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WWL>Topics>>3-17 6:15am Tommy talks to a pub in Ireland

3-17 6:15am Tommy talks to a pub in Ireland

Mar 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Shannon with Johnnie Fox's Pub in Dublin to find out what they're doing in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's -- like and -- and I don't know I talked to Randy Shannon and Johnny boxes blog rather in Dublin good morning Shannon. A growing army I you don't very very happy Saint Patrick's Day today. Thank you same -- to everybody in New Orleans. Man -- tell -- -- I need to think a lot about the Internet as you can look at. You know just call up the places that you look and then I'm gonna Johnny Fox's club and this looks like something from the movie the quiet man with John McCain is that where it was filmed or not. No that was that was actually prior to that doomed in the yeah I am not -- in the poll itself. It looks as charming as it can possibly be with. The -- traditional Irish roofs and no -- flower boxes on the windows and that little green phone Booth in the front so tell me about that the celebration today what's going on. Well I have read every day every day appears inspected and obviously we gear up that that officer Patrick they were expecting. A few more people that you would expect them. The Pope people like without utilities -- is because where I am the measures although hoosiers own response -- 1798. Some like you say the Pope does look like something from the quiet on it's it's been their parochial visibility has been here for over 200 years. So it's a place called -- people when they -- -- -- And look -- people from New Orleans have accents too which -- to be clear you're saying the pub not the Pope bright. -- -- over there. They would the body exactly obliges wondering if you know the Pope and made a surprise appearance -- -- now and things like it down to earth guy he made like a played every now and then. Yeah he's and so you have remarkable and edit box as we welcome everybody. Somewhat at the menu here the some of the things that are available and I see something about a holy show what is a -- show. In the show that we wrote in the evening we -- from seventy Turkey and it -- and without borders which is hard to and did not. So I -- ought to basically is is an Irish dancing show it's additional hours starting with traditional powers music on before and stressed. I'm -- the developers intra party. Okay any we had seen a movie here the other if you -- the other guy's not there and an Irish pub in in the United States and each state. It turns singing. Sentence in the song of verses is it really happen errors at. That is when it. And -- was then -- announced it's not exactly a couple of audience participation in this. So everybody in the sitting through to all the and upon itself with that he viewed in the pursuit of and so. -- yeah I think it's interesting that. We think we're all different but yet elegant -- menu first item on the appetizer or starter on -- cried oysters that I -- to Johnny Fox's main course. At a giants shellfish platter which I guess a big seafood platter right. Yes he had that it's very popular -- -- that culture of this talk stations but it it's very popular period. It is -- -- the anyway and -- the popular vote but there it would CIA called their countries appear. Yeah I'll take it when it comes to traditional Irish food you know everything in the United States is in the grocery ads over the weekend everybody puts corned beef and cabbage policy -- is that really traditional Irish community guys -- a lot better than that. Well glad to be obviously technical on the fighting has that this thing impossible not really an art and it would be -- Particularly competent and -- really yeah a lot of -- this steroid issue which is made an arm. And what about -- spies -- uniquely Ireland. It's not your backyard and imploded is that about it would be a very aim listed separate party. -- it was yeah in the United States listening right now and they wanna celebrate saint Patrick -- any more traditional Irish way. They are Irish you wanna get back to their roots would you advise that you. In general. -- would be would be basically you know. Probably because. Probably begin at -- from lawyers do I am a basic to just join in and around the clock as we say you know. I don't know that relations problem that Syria and prayed. The clock police say the left in an -- which means which means how proud of the reform. Oh well -- But it and that is. Until you don't worry it would give him any especially in such -- state. I -- they feel it in order and of course a few particular. Mean cranky but it is time we all are the again this -- during this speech to be at room to. Rajoub who don't know I am no particular -- -- -- vote. Now I've -- here there's a -- we have a group would Debbie WL listeners taken a trip to Ireland in June and on and off your club is on on the the when he publicly beaten itinerary or not but if that is a much Tom look you up and say hello by -- -- Palin did do indeed. Will do that is traditionally the place looks I would think maybe have a great Saint Patrick's -- each and.

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