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3-17 6:40am Tommy, missing plane

Mar 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mark Rosenker, CBS News Aviation Safety Expert, about the latest on the missing Malaysian flight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David we take away break rather than saint Patrick stated talk about a serious issue which is that missing jetliner. And it seemed like a crazy conspiracy theory on Friday when we're talking about maybe the plane was somewhere maybe it was an internal. -- it was a mechanical failure but rather people got involved in this. Aircraft and mark rose sinker joins us right now CBS news' aviation safety expert former chairman of the national transportation. Safety board mark and -- pronounce your last name correctly. You actually -- them. Thank you very much appreciate. Thanks for taking the time -- tell me your thoughts on all listen and the latest. Actual information and anybody knows. -- don't know actually if anybody knows of them in this plane took off. Was supposed to be going to Beijing. Incredible things happen on the way that we can explain. Probably eat it and it still remains on the table as possibilities. But that accidents and seeing to it and moving to a different direction where we may see. Human intervention where it turned out to be criminal or terrorist itself. We just don't know what happened we have no aircraft we have no debris field we have no black boxes we have virtually -- I'd National Transportation Safety Board would use to do is basically you know take a puzzle. I guess that that's got some pieces missing and you try to reconstructed it. In terms and no debris field is -- the vastness of this areas that really calm. Consideration anymore. Certainly what is ultimately at the loss of Air France or force it back and I was still the chairman and June of 2009. -- didn't like that we began to find some debris field. They took mystery as to recover the black boxes but at least three we knew it was down. We need that we had some data by two -- messages -- four minutes work actually being sent. While the aircraft was all out of the sky sold we have something to -- absolutely am virtually nothing. Yeah you'd think -- -- and I guess as the party your duties of the National Transportation Safety Board reconstructing it and accidentally an airline crash she. You always have to look at motives I guess to be talking about terrorism correct. Well again we -- -- time. Accidents and as we continue to get through the evidence it begins to turn away from an accident we turn it over to the FBI we. That normally happens is we simultaneously go. With the assumption that it -- an accident that we lead the investigation. An -- until we begin to move the evidence toward another area that we not. Any oil leak investigation. It is the kind of joint joint operations. It is more and it appears to be looking like it could become criminal. Is there any way in terms of and I don't want to speculate on this. Specific case but is there any way a -- this size could've flown given that the limitations of a fuel its that are to an area where there is land and land and of course she. And partly you know clearly an airplane. With skill and to say that lake and area. If it is strong enough remembered that you need to -- did not an airplane ticket land on the beach. You could actually -- that said. It is remote possibility that happened to see a triple. -- Play in creating a -- And creating a let me read. When he gets here -- -- I -- So I. As possible. I had do not put a lot of the a reliance on that particular scenario. And I know you deal with what happens after an and you follow the evidence back and I'm thinking of this as an act of terror you would think unless it was just a mad man and -- cockpit you would think. He want everybody to know what he did and why he did it. We've seen. And as we've seen accidents where both pilots have all wish to commit suicide. That is extremely I can only think about two or three. In recent history and unfortunately. If we -- the airplane. Did not crash court two hours the attic. Cockpit voice recorder only takes -- amount time. Thereby you are recording over that which means whatever the incident was whipping the plane actually was commandeered taken -- -- it was. Problem we will not know however with that said -- like definitely quarter. It is very rich in its ability to uncover and provide us facts. So we won't know if this was and -- if course changes were made those kinds of things -- like. It just seemed circular in a way mark because we go from no debris field to the likelihood extremely rare that anything could happen. And annually was intentionally crashed an accident then we get to know debris field he around around. -- intend to find something. We have here is the equivalent. Without a body and so we don't have a crime we don't have a crime scene. We don't have anything about it. And that actually could happen you cannot run an investigation like that you'd need that ironically it's hard evidence. Like I appreciate your time and hope we get to talk to you again. Look forward to that side mark rose anchors CBS news' aviation safety board.

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