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03-14 9pm Scoot,. Father kills boyfriend/ tattoos

Mar 14, 2014|

Scoot talks about: a father who shoots the boyfriend of his daughter, after he caught them in bed....ALSO.. tatoos; good, bad ,and/or indifferent....

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Good evening and welcome to our show we are just getting started with dispute showed tonight earlier tonight here on WW LU -- Kentucky -- issue. A good news for real issue -- -- issue into the season 1913. Pataki beat LSU -- 85 to 67. There were still up a slight possibility that L issue will end up in the post season term it probably and IT if if any does it look. Likely but there is a possibility and -- you'll find out officially Sunday night you've heard in the news at that Malaysian airlines flight 370 -- is still missing. But now there's some new information that is based on classified information. That the flight may have taken a different flight path and may have remained in the year for four and a half hours. Oh or had been sending out -- for four and a half hours it could conceivably have been on the ground somewhere. But I would think that the places where the plane could have landed. Or somewhat limited because I mean this is not. This is not helicopters this is not a small plane it's a Boeing 777. So you can't land that just anywhere so I'm sure -- the government including the United States try to figure out so we -- the plane might possibly -- Lot of conspiracy theories that include aliens. There was one comment about the Bermuda Triangle. Now isn't Berman in this -- part of the world so maybe there's a Burma triangle -- I don't know. It seems it is more time goes by it more information that comes out there's more of an indication that a sabotage. Is involved but we are the -- And why was it -- taken somewhere other than its its its destination. It's certainly seems like somebody on that plane was able to. Commandeer the plane and disable. -- -- some of the some of these that the transporting devices on this plane. But it really is a mystery and and for those who are concerned -- this plane is gonna somehow be used as a bomb in the United States. The government is going to be sold. So on top of where ever this plane might ago that I can't imagine that this plane would ever make it into US airspace. -- that we should be concerned when a plane is missing and terrorists may be behind it and realize that there were a couple of people on board with fake. Or stolen -- that stolen. Passports. In that part of the world that's really not that unusual. Apparently. And one of the young people with stolen passport was on his way to -- grandmothers so they've looked into the two people who did have stolen passports and there's no reason to believe that they were involved that's what I refer up to this point. -- if you have a theory new ownership that witnessed tonight on the -- show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. In a text number is 8787. -- this is something we talked about in the show last night prosecutors say the chargers are not likely going to be filed. Against Houston area father who shot and killed a teenage boy. But he caught in bed with his sixteen year old daughter. And we talked about it last night. This says seventeen year old was shot and killed in his daughter's bedroom and the father was alerted by one it is his other kids if somebody was in their sister's bedroom. And the dad gets his garden. Which would be a normal thing to do -- if if you Oregon owner and somebody in your family said hey somebody's in in in. So what is bedroom when you take your gun I would series he took his -- into the room. Here's what's really tricky about this in and we're finding out today that prosecutors say the chargers are not likely to be filed last night that was a little bit more than a year. The the father and said that in the police report state that his -- the sixteen year old daughter initially said she didn't know the -- So the father assumed that this seventeen year old boy. Was a stranger. In bed with his daughter. And he told the boy not to move. And he according to the plea to reports. He reached for something that's when the father opened fire. -- the seventeen year old is shot and killed. But here's what's interest. The sixteen year old daughter later confessed. That that was her boyfriend. So who do you blame in this case. The father. The daughter was this just an accident. If the daughter hadn't lied. If the daughter had said from the beginning that this was her boyfriend and then there's a good assumption that the father would've shot. -- Thinking that it was a stranger he might have been more likely to open fire on the -- so I this is a really interesting case you'll continue to a follow that. I don't know what the chargers would be but it seems to me that the daughter. Was primarily responsible for the death of her seventeen year old boyfriend by claiming. That he was a stranger and she did know -- he was -- -- catches a stranger into from his perception it's a stranger in bed with his sixteen year old daughter. And the kid moves he shoots and kills him. Now police say that the kid did not pentagon. If you wanna join our shooter might with a comment about anything we're talking about short numbers 2601872. -- 38668890870. Protection precinct 77. It's Friday were heading into the weekend it's also a Saint Patrick's Day weekend to Patrick's day is Monday but this is that the weekend for a lot of parades. -- downtown DeMar also we celebrate Saint Joseph state. There's a Saint Joseph -- Perino had that was separate story coming up a little bit later in the show the the big -- Saint Patrick's Day parade is in Metairie on that remote starts it's a -- April high school and then goes from. Well -- suburban Metairie road would be considered that to be the beginning of the end of Metairie road as a matter one end of Metairie road and -- travels down that regard it's it's it's quite a festive event however were continued to hear that. The weather's not going to be great. I don't know if that's gonna stop anybody else would we went through -- draw with whether it was really not not very well at all not very good -- all. Cold and rainy and -- Talk to my friend and -- who works its. One I Jackson which eighties night last night after it appeared she said it was it was the worst morning draw that. You know boyfriend of ever experienced. -- road and she said it was just really nobody throw to but you know there -- a lot of people the quarter by an article and we can't control the weather so we just do the best we can with it. And of a couple of parties going on and I'm sure that there will be people out Sunday no matter what also tonight on the show will talk about a new Fox News poll. The shows that a majority of voters in America. Do not like tattoos. But a majority of voters under the age of 35. -- like tattoos. And 20% of those surveyed have at least 110 two that's up from 13%. In 2007. Those under 45 -- twice as likely to have tattoos. As those over 45 and more women under 35 had to have tattoos I think almost double the number of men who have tattoos. -- in the same category. Has your opinion changed about tattoos. And do you have a tattoo. And why is attached to meaningful for you and what's interesting is sent a young generation today. Is is we defining society in America and tattoos is one of the things that will become more and more acceptable. I'm part of the baby boomer generation life had been on the year and if you see that there's a few pictures of me on our our website it. To show that I personally have clearly have a couple tattoos. Is something's bad. Actually I didn't think that I would do but he was. A younger generation that gave me permission to get tattoos because a younger generation had redefined what it meant to get a -- It wasn't mom but it wasn't a sailor who was in an anchor it wasn't. Something that men who. Were in the military and traveled overseas or people in the merchant Marines seem to get there there was a stereotype. Who had tattoos in the past and that really has changed. And there are a lot of people in my generation who say well you know these these kids today -- gonna grow up and they're gonna regret these tattoos. And they're not going to be able to find jobs because they are so many jobs where you can't have visible tattoos. But ultimately. That generation several younger generations that have tattoos. They will define. Every -- they occupy and as they start to move more and more into the workforce and as they become. On managers and business owners as those with tattoos have part of that generation becomes CEOs. They will define. How tattoos or more acceptable than they are today. -- -- -- tonight is titled does -- to lose another excuse to judge people it's a blog that I wrote back in October but we're pulling it up again because it deals with what we're talking about. And in I still find so many people. Wanna go out of their way to judge people for having -- win. You really can't judge people anymore. It's it's it's wrong to its wrong to judge somebody. By their tattoos because there are so many people in mainstream America. And you may consider yourself to be a very honest trustworthy law abiding citizen. You have tattoos. And many people wrongly judge you for your tattoos when that is no reflection. On New York -- you can read our blog and -- -- to feel like you please share with others it's on our website at WWL -- can't. And so if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 260187. In all 3866889. Is nearly seventy. At a -- number is 87 he said he also Billy's been filed in the Louisiana legislature that would allow teachers and principals to bring their guns into the classrooms. You think that's a good idea we'll talk about that as well this is the -- shows the beginning of saint patty's day weekend. And we'll be right back on WW well. On WL SN 1053 S and the pelicans -- have been playing their Portland trailblazers is that game over got a text here that says very winnable game tonight but again the pelicans just couldn't close this one out. I had the night off because they did Angela show the other day saw I was so off the of the night and went to the pelicans grizzlies game. In the years with the kings center and the pelicans -- one point were up by ten points and they ended up losing the game in the in the closing moments of the game. I mentioned something earlier last year. And not many people responded to it I'm gonna say it again and I thought this was -- quite obvious I thought this was obvious earlier in the season it's really obvious now. The delegates need coaching change mean money Williams is a really nice guy and a really nice representative for the for the city of New Orleans went if you have a team. That. It has the talent to get ahead. Did you have a team that has the the ability to stay ahead in winning game. And money Williams as far as I'm concerned can just have the same script. After most every game and talk about how the team had a lead could've won. But fell apart -- any -- mean how many times can you give that speech before everybody starts to realize there's a problem. Mean there's a problem with a team that doesn't have a killer instinct if you wanna join us with a -- tonight -- scooted in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which seventy. At a text -- -- 7870%. Of VW a -- -- opinion poll tonight do you judge people who have tattoos. 38% say no but 63%. Say yes they do. We'll track that -- throughout our show we'll see if that changes says we go through the night. I give us your opinion I go to our website W if you don't count -- for Texas next year on this dude -- into the W out good evening. And I don't do it. I -- well on on no 100. It's a lot of language -- -- document security industry because you can keep your high paying job and the bullpen that. Yes I can't. Out of course you know but if there was or if the station didn't didn't want that then I would not have been able to show than in pictures today it appear on our website. And it at her on in my FaceBook page. Which is equal to receive your work break. -- on resistance. You're talking about the chargers. But them. It's a good thing. Because people some extreme. In -- and got people that are going to give us a world record and people -- -- -- The future option. Or. In my case the woman. Combat search. And trying to I think most people. Have a large order from some. Larger. And you know. Forward. It. It's it's it's me and the tattoos that I never meaningful to me and it's okay that their permanent site I knew they were gonna be permanent when I got to. Don't you think when people get her well but it you're gonna get Obama trying to beat up but it that a control over the. Well of course it it it can but then there are there're a lot of young people a lot of millennial so when I say young people are not talking about just a twenty somethings and talking about. The millennial. Generation which I think is eighteen too. A 33 year 34. Now that generation and it's admitting that generation have many many tattoos very colorful tattoos. Multiple tattoos that I you don't sleeves. And tattoos on their legs again very very visible tattoos it. That's a generation that is redefining. The acceptance of tattoos. An additional alt alt a quick boat before it sounds too much authority. And by the way -- I'm not endorsing all tattoos because obviously there are. There are tattoos that expressed profanity. And I don't think that's any different in verbally expressing profanity in public game if if you work somewhere and you have a -- that. Is. Obscene or expresses profanity. Then he should cover that up that's that's no different -- saying it. I totally agree about what we -- the people -- a comic. And it would be done. It'll work with people. Of course you never know your career back at all jobs of people -- -- been later. Just from the report -- Sure. -- People aren't going so far. During this. I would always having gone. -- actually firmly believe that protect old and or. People all. Crimes which are. -- you really think the armed populace are like yeah modest level. Protector -- him in. Should should never be thrown out but people doing things and you know some of what we're. George. But I heard about what the -- are just a cool kid with a -- and loud music that. And fifteenth holes. What happened it is. People become own -- And -- Part one say that about you know protect yourself. Had to say legal possible going up and -- basic idea. That trip there. People should be the beginning artwork. Someone that when my daughter couple mock auction as well the guy in the would be expert. Actually -- back in 73. With a pop song now at zone. It is them over -- English. -- Well you know and I. Don't get. It and well I wouldn't. I would agree and end. The if if this if this man really felt like his life which threatened and only he knows that then it's justified. But there are people in fact I wrote a blog it's is still on our website under our opinions are ordered for the show last night about this. -- has with guards and we think about the Michael Dunn in Jacksonville Florida who shot into the cart teenagers when he figured out. I believe is famous courtesy Reeves the simply one year old retired Tampa police officer who shot and killed somebody in a movie theater over an argument about texting. And then you know I guess the -- the question is did this man really have to shoot this -- seventeen year old. Only only he knows but there's no question. That there are hot heads with guns and somehow people think that is automatically. Criticism of gun ownership in the Second Amendment and it is not. Know it and then -- -- thing -- -- what should step up. The other thing that people are afraid to kind of bring up a -- are. -- -- -- When I mean just spot. In the draw the national thing. Between race. What is happening. Responsibility or has done it. Our armed bodyguards. And justice quite honestly -- what happens as. You -- people would just kids. Just being hit him and across the country or other people -- -- dot -- just because someone response. And -- here on the show all the time there are people who judge all the young black males as potential criminals and that's clearly unfair and Michael time it was a it was a hung jury. -- we deadlocked when it came to him the murder charge. But there are the charges that he which if found guilty on Andy's gonna be in prison for very long time sentencing I think is about to take place but hasn't it inflation. I gotta get to a a break -- I enjoyed our conversation and Chrysler policing. -- if you -- join us with your comment let's talk about this tonight. One of the things we'll talk about is this father who goes into the bedroom and finds this seventeen year -- Guy in bed with his sixteen year old daughter she says hey I don't know what this is he thinks it's a stranger. He makes a move. The father thinks he's reaching for something he shoots and kills him. And then the dollar later confesses. That that was actually her boyfriend so she invited him into the bedroom is and she equally responsible and should she be punished. Our numbers 260170. Toll free 8668890870. Texas a 7870. Will be right back on -- -- -- well. Welcome back to a show on this Friday night it's the beginning at Saint Patrick's Day weekend Saint Patrick's Day is Monday and I tell you this city does takes -- Patrick -- ferry -- seriously. In fact one day there will be people who will go to lunch and never return to work hopefully returning home later that night safely. A new Fox News poll shows that there -- a majority of voters in America and who do not like tattoos. But a majority of voters under 35 do like tattoos so younger generations are. Redefining what it means to have a -- if you wanna join Russia with your comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Cyril it's happening in our text numbers. Is it 77. Here's an update on our divvied up you'll pretty jaguar opinion poll do you judge people. Who have tattoos and and and be honest about when you see somebody with with tattoos. Especially number tattoos. Do you judge the character. Before even know them and and be honest a 38% say no but a majority 62% say yes they do. Here is detects the -- astute hate tattoos but my main problem. Is seen people on assistance food stamps welfare it's -- true with tattoos all over them. -- win the need to spend the money on their kids -- etc. Not ink on their bodies. You know that's true however isn't it possible. That somebody got the tattoos when they were working. And then ended up on food stamps welfare I know a lot did not but it's possible that some did so again it's. It's not fair to judge an entire group. Because of what you might think. The entire group does. Here's text that -- -- G. Gordon Liddy once said that people wearing tattoos aspire to a lower class. He said that about fifteen years ago. Well I'm gonna remind you that the G in G. Gordon Liddy does not stand for god showed she -- when he won his. Indeed judgmental. And wrong. I here's a -- Reid said the only thing people should be judged by is their personality. I have fifteen chance to fortunately have my own business. So I don't have to worry about the precious employers I employed forty people. And would say 80% of them have cats never judge a person by tests. Here is attacks that reads. Something about. Something would have. Looked into a place to land -- on. Apparently display group we're also talking about this Malaysian. Airlines flight 370 still missing then it seems as if were almost coming up -- weeks it's a plane has been missing. There's more more focus on and on sabotage. And they're still thought that there's a possibility that the plane could be on the ground somewhere could've had its engines running on the ground because. There is some source was getting things from this particular flight. Four and a half hours after it left a certain point where it was was in contact with with -- with people. So we don't know what happened there are a lot of people who were coming up with -- conspiracy theories about where this plane might be. Here's a text since next search. And for sale or theft of a large amount of fuel so yeah I mean it. There would be a lot of people involved if this plane was ever to take off again and again we're -- and Boeing triple seven. Mean this is not something that you could put down an account pasture you can land and just any airport there are only certain airports that would have Broadway long enough. Ford is said this plane to land and I believe I believe did you like that can land. Our runway that is. May be a little shorter than would be required for the plane actually take off if you gonna join -- -- with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. To all 3866889. It's nearly seventy. At a text number it's 87870. Tattoos just another reason to judge people that's the -- blog tonight -- brought this back in October when this topic came -- but it's appropriate because we're talking about. Judgment intent to use tonight that's on our website at WW dot com you can read -- shared. And also under our opinions on the right hand column hot hands with guns. It's a blog about the father who went into his daughter's bedroom and shot and killed a seventeen year old he caught in bed with his daughter. The daughter originally said she did know the kid. Dan thought it was a stranger later the daughter confessed that was her boyfriend. This is the -- show. And we'll be back. Under -- WL. The pelicans are in these smoothie king senator they're taking on the Portland trailblazers. That game still go to guy takes a little while ago it seemed to indicate the game -- party over which seem -- a surprise this early so. Davidson is still underway in this -- king center. And other pelicans organized at the game the other night and once again and they were handed and they fell apart at the end and that seems to be. A real pattern for the pelicans. And that's something that needs to change -- seems to mean that debt is a coaching issue not having that killer instinct to close out games. I'm so many people are still listening to -- -- on 153. A VW Ellison and by the way if you are having any trouble with that -- minutes ago you can switch over to. 87 VA MW B well a 50000 more clear signal station for. Really the same programming. Earlier tonight Kentucky beat -- issue an SEC basketball 85 to 67 -- she finds him officially Sunday if they will be invited to a post season tournament. That may not happen real issue into the season 1913 but hopefully it will hopefully tigers who go on and play well. That scored hasn't really indicated by -- -- issue -- very hard fought game tonight to you know they lost Turkey. 85 to 67. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll is something we're talking about tonight. Do you judge people who have tattoos. 38% say no 62% say yes they do if your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com. Also remind you tomorrow is Election Day if you live in Orleans parish. Tomorrow is the runoff elections. Don't forget to vote and it's really embarrassing and I heard this on the news earlier today. Only 13. Of New Orleans residents are actually registered to vote 13. And you think about how many people complain. About who's in office and only 13 vote. -- only 13 to register to vote and they're expecting a light turnout tomorrow. There are there are people in other countries. Who. Are fighting for their right to have a free election. And we so take it for granted in this country. It's really very sad to please get out and vote and the results will come in if you wanna be among the first to know the results tomorrow night will give via text alerts. You have to do is sent text the word news. Too late 7870. That's a free service from us the message and data rates may apply text the word news too late 7870. From Indiana rich you are going to be WL. Think you know the age. Word -- Robert shot and killed his daughters born trend. Now she sixteenth -- Scott junior in high school. Oh my question is and I got three daughters. Grow and how do the father not know. His. Daughter's boyfriend. How he would match yet that's not a young. I think I am I could you -- but that's not a pop. Rich I think that's a legitimate point all so. You know that the definition of boyfriend. And the girlfriend that might be is something that. -- just agent when -- when you're sixteen years old. You might declare somebody your boyfriend. That has -- that your parents yet and into you it's your boyfriend to somebody that you knew you know elected -- kid over so it's not like. -- so like when your older and you're more responsible grants. Deciding whether somebody is your boyfriend or girlfriend. -- okay now he now. About now about the -- story now I was PD. -- got to be -- to apple. Don't know. I don't that -- again there's a lot that we don't know about this. But we did notice a seventeen year old dead and the first thing that comes to my mind is asking the question is this another hot head with the gun. That -- sound like it to me I mean. Why don't -- OK I didn't hear it in here I don't feel but they'd go. End -- the did the daughter obviously according to what we know the dollar letting men and then the daughter initially claimed she didn't know the kid father thought it was a stranger in bed with his daughter so he would be more likely. I think anybody would be more likely to pull the trigger in this situation Richard let's -- -- listing in Indiana I'm gonna get to break here. -- getting a couple of text -- the game is now over says says scoot. A Portland did beat the pelicans -- -- -- eleven to 103 yes the pelicans had the lead going into the fourth quarter and couldn't close the deal you are correct money Williams has got -- ago. I don't understand why. The pelicans have hung on to money Williams is long I mean I hate to say anything ugly about a guy who is a nice guy. But he's not getting the job done if you have the talent to take the lead you have the talent to win the game. And it was really sad -- I've I'm from here I love the NBA being here. But I did in big NBA cities and when I went to the game the other night against the grizzlies to see some empty seats is just embarrassing. This team could be better than it is now. If you what did you and assured by our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866 -- dancer or seven Texas 87870. This is the -- show on Friday nights and we'll be right back into the WL. Welcome back to the -- -- we welcome those of you who have been listening to the pelicans on our on 1053 W real offense station. Also we welcome those of you who are getting your car and heading home from the smoothie king center. A pelicans and lost a few into the game you know that there 1112103. To the Portland trailblazers. And while the trailblazers are good team this is another case where the pelicans -- could've won the game but they didn't. -- I was at the game earlier this week when they -- -- is a guess it was -- Wednesday night. And how many times. Can a coach explained. That the team had a lead. And then they couldn't close out the game in the final period. I mean how many times can a coach be allowed to explain that before their changes. I am so proud to have an NBA team here but even in other cities where there's an NBA team. Even win. The team is playing a lean team. During the week the stadium is still almost -- But not here and it's just pathetic to see so many empty seats. At the arena. The screw the king center when the pelicans its -- its -- and I feel badly for guys like Anthony Davis who are unbelievable players having that. He's wasting his time. But he doesn't have a coach and the team around him here's a text money William's test ago. Avery Johnson come save us Avery Johnson might be a very very a good I again I am just. Astonished that change hasn't been made and that more hasn't been said about money Williamson to this point. And here's and inability to have this team close games out. Will be right back.