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3-17 7:15am Tommy, tattoos and love

Mar 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Karen Ruskin, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and author of "Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual," about tattoos and relationships

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I haven't had to have a good friend of -- doctor Kerry and Russ Ian. And particularly as they rudely to relationships doctor Ruskin of course a friend licensed marriage and family therapist. And author of doctor -- marriage manual will happy Saint Patrick's Day. Good morning good morning thanks for taking the time with a so there's -- survey out that says less and less Americans are like in tattoos. But more and more or get -- misses some kind of self loathing. Really I need to come out. It -- so close. Because that would belong to any club that would have me as a member I'll tell you that. You know. Our perspective that 50% don't like that okay yes that and Jerry the firm numbers as steady and 32% like that and 41% of Americans have them a little bit and the people. -- And that's me you don't get them from like a huge respect of which you have to look at the expertise of court. Patent hit Cheney. In the -- -- to increase the com. Like -- she didn't mean now quality. The verses what it meant. You. Mean -- What you'd go left and masculinity. And strange now days for the created expansion. Expect -- connections with one out. He talked about. What attacking me why -- these young women are very few different. Stage of life. Some struggle people are constantly. Working on it has meaning for that long ago. Before it expects the -- in connection with themselves. It was more than men in terms in the theory that the LP cut the split the magnificent. And trap the email that went into the firm in mid -- and been through aren't so different. Back in the day. And went went. You would find that a woman would have a -- two. And I don't mean -- insult anybody here all understandable as the perception among some that. Yeah and a girl that you know that -- -- a player. I you know attacked -- one -- LT. Cheap shot -- fast it is to me if somebody -- -- well rounded up and I'm at now back and. Like to think I was hesitant to use a phrase dirty girl. Not too long ago. Tattooed on his feet now had the word the meaning of security now. That is not the instinctive and reactive response. People got -- and you certainly. The younger culture really -- our generation really the younger generation is those that are really under 35. Each category. It is truly an expectant and I think than men in connection with themselves and it's it's different. -- to be -- you know with me and the communities in back in the day was. -- had a rough and unions does not. Yet he's not he. Yes yeah. So -- when it comes to relationships and maybe pre judging somebody on a -- war. Disclosing a tad too because not everybody you would think on the first date is -- your entire body and and media discloses right away. If you Dayton somebody in and I could see where there could be trouble lived Jane is going out with GO. And for Joseph tattoos or deal breaker and any clientele Jane has won. How do you handle Wallace. And you like anything else nothing is to -- lose. Well some things -- as well. I think if you said their dinner and all of a sudden out of other way habitat to. Can handle a lot I -- it did so many things. Closed right away you don't just blurt out some but -- And things that aren't exposed right away -- what I think really -- a little -- in it and mighty in an early stage relationship burn any age -- relationship. Articulate he used that -- That is really deal breaker for them if somebody expresses that and you'd recognize that something that you Catholic simply expresses. Howell that it -- that they are by taxes or. Smoking by drinking it if if these defectors or anything else but to deal breaker. Then it's on to this. That information that ankle though a lot me and I'll share it and -- really not being fair because you're trying to twist the relationship and that in the future when the president on articulated their pocket feeling. You're basically ignored and not caring about their feelings so much a point where you're up high. Our reality you have a lot more pat -- shared with you something that the deal breaker for them. Then you know let the man up woman up on you and your opinion in Poland. And -- about yourself. It's drinking is a deal breaker she did tell him before he had to pick their head up off the table. The pain hit hit hit hit hit it. Yet the big deal breaker. Grab their grandmother Mary Olympic break the and conjures an up and say I don't they does it'll work out and and just drop the heading. Tell me about doctor Kerry and Russ skins. Marriage manual. Opting for acting so that -- Manuel talked about eat hot marital don't and the that it. Sure reliant marriage and the Arab news that you must do in order to have a successful marriage he tipped communication -- Strategy that are practical doable. That will help you marry get any faith and debate whether it's declining whether it's in the trash -- quality and that one handset. And many would like it so -- both report that they feel like I'm talking to them. That they in fact about the people can get treatment web site at it -- an autographed copy. Cats so. That can and dot com that's GRT. ER and K I and it can't -- all of the top is Eric question that you want and now out from that. -- -- quickly and when and we we -- to get the traffic but it when they ask you this you know relationship were married and you wanted to add to any members -- absolutely not and is that your body should do what you want. And like leather patches or anything else -- -- -- share you can do you want but -- it. You're. Depressed and they wanna spend the rest of your life list that -- its relationship with feel that strongly about something. You're making decisions for yourself and you need to know going into it that if you're going to ignored their belief that he might not end up staying with them -- Gary -- -- they did not appreciate you time. My --

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