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WWL>Topics>>3-17 9:10am Tommy, Saints re-sign player

3-17 9:10am Tommy, Saints re-sign player

Mar 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the re-signing of an offensive player

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike it's really AR WW LN FL analyst about the resigning of Zach Strief -- Mike. I'm doing -- -- tell me what you think about this and what it means of the saints. -- -- -- the last two weeks that they want you got so bird line is priority number one. Would think that you are excellent at it like tackle position. -- get -- -- -- what he's done it football. In the most consistent offensive lineman pat what she. Now again. You cut -- some real low moments with that -- line. There late in the year when the sanctuary in the football effectively they rated the right side. -- Yemen actually. Underrated at pat detective. How -- vocal leaders you have to go and let that be true. You can play it by late in the game. If you've got a -- Everybody remember two times he got beat pretty good point that. And it will bring the Seattle game bring up late game -- -- wouldn't let me. Robert quite the guy. -- nuptials brown on the left side so. It is an excellent line against -- so. All of the kitchen -- -- longer operative wanted. If you got a good young you know in the -- bring in Tibet and Backstreet. To protect. Bill you print job and into glory. I like the signing. Their lot outfit that you're going to at this point not. He hit the option. That probably going to be. That -- -- against the plate and play at a high level. Up we're back oracle get someone else. And Mike -- offensive line collectively didn't have a great season. Zach -- didn't grade out that badly -- No he was animals can sense that player I think -- on that came along the -- of life. -- -- while you try to bring him back -- -- -- agent tried to look around maybe some the -- -- but really. The sanctioning debut more than anybody else and like it really duplicate. That spot you there. Thank you -- I need to rush you but I -- guess -- not just want to get your take on assigning real quick will -- again but about.

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