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03-14 10pm Scoot, tattoos, mylasian airline

Mar 15, 2014|

Scoot talks about: where is the mylasian airline, tattoos,....ALSO... should teachers be allowed to have guns in schools?

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All right it's a Friday night not only is it Friday night but it's also the beginning of Saint Patrick's Day week and -- you'd just turn our forecast. 40% chance of rain tomorrow and after midnight. Tomorrow night -- -- through Sunday morning there's a better chance of rain in my guess -- chance of rain on Sunday afternoon -- the big Metairie Saint Patrick's Day parade rolls. Distorting it to a remote high school it's the -- and rolling down Metairie road. But you know people are gonna still go out and -- invited to party time every year I've -- to be part of that I like to go and catch groceries you know midnight -- -- -- to offer against produce in cook dinner that night are. This is what you've been -- for its Friday nights a reach over right now and crank it up and we welcome those of you who have been listening to the pelicans so -- nights on WWL 1053. FM and also those who view -- your car heading home from the game. And the smooth meeting senator. So once again. Money Williams knows this -- very well explaining to the media and how the team and let the game go. In the end and it happened Wednesday night when I had a chance to go to the game and I just I don't know hop how this can be tolerated this long. We are a winner the city has changed its attitude we are a winner and I don't understand. How this team has been allowed to have a coach look money Williams seems like a really nice guy but how many times can you explain to the media. Well you know we we just let it fall apart in the end. We don't have that attitude here anymore. We wind and if you have the talent to get ahead that I believe you had the talent at -- winning game and they're just been far far too many cases. With the pelicans have like games ago and -- and other Indian cities that -- I've had the fortune of living in. Even if it's a weeknight and they're playing and -- lackluster -- team with a bad record. Our Arenas are still much much Fuller then. The -- king center. -- it was embarrassing to see so many anti seize your wares and I don't get a chance to go to any games because they do that might show. But I -- for Angela that -- ahead to Wednesday -- and often had a chance to go to games so I did. Here's what we're talking about on the show tonight a deal has been filed in the Louisiana legislature that would allow teachers and principals to bring their guns into the classroom. Shall -- representative. Ray and I hope or pronouncing his -- his name correctly I -- follow. There's only pronouncement he entered I wanna get his name right I never wanna -- pronounce anybody's name. -- he introduced a bill in response to the increased gun violence especially -- school campuses. And a lot of people think this way he believes the bill will take out the welcome mat and send a message to those who wish to do harm in schools. He said quote. We have to do something to show criminals. And the crazies. That we are taking action. And they may meet some resistance if they go on to those campuses. Mean is this a good idea and will this actually make schools safer. I'm not exactly sure how would -- But I if you if you wanna join our conversation tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Via text or receipt 77. As you know there are people who believe that everybody should be art. And there are people who believe that that's that's all it's needed if we had to teachers and principals with guns on campus that we stop. Tragedies from from happening like didn't. I Newtown Connecticut. Really. And do you think that the people who commit these crimes are really gonna stop and think you know they might have a gun I don't think I'm gonna go in there. Well if that -- the case then there would be fewer of assaults on the street. Because. So many people do have concealed carry permits and and carry guns with them. And I realize that there's probably some statistic somewhere that it shows in states where. There is a concealed weapon I carry law. Then they have the crime goes down I'm -- I have yet to see any conclusive evidence of fifty knowing that you wanna send it to -- my email address is -- scoot it to be WL. I don't -- but there's no question that the year. Our hot heads with guns and and unfortunately there are some crazy people with guns and I've just yet to hear any kind of proposed gun legislation. That is gonna deal with. The people like Adam Lanza. And the Aurora movie theater shooter I don't I don't understand how that's gonna stop those people from committing those kind of -- -- I wish you -- sees he has to say well let's just have everybody aren't. But that's not necessarily the answer and -- could occur and I mean imagine if students were injured. In the process of fear of trying to a stop a government. And and I would hope that everybody would absolutely demand. That every teacher with a done. Would be highly highly trained. Considering. The collateral damage they could result from a shoot out with the gunman in a classroom. Also tonight we're talking about the issues to an area dad who shot and killed a seventeen year old teenage boy did he caught. In bed this teenage daughter. According to police reports one of the fathers other children alerted her father. And said that she heard someone in her sister's bedroom decide to Tony Friday morning. So the father goes to his daughter's room with a gun confronts the seventeen year old boy. The man's daughter said she did not know who the boy watch. And a father told the boy not to move. Police say that the -- instead the teenage boy reach for something that's when he opened fire killing Mateen in his daughter's bedroom. Police say the teenage boy did not have a gun. And a sixteen year old daughter later confessed. That -- seventeen year old in bed with her was her boyfriend. So she must have invited him into the room. And would the father have been as quick to shoot. If he knew his daughter. Let him into the bedroom. I mean that's a legitimate question there are a lot of men. Who grew up not having those kind of situations. With somebody's daughter. But now it's their daughter they don't want that to have it could this father have been acting out of revenge acting out of anger. You're in my daughter's bedroom -- I mean I realize that no other fathers. Feel that passion and that emotion when they think about somebody having sex with they're with their daughter. But. You can't use a gun. To. To seek revenge you can't use a -- to. To try to punish somebody for doing something wrong and that that goes back to them the Michael Dunn case in Jacksonville Florida that the guy who shot into the car of a teenagers said they didn't turn the music down he got angry and he claims his life which threatened but you know clearly the guy could have gotten away. And didn't have to shoot into the car but he went out of his waited to be involved in this -- he he initiated apparently he initiated the confrontation. I've could he have been trying to punish those kids for disrespect -- but so what the Second Amendment protects. And there are those who were going to be immediately critical of me and think that well I don't support gun rights I don't support the Second Amendment I'm some kind of crazy wacky liberal. And that's not true because I have always supported gun ownership I have always supported the Second Amendment. But when I don't support. Is. Hot hits with guns. When I don't support is using a gun to punish somebody. I do support using a gun to protect your life. And to protect your property -- I guess you can't just use a gun to protect your property you have to use a gun to protect your property if you feel like in the process of protecting your property. Your life which was in danger that's that's my understanding. But bit there's there's this growing mentality and it's behind the stand your ground law. Outbreak. That that people can and to shoot. And claim that their life was which threatened that's not really what the Second Amendment. -- guarantees. Guarantees your right to keep a gun to protect yourself. Not to exact punishment. In it in public or in the field. The blog their last night he -- still turning on our website it's taller titled hot hands with guns. It's on our website under our opinions of the front page it to be a -- to account now we're also talking about tattoos because there is a new Fox News poll. -- indicating that it's dear. There are still a majority of American voters -- date date date surveyed American voters and a majority of American voters do not like tattoos. But a majority of voters under 35 do like tattoos at 20% of those surveyed have at least one tattoo and that's up from 13%. In this survey 2007. Those under 45 were twice as likely to have a tent to which those over 45 and more women under 35 have tattoos than their male counterparts. If you change your opinion of tattoos. And you have at least 110 two and is an attempt to that is meaningful to you. This idea of judging people when you consider the mainstream people. Who have tattoos. It's it's clearly unfair now to judge a person's character. By tattoos. And if you do it seems to be that it's a very. Superficial. Form of judgment. Almost -- almost like judging somebody based on the color of their skin. Pocket when you think of all the mainstream. Adults. And young people that have tattoos. And you continue to judge somebody. By their decision habitat to. As so many of these tattoos. Are very meaningful to the people who had the that you may be an adult would attest to this very meaningful to you. I consider that you tattoos and I have very meaningful to me. If you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601872. All 386688. Ninths nearly seventy. In a text number is 877. Here's a WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight's do you judge people who have tattoos and and and be honest. Up to this point -- even judging people who have tattoos. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that is retracted -- throughout our show tonight. Wanna remind June -- of not forget to vote tomorrow. Really said that only a third. Of New Orleans residents are registered to vote. And only a few of those are gonna actually vote tomorrow in Orleans parish it's a big runoff. And there are a lot of important elections. It could affect your life in New Orleans so please get out and vote and if you want the results you can be among the first to know. We'll send you alerts tomorrow night. Text the word news to wait 7870. Text the word news. Too late 7870. It's a free updates a free service available on any phone message and generates may apply. I'm -- it will be right back with more on this Friday nights -- -- VW well. It's a great thought as we head into this weekend on this Friday nights. We are young. Graduate this tonight's the the missing in Malaysian airlines flight 370. Is still dominating. The national news and the network news or cable channels. On various of new information and apparently has come from some classified information. That there's a new new flight path that there are considering and they are stronger indications now that it may have been sabotaged but the question is where's this playing. And the conspiracy theories continue to fly it's it's gonna be used as a bomb. It's somewhere on the ground and they're loading it -- with with nukes. Somebody suggested it was a plane was going to be used with I knew from North Korea. Again we areas the plane you would think that in this day and age of the technology that we have with all eyes in this guy in all of the the dieters everywhere that we would know where this plane is. And apparently they were kings after this plane changed course and altitude dramatically. They were things that were picked up from the plane for four and a half hours. It could have been on the ground. With the engines running and could have been in the year. Nobody seemed to know where this -- is and planes generally just don't disappear even though we've heard a lot of great stories about -- disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. Where is this playing. And somebody would have to be very talented. I'd know exactly how land a triple seven this is not some small plane obviously it's at one of the bigger airlines in the sky. And they could not just landed anywhere so I'm I'm sure all of the authorities. Around the world and did our country. Are looking into possible places where this plane might have landed if indeed it landed -- and we we don't know it's not often that a plane disappears. For this long. Remember when that air Air France it was an Air France flight from our -- Buenos Aires to London or communicated. It exploded in mid -- of the -- -- was in a thunderstorm or some concept that happened to the point and don't remember exactly what wise but he exploded. Over the over the Atlantic and this was off the coast of South America and they might not known where -- right away but he didn't take them long to find some of the remnants. Of of the plane. Hi this is a total and complete mystery and the Malaysian government. Has not had a lot of experience dealing with this kind of situation. Where the world disinterested in getting information and I don't know that they have. Have. I don't know that they have have had the the expertise to deal with the flow of information to the public so we're still waiting to hear and tomorrow. It will be it will be a week it disappeared. A week ago Saturday. And there's no Trace at this point. Now for those of you more concerned that this plane is being equipped with bombs and it's gonna become a bomb in a weapon in the United States. I I can't imagine that this plane would be allowed to get into US airspace. In knowing that he could be -- -- somewhere knowing that that's possibility I'm sure the US government is very cognizant of that. And that -- would never be allowed to get into US airspace. We're also a talking tonight about a bill that was filed before the Louisiana legislature that would allow teachers and principals to bring guns into the classroom. Shell met represented to break -- follow I introduced the deal in response to the increased gun violence especially on school campuses. He said we have to do something to show the criminals and crazies. They were taking action. And they may meet some resistance if they go on to those campuses. To me is this a good idea. I'm not exactly sure how. Teachers with guns. Is is is gonna really stop the situation was at their teacher in Atlanta. At a school in Atlanta last year who did an incredible job. Of saving lives. By a talking for the student. Who had a -- or supporting go to guy and again I I know that it's unrealistic to think that that's gonna happen. On a regular basis but do you really want teachers to have guns. And if there's not. If there's not an absolutely strict requirement to be highly trained. You could be asking for more trouble. If you have teachers who are aren't. Here's a text that reads techno as a teacher anything can happen. That is the wrong thing to do allow guns anywhere near a campus if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about on this Friday night. Our numbers 260. 1870. Tool free 8668890. -- seventy. And a -- -- 7870 the pelicans have lost again and they lost to the Portland trailblazers tonight at smoothie king center 1112103. And it was into the game that the pelicans that could've won and I've been critical of money Williams. It seems to me that it's up to the coach to instill that killer instinct but again -- -- text about that here's one that -- scoot I think money is a good coach. When it comes to motivating his players and having a game plan. That's why they play so well early on however he fails again and again when it comes to in game adjustments. Even with the injuries. They'd be at least around 500 if they can win half. Of those fall apart games and that's a comment from Kenny. Here is to comment tonight it's not all the coaches fault he has yet to have all the players that he was supposed to have. Well again. You've got a team that has the talent to get ahead. And you've got a team that consistently. Falls apart in doesn't win the game I witnessed it Wednesday night. I saw them ahead by ten points I've -- may be it was more one point but I remember that specifically being had by ten points or one point in the game against the grizzlies. And I just saw them totally fall apart and yet. So if the players have the talent to get ahead then why isn't that the motivation to stay ahead and I think Bernie Williams is really nice -- -- But it's just really sad. That we are not more of a viable NBA city. And that there are not more people in the smoothie king center. That's that's a -- And Indian other NBA cities even where there are other teams I realized -- places like San Antonio and Portland have won major franchises -- NBA team but even in cities that have multiple franchises. Even during the week when it's not even a good team the Arenas are much much more filled up. Then the so -- said it was Wednesday night in and for many of the games and I don't have a chance to go very often because I do the show but the other night it was soft they get into a show and had a chance to go to the game and had tickets so -- I went to the game and but even if I'm not there I still see the reports from the gains and there are so many. Empty seats and to me that's. It's embarrassing. We or a winner this city is a winner and we demand winning. And we've seen that with the saints and we should demand that of the pelicans. If you wanna join -- -- the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a -- Amber's age 7870. Here is attacks that raise money Williams keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results then he gets rid of players that could help the team win. Because they do not fit into his game plan I think it's time for a change. From Macon Georgia Roger here on the -- -- to VW no good evening. Hey kidneys -- respect and -- -- doing your show thanks. You know I wanted to command Sunday. The state representative who wants solo. Teaches in administrative -- carry guns yeah. The one from Louisiana is remote nonsensical that guys should be jet to remove from -- district. Ratings that is requested. Actually back everybody met and married. Yeah I know Roger but first of all let's let's let's let's think about that state affirmative if we removed from office everybody who came up with meaningless senseless legislation there would be nobody sitting in office. Yeah -- beat people like you and me who -- rationales. And similar to him and we don't want a -- we don't wanna run we we don't you're right Bonneville passel of at all. -- you know that they have there at all out of position and the whole thing about it is that. He noted comedy. You we have been crazy going to school with these crazy and most of them want to commit -- that. -- -- -- -- you'll with a gun and -- stand on killing himself. Yeah it was again the beauty Terrence they get -- not an average without the right OK corral. Lot of young bystanders will get killed. -- Roger I think that's a good point did these people realized that that did the police are -- shooting killer and it's unfortunate that they feel the need to take people out before they ultimately. And -- dead but if if they know they're gonna die anyway. They that same person is gonna go into the school thinking. I don't here's the teacher has a gun I'm gonna kill as many people like -- before they kill me so I just don't see how that's gonna stop the crazies from going into a school. He's not that it is it yet in carriages more violence and you know. Besides being a position now pride with the police. That being systems and -- and it was something. When we carried guns and I think it in -- in England failed. You would if it changed since they have been in a long time but what they would do you'll find it it was a psychology behind it. You'll find it it was a chain attached to -- rope attached below -- it. And actual then within a case you know it with a gun but it was a case -- When I was straining its psychologically. It was that you didn't want kids to be successful. It's been done. You know these aren't that they know -- It states you can see you can actually bit the -- the big gun with -- -- that. -- -- opposite view that it but psychotic psychologically it was a read this book covering the guns and you I don't have -- testing in England and those places now but. They covered the the the -- but the most out of court yet it's a little you know one okay. Together -- weapon but -- -- is not exposing. Youngsters to this. You know I don't I don't out of the -- people having the right to be on. But the -- you can also think that there another extends to the you know what you want making it would have not won a bazooka what was is that correct we have an of the duke. You know -- where is that rational. Thinking coming in and come into play. Well -- that's that's the problem on on both sides of the gun debate I could say that there's not a lot of irrational thinking there's irrational thinking that. Just the right law is gonna somehow make things better win and I think that's ridiculous to assume that it would be that easy to two. Stop people who are violent in morning use a gun for the wrong reason. But they're also you know there's also those who worship the Second Amendment or not I support the Second Amendment I don't warship at the -- as some do. They are those who worship the Second Amendment who are critical of anybody who criticizes anybody for having it done. And I I've decision on a blog and wrote for the show last night which is still turning on our website -- has with guards and there's no there's no question that there are people. Who have gone so were you responsible gun owners and there are people who will defend them just because there's so adamant about gun ownership it's almost desist. They criticize anybody who talks about anybody who does something wrong with the gun thinking that that's criticism of the Second Amendment in general and it's not. And you quite correct and a and a W dot the -- with this if people look back at the end -- that Harry was in the extreme about fifty years ago. This -- extremism -- came I would say probably about Citibank years ago when it turned a complete they don't want -- And if so -- rational. You know and and eat and they want to leave -- next thing -- -- does that give ground every state and you'll meet meet. The individual I -- but may be dictated this nonsensical things. You're telling me that I can be rational that Imus made the decision whether. -- try to highlight on not. Well there's one of the one of the inherent problems that I I think exists with the stand your ground -- is there are laws on the books right now that allow you to use lethal force to protect your life and the life of those around you. And your family particular but you can be with friends and protect their life with with lethal force. The stand your ground law is remove. The responsibility. To retreat. And why and again this is this is part of the problem with the mentality of many people who own guns. They wanna be able to shoot. Without having the responsibility to retreat almost as if they wanna be able to administer punishment right then and right there. Correct but I think about this father who goes into the bedroom and finds a seventeen year old boy in bed with his daughter. And he's got a -- Could his emotion as a father seeing this guy in bed with his daughter could that not have. Meet him trigger happy again what that rat then you have but I think that's possibility. Yeah and we don't we know he was so man. It that guy with the region and that since he would get so angry and adored by and I gave him they. Its approach. Yeah. So Roger I I enjoy a conversation doctor thanks solicited a VW relatively Georgia. Nigel is -- here's a text can't -- -- carry a weapon to school if they have a concealed carry license. I don't think so but if you wanna correct me on this Lisa Kohler show or send me text but I don't think it teachers can carry guns even if they have a concealed weapon. Two to a campus. Here is a text about money Williams I strongly disagree. Which you money Williams is a good coach he won't let's. He won't be their coach after the season ends. I can't I'm just wondering why it has gone on this long because money Williams continues to give the same speech after so many many games. About how well we we just we you know we didn't keep it together in the fourth -- -- how how many times -- that happen. Mean it happened last season and it's happening again this season and in the meantime. Anthony Davis is pulling for a team that is essentially not going anywhere right now on and paid very very an unbelievably talented player. Opera in New Orleans market -- WL. Our scouts -- bark. At alternate shot. -- in the office girl him and that the products are. I don't know. And then. All I can reach the top concern that edge and told. -- DO. Can't imagine. What -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixteen year old -- Yeah I think I think the cage like jail of the daughters and what you're now. -- the daughter created a situation where the father thought a stranger ways was in the bedroom. And -- into it wasn't a stranger if this is the way it really did happen and only the father in the daughter know for sure exactly what happened. But you do know that there are a lot of men who would want to. Figuratively and literally kill any teenager vacation -- her daughter even if the daughter is at fault for inviting them into the -- Why why don't wanna go and -- -- -- want to keep to what we know that -- into the point where it's. Teachers. And haven't gone in the class so -- not you know. That there. Is prestige attitude -- protectors -- and trump or it was probably invited I don't but I mean -- must open a window again. Is -- I can actually a teaching it. Impressed intention to the world trying to -- -- somebody. In the school again in the wrong information connection you know. An innocent person has -- pictures. They can go back to reading writing and -- the story all that we have talked about. And I don't know what the problems are really I'm not a -- I hit it real and that drug Israel and Russia to Israel all much doubt. And these kids act as a -- you know so -- -- -- got potential to ma -- -- black or black or restrict some teachers are really good cheer. I -- -- -- like that but I don't think it's that perhaps but you know tested at road count and with good intentions. Mark I'm glad you called a show man have a great weekend thanks solicited WWL -- night here is a text that read Cisco I graduated in 95. And we were allowed to bring guns on campus during hunting season. As long as they were in the vehicle in plain sight nobody ever heard of anyone even thinking. About bringing one inside the school to shoot up the place. Looking back it probably wasn't a great idea if a teacher has a gun a student could gain access I think security guards are better option. Now we're talking about this bill that would allow teachers in Louisiana carrying guns into the classroom. That's a good idea. If you would join us with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. Text a 78 said he will be right back with more on WWL. Earlier tonight the game is heard right here on WWL. Kentucky beat L issue in basketball 85 to 67. LSU finishes this season nineteen and thirteen -- she finds out Sunday night if they will be invited to a post season tournament it doesn't look likely that hey there's that possibility. And in the first game of the series LSU beat Vanderbilt tonight 42. In Nashville. -- there are two new political polls that show Mary Landrieu is now trailing her her opposition represented bill Cassidy. Which is amazing. As Adobe and google.com we've got the full story for you here's an update on our WW project opinion poll tonight. Do you judge people who have tattoos -- oppose changing is getting a lot closer than earlier this evening. A right now 41% say no they don't a majority 59% say yes they do. You could give us your opinion about whether you judge people with -- by going to -- QL dot com and there's always something new and our website to. It is so latest story on the free agency we've got the and a film moves with our free agency tracker that's on the front page at WWL dot com Bobby -- And hokey guys John weigh in on the Sproles trade which this week was a big news and it's painful to see a player who was so loved and contributed so much of the team move on. Philadelphia Eagles are loading up on some good players ago Sproles and they've also got Malcolm Jenkins. So we've got that information with the Bobby and Hokies an impression of all of this. And did -- also talks about the latest move with number 43 all of that is on -- we're excited to be a bugle to account. It's a stance are going crazy over -- -- video rejoice rejoice citizens of The Who dat nation. It's very very funny -- check that out. And then there's a podcast with the Angel hill the president. Of the saints and the pelicans and the scoop on this trending is so hot hits with the guns also and the blog is about. -- judging people who have tattoos it's a new way to judge people. You can find all of that regular website at W if -- dot com here's a text about teachers say having guns in the classroom. A teachers or administrators with guns that are criminals will follow the path of least resistance. We are seeing shootings all around America in places where the bad guys know. The Dolan will fight back the shooting as far less likely to happen in the first place if the crazies. No that we will shoot back. And -- I totally understand that theory. And I guess it's always a possibility but let's remember we're talking about crazies. That's how you actually described it crazies. And it is somebody who is crazy gonna have that kind of rational thought in the -- point it is utterly here. At people who go into schools with currents and it really isn't that many. If it's it's it's far too many when one when does it. But it's not is if every school is is under attack every school like every place in America. Is. He -- is -- is vulnerable you know weeks -- certainly learned that we cannot make any place 100%. Secure. But. These people know they're gonna die. They know that police are gonna get. So would it really matter if they went into a school and thought that the police were gonna kill him. Or if they were gonna get killed by somebody to school it seems to me that a lot of these people would actually. Take well I'll just I mean isn't the mentality to take out as many people as she can before you ultimately die in your killed by somebody or use you shoot yourself. -- if -- -- for the coveted item numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. In a text is a 77. I -- survey shows suffered Fox News today it's a younger generation may be redefining the acceptance of tattoos we -- gonna talk about that tonight. And we'll be right back on this Friday nights beginning of state Patrick stay weekend. Under BW well. It's Friday -- it is the beginning of a Saint Patrick's Day weekend -- -- the weather's not supposed to be perfect but it might end up being better than we think I know the best chance of rain and it is going to be. Midnight Saturday will -- at midnight Sunday morning Saturday night. Into Sunday morning but then hopefully it's gonna be okay for the big Metairie Saint Patrick's Day parade in and is there a parade downtown. Tomorrow. And I believe it starts around 6 o'clock so you know you know we're never far away from the next parade here New Orleans doesn't even have to be -- Graf Russia parades. We be talking about to build the it's being introduced in Louisiana legislator in this session. That would allow teachers to carry guns on campus is this a good idea. Here's a comment some teachers can't handle the students how they gonna handle a gun. Here is comment I think there should be security guards with chasers and other non lethal options. With guns locked up in an undisclosed location. But here's a -- reads my mother is a teacher. A -- teacher at her school had a child with a switch blade to threaten to kill another student. The disciplinary told the teacher to handle -- -- self. I for sure would like my mother. To have a gun. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601872. -- 38668890. Point seven in a text summary is 87870. And a Fox News poll shows that a majority of voters in America do not like tattoos but a majority of voters under 35 do like tattoos. And 20% of those surveyed have at least 110 two that's up from 13%. In 2007. There are younger generations that are now redefining what it means to have tattoos. But are you still judgment of blatant judgmental of people have tattoos even though. A lot of mainstream Americans younger and older. Have tattoos that conversation coming up.