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03-14 11pm Scoot, tattoos, teachers with guns

Mar 15, 2014|

scoot continues to discuss: people who have tattoos,should teachers have guns in school,father kills daughters boyfriend....

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I hope you were out having a great time it's a Friday night very very comfortable outside we got some rain on the way not exactly sure when it's gonna hit hopefully most of its gonna be overnight. Saturday night into Sunday morning and hopefully it'll be nice for the Sunday afternoon parade. It is the beginning of Saint Patrick's Day weekend Monday is Saint Patrick's Day and as you know there are going to be a lot of people who we're gonna go out to lunch. On Saint Patrick's Day Monday. And are now -- can return to the office. Or they're not gonna return of the office in the same shape and hopefully they return safely. Back home sometime that night so -- is the big -- -- that -- Patrick's day parade in -- 42 floats 52 trucks. Writers beads and trinkets that produce in that starts at noon on Sunday from a high school it's a burned -- goes up to better broad. And it travels zone along Metairie road in this that's always a wild crowd and I'm I'm hoping that the weather's nice for that. The Irish channel street Patrick's day parade and mass at Saint Mary's assumption church and Constance street. Is tomorrow. And that starts at twelve noon. The Italian American marching club Saint Joseph -- parade begins at canal and charters tomorrow evening. At 6 o'clock and you know we're just really never that far away from parade. -- here in the New Orleans area. I guess we're talking about tonight and prosecutors in Texas now say. Then it's not likely to charges will be filed against Houston area father who shot and killed a teenage boy that he caught in bed with his teenaged daughter. The the dollar claim that she did know who the boy was later confessed that it was her boyfriend. So should the daughter face some charges -- sent a text about that. It reads apart from the trauma of witnessing her father kill her boyfriend right in front of her that girl now has to spend the rest of her life wondering. How things might have played out. If she simply said she did know him. And that's -- in Covington. You know we only know what the father and the daughter or telling us and what to police records or are telling us but it's it's it's a really interesting story and it could be a case of hot head with the gun it could be a case -- a -- things that are stranger was in bed with his daughter. The daughter. Later confessing that that was her boyfriend. -- -- it to 2:20. Friday morning. And if the father was told by his his other daughter. That she heard somebody in her sister's bedroom. Now you're a dad and you'd have a garden. You hear somebody in your -- better you get a report from boarding your daughters that there's somebody in your daughter's bedroom we're gonna -- you gonna get your gun and you would go to the bedroom with a gun. Now is the daughter says I don't know who this is. That makes this guy a stranger in the mind of the father. So he would have been more skeptical any movement by this -- And he told the kid according to the story that he told police CT told the teenager don't move he said the teenager -- reach for something. And he shot and killed in his daughter's bedroom. It don't later confessed that that was her boyfriend so she letting their bedroom. So the daughter is at least equally responsible for him being there as he is responsible for him being there. So. I guess if you have daughters and I would I I think it's always important for parents to to take. -- stories like this and use it as an opportunity to talk to their kids. You know a sixteen year old. Initially is not gonna wanna tell their parents. That they let this boy into the bedroom so to defend herself. And her reputation. In her house sold. Her first instinct is I don't know basis. So again the father's acting on the assumption that this is a stranger in his daughter's bedroom which would be quite different then it being. Somebody the daughter invited into the bedroom. Mean you would have to be equally angry with your daughter. As with the the boy -- in the veteran. And I know a lot of fathers are very passionate as they should be mothers as well but father's very passionate about. Somebody having sex with their daughter especially in her bed in her house it to 2 o'clock in the morning. And you can imagine the passion and if you're a father and and you have a daughter. Or fear of -- you can envision what it would be like if you had a daughter you're in the same situation. EU would be very very angry. But she can't used to go line. To. To. -- your anger -- you can't use a gun to punish somebody for having sex with your daughter. You can get mad at him you can get -- your daughter. But you can't kill somebody for that -- now if this guy's life which threatened that he was justified in killing him. And the prosecutor now says -- charges probably will not be filed but that's a story that will be following here Angela talk about it -- WWL. We're also talking about a bill that is have been filed for the Louisiana legislature to consider this session. That would allow teachers and principals to bring their guns into the classroom. Is that a good idea which you feel better if your kids -- in a school where the teachers had guns in the classrooms. But you would join us with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Zeroing seventy. Protects our -- 77. Here's a text a terrible idea for. A teacher to have a gun in school. Here's what I think we should do in schools we already have. Extremely inflated defense budgets correct. Well how about we use it to protect. Our own citizens instead of other countries. We can we can post a couple of armed guards professionally trained. In firearm the use of course at every elementary middle and high school in the country. To the police property during the school. If you -- walk onto a property with a weapon then you get taken down no questions wallet. Then the question is when does the weapon come out. Unity even if you're trained -- You can't kill somebody who you think has a gun and by the way than the father in this in case in the Houston area. Said that the the -- reach for something and and he felt like he's like which threatened a police did not find it gone so apparently he was he was not our. In the same wave that the teenagers in the car the loud music trial with Michael -- In Jacksonville Florida and he felt like his like -- second thought they were reaching for a gun they they found no weapon. In that case either -- again to join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. Also tonight we're talking about a new Fox News poll that shows that a majority of voters in America and they they polled voters. -- do not like tattoos. But a majority of voters under 35 do like tattoos and 20% of those surveyed. So that they had at least one tattoo and that's up from 13% in 2007. Now those under 45 were twice as likely to have tattoos as those over 45. And more women under 35 have tattoos than their male counterparts in that category. Has your opinion of -- changed. There there are so many people in mainstream America that now have tattoos. That I think it's clearly unfair to judge somebody's character. Or anything about him. Based on their tattoos you know and I'm not talking about tattoos that expressed some kind of obscenity are vulgarity. Because that's. Equal to expressing it verbally in public. But according to this new poll it's it's interesting that a majority of American voters do not like tattoos but a majority of voters under 35 do like tattoos this is an indication that younger generations are redefining the acceptance of tattoos. And in many ways we defining American society. As more and more mainstream Americans get tattoos. The topic of tattoos has become a very recent topic on the show and many Americans still judge the character of people. Based on tattoos. What I find particularly interesting about this is the new establishment today. Is the baby boomer generation. And that was once a very rebellious generation dead condemned -- -- establishment for criticizing. Their uniqueness. Now the most common argument for. Tattoos today that comes from the establishment. Is this idea that their permit. And young people one day will regret getting them and they'll have difficulty finding a job if they have visible tattoos. But each generation to some degree redefined society. At today's younger generations. And had embraced tattoos as part of their identity. Will define what is acceptable as they continue to increase their presence in different positions of of authority. Mr. Fox News poll shows I get 20% of the voters had at least one -- And that's up from a 13% in 2007. And those under 45 twice as likely to have a tattoo -- those over 45 in nearly half of the women under 35 habitat to. And that's about double the number of men under 35. -- -- -- -- So clearly the of their opinions and attitudes affect younger generation changing American society. Is it is evident. It's evident -- a younger generation is not only one younger generation but several younger generations. -- or having an impact when it comes to views on things like same sex marriage. Legalization of marijuana and the acceptance of tattoos. But one of the things the Republican Party has been battling with this is how did they attract. Not only female and minority voters but -- attract younger voters. And we talk about younger voters and -- just talking about college students. There were over eighteen and did just got the right to vote. Talking about voters generally under 45. Because there seems to be a disconnect with the opinion of those over 45 and those. Under 45. Now because of the sheer size of the baby boomer generation which is about. 76 million people mean this has been a nasty generation. They have had the power to define every -- they've occupied. But now. Things -- changing. And accepting that reality is not gonna come easy for today's establishment the baby boomer generation witches had the power to defied every area it is occupied. I'm I'm sure that the establishment. When baby boomers were coming of age I'm sure the establishment and was very critical of the styles and attitudes available and -- they were critical and then these styles and attitudes of the baby boomer rock generation. I bet the establishment a long time ago we'd never have envisioned the day. When it would be perfectly acceptable to Wear your blue jeans. In New Orleans fanciest and finest restaurants. And yet today for the most parts that's acceptable. And I believe that that became acceptable because of the attitude of the baby boomer generation. And we think about it. Genes were not acceptable everywhere advocates and is a great story about Led Zeppelin in New Orleans. And people up in a limousine in front of a club 4141. Saint Charles and myelin I think. Anyway they've added there was a time. There was a time in the late seventies and maybe early even early eighties where you couldn't go everywhere anywhere in blue -- well this was a nice this was a nice club. They would lit Led Zeppelin because they genes. That's the story I don't know maybe it's maybe it's an urban myth but it's a story tonight you know I heard about this when it when it happened. And it makes me I wish I was actually on the air at the time. Ann -- talking about the stories as soon as I heard it but I wasn't there are so I can't say for sure that it's true but he is true. That they were dress -- many places that did allow blue jeans and I think that's the contribution. Of the baby boomer generation. The mentality of our generation the Woodstock generation. This is a generation that. Made wearing jeans a lot more acceptable and now genes are acceptable almost everywhere you go even find restaurants in New Orleans. So in the same way that the baby boomer establishment. Has had an impact on society new young generations will continue to escalate their impact on society. And part of that change is going to be more acceptance of visible tattoos. I mean it's not inconceivable that one day the president of the United States. Will have visible tattoos. Because that generation will define what is acceptable and what is acceptable. And most people who have taxes. Have tattoos that are meaningful. And I I know that the the technology of removing tattoos is becoming. It even more. Advanced it's more common now than ever and you can have tattoos removed I've never gone through that I'm sure that's not an easy process and lecturer really does. Surely does hurting Hampshire can be painful. But people who get tattoos. Realize that their permanent. I had a high school teacher -- -- -- -- -- we talked about testers and I think it was around the time that. The New Orleans Police Department changed. The the rules and a police officers could no longer. Have visible tattoos. And it couldn't have tattoos above the index below the knee or any visible tattoos have had tattoos on their arms and Wear long sleeves the could have any visible tattoos. Am I was critical of that because I I see police officers downtown all the time with testers. And I don't judge a police officer. By his or her -- said to be that just doesn't come into. That the point where I'm gonna judge somebody's character. But I had a high school teacher called once and high school teacher said that in talking to his high school students. He feels like that their lives are are so. Rapidly changing. And that there were things there's or are not permit it in their lives. Do you think about divorce. You think about. Now mothers and fathers start dating somebody else in the name stop dating that person and then the dating -- there're so many things about the lives of people today. They are not permanent and maybe adults too but. His theory was stated that young people today. Have liked. The permanence of tattoos. They like the idea that I made this decision. And this is going to be with me for the rest of my life. And I like that. And the -- the tattoos that most people get are meaningful to them. And they're so many people in mainstream America. Younger and and -- That have tattoos. That I I think it's really unfair to judge people with tattoos and yet some people still do. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number. Is -- 7870. This is the -- shorter Friday night -- heading into Saint Patrick's Day weekend I hope you're having a good time there's a possibility like me. -- working. I just hope you enjoy your work is matches but I do -- I really don't consider this to be work edits by each. A -- I know sometimes it can be difficult when I love what I do I hope you love what you do is well. I were coming right back with more -- -- if you will. Going into the break I mentioned it to you know you might be out I hope -- -- to having fun but if you're not in years you're working like I am I hope you like your job I love this text that just came and I'm working right now as well and yes I enjoy a might work just as much as you enjoy yours great job is always tea glacial mistake I I get comments from all a lot of people who are actually working and listening to the show and I'm glad you could. Listen boy you're working if we. Do anything to make your. Work -- time go by a little better than we've we've certainly done our job here if you wanna join us tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Told 386680. Nine's nearly seven in a text of -- 77. Congratulations to the tomorrow -- -- Charles. How great would it be PGA. Wins the basketball. Championship. And they win the baseball on the the football championship. In the same school year. And -- news made it to the finals of the the football. High school championships last year. Which of the game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and they've won that won the state championship it would just -- great. If they want the basketball championship as well so. Hopefully the EG warriors will do that here's -- -- the reason you used the words establishment quite a bit. I love your show in your view on life. So I wanna be sure you understand exactly what you mean by the establishment please explain. It I guess that's kind of vote on a loose term. That to described the generation that is. That is kind of in charge. I describe the establishment as being. Those decision makers and those who. Who make the laws to make the rules. Win. A generation. Dominates congress. Legislatures across the the state across the country. City council's. Mayors governors in the president -- when those people are part of the generation that generation has become the establishment. Now what's interesting is the establishment sometimes has to start listening to younger generations. And I quite often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. I I in the baby boomer. But I find a lot of hypocrisy. In my generation when it comes to judging young generations today. As of my generation didn't have many of the same characteristics and and I realize that there are differences. But I think the establishment today. Baby boomers I think they've really forget. How rebellious their generation ones in so many ways. When it comes to wearing. Sexy clothes. -- hot pants. The miniskirt wasn't enough then that was the micro mini skirt. And it I I've talked about this before that the hot pants every girls that I dated. More hot pants -- as tight or tighter. Did the shorts that -- Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez criticized for where. -- to me that's only to look at these girls are wearing a short -- I I dated girls that Wear shorts that short. And I also think it's interesting that those shorts were that short at a time when we were doing a dance called the Bob. Where we were bumping. Up against each other's. Areas in the hips and backside and it in if you saw that today a pair of all my god I can't believe is that well you know we we did that. And so I just find their a lot of hypocrisy within within my generation. And when it comes to to music and just style and fashion in general I think my generation. And I has selective memory and and -- and and it may not be you it's certainly not even admitting in our generation if you -- baby boomer. Are so critical of a young generation and in younger generations today that I think they really forget how rebellious they weren't it's you know it's so easy to. To look at The Beatles and into here of The Beatles music in some of the early stuff it was coming to America from the British invasion. And say -- that's tame compared to today. Not yet it is. But he can't taken out of context of the time because at the time it was very. Very rebellious. I here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll do you judge people who have tattoos. 42% say no and 50% say yes. They still judge people with tattoos I want to remind you don't forget to vote tomorrow if you live in Orleans parish tomorrow is the runoff elections. These are important. And I I heard the news earlier that only about a third. Of New Orleans residents. Are registered to vote. Only about a third. -- that's -- And a few of those will vote and that's it they're expecting a light turnout tomorrow. So only a small percentage of the third are gonna actually get out and vote. And yet there are so many people who are so critical of everything that goes on and yet. They don't vote. And look I know -- sometimes that maybe you can't get to the polls but now there's an advance boating and and early voting -- -- it's very very easy. And yet I -- here's a talk show posted here so many complaints about. About this politician that politicians so many complaints about the system from the president to the governor to the -- And everybody has a right to be critical and you still have a right to be critical even if you don't vote. But don't you lose just a little credibility. If you never vote. And it's it's real easy to get the idea that it it doesn't matter. You know and to some degree I have to say I understand that mentality it it doesn't really matter but it really does. And I just think it's important for us to two vote. Now get out and vote and if you want the results. You can get them before a lot of people are gonna get them. Now we're going to be right on top of this of tomorrow night that election returns here are going to be WL. By two beat the first and though because what we do is we send out text alerts when it comes to big news stories you'll be doing this tomorrow night. So if you wanna get the information on on who's bleeding at a particular race we'll give you all the information you get a before a lot of other people with the WTO text alert. It's a free service from us and it's available on every phone but messaging data rates may apply. All you have to do. Is text the word news. NE WS. To -- 77. And then you'll be setup for these these free alerts again messaging data rates applied it's a free service from WWL. And it's available you don't have to have the ultimate expensive a -- iPhone you can have any cellphone and it works on your phone again text the word news NE WS. 287870. I love this story in May be heard about this in the news -- we've got a full story on our website to put a -- -- police say -- That a man killed an attacker who was sexually assaulting a woman he was win. A police are investigating the homicide of a 26 year old man. Who was fatally wounded when he pulled out a handgun and started sexually assaulting a woman. This happened about 925 last night in the 3800 block of north rampart street. Investigators say that this started out with when a suspect approached a man and woman walking down the street. And the man pulls over Garland. And demanded that they walked to a building that was being renovate. And then once they got into the the heart of the building the -- began to sexually assault the woman. At that time the adult -- she was whiff. Got the gun away from the suspect. Who ordered them into this area. And shot the guy killed. Police do not to and do not I don't I don't think charges have been I don't know -- you expect to file charges but that's going to be up to the prosecutors. But the adult man of the adult woman were interviewed and then they were released the investigation does continue -- DA's office will will review the case but it. And what poetic justice I mean this is the story of a hero to me. New guy comes up to you you're walking down the street. Any pulls out a gun border issue -- did the yard of an abandoned building -- sexually assaulted the woman your -- you get the gun away from him and shoot and kill him. To me. That is proper use of a gun. And that is poetic justice. If you wanna join us tonight would come at our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number. Is 877. Here's a Texan -- what happened to the respect of the younger generation today. When I was in high school. Iowa is. Going to. Defile your teenage daughter. I would at least have respect. To not do it in the same building you occupied. Yeah that does show a lack of respect now I wish. I -- far too. Too much of a group. Good kid. When it would be a believer on it was actually a good kid. I would have been scared. I mean a whole sex thing when I was young -- scared me anyway. The united. Opportunities -- got scared and and and do you. Remember when -- loses it to teenager remember at one point I was sixteen years old nine when our -- -- -- twenty year old girl and well anyway don't need to go any further with that I she spears. For the -- -- and she scared me so not nothing happened. But I can't imagine sneaking into somebody's house and having sex with somebody. In their in their own bed -- when their parents are home. I can't imagine it then again I I find that there are a lot of interesting things about the story with this -- Houston area father his name has not been identified. But his age has been identified he was taken to the hospital after the shooting but it was four apparently -- and related medical condition I don't exactly know what that what that means. -- Prosecutors do not think file on charges are gonna be filed but you know you've you've got to think about the -- that this daughter played in the death of her boyfriend. Initially saying damn I know this guy is. And that's our instinct because she doesn't want to own up to her dad that she's having sex with a boyfriend in her bedroom while her dad's in the other room. I mean has got to be an embarrassing moment that's not anything that I ever had to face it in my life. But if you had to face that what would your first instinct they I don't know this is also the dead assumes that this is a stranger. He makes a move. The father thinks he's reaching for something maybe gun shoots and kills him right -- to bedroom. And then the daughter confesses. That it was her boyfriend. So she let him into the room. I don't know what charges should be filed against her -- There's a much better chance this seventeen year old -- would be alive today if the daughter had been honest. Well first of all with the daughter would have never letting in the bedroom. There's no indication dead from what we know at this point there's no indication that he broke into the bedroom. So she letting them -- having sex with him. And sometimes. Sexist not a silent act. And this sister or the other daughter in the house went to were dead and said. I hear somebody in so it was those bedroom. So what are you doing your dad do you got a good you go get your -- and you go to the bedroom you wanna protect your daughter you take a stranger was in bed with your daughter. End of shooting and killing. Only to learn later that. It was your daughter's. Boyfriend. Here's a text screwed if you're running for an elected spot. And you won the smallest. Turnout allowed. Would you accept the -- -- you really call it a win. Yeah I mean tactically. Technically it would be a win. But. I guess it wouldn't be that much of a moral victory a for mobile David you're under the WL. -- -- Quickly. The -- about the that shot teenage boy and but yeah I think she should be with credible that. Because she lie and she didn't she why she went sequined and I don't think. Beaten Carolina -- I don't think she bossi -- that going to shoot. But it. I think she should be you know charged with criminal negligence may get to improve patient and -- -- like that think you know. -- -- -- hook and the message that. -- -- That total lie. But didn't need to be a quick look at the consequences the other -- would agree -- If you -- well. You know if you're afraid to tell your dad's -- -- having sex with your boyfriend. Then you sure shouldn't be having sex with -- boyfriend in his house. Exactly is exactly. You know you know is that what that's like -- -- David -- Politico the show idea I just talking your buddies Jefferson remembered EJ when I was going to east Jefferson a you know they didn't the public schools never have a lot of money. And when I was in school they had to use the same car for drivers and and -- said. On our website tonight to -- WL dot com to -- blog hot heads with guns it's under our opinions on the right hand column and it's it's it it brings up the question was this father hot head with the gun. Or was he justified in killing a seventeen year old in his daughter's bedroom you can read that. And comment -- if you like -- -- please share with others. Also on a blog it's on our website is tattoos yet another reason to judge people are brought this back in October but it's appropriate because what we're talking about tonight you can also read that. Ensure that -- others it's all. -- WWL. Dot com do you judge people with tattoos so a lot of that has to do with which generation you're part of those over. 45 tend to be much more judgmental of those with senators and certainly byte generation the baby boomer generation very critical of tattoos I'm not. But. That's why I am a hostile witnessed in my generation here's a -- -- 32 years old that I have won ten to. It is on my -- out. So it is easily covered up his sleeves. Have. I think having one or two tattoos at the most socially acceptable to -- generation. But even in my generation overdoing the body art is frowned upon just like overdoing. Anything can be and I guess a lot has to do with who you war. I mean. Adam Levine. Lead singer of Maroon 5 animal -- is covered with tactics. And he's considered to be. On hot. Mainstream. Sex symbol. To a lot of women who -- Older than him and his agent and yeah and the congress well I just seemed that there are so many people who are part of mainstream America getting tattoos that. This country is is slow to change it is changing. But it's taking a younger generation to have to change the the attitudes about that in in about -- a number of other things but. -- when you when you when you look at people under 45. They are they're changing a lot of attitudes in America and this is not easy for the baby boomer generation to accept because they have been such a powerful generation because of their sheer size. In terms of of of defining. Every era and yet there are some. New things that are changing and I know they are always going to be those who are gonna argue and say well something shouldn't change. Well that that's true something shouldn't change. But some things should change. Remember there was a generation. Day it's. Could not conceive of blacks and whites. On using the same bathroom. Using the same water fountain. And that was a good change. And so there will be changes that will be inspired by younger generation interestingly that generation. That inspired those kinds of changes years ago is now the establishment and their resisting. A lot of change here's a text that read says -- any word on the reaction of the family of the slain kid in the bedroom. I think that they will be filing a wrongful death suit. Because the daughter lied to what a tragic event. They should never happen it's it's it's true no I have not heard any reaction there's still a lot of information that's not being released about this I'm not really sure why don't police suspect that there's anything. And wrong with that. But there is a lot to to be alert condition and meet that if you wouldn't if you with the parents of the sun think if that was your son. Your son is having sex with his girlfriend in her bedroom at her house. In no way which you ever think that he was the father was justified in killing your son for doing it. So this may be another case where the father is gonna have to. To prove that he really was threatened but you know we know how those kinda cases -- -- He you don't have to do much to convince somebody that your life was threatened they're just there's so many so many cases they I think they're still laden. -- waiting for the sentencing of Michael Dunn who shot into the car this teenagers that the convenience store in Jacksonville Florida. In the Tampa Florida area there's a retired to Tampa police officer of pleasing as Kurdish reads 71 years old shot and killed a guy in a movie theater. Over an argument about texting. And he claims that he felt like his life which threatened because the guy punched him. And the -- I was 43. So is -- gonna factor in there. I'm I'm 71 he's 43 point we have -- I four I thought I was gonna die so I had to pull up my gun and shooting him right there in the movie theater. Now even the wife of the retired police officer. Said she did not see him be part -- -- to does seem get punched. And some witnesses. Has said that. The big guy threw popcorn in his face I believe there is one report that he. That he he -- in the face with a with a cellphone. But again if that happened to you which you really feel like that would threaten your life if you're sitting in a movie theater disappointed that the -- And again the retired police officer started the argument. And the question that always comes up is would he have been so brave. As to start the argument in the first place and confront this guy if he didn't have a gun. And if the answer is no and he had a gun for the wrong reason. Here is -- taxed everybody knows that Blake Shelton is a sex symbol. On that show well okay Blake Shelton is also a sex symbol but you can't deny that Adam Levine. It's not a huge. SX symbol. So now opening and your argument about who's a bigger sex symbol Blake Shelton or Adam Adam Levine. And a movie is a big sex symbol and he's got a lot of tattoos. I'm -- we'll be right back with more on WWL. That Saint Joseph state parade -- I believe that set 6 o'clock tomorrow -- canal and charters. To this -- this undermines any of the godfather. I'm still glad you witnessed tonight his final update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. The judge people who have tattoos 42% say no but 58% say yes. The times however. They are changing. Here's a -- reads I judged the type of tattoos and you can tell a lot says you can tell now what got a lot of thought to and which ones are done on a whim. Yeah you know sometimes people get drug I I live in -- right down the street from our live there's. Attempt to place. And I see people in there and it's midnight. 1:2 o'clock in the morning and I wonder if this is the end of a night of drinking and suddenly there's this. Motivation to get attentive. I got a call of a few minutes ago from somebody who wanted to know how I knew that they had the couple was having sex. I in Houston dude in the Houston area father shot and killed that a guy I have assumed that they've been having I. I read a story somewhere -- have to goal looked it up. Time but they were apparently in bed and there was one story that they were in bed without their clothes on. Again there's still a lot that we don't nobody you know maybe they weren't having sex maybe they were just booting. Maybe she's that we could you could you come -- stick in my bedroom 2 o'clock in the morning which is which is -- was just which is spoon. McCain is submit I guess there's always that possibility. Right dive really had -- -- you don't we didn't get to their ninth. The delegates loss to trailblazers of pelicans in the other night I saw a lot of older unattractive men with very attractive younger women. Why does that happen we'll talk about that next week when they inject here's a city of -- could have a great weekend love -- New Orleans.