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3-17 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 17, 2014|

Dave talks about St. Patrick's Day, Edwin Edwards for Congress, and go to work sick?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's news on this the seventeenth of march 2014. Fair it is a strange currencies Monday. Thank you very much and happy Saint Patrick's Day to you David -- Cindy LB David O'Connell and today -- go -- Absolutely -- and when no one -- -- -- right and one. Yeah pretty darn close communities have a copy there while quite a lot of stuff going on over the weekend. It man I had a fun filled weekend. And the rain really did cooperate so perfectly. When not to the in Patrick's day parade in. -- yesterday up. Camp out on Metairie road it Metairie heights. In Metairie up at that -- And my son wrote and operate all of and you definitely have either although the funny thing one you know my -- right in the -- that we got -- -- -- be -- we now and the things for caught a bunch of stuff during Marty packed up for. This is all right I get Tim sorry all want to stop when no I just gave -- -- get rid of it don't get back to me. Wanna bring that stuff back you'll have a lot of that out now out. You know I'd been citizens Mardi Gras we will in the -- Eighteen -- of these we gave -- And when ordered his own approaches and cabbage and carrots and potatoes and onions or you're just kind of during -- recycling job. In the beads and so what Yemen and the buy recycled beats everything go -- and while that's an -- not now -- from about that because. We DOT. It's it's just that I needs six cabbages in my kitchen. What are gonna do I text habits I successfully connected to single -- yesterday. And that's a goal line every year and I've never been able to consistently good so they don't I did not catch a single candidate would have wanna throw me captain I don't know why. And I did in my bright green is cute college I'll -- rancher polo shirt on -- borrows neon green -- bright green mr. Looking pretty good. It was -- yes you know I am wearing green and White Stripes. That you put on -- green registers some beads on you know about. Idealistic now it. They still do that my son wanted to pinch me yesterday that I got out of bed I was wearing anything green. That it's not hectic day yet tomorrow's statement that the break. -- don't have to have green on at all times all -- a little pinch. Whoever invented that needs to be. It's been around a long time markets are you about instant to submission until it stops and did that in kindergarten. Ordering it is I don't know why. You have to Wear agreement that if you count people feel -- Invade your bubble money while -- middle daughter calls it an -- And if they don't actually shame you -- an -- ago the average two giant Ukraine does that you're in exactly just to cover myself you know one each game. For failure where agreements absolutely. Watch parties today. Another parade. I'm going. Parade. After Belgrade might here's you'll hear from some of the people who weren't very yesterday are finding your Latvia on -- -- -- them. Thank you David about. Tournament -- first it is going to be -- hey thanks for joining us on this Monday morning -- them well so Edwin Edwards. Is expected to announce today that he's running for the sixth district in the united it's kind of from Louisiana and includes -- -- -- -- habit now. As well as all of that -- Should -- run. And you think he can win. And would you vote for you reveal live in the distant mysterious text -- and 87870. Would you vote for. Two to two point seven be told creates -- dictating nine there at seventy or texted me. At age 7870. Would you vote for Edwin Edwards and should he run. Find out around. Noon today if indeed he is running summoned to stay estimated seventy -- that now is get to -- next week and yet again the average Italian parade next weekend. They are all kinds of things including spaghetti like catching spaghetti that. Cabbage. Born. -- -- and Roman new. But -- I'm in men and and anything you wanna eat we got it. What do saw that the carrots onions the potatoes cabbage golf and they had taken common market. And to -- of that to some of the stuff -- yesterday's Saint Patrick's Day parade. I was on -- room and watch it and had a great time rained like crazy in the morning. But the rain stopped in time for the -- again wandered too little sprinkles during the parade which actually worked after making that thinned -- the crowd as it does drizzle for about. Thirty seconds and of people picked up their lawn chairs and ladders and -- That it was a little more comfortable to watch but never really rain during the parade and the elegant for a whole Lotta rain today but definitely cooler. Clouds around today need a patch of -- solar too for his Saint Patrick's Day and it will be cooler now than a cold front is working and highs only in the fifties today in dropping into the thirties and forties tonight but skies to clear. And once they do work back to some sunshine tomorrow mostly sunny and cool with a high of 65 and then it's sunny and mild on Wednesday with a high of 72. From the I would Tuesday's forecast center and meteorologist -- Tests as you step outside this morning too much cooler conditions expect this just about all day cloudy and fifty right now at the airport and -- -- northwest wind gusting to 21 miles an hour it's cloudy and fifty at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL. First news. Amber and master control asking me as we went to the commercials there said you like it spaghetti is cooked now at the hour's time -- Some people's values -- throw user's entire packages of uncooked spaghetti. And that's great I love -- and that it. More people than not will just instead of spaghetti throw Rama noodles you know sixteen cent a pack instead of going to like the dollar story in the entire. Thing of spaghetti man Rama noodles is not spaghetti I like Rama noodles and there's a time and a place for Rama noodles but it. The country guy to be at the -- Stanford and throw Costa make -- began with. Sports time now on WW well for that we say -- -- and mark -- embargo -- I'm good Dave -- your weekend at a very green yours. You know I didn't duties and Patrick -- of this and you know wearing any green right now it's available in Q. They probably will but I realize this morning I don't believe -- I didn't used to. But now I don't like two or three creatures just for saint Patrick's weekend for the Braves and then present that day off the remedy -- here. Wait till after that Pakistan though I'll be 50% off with that -- any story go to a lot of time Patrick featured three dollars and can be LSU fans baseball fans anyway pretty happy after the weekend mark. And -- with sports. Thanks -- Anthony Davis hit career highs in points and rebounds in the pelicans get all of it as they slipped past the Boston Celtics in overtime 121 to 121 at the smoothie king senator. But Ralph put down forty points and ripped down to 41 rebounds just five days after his 41 birthday the going the the fourth youngest player in NBA history. To join the 42 when he club and the youngest and Shaquille O'Neal did it in 1993. Rivers double team goes through with the topple the heart rate to -- You don't think OK this -- -- seconds I have left. Shawn -- with a called the pelicans radio network. As for the rest of the team no other player had more than five rebounds on the night the Tyreke Evans did at 26 points and Eric Gordon chipped in nineteen the delicate cap off their six game homestand Wednesday night hosting the Toronto Raptors. College hoops the madness has arrived last night the official NCAA tournament brackets were revealed and the big question heading in was who beat the fourth number one seed. There were of course three solid number one and -- came through the Florida Gators -- the number one overall seed. After competing after completing the first ever eighteen -- -- season in the SEC going 32 into overall they also won the SEC tournament yesterday -- in Kentucky by a point. The Arizona Wildcats had enough -- -- thirty and four regular season despite falling in the pac twelve title game to UCLA to get number one. And Wichita State holders of the nation's only unbeaten record and the first team to ever enter the tournament at 34 and no. Did indeed get -- number one. As for the -- it went to Virginia who won the ACC regular season title and locked down the ACC tournament as well shutting down duke yesterday seventy -- 63. Now about the local flavor raging cajun but Louisiana Lafayette the only state school to get into the dance. They did it in dramatic fashion yesterday winning the Sun Belt Conference -- it -- tournament title and overtime. At Lakefront arena taking down top seed Georgia State eighteen to 81 is the first trip to the big dance for the cajun since 2005. Head coach Bob marlin says it's good to be back. It's satisfying to me to. Get to tradition going again you got a great basketball tradition courtship with school and sports writer Holtzman and cheer from earlier true weight. And Vincent Gray employers -- university and so we're excited to give to friends excited. About basketball. You LL take the floor San Antonio Friday as the number fourteen seed and face the nation's leading scorer Doug McDermott and the third seeded Creighton blue jays. And the Kansas City Chiefs say the Broncos stole one. Not on the field mind you but the -- but she's allege that they had a handshake agreement with Pittsburgh free agent receiver Emmanuel Sanders that Denver swiped him. Signing the -- to two -- three year fifteen million dollar deal as the latest acquisition the Broncos all in offseason. The Sanders says he'll he's always had -- to one team this off season and that's Denver. We'll keep the -- filing formal complaint but the fact remains standards will be catching balls from Peyton Manning 2014. I'm mark -- and that -- early look at sports and you feel like your bracket yet. Haven't filled it out yet because I had to get here early this morning but I'll probably take a look at. Later today and and you know that together you're here you're ready you you want to fill out your -- I'm ready. QLLULL. Is how many and how many games -- -- If you're black you know it's it's can be tough getting them past Creighton because Doug McDermott is a beast you know. Now fifth on the all time leading scorers -- in the NCAA history over 3000 points leading scorer this year. If home does he make buckets and there's a reason for that so and it may be gone don't think they they they may not but you know you'll hear in the next us. Or status they're there ready for. And the one and done but we'll stay tuned for that more from mark -- are about point five minutes yet WWL. AMF -- that count mine -- going to great text messages at 87870. About Edwin Edwards expected to announce today he's running for congress in the sixth district the plots Sabato and bat numbers would you vote -- your thoughts and your forecast much cooler for the Saint Patrick's Day. Right after. -- point 6 on your Monday morning no it's Monday but this is Patrick's day so if you're looking to go to a block party today and drank some green beer while that's always an option if you can. Somehow get away from the office without getting in any trouble. -- I don't know how people do and I can't do that. Processing -- going to cover and go interview people there and take pictures for the website -- that's what I'm gonna do but if a marketing and -- -- -- drinking. Now it is what it is and it is time for your forecast here on WWL a cool Saint Patrick's Day. Cool Temps in the fifties today's a cold front works then and still a light sprinkle our area of drizzle possible during the day. -- to keep those clouds around then skies cleared tonight and temperatures start to drop a bit 38 north of the lake and 42 on the South -- But with the -- back tomorrow were warming up to 65 and by Wednesday a high of seventy tip and mostly sunny. Funny I wouldn't -- forecast senator I meteorologist -- -- out. As a governor of Louisiana. And then to be convicted and thrown under federal prison for corruption Edwin Edwards is expected to announce today. That he is running for congress from the sixth district which includes Baton Rouge applause and Lafayette. And that left the apartment. -- there's applause. And -- it. That is the needy and the boundaries there that are included in my question for you is you think you should run and would you vote for him. One wonders is -- what a joke no I wouldn't vote for a -- Edwards is right he can't do any worse than what started happening in DC. I think he's pointing that north and I would definitely vote for the godfather of Louisiana. -- After some more responses coming up -- WWL am FM and that now is got a funny interstate law convicted felons cannot vote. Senator federal law they can run for office so he can't vote for himself but he can't run for congress. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners -- -- the seventeenth -- 2000 and. Port AA it's monetary. Aspen at saint Patrick and some better Monday a long weekend for many folks who will be going to block parties today bringing green beer and other green thing and green in -- -- in this thing green that made it at all weekend they're gonna do it's -- -- outlined that this is actually Saint Patrick's Day. I've got my -- and you've got your arena and went out to Metairie road for the Saint Patrick's Day parade in -- yesterday. And but -- goes and and how lots of and it is so much fun what do you do well I'm gonna make a little problem. And then goes well. She does the makers of coastal while that she's gonna do with the different people different ideas of what to do with the cabbage they caught and I got. Wow wouldn't make cavett shows -- Sudan cabbage we don't have. Things. Feet east the are you can attract. I'd like -- long -- to make myself and but it is it is -- other people. You know let me get off your dislike averaged -- some onions and water on it I'd want my house to smelly. Is it will -- like a month that keep me that's not the question is -- you like it -- that it now now not real victory not a big cabbage Pannemon a little bit in my salad yeah. But that's about it Michaels -- and I took some corned beef and kind of put it on the side there for that's fine I'd love. Corned beef is my favorite things they're but I don't cook at home. Does that smells Ohio man critical meeting houses are not spoil it for a couple hours slow way. The house two holes stink like that for all through a -- is now. Yeah I'm okay I'll go out and timeline corn and I'd rather. Than just that accountants successfully didn't get -- single captains and very good man. And I don't know why no one -- Emmy this year they always have in the past. Overall I saw fewer cabbages -- enough gambit prices were up to that more carrots and potatoes that got plenty care. And but it -- some onions to. There you go oh by the way. Out of -- you could have been more wrong about the box office by the was weird box office week. Lost what is strange thing Tommy what happened out I heard something when it was mr. Peabody and Sherman soared up. After opening at number two last week. -- number one actually something told me that was I don't have those weekends were very few people went to the movies only 21 point two million dollars was enough to earn the top spot at the box office for the -- John featuring the voices from modern -- time the real winter what happened in my racing movie 300 rise of an empire dropped from first place the second the second with nineteen point one million. And the street racers -- need -- -- -- need to. Based on the video obtained from yeah dropped in the third place now drove in and out early review. With seventeen point eight million dollars and Tyler Perry's single mom school program that the top five opening with eight point three million dollars. There you have it need for speed I don't have it with under promoted you tell me that the reviews were awful terrible. They did they -- that the acting what is the worse the vehicles really cool right yeah outbreak of cars had acted well apparently bad acting as many of them traded on the -- Making any bad debuted thank you David will talk in about twenty minutes more for his personal comic is debut. Looks like they're gonna debate whether or not writers have to Wear motorcycle helmets again in the legislature this -- so we'll talk about that have more -- comment that you text to mediate 7870. About whether or not Edwin Edwards should run for congress and if you'd vote form it's expected he's gonna announce his candidacy today. Hello god let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast -- figured it a bit more elite at Patrick's -- -- We're all just Laura but now it's decent -- think Patrick stuff but -- how to Metairie road yesterday. Spoke to help with -- on it in but -- is. Apples oranges -- Brussels sprouts dad I don't get a -- yeah. All that makes -- -- that smaller and cabbages and look at their company is your role very lucky to hit they want to -- he added affecting them practically lucky charms advocate the adamantly. -- guys ego of -- -- a -- identical attack at. Rama noodles and everything else. And time it took a couple of feet right now it's also sit and -- about it it and yeah. Yeah with a thousand. I think everything's by my aunt and uncle used to live right off of Metairie residences a kid we would do whatever we caught. In the parade we would take back and have a big profits well -- we just throw -- care at elementary into the -- added however lives we -- ending it all spicy broth you know -- stuff. A year ago I don't know if you deserve to be pinched or not. You're not wearing green did you have a good excuse to Wear green you're just an out of the green screen his. You know me I mean that I'm a fan of holidays Al dressed. You know it holiday attire but -- Saint Patrick's Day is the one day he would do. Yet because folks if you don't understand how the technology -- to those maps and stuff behind Laura are really Payer. I just a big piece of green screen is and if you were wearing green we -- that imagery show up on you and looked like we were looking right through you. I'll let you it's green having our screen is like right Kelly green it is the epitome of Saint Patrick's Day green well that may be at some point they just need to turn off the graphics. OK -- of the green screen and and you'll be covered and that in having these kind of shows everybody what it looks like normally bond to say that I'm not going green right I've been hearing -- -- so we'll give you big radio can't trapped half hour. Because you're not wearing green even maybe have a good. The rain has it gone. Yeah you know a couple of sprinkles along the coast still possible and while it's cloudy out -- could still. Maybe be a little misty if you spot for but most of it's it's -- I keep just a 20% rain chance and for coastal areas it'd be kinda cloudy and chilly out -- Again not -- for -- that -- -- today and -- you know I -- days sometimes with the sunshine at times of the clouds and today it's -- -- be mainly cloudy but it -- still a bit drier and cooler than yesterday yesterday was a little in the humid side -- sticky out there after the -- it's important that it will be drier temperatures will be cooler in the fifties grabbed his -- And you're headed to the get downtown Irish -- rates at -- -- jacket Temps will be in the fifties but we're back to the sixties with sun tomorrow and seventies on Wentz. It's kind of breezy out. Atlanta I'm gonna keep that breeze with the fifty's all that. You know I mean it's a little bit breezy this morning it's really what the cloud cover the temperatures that that are gonna make it feel that much -- sunshine it would feel a lot -- don't need to kill colors. -- -- Saint Patrick's -- to -- and have no idea -- and Tuesday I have just heard alert just in case we needed it -- a -- head but we don't need we don't -- that. Will it kill -- pretty much every bit quicker if you -- -- pretty good and especially veto it the traditional everything Patrick is automatically have a kill Hitler win the winds are not going to be -- of the blow people's guilt that they should begin it died out a little bit at the front -- on -- -- -- You know I think Patrick's -- Very interesting story when you're not feeling well you go to work. Do you worry about it. Yes. Well I've got some good news that -- -- yet doctor -- lose its European affairs medical society says that okay. Is that you're actually very unlikely once you are feeling sick to spread any germs that work and make your co workers say so it's you're contagious before me -- you gets it he said -- -- like crazy during the incubation period -- Before you even know you're sick. So it goes against all common thinking Nadal these people come and it works ticket didn't everyone think are they at what people and -- also -- Doctor -- and it says forget about it. You're not gonna give them a ticket and you're not gonna get any help you're staying home if you of the sniffles cough and sneeze and you feel better. You just I don't really matters thing now a man I had the flu and a horrible I can do enough. -- man at the flew the week before Christmas this year I had to work as we were we were short staffed at that point. And I'm telling you I would at that can stick it out nice and you have written in Lou Barlow high fever yet there now. Com and cold I don't I'm working all you know at most time its weapons -- -- now works that you feel you know but I will say that we that I had the flu. I would state now. That I said to -- really get a high fever you have the flu yes absolutely staying around but I studies that you're -- -- -- that -- don't need to be notes with rain all the surfaces and Lysol in an hour now apparently you're wasting your time doing that when when he co workers already sick. As they spread their germs before -- athletes show. This it makes sense because germs and viruses -- some little Parker -- -- -- that then you'll they you'll find a way to get spread so you handle bloggers yeah. I mean you would think that they would figure out OK let's let's threatening to -- Peary but you don't even know you're sick yet. And we can spread like wildfire. -- works. He now Wi -- -- sneaky little bunkers ST thank you got a virus that we can't fire him. Viruses -- other great -- that it can't do that -- that Patrick's day or about them alive and rectum is forecast. In itself. -- -- -- Which gets that being. Paris. I think it any camp it was glad not to catch it when we make it to new. Candidate today case for the -- In -- sixth congressional district. Bad manners tidbit and applause at an -- will announce whether or not he's running. For congress and many expect that he will say he it is but those -- -- texting me at 878 the company has uninteresting not. Once the CW will go to congress with his former seniority be under a microscope to do the right thing. I would vote for him to -- with two year term Greg thank you grant the other person says the people who vote for this criminal. Who used as political office for personal gain should have their voting privileges revoked what a bunch of squirrels and -- -- it -- ridiculous he can even run a -- run for state office. It can't vote in Louisiana because of state law but federal bosses and vote for congress. Now the president says no fool like an old -- And one more text message to -- that it's that anything that will definitely vote for -- and at that trade that he wins. Time for better when he was governor even though he did what he did. He has learned his lesson he -- them -- -- get -- -- learned his lesson after spending what is -- eight years in federal prison for corruption after his conviction. 86 years old would you vote for -- continue the conversation after sports. Well. It took overtime for the pelicans. If they could beat them Boston Celtics. Appropriately playing them that DD four. Think Patrick it tells what happened -- game and everything out the brackets -- wrapped in sports we take good morning to mark I'd take it away mr. Menard. Thank you Dave Anthony Davis almost single handedly will the pelicans to victory last night with a career mark with forty points. And when he -- rebounds in the -- snapped their two game losing streak with a one to 41120. Overtime victory over the Boston Celtics. Davis -- When he won five days ago. Making the fourth youngest player in NBA history to join the 42 when he club and the youngest and Shaquille O'Neal did at 21 years ago in 1993 the top teams that performs its. Both came from John drew in 1974 it will taste of Davis last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know -- the right yeah army corps of -- that he had to sit there go nuts and New Orleans. As I said he finished with forty. Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon into the cause -- when he sits in nineteen points respectively but no -- other than AD had more than five rebounds. Now 27 and 39 the birds take two days off and return to action to wrap up their six game homestand Wednesday night against Toronto. March Madness begins later this week in the brackets now been revealed. Florida Arizona and unbeaten Wichita State with easy choices for number one seeds the -- -- with the subject of much debate but it went ACC regular season and tourney champ Virginia after the cavaliers dismantled duke in the ACC final yesterday. Was -- school got in any dramatic fashion. Louisiana Lafayette closed at nine point gap in the final three minutes of the sun -- title game to tie up Georgia State. And send the game to overtime in the extra period you'll all did just enough to snatch an 8281 victory and locked down the Sunbelt automatic bid. The for the first time since 2005 we got ourselves if they don't know as the raging cages -- Danson and guard Alfred -- says the fourteenth seeds are not intimidated. I think we've seen lots output. That I we -- is going so many ways in now that defenses has taken up these says the less you have to have games. We need to anybody. The cages will have to play with -- Creighton and the nation's leading scorer Doug McDermott on Friday in San Antonio. I'm mark -- and that is your early look at sports -- victory -- coach mark when I'm with you on this Saint Patrick's Day I'm wearing my green I shall not be pinched today you are not. I wanted to Connecticut the stupid tradition but somebody well. Well I guess well Willett -- I'll I'll go to HR I think the Clinton and and we'll simulate that I imagine several human resources offices will be consulted today on the inching. Phenomenon. Speaking a phenomenon Anthony Davis while this guy really is the real deal. You know last year I think he was shackled -- to play as many minutes as many of the fans would have liked. This year -- let homeless guy had 88 year team. Forty points. And were entering the stretch and ours seems every night he's doing something even more fantastic than he did the night before. So Wednesday night he kept it. -- believable -- absolutely humble little break some records. My wanna go out to the nest and have a look they're playing the raptors last game of the this game homestand. You don't wanna miss -- in this guy develop these -- -- Thought you correct. I would. Entertainment sports and WW well AM -- them and I think in the ability to act they forecast coming up right after this. Saint patty's -- is none other than it has no parade could present it as -- catch that. Cabbage dictators. -- speeds the whole thing. -- her sentence importance of the trucks -- the truck floods came through in the background there. That a matter -- aired yesterday -- time had by Al didn't rain other than a few little drop some drizzle during the parade -- if you -- to drizzle today. Or your Monday if you are heading out for Saint Patrick's -- still more fun going on around this city it's going to be cooler outside temperatures all day holding in the fifties. -- -- slight chance for a shower at 20%. In tonight's skies will clear as temperatures dropped 38 north of the lake and 42 on the South Shore but the sun returns tomorrow. And cool highs around 65 -- Wednesday will back up to seven beats you with some sunshine. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- Now it's cloudy and fifty degrees on both sides of the life. Can't really tell them. Jack got a free meal at the parade -- man -- Wear my green are you. Dave Hoch knowing it -- -- -- -- go before everything I want to thank David overweight. Amber oh O'Leary. In -- you can trust mentally and and -- and security got one but now you have here. Quite the oh. For you today on a thing or old book Alan mark Coleman. You bundle -- if we go on out there finding green blanket wrapped around you're green jacket. It's gotta be cool all day long. -- think Patrick's day and I guess if you're picking up green -- you won't mind at all. Tommy Pope -- is up next here on WW well everyone have a fantastic Monday Althea tomorrow on the -- it's called up Monday that that'll already be used. A great day thank you for joining me early edition of WWL.

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