of it. But have a couple of announcements to make about it one of them is similar invited to this yes Walden Ford has been close to okay. And now that that after Katrina ruined and destroyed okay and they spent millions and millions of dollars to column. The exit of today and -- house and I easy -- and flooded completely ruined everything they've built. And the work with -- really really hard very typical fish on a reopening you know the plaque as traders parish president there. Is really open minded to tourism he's letting a couple of the groups coming investigated letting us come in investigate. You know and the main thing is you know it's great place to go visit you know seven miles -- the years not too far fewer if you're visiting new world ones. You know when a car go down there they have a lot of they have great restaurants fishing. You know all that stuff but the four -- actually being closed. Is now being reopened to partially just partially. Monday because they noticed this in the that is that the president them with that nasty people -- by the for all the time drive hundreds of miles. And all they can do stand outside the four. And this is killing the -- -- realizes this and they did they want -- to -- side to be shown that wanna preserve this. You know when it's just hard -- you constantly get beat up my mother nature so that. And you know often neglected by other agencies. But the you know Fort Jackson will be partially open again Monday march 17 to visitors during his normal operating schedule. At that ours are. From November 2 to march 31 from 7 AM to 5 PM and from April 1 to November 1 from 7 AM to 7 PM. -- and again this is you -- your group is gonna investigate. Snyder along -- -- from broncos' quest paranormal OK so other -- groups are gonna go because there's a sense. The with all the history there there might be some spinners or they've been I mean from what I've heard that the last groups that a bit unnerving catches stuff. You know so we're gonna go in there where our you know devices and we're gonna catch some things in there will be right back. I'm Angela -- and do. Want to thank car out paranormal society Christmas loss on John -- teary and Raymond credit rich. Enjoyed every minute that this will have you back and don't forget Fort Jackson opens on Monday to the public. And it's -- thank you all stay with this now let's go to the newsroom and -- Miller.