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3-17 8:15am Tommy, Saints salary cap

Mar 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Joel Corry, an NFL contracts & salary cap expert, about the Saints signing of Jairus Byrd and their cap situation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph -- joins us right now and if contracts and salary cap expert former sports agent and a writer for national football post dot com morning Jill. More good thanks it's taken time with a isn't happy Saint Patrick's Day. So tell me about the signing of -- -- and what effect that's gonna hands on I guess NFL teams everywhere. Well the saints signed it was kind of surprised because. Having -- -- 2.5 million cap room heading into free agency suggested that they wouldn't be players. Algiers bird. What this is going to you -- it's -- great -- -- any -- on. Earl Thomas and area meaning. Some. Getting used that deal is starting point for negotiations. With the Seattle Seahawks. He's entering contract year party -- and not even priority to get on new deal -- charm. He could become the first ten million dollar per year same. So it does -- designs with so little room under the tent. How did they make descent and I swear to goodness jolt like trying to think of of how this works and try to understand and and I can't for the life of me. Structure. -- -- 2014. Cap number. It 3.5 million which was literally is the same not a cap room the saints picked up. From trading Darren Sproles to go to equals. Next year immediately pinpoint anybody dollar cap number which can be ice cap number foresee the -- -- in -- -- the impact on the defense now that -- in -- Chicago makes them arguably. The second that. Speaking of them I'm Seattle's duo of -- chancellor Earl Thomas did -- two point lead our cap numbers out in the streets. That would that they restructure contracts. For those of us that have a hard enough time paying our bills and managing our checkbooks and credit card debt is this. Is this philosophy in the NFL when it comes of the salary cap you know what let's worry about this year next year who knows what's gonna happen in terms of who's available. You keep an eye on who's coming up with what contract. It on your team and and you hope that the cap goes up I mean how you. Keep all of these balls float in the air. Most dean -- playing in 34 year increments. And the teams which are any window of opportunity in what is Super Bowl yeah we'd take Apple's worried about the future. -- later approach. That's what the saints have been doing. He was doing that. You're out there ever a contender. These teams are benefiting from the expected growth and cap this year. It was initially projected to be 126. Point three million into up 133 million. They're supposed to be similar increase in the cat next year. It -- kept it close at 41 billion. And the -- -- -- the -- so caps contribute about 100 to keep. If those projections are right. So the growth and a cap. Well he could pay more approach that we can -- out tomorrow a little more work out today morning workout tomorrow. Brutalized -- -- again I guess if your head works that way you can understand all this uneven get how they could do. Three or four years in advance though or at least -- a rough outline as far as the saints and enrollment. And some of the other guys that are hang it on Zach Strief Parys Haralson -- Collins Joseph Morgan. How did the saints manipulated or at least. Put money awful whatever you call it to get some other people signed. Well. Restructure some contracts. Last year they stretcher being -- -- happened in more calls. Stretch all those contracts in the same manner that it last year did you pick up ground. Cap room. Arguably. -- the highest number he's eighteen point four million. To restructure the probable structuring them next year cap numbers -- we formula. The only player higher cap number is totally wrong. In due course -- producer could next year's cap number so that. -- -- -- It is ready to do something -- cap number next year it's important for 26 point marine captain. And that's that's what I guess in my own simplistic way drives me crazy because and think in. Well just like put off a credit card payment or not -- and cash in charge and things on a credit card eventually gonna have to pay for all this but. Perhaps not necessarily with the -- going opera with. Police still on the money right even if if they retired. He retired. Yet there we believe the player money that aren't currently in signing bonus. Because. Player retires and some instances the language and say did he give back the pro rated portion of that money. You don't see some players tired they force him to cut them. Some of what. Thanks candy cap room here. It will Jamie Graham. On the long term deal. Putting greens. Are right now he's counting its size and her. Well that -- in position over seven million and the cap on a long term you would expect that cap number will be work. Thank you for your time and I'm just curious if if you were to sit down with me jolt -- think it would take needed to grasp while others. The per year pretty and -- -- would be able explain it. It away which makes cents an hour to them. And think in maybe 34 weeks I appreciate it. Don't get Oregon's mount is it seems like you you do is keep it off and eventually the bill's gonna come to you he'll appreciate your time and hope we talk to you again.

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