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3-17 9:10am Tommy, overtime rule change?

Mar 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Tammy McCutchen, a former administrator of the wage & hour division at the Dept. of Labor, about Pres. Obama's attempts to change overtime pay rules

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Moving on overtime now we talked to Tammy McCutcheon thanking you ma'am for your patience. A former administrator of the wage and hour division of the US Department of Labor and attorney at Littler Mendelson. And happy Saint Patrick's Day tea. Thank you. Know. There's an -- and Kelly are you Redskins. -- -- McCutcheon Irish. Scottish I -- let's talk about overtime because the president wants to use an executive order change overtime laws he says. Employees are being classified as salaries of companies and working as many hours is they won a lot of times they're being classified as executives when you're doing. Very menial jobs explain all of this too is if you willing and go back to the last change in the overtime law. I and Department of Labor and over a -- -- important change you. -- -- -- -- -- And Arabic or -- -- or are -- that was back in the nineteen. You can find out. Are buried there aren't that inning Beckett and administrative. Rational and they are your intentions and what I got it yet. Actor what are -- should we look at regulation we. Our -- and out or make further changes that are going to -- to create a number already -- all of our. There should be OK we're -- under coach regulation. So where Yahoo! is exempt right now or is it. About what you do -- the way the company classifies you. -- extra bank. Your age group and what your page and you're Judy I'm in a salary they. But back and fort -- are stay at your expense or you don't pay over. All your wall here and he. Working the morning out. And end picture or injured cattle on track you're how -- on our you're counting year old boy here. You weren't there working sit here and get it into -- like. You -- your salary. At lunch runs limit law own. All it is an urgent global still getting eight or during that there is out there are. And other -- -- back in their allotment or without their do not match. And -- -- -- and view being at -- an indication that there aren't competent and they're well. You can't count currently make -- it -- -- dollar each. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. And fourth spot and be current proposal to increase at all. I'll -- occurred on it that way. Apollo ports are keeping it ranged proper inflation in my -- -- all that out about each year. Forty. Because of inflation from wind. -- -- as it stands now only regulated for 55 week roughly 24000 a year and it wanna make that number up to 55. It. Yet so yeah in terms of that -- Do you businesses and and long term economic idea what to do it. It did business Bentley on people augment or at least reclassified job there. Non exam and keep the salaries somewhere between what it's going to be maybe an unintended consequences. Well I got it right now -- and bright and I hopefully. Our government. Increased our pop -- that means more people. And I'm at a gentle. Day there. A I mean I there -- people oracle or. A great night. I'll say it. That in their power -- four hours that made you hire people. Caught in -- our record. From -- I'll go archery. Now. I appreciate anything when Ed -- McCutcheon will relate to go. Areas that are at a lower and lower wages -- -- what I like. It out there might work in New York City. Where it -- what do parked car. -- and Michael Powell over how to read that you bet there are part. But I don't think it ticket and it will it impact Russia -- it it the war -- -- all -- war. And -- -- is nothing to -- -- and it. Now why aren't at all right you don't let people work -- there. Were horrible -- exactly. That's exactly and I'm thinking because again and unintended consequence of this could be okay and I'm not gonna have. One salaried personnel bring in two or three hourly people -- -- dog owners they're gonna get any overtime or even come close a forty hours. -- -- -- I. What I thank you -- -- -- appreciate you to -- quickly wearing green today. But -- -- our. Job here again to thank you so much appreciate. It again.

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