WWL>Topics>>3-14-14 2:10pm Angela with Ian Hoch: on what's happening in NOLA this weekend

3-14-14 2:10pm Angela with Ian Hoch: on what's happening in NOLA this weekend

Mar 14, 2014|

Angela and WWL local entertainment correspondent Ian Hoch talk about what's happening around the city this weekend. Jan Gunther of the Muggivan Irish School of Dance fills them in on everything Irish concerning the St. Patrick's Day festivities. Movie lover Jude Borque talks about what's new at the movies. And Brenda Walkenhorst of the Audubon Zoo talks about the zoo's Earth Day celebration this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All we love Friday Friday is not Friday. With -- -- -- finding what is happening so you can plan your weekend and joining us. -- happening now. Hi good afternoon -- -- how it's going to say everything is beautiful it is gorgeous to I'm so glad the weather has turned really really an excuse to get sick and my sinuses blown up and he'll -- feel. It feels good and me the weather's nice the weather is beautiful and kind of thinking in analyst at the weekend but. We're not gonna compete that's mine we have a lot going on this week in and we're going to be talking about them before we do that as is our tradition. I have this. Yearning to know what you did last weekend. Last weekend. He announced they'll tell me what you gonna do this okay last week it was all Mardi Gras is just a big big -- right on this weekend. -- I am going to the starlight racing at the fairgrounds. Where it's -- there's racing and yeah we got that couple passes to go in the clubhouse my girlfriend have been nice dinner in the air. Down some ponies lose money not a lot of money because I don't really know how to bet on the -- complicated. And then now it seats tomorrow organic -- the name in the -- exactly. You nailed it yet we were there about two hours some really good names and we thought about you know signal. Should bet on peanut -- -- or whatever we just never -- -- -- tonight you know we got these passes a little bit more money for months ago. Do little -- gaming tonight and then tomorrow we're getting to a CD Saint Patrick's Day parade and Irish channel as it's our tradition we will. I'm bringing a lot of grocery bags and backpacks so that we can collect the maximum amount of vegetables. Go home and make a delicious -- Patrick based in doing that for several years of life. And then we also hoping to do little to gardening tomorrow. I'll have to borrow somebody's cardinal some -- and some plants and hopefully the weather cooperates -- You know we moved in October we have this nice backyard now you're really looking forward fleshing out and then tomorrow I haven't -- show. You know my duties occasionally prop comedy shows we've booked one tomorrow night at 9 o'clock the new year. Sunday is going to be a pretty -- day. Because you know the -- easy awards are coming up the Big Easy -- awards which I'm posting with my friends -- cast state before the game that the sentence -- Looking forward to it so we have a lot of jokes that we have to -- and try to figure out opening numbers -- -- from its original instinct and yet there's a song and its we're gonna start at this is I don't want -- let's go away but -- we have to do some planning for that on Sunday. So Sunday should be pretty relaxed when -- am really excited about is Monday night. I have two tickets to go see the pizza underground. At dial lounge tonight. I'm sure there's a lot of people listening to have no idea what the -- underground is it'll tell. It is a band fronted by Macaulay Culkin whom may remembers the star of home alone in the goods -- he is now in indie rock band. It exclusively. Does covers. Of Velvet Underground songs but they change all the lyrics to be about pizza. Let me say that again in the college Coulter is in the Velvet Underground cover band and they only do songs about pizza. Scooter to a picnic go see it is bad and Monday night -- -- -- I don't really -- the Velvet Underground I've -- no applause from political commitments to such a weird -- combination. Of things like Israel -- back I would definitely fuel -- -- was fabulous and -- he was one talented -- I had -- I had a couple of hours to -- just a couple of weeks ago I don't know -- when I was at home in Colorado over -- -- I just -- -- home -- on my computer just -- -- by myself and I felt really good quality some quality -- -- career. Let me give you a little update -- good guess where I was last. Oh I don't know singers theater oh you do Memphis all you do not how was I loved I really enjoyed it I I love the music I loved the dancing gas voices were on the real pilots and you know it's a story of the crossover from when white radio stations would play black means home and at the white DJ who started the movement. And he was cooking and wonderful and my beloved at and strange. But it just brought up those that era. -- time. And but it was just beautifully done. And I just enjoy it I think people who did Alston did -- however we have to transition now probably okay I'll read out. What is this big weekend we are thinking green green and more green. Because it is Irish time but it's also Italian -- so we're gonna -- thinking other collars. Who is the delightful woman Jan Gunter Jen you are so wonderful to call. -- -- yeah yeah let me tell you we go back a long way but the important thing is is she knows all things Irish and she actually teaches Irish dance. At the -- say this wrong might have been school of Irish stance. -- will tell us all the fun things that are happening for all of us who choose to be Irish this weekend. Happy to -- You it's not at age treat her performance. It's going to be in the quote Irish pub on main city. I'm really -- -- I thirty. More important Saturday afternoon. Irish channel -- Once you have a lot in school -- began questioning believe it. Keep it. During the parade and blocking the right in game for. Many years and -- -- deleted again this year and the parade. Our performance. I'm not gonna go buy it at the Irish out on being out at. 5 o'clock. Yeah well and yet but we've ever coming up on -- March 16 it's the shamrock lot. He -- -- -- our. And we have to put more thought you. Throughout the race when it comes to the initial line LB. You know people coming in at different times in so that not being accused of trying to cheer them in the end. So that. It just so excited. Monday morning and -- that morning we the people want me on -- well early morning. To be. Exactly. Monday. Evening we will be performing at the ancient order of hyper in gala at these -- and now. -- It just it just goes on and on. You know pocket and not just first and captured. Lethal form. Two. All year. That would not being annual. -- it is all he ran out. On the I would like to mention one other big event that's going to be happening in November. 114. War had been chosen. By 2814. For the Irish in commemoration. Got it would take place from November. That twenty point. There's an acceptable acts as well at the end competitions. Lectures and it's much more. And the main event will be taking place. And we eat well eat holding a competition which it called back. On November Saturday November. -- little -- -- but -- -- without. The -- kind of have to be content to enjoy all of it out of. We are all Irish when we choose. -- that we -- those who really -- that we can. This this weekend we can be that and also for your event coming up in November. Thank you so much 111. Quarter piper. Operate in the press conference last Monday. Announcing. That from here on the month of march. It detonated Irish heritage month which area. Actually this is superb change. Oh. She is our Irish correspondent and I appreciate this more than you know have a wonderful weekend. -- Carriage and we'll see at the parade you know -- I also wanted to member even though we are talking Irish it is also the Italian American saint Joseph's parade and old from Portland 6 o'clock. And that is such a tradition. And it kicks off at 3 o'clock at the intersection of convention center boulevard. -- streets sixteen floats nine marching -- It'll be wild and crazy this is another great parade weakened in just like I'm -- -- say I'm ready you know line last Wednesday or Thursday is currently maybe I'm good with parades for a minute and on now I'm ready -- your back like about -- -- we will be right back and we're going to have our beautiful movie critic. Our beloved -- Bork well if you are not going to a parade for any reason. And you just want to go to a good movie you know who we've got here. Our beloved Jude -- Blunt admission last week. Hi Angela stadium lights were out today doing good -- you didn't and getting such -- life is wonderful it's. But things. Lots of fun things of the movies that are it you know if you wanna go out for -- movie if you wanna stay in. There at all certain things that can and 10-Q. And so and so what do you what do you wanna go out New York State and. Let's go out first yeah local out. Well there it's movie for every take that out there that these at the new to newer pickings. There's 300 the rise of an empire that is that equal to 300. It's based on frank Miller's latest graphic novel. Basically. If you saw the first you know it's about. But to steroid muffled men fighting with sports. So that's the fuel a lot of visual effects. You gotta go out there people will enjoy it. Beautiful bodies. In that's -- like in the goat -- -- links thoughts and willing to climb sensible -- yeah. Other and other development in the -- they're they have a need for speed. Movies on video game to -- hall from breaking bad and so those two ingredients. Or your target audience. Go. It's not me I'm giving -- a red light I'm not go. I'm shocked. That they even made them but I mean I I don't know I never got that into a need for speed but if you're gonna make. A movie out of car racing video game. I could name ten dollars and I would definitely -- to ask OC but need for speed is. Is pouring in the trailers boring and it feels I feel a little bit bad for -- -- Paul but I'm sure they'll make a lot of money so today. You know how are you know there's not a Tyler Perry has the new movie coming out the single mom single mom club. There are no previews. -- no reviews. And in my book that means no way is that even possible well the movie it's it's got to cut its. There is there's an audience out there. There let their. So my coworkers paralegal. They wanna get out. And they're -- bombs that needed right now there's single people who want him right now. And get out of house. Here's a movie they may want again just to enjoy getting justice. But you know like time -- also goes for that same demographics so if you're not the target group something -- There are a lot of other great comedies you don't -- -- and Kevin park comedies that's out there. All night long. On the ride alone there's some great comedies. And other films movies. They're still Oscar winners that are still -- you can catch up. But there's these vigilance there's also a new. Movie called Veronica Mars. There was a TV show all on the networks seek to abuse that has a very small audience. I think the city get tender with larger than the audience that's -- -- more outs. It's -- Nancy Drew type detective show. It was pouring huge Nancy Drew purse and that he north. Kristen -- She's a cold sore -- and I think it's going to be a lot of you know so if you -- to go out and see something. The other movies. Or are there I think particle board may actually surprise a lot of people. Com. Results for the kid movies that are out we have kidding movies. They're still political movie that has lots of leg be. It's been mr. That part too. From way back win. Is still the theaters sold and from then of course even though it's coming out on video. -- deal pulling in people in theaters so calm if you have to bring the kids now you have to elections there to. Let me answer very quickly. Are we have not spoken since you were here in studio for the Oscars which we were so deeply honored that you would command. And what what was your just basic reaction to the whole show. Love the show a -- lot of fun coming to producers. Took their cue from -- in. And made everything positive and -- their scheme was. Let's honor our heroes in the movies and stated very nice job with that. There weren't a lot of surprises but it didn't matter because the move the show kept moving along. And -- it was a fun night. Now you have a couple of Irish themed movies if you're in that mood and don't wanna hit a rate which is wanna watch a movie. I love -- There -- also I want I would go with first off what's the last little effect since -- the commitment. A small ones from Dublin. Soul music itself local band that decides that they want to place soul music. He with the winner of the British Academy Award in 1991 directed by Alan Parker who directed the regional Spain. This little movie is that GM of the movie Alan Parker got a bunch of unknowns together it's celebrated its twentieth anniversary a couple of years ago. But commitments. I'm great love of the commitments I saw the commitments when I was just a lower case I in 1991 and I I remember. I -- demanded that my mom by the soundtrack on tape and I had that tape. That means a case the movie sexually. You know it's about this directory and -- in the turnaround they make the soundtrack and then they just treat it like it's actually this -- sold it it's so good. And I had a two hour oh yeah and take -- -- woods had a note destination anywhere. East to west I don't care I love that tape I love that's out of their loved that movie and so glad we're talking about it it's great to commitments everybody -- Still means is in the -- is. Yes -- are being -- it. But you -- or -- with two games to date with spills but let's put it in the name of the caller -- Both wonderful movies that give com. Heart wrenching. -- my left -- about it individuals who happens to be there in Ireland. In the name of the caller is more about the that the troubles as they called them. In the courtroom dramas and prison and what's going on -- -- -- lose in the Thompson all star cast -- export. If you want a little history with -- hours simple war. They're the movie called Michael Collins based on the hero of the time and the leader of storing Leon's Easton. Directed by Neil to Wharton who directed The Crying Game. Michael Collins. A historic figure a very good movie. But you may wanna do some Google like Angela and there's a move an Irish based movie called one. The movie that that music in it that won an Oscar that was made into that Tony award winning musical. All of those have great Irish means to. Good. Background. And if you want something silly outlet. Rode it out to your audience the year audience could then -- listeners. They bill tweed you later what about this -- waking Ned DeVine. Yeah. Ball double -- that didn't see -- hurt her name. Adam is if nothing else is a fun little motor cycle. Scene of an old man and it will motorcycle goes to the countryside. Lots of choices time you can find your ship rock. Your lucky charms and stay in and watch one of those Irish -- I know one more to rejected a real quick sure Angeles actions. Yeah I don't know -- I never saw the movie but I did read the book and I was always really curious about it as one of my favorite actors and that's Robert Carlyle. Who act ends up playing a lot of -- and and an English characters and that's about. And you know limerick in the 1930s and forties in the depression era Ireland and that's another. Qaeda kind of a tear Jerker the book -- I'm not sure how the movie translated but I would definitely recommend that. Well a lot of towards Israel always great talking -- right. Dude you're thanks -- thank you so very much and we'll talk to you next Roddick has a great Irish weekend thank you bye -- okay. And will be right back let's go to the newsroom now and Chris Miller. Yeah. Although I must ask. Cap -- -- -- damn right I'm -- isn't going to jail. Just hadn't games. -- -- -- -- An actual Irish -- -- actual Irish music sort of I just love this. This. -- it. You are if mark they are are you are yet on OK we are having a wonderful time yeah Friday. Because this is our our we talk about all the great things that are happening in the community and we have talked all things Irish we have -- great music and movies with our great Jude. Worked and now we have another great event that is happening in our beloved on it and -- -- And that is with Brenda -- -- and it is Earth Day. That's right that's one of my favorite festival here at -- and tell us all about it. Can't hit a festival. Or that it's kind of -- Earth Day festival Lee. Earth is actually April but we decided to do it in March that way we could get all of great environmental exhibitors come out -- compete with them. And have our special day you kind of make everybody aware of -- need to the earth so fast is probably point by. Thirty years though and it's. Screen -- here -- meant to do you know and it's despite the other acceptable that the new but it's got a little bit more about education component to so we're going to have. Live music great food and then over point three environmentally exhibitors will be out there telling you how everything from. How we can save the wetlands and how we can't be more. That conservative -- and -- used to -- clean pew animal conservation. You know and you'll do it. Right -- you're gonna spend a glorious day out at the zoo and hopefully it will be glories to it's all day long from Arlington -- Let it propaganda six. Now right away that you can't negate -- CI agreed animals were going to be out there ready for you. To learn about different ways you help part by. And what are some of the exhibits and today. It that we've got a couple people who have energy there are some people who aren't there with solar panels we've got the weapons. When watchers who repaired to educate you about the things. Help preserve that -- and some of my pet projects -- I -- getting to talk is that we will have the the audit. And opportunity for children and adults to do it Dan and made simple little paper BP and that point in the paper needed is that for her. Every point EB we're gonna hit these. -- a foundation for her clean water for villages in Tanzania. Go to children and there can adults can have an opportunity to help people defiantly country actually get clean water. And if the villagers get clean water and they will be healthy and they can take care of the special animals that we now live in Tanzania. Now -- you know self thought Al -- doing. I can't believe it's been 25 -- thirty here. -- band and I have pockets and not having the exact. I was trying to attack on -- but it's been a long time minutes. And it's the old me that the electorate is that is solely based on. Education. And and I'm proud of it because our army unit to connect people in nature but a festival like this really helps everybody. They can help our children because Steward of the earth so that -- have a lot of opportunities. Can you learn how they can help our plan. No absolutely and your entertainment lineup it's the Ronald McDonald house talent show contest winners. Yeah and that group. Young people that and some of them can really belt is not going to be and the state get an. -- they'll be up there doing different types. Pop music and country music that we can enjoy it and. And then you have the imaginary friends spent. Yet that the and other creative. Music with young performers. And then. In the afternoon at the Crescent City -- And you -- will just be rocking the earth. We rocky earth -- did this great festival -- we do well southeast Louisiana everybody doesn't well. By the benefit of acceptable at the -- the news that users will also share it with lots of great. Exotic animals so he's got a beautiful -- he's got live music -- static editors and of course he's got there are wonderful animal. Wonderful animals who are hopefully enjoying this good weather -- well yeah. They -- today I already saw the elephant out this morning. All of the animals take advantage of this not too hot not too cold kind of -- -- perfect. I loved the birthday party you -- is Tonya who turned fifty. Yes Tonya parent if -- -- I actually have a great photograph of her and her birthday -- I just looked at that yesterday. Let me say birthday was the -- And I -- tell -- -- at. And Allah. Now have a great sense of humor out there as well but continued success or another Earth Day. Thank you so much Brenda and again that is. Albany tomorrow at the on it and actually hope the weather holds that little -- better hole for that thank you again. Everyone stay with this will be right well we are back and we're talking about things that are happening this weekend and we should not forget. But starting today through Sunday is the new world home and Garden Show. That is over at the superdome and you've never been to real tree you've ever wanted to know anything. About changes in windows or faucets or. It's everything under one group to treat to go to. But especially for people who were there renovating a home billing or just wanna make a slight change. To see the newest things out there it's it's all under one group pool and that's what -- I wanna go over there and checked out things I can put my -- because I was both speak tomorrow let me tell you that -- and -- -- the nuclear thing at the door feet Stewart sure but it's you'll never -- -- people when I love those the exhibit I do is walk. And -- -- with information now. Especially if you say you know that many garden people will be out you know think about this plant of these hours. How does my garden grow. In the New England -- on now only because we've had success. And that is citrus trees -- yes Hillary girl and we're growing lemons. And sets an editor at the end and even right now. That's bad news OK and there are -- this is a small trees within three years but it is. -- a little ones coming home like we're gonna get them. And the birds have been in the and it's perfect so I highly recommend excellent they're pretty trees that grow quickly and they produce. I took a whole group to exercise class because. Lemons are very expensive. Yeah but it went and they carry great. I don't know what happens but yeah impressions -- my landlord has a big citrus -- in his back yard in before them polar vortex you know McCain and Davis or stuff so we're. We're still kind of working through those right now but the these sort of trying not very juicy flavor in the public yet openers don't let me tell you not this year because we're not here blunt. We have covered it in sheets. Just just one sheet covers it's a little bit on and then have a neighbor who puts a little. Battery operated light underneath OK but anyway it is labels survived and done well. Again I think it's wonderful addition to any art. Let's talk about some place that are going on I gather -- please call us the night of the iguana Tennessee willing did you see that can classless for. Incredible it's unbelievable it. Now -- know if it's the best and I it's looks like hearkens -- days hosting an inmate Monday days. Destroy -- yet but shake machine and Bobby and -- -- clearly the most amount of people on this earth. And it is starting. This week all the way to April 6 it's going to be at the art club. On 513 lesion feels southern -- is great. I think you know I I always enjoyed their work but now that they're having to move around a little bit and it just kind of challenges entities different kinds of plays and it's just it's sort of a different aesthetic and provide. For them I can't wait and our club as a real equal. The latest I'm not then yeah it's the same place. That they did streak mark. Of last year yet it's like Michael -- studios they went about branding thing and now it's our club. This is a wonderful thing -- From theater. In which it which it. Moving on our beloved -- potter the wonderful music now who was so badly beaten. And is the brother of our Dave potter here that would -- well. Other having another fundraiser. Is improving he has a long road. And I think the whole community understood. That this was just too. Brutal unnecessary. The man has done nothing but be productive in his life shared his talent. Was loading his car with his equipment. And just was beaten and beaten and so Saturday tomorrow from two to five and generations of all there's going to be other. Fund raiser at just 25 dollars it's great way to help beautiful family and going to -- very -- that's good bestseller on the on the we were talking about the river town theater caliber of people Tim ladies of the -- I did not know about this Leslie lately and the commit this is very good actually starts today is gonna run to the end of the month on the twenty. But they say take two divas sort of like Betty Davis and Joan Crawford Madonna Lady Gaga. But it this play written about Sarah Bernhardt. An Allen or -- who were both very famous actresses. Around -- century courts and they agree on downs and they were to reform. The same way back to back in the Stater so it's really. We year comedy yeah okay very eager -- show they talk about. Again that is at river town theater. Ladies of the millions -- march 14 at the 29. Awesome yes. So west you know the Tennessee williams' -- has -- down the pike place I'm really looking forward to cat -- hot tin roof petite. Okay him for telling me that. That is one of my favorite displaced absolutely. And the wonderful. Sister in law as the known monster ha ha a ha ha ha and I met with Christmas not known monster. Yeah -- out and -- Anyway. And rightly are very very talented town. And continues to create. Wonderful things. In all kinds of thing it is absolutely and every place every day so every everyday -- right -- -- the break and we will come back into the game at ten. And mr. -- -- mr. wonderful is with this as we've sort of wrap up on all whole hour of what's happening are Greek community and we continue we. How would you believe tomorrow all day literally at the New Orleans healing center. There's going to be -- Sacred music -- -- in -- of death and that sounds wonderful starts. And it goes all the way into the wee hours that's a really pretty event I've seen that I think it was last year two years ago but you know I live right around the corner and the feelings about it -- in there and. He knows I think a lot of people media kind of oppose the idea -- sacred music is. But it's beautiful when it's all kind of interesting history and singing and language should drop and when answering a block of thirty minutes. Very quickly on Sunday is going to be an LPO. Concert chamber concert the king of instrument it's going to be Christ church cathedral there isn't mission to that that they are spectacular. And not to be missed the Zion organizers seven at. Anniversary gala at the Joyce theater it is the Saturday. I love these guys that that's great but to have a change with the -- -- super Sunday which we hadn't talked about yet bets that the big Mardi Gras Indian raid happens in central city a town Claiborne everything like that that's a beautiful thing if you. If you think you know the Mardi Gras Indians he knows that about -- never been super Sunday really miss and now. That's a great and has a lot of great music and food everywhere but it's gonna rain on Sunday so they moved super Sunday to march 23 march 28 -- out there. Absolutely thank you in -- you know I -- you Angela. I would go to the dentist now have fun at the dentist I will see you it'll be on guard at the dentist and Wednesday -- my Chilean jointly by next hour. Now let's go to the newsroom.