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3-14-14 3:10pm Angela: with Mike Detillier

Mar 14, 2014|

Angela sits down with NFL analyst and draft guru Mike Detillier.

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Well you know his voice his opinions and his passion for football today we're gonna get to know Mike the chilly day on another level. Mike the guys. Who is this man who worked with such sports legends as -- -- and buddy. Mike it's really -- this is your life. Plan on it and -- it is a pleasure to be back with you and you know off. -- sent to a little note and now -- that one time that. What an honor it is to be in to work with you in the short time we have because which you've done for journalism. In this city is unprecedented. You came in at a time where women and broadcasting which just starting to make those steps. And you made it almost irregular that yes you were a woman what you were able to do it as well as anyone. Mike thank you thank you very very much I'm very touched by that it was the old days there. Hopefully times -- past but this is your power. I'm really I really thought about this last night I people know so much of your thoughts and enthusiasm and that would -- the passion for football. Your knowledge but I'm wanna know where all that began and we would. And oh yeah. It began as a kid -- buddy used to have this saying to me all the time that you treat this almost like war love and hate it. It is really means something to UB it's in this state. And in this deep Sao. I mean football is really religion not not not be sacrilegious to some people -- this because it's 52 weeks of the year almost 365. They can talk about it all the time. If it's college football if it's high school football professional football. And hope that. We conduct heating the kaleidoscope. When I when I grew up the saints were just starting. Soul you've solved -- football team it's an expansion team and it was no free agency. No way to get better quicker they made bad decisions. And so you saw the worst of football what could bring to you but right now we're in net kaleidoscope of golden age of sites and LSU football. Hitting all at one time. When you think about mid two thousands to today yes. Unprecedented. What's done and Nick Saban brought it to -- issue less miles is kept it at the highest level. And we see what kind of different shall pay me on this football team. And enormous debt isn't a lot of what I call football jesus'. Backing -- their hands on a bad team you just think about how bad this football team was in 2005. You'll flat on their back. And in one year. You were in the NFC championship yes well it's just -- America. Not a miracle it was the effort no salesman -- on our legal real Smart coaching rules more organization. And that's kind of what I like to see somebody that's able to take something and -- Because that's port of what I do away from here part of what I do in this world. In that -- building process sometimes. What I have to do sometimes take a step back and say. It takes a little while to build and also to -- people. That say you know what I believe in what he's doing as a coach as an organization. Sometimes it's quick which on it was -- within a year you were there. All of which some other people sometimes it takes a few steps before you get there. You have enough patients. Who and it's not selling it to the national people. It's a lot of times people and organizations say we gotta sell it to the national people I guarantee you if you don't win it at home. It doesn't matter what you do to be ESPN's. In the big CBS's and fox and NBC's it world you better salad at home. Because that's where -- basis that's where you gonna get far that are gonna get fired in new York and in Philadelphia and Los Angeles you're gonna get far here. You know I yesterday I had a great opportunity to interview Dennis launcher who is forced to present in the saints and the pelicans. And he it was almost a side note but it. It sort of resonated with me for a while after the storm when they came back. Not there weren't a lot of places to eat so they started serving breakfast lunch and dinner to every single employee. At the same time so wouldn't be in shifts. It was everybody -- in the cafeteria together. And now he says it's just launch but it's every day every secretary every person the front desk. And that that what that does is you mail alone. You belong Wii art team and when you talk about what happened and that era. Of being. The worst moment of our lives in 2005. And now we're heading toward Super Bowl. Part of that is the component. Of everybody joining hands and seeing each other every day. And that and that ability to walk up to whomever was a coach is eating at one -- players eating another it was all eating together it. Breaks the walls. Yes you know and a lot of times you know you hear about it with certain coaches certain people in front offices vessel wall. You know not -- cross that while you might get close right the united across. I think doing that creates that opened -- -- what you part of us part of ball -- trying to do this together. And they have done it. Unbelievably here on in your wallets and you think about. Dennis gets under appreciated for what he's done I mean when you handle the money aspect of -- those. Franchises and what he's had to do on it's been remarkable and he's not the guy and headlines he's not -- one they talk about. It's either Mickey -- on. Drew Brees goes to the guys that when you first think at a -- you know Dennis is not bad guy but he played a huge huge part of putting. This team back together and also keeping. The hornets pelicans in. The city yes because you know you hope that maybe at that time maybe Gary -- would come in because he was a part owner that he would do it. But that ties to the city and also applies to the arena and everything else made it. Are more palatable to the NBA team to make sure that -- this and if it stays it's -- homeownership type deal and mr. Benson being a big part of it that. -- under. I'll say appreciated because I think inside the organization years but for people outside you don't realize now. Now what his responsibilities. Or is the same as high partly. And I'll bring it up because he's the contract negotiator for the saints. And that's his expertise contracts. Are getting under the salary cap now he works with Mickey Loomis you don't hear about him. But what followed funny -- when terror experts on with the saints the first thing -- was my agent talked to com. So you know would that OJ. That he was a connection. To make sure that everything and under the salary cap make sure all the money figures will -- And sometimes Eagles under appreciated. What those guys do. I want everyone to stay with this route we're still talk about the saints but I'm still gonna pick the brain of this man and -- -- -- stay with this as we talked to Mike to two million. I'm Angela under the -- do well. Our very special guest for this hour is my -- -- day. Knows everything there is effort to know about football. And up because you've invested so much of your life and it announcer now I kind of wanna go back to that. That's I mean you're an engineer by profession but all of a sudden you're becoming the safari in this voice. And a person of great opinions and it but it takes work. It's a lot of work a lot of work and people don't see them they just think you watch games. And it's it's part of the grind of doing it and if I laughed as some people tell me all the time wolf -- enough got notes. Back. For on the first game of the season -- you know what that team that even look the same that guy might be hurt they may be playing. All of that changes weekly yes and so you have to keep up with it weekly and watch and try to get more trendy. On something that they elect a trend do and then you can have your Campbell on a player or team. But in being around a lot of coaches all my life my cousin Tim as the co head coach election. My neighbor is actually Joseph Clark who coached almost fifty years in college and pro football. And he's his big comedy is you think you know everything even as a coaching you really don't you know your position. You know -- offensive line coach and offensive -- in defense -- -- But you know it wide receivers are wide receivers tight ends at tight against it's it's funny now you know that never changes all come on secluded on one thing. For me I -- -- broad base it -- what happens is -- stretch during the week because. Fourteen college pregame -- to do each week. Not only handling the sites. Not only hailing Alicia -- but and also Tennessee Titans but also fourteen different college football. Pregame shows so I've got to be. Up today. On each of those teams and who their play. So by Sunday night Monday. It's watching their film making sure everybody's there and in making the right contacts on who was hurt. Would they can tell me who's hurt and just a breakdown of all electric come up with a synopsis money into the week. That makes sense to do that eight to thirteen minutes. Pregame all viable long they want me to do. So do you have any. Literally a system where you have boards in the whole year out you do a number that -- yeah yeah and you might go back and look at some things. If if a team if the team placed twice in New Orleans and Atlanta everybody's got -- you go back and look at it. But then when you see -- plate -- balls the week before it's a little different. So you can have all that information you had before and it helps but it's trendy now computer wise you can do where Indy running left the lot you can see -- at blending right. That's the great thing about -- and all the technology part of it when I first started wasn't there. You didn't know about in there within Iran predominantly leopard only what you feel as though if -- player wise. Like the sites when they had Willey wrote few ran left. He's the best player but I'm gonna run right behind him. But everybody tries to break the trend -- little bit so what you try to do is to give a little insight. On that in the break the trip and who is a player. That maybe is not obvious that is starting to make Atmel. It's college it's a little bit different a lot of times you don't seem to freshman. In TO 345. Games and all of a sudden he comes alive Mike Eagles -- Same thing as a rookie resource issue with the saint Wiki steals -- sorted out in else getting a little bit almost teaspoon and -- into the season. He was -- the tables and variety. I'm tired Armstead. If you watched him in the first half of the first game gob bless him he got beat like a drum against Greg party by. All of a sudden -- company it's understood little bit better is positioning his hand -- it's everything footwork that's so good at the end of the year. Trent Cole made the comment that he's got that new car smell together and -- take -- -- will -- basically made one -- In the Philly game one. Basically you got shut out so I don't know what kind of we if you got but it wasn't the new car smell from from all states goes to show you. That sometimes to compliments somebody playing well and that's part of the process of doing this all these years you see people doing it is just like on air. Personalities. You know you -- at first and David -- stumble maybe a little hesitation and all of a sudden they be council's move with so good with it. And intelligence. That is something for me one player. That I put at a high pro party that he has got to be Smart and he doesn't have to split the atom doesn't have to tell me about French literature. I want him football's more understanding instinctively what to do one each played great athletes with some of them can't play. They just don't have instincts to get that body moving one way or another in the right spot in yet they have guys that when you take a look -- great example Kyle Williams. Went to Ellis you went to rust and high school he's six foot tall but 290 pounds pudgy looking guy you say it's not that. It doesn't look great on the -- off. Watch him play he can play all we saw slam meals it's five foot eight and a half gob bless them one a football player he was great gentleman. And it was here between the years you can't teach that sort of thing and that's what I try to look for and you get it a lot from coaches that'll tell you. -- guys' souls more he has an old Smart I don't have to tell all of wanna hear is only have to telling wants. I don't have to repeat it and some people it's like if you teaching elm tree economic tree all our map of something else. It's people don't get the first time. Some people or repetitive they have to do it over and over and over again. That means you're not real good but that it doesn't mean there is some hesitation there. And I like that guy with no hesitation understands what to do and that comes by hard work. Drew Brees isn't the greatest athlete doesn't have the greatest tools of a player in this week. But he's an elite player Peyton Manning these guys beat bigger faster stronger all he does it become it's. Works that big line a love the grind it is because you know what. I know what it takes for me to do what I do talking about a match and what it takes for those guys every week ago today. Mentally and physically. You know what we're gonna take another break as we have to go to the newsroom but I want to know. When you have made comments. And you know opinion of something and it might turn out wrong. How you handle maybe once in your life if you've been wrong foot movement in that -- that. I want everyone to stay with us but let's go over to the newsroom and Christmas might retaliate is our super special guest today we're talking about his life as. I don't know how to I know you're an analyst -- ten million other things but. But you due to take strong opinions on things and that's good. But every once in awhile. It may be the wrong one night and -- say that word how you've handled it. Well three years you handle it better than probably when you first doing you wrong. And it's almost becomes personal when your wrong at first but then you realize. It's all wrong and house telling this story. Opposed the second she'll have a deal with outlaw this was back in 1982. And Nam -- -- let me tell you something that I -- you got talent. But he said one thing always remember never be afraid to be wrong if you feel sultan at that time you say it. And most people won't room tell you they remembering. But they do. It -- because most people remember when you're wrong you remember when your rights on those sort of things so. How passes away in in body gets involved and he was like him I don't know about into three to four miles sports talk us Houston but. In just tell you stories and don't be OK you know because once he gets Roland. On -- -- he's on a big role and you know he says take something said when well like a much do you not afraid to be wrong house that we dislike -- when you tell me. And so as the person that to me and said you know why have told me that. So -- newspaper as they both got into the business at a different time different world. And yet I think it's part of it today so many people don't in this business it's almost like reading. A public relations sheets. They don't know the difference between. What they are giving maybe just commentary. Why's that strong. And reading something off a teleprompter that happened during the day that's a difference Q you've been through that situation where. You give a strong comment and you know not everybody's gonna agree. And but you know what if you feel it's like she got have to do it. This week when the -- sign terrorist bird. No I'm getting old in this business I covered his dad when he came out of college is this not a secondary coach of the Tampa Bay books and though we had a little bit of kind of communication between the tube was once terrorist signs here and my opinion and I feel strongly about it. He's the most significant. Free agent signing the saints have Dunst is Drew Brees now Darren Sproles Jabari Greer to really good football players. -- bird is going to be your quarterback on defense great instincts it's more has that gene pool ball hawk. And if there's any criticism and it can't be much about what the defense did last year -- and come up with a lot of turnovers. Bird -- you that option. Most people would agree would that some people on -- and you know Darren Sproles and Jabari Greer okay that's true they were both good players. I'm saying is Harrisburg didn't get a lot of publicity because he was pulling him buffalo. So unless you big deals man you don't really realize how good of a player he has. And you think about now all of this team for so many years have been the auto for their office and now it's all those young defensive linemen can't join team makes John Jenkins. Junior go let -- -- a -- in the secondary. Now bird Keenan Lewis all of a sudden -- now is on defense so it I equitable how you do this maybe change. It won't change -- your offensive philosophy. But I'm not worried about not getting at three and out now. I can do something a little bit different because I trust my defense will give me all get a ball that -- and I'll get the ball right back. It is part of the changing world is to commute the world of the NFL and it looks more and more like college football when you have guys three years ago. Three years they. As of and sometimes that stuff I love Sproles I still -- -- I'd love to watch as -- thought it was a firecracker. And so emotionally. I know I shouldn't attached because the reality you're talking about. -- football is today. But you're a fan pool for the team yes -- -- because you know what players' belief in eventually. What happened to Lance Moore is gonna happen to Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. I mean. You can't beat for the time now he's undefeated. Unmatched. He's never even been twilight nobody's got close to him and it happens in every business. But we see in sports at 3330. 35. And eventually you know it's gonna happen Peyton Manning. It's gonna happen to Drew Brees gonna happen that Tom Brady and it just having them. If god forbid. In September Drew Brees broke his leg. Falling down a flight stats mean something like everybody will say I remember and he'll say and I'll know you put -- so I -- not. Because I think he's one of the greatest guys ever walked in the sense that. But something freakish like that. That. So close to that opening ball would read to. You'd be in big trouble. He would he means that much do you franchise all I know is a team in Indianapolis from the year before. Or two years before. Played the saints in the Super Bowl. I mean they would -- worst team in the NFL when Peyton Manning got hurt and missed the season. And it's eye opening but it -- it's true they've they've lost their confidence in here was the guy who had been the pillar of what they had built their franchise around. All of a sudden he's not there. And so. What that moment in time you felt the shaking -- a ground. And then on Sunday night game the saints just kicked us to a lot of them and it was one of those feelings of all monologue I mean you know we really really bad shape repeal colts fan but. Goes to show you how fast he can fall. And what they would free agency and draft of how quickly you can pick back up the site had the second pick. In the 2006 trapped the pick Reggie Bush and then they played NFC championship year that that January. He goes to show how fast it can happen in this week if you have the right people in place and it seems like we we are building a wonderful team in all of these things the bird guy etc. But. -- lynch -- is breeze and it's something happens to him on any team it's the quarterback Neil they're I would love -- we hear me say not holding that. It is the big part of football there is a reason why. New England in this saints have had so much success. Tom Brady has stayed healthy Drew Brees estate -- that you -- bowls -- teams are being common neck and neck. Throughout this process of battling back and forth UC San Francisco become took a -- once Joseph Montana Ron Amadon wasn't there now. You've gotten a pretty good team got a good young quarterback in copper Nixon you back on top look at Seattle. You know back and forth back and forth all of a sudden get a pretty good defense super young quarterback in Russell Wilson. All of a sudden back in -- Denver once John Elway retired. It was the roller coaster you bring in Peyton Manning. Totally different situation. So it's amazing what that one position. Can do for you if you have the right job I guess I'm just asking shouldn't we have some back ups that we're excited about. The thing about it is do you wanna pay that back up do you wanna -- capital now most teams don't. They say you know what worry about IR 35 year old quarterback when he gets to be 38. Not most teams will like Green Day they had Brett Faulk for the ride and all of -- sudden Aaron Rodgers falls to him come draft remember doing it. And just watching him agonize on TV as he continued to fall and fall and fall. Eagles to Green Bay and I knew one thing that wouldn't retire and anytime soon. So he sat for three years and finally it was the decision of the GM -- stomp you to walk. And then all of a sudden it becomes -- Aaron Rodgers she'll. And you wondered a bit could this guy feel bull's mark cousins. He fuel demand pretty good but that's rare in this week rare to have that guy in waiting. Almost like a tag team that somebody attack -- and a rating gave him because you what is being your money which is limited. You know George Allen had to come in the future is now. In -- backup quarterback not seem to feel you know and I are really great one wants to play. This and they competitive date they don't want get off the field so yeah it's always in the back Q -- how that ready. Button a luxury but it is more of war and not need. Stay with us we'll be right back well I'm the new the newest fan of -- -- not that I wasn't before but I'm just listening to everything you're saying. You're just a walking wealth of information. About football but I wanna go back to say. In our final segment here what -- looking at ahead. For the -- first of what else do we need to do to get that -- and what you're seeing around among the other teams things that are are sparking your -- Well for the saints the biggest. Kind of question mark for me today is right tack. Because you don't have one on the roster so to speak. Zach -- does turn down a visit to Miami. I think is to try to bring him back he's under rated for what he's done on this football team. And a really good run blocker we saw late last year they ramp predominantly right right behind Zach and Jahri Evans so. Right tackles a concern -- will want to bring in a veteran cornerback would Jabari off the roster wanna bring in veteran cornerback. And draft wise speed receiver. I just think that that's part of this game that you gotta stretch to feel you need another young. Cornerback that you can bring in so bolts and areas of need but. You were in that top level of teams in the NFL as Seattle and San Francisco what 12 right now. But you're right there trying to catch them along with Green Bay and Carolina. I think Tampa -- a team that -- deep denial really NFC east I think is almost all of the Green Bay -- keep Aaron Rodgers healthiest right there too. -- you're in that upper level. And just think about when's the last time an NFL team repeated -- suitable in -- different. You are the homeowner you're trying to get that all of a sudden you walked -- I you know everybody's homecoming game and you know if you can't get uploaded champs and you -- you you want this so it'll be interesting if you can win enough games win your division. And have them play those gains in the bill. Where you have ultimate. Home field advantage -- that noise and it was funny Gerris bird brought it up can leave the home field advantage they had here. You know in New Orleans and it was it was certainly part in this and money is the biggest port but that was something he brought up quickly and it's funny you talked to other. Players that have played against the saints and in light and is loud and head home it is really loud when the -- let's get it and what they don't want to do is they looked at 12 o'clock games of the got -- places that it was at a got a better chance. You play him at 7 o'clock at night when everybody got a little bit and a reason April opening day it's a totally different thing it's like Tiger Stadium. I would much rather play L issue at twelve -- We'll play him at 7 o'clock. You know because that home field advantage really cranks up. In Seattle. You know there are good young football team and not afraid to make a decision to cut -- someone. Feeling is still like him bring in younger guys that might do it every bit as good. But you're right there. Your right there and I'm telling you. I really think with the schedule you have this year this is the best chance this team has to get to the Super Bowl. Since own on. I love here and that. Unlocked and I'm not say -- just because some here would do but I I released look at that schedule and this football team to wait shaping up if you can stay healthy. This is your best shot. -- -- -- You know heard it here might detailing -- stay with us we'll be right back. We are talking to -- to -- I have to ask if he is mr. collection in our last minute and tell me about it real quick or real quick is -- I've got every Sports Illustrated back from 1957. Till today and got a lot of -- wall it's -- -- plastic casing. So many people come about got about 250 to 300 autographed baseballs maybe fifty bats. I don't know how many jerseys and then them. The collection -- grows each day on certain things wonderful if you're a wonderful thing and I -- up and really have enjoyed this whole hour. You have a great weekend to -- think it'll be a good point. And everybody at home have a good weekend -- thanks for joining us now let's go into the newsroom. And Christmas.