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3-17 10:10am Garland, Veterans healthcare

Mar 17, 2014|

Senate Republicans rejected a bill expanding veteran benefits. They said the wait times are too long at VA hospitals and the costs for current veterans are too expensive, therefore we shouldn’t ADD any vets to the system. Is this what we promised those who fought while we didn’t? We were joined by Pete Hegseth, CEO, Concerned Veterans of America and Veteran of Iraqu & Afghanistan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Drove me home we're gonna talk about some boom that we're all going to be talking to one or later our infrastructure. Problems were collapsing unions and states. American. Engineers and association is given infrastructure in this country basically -- -- plots. Talking about bridges and grow food -- in. Every kind of infrastructure you can think -- in trouble. At all says it would it would pay more taxes. But we're still gonna take a look at book could be -- and -- -- and increasing. Which hadn't occurred in quite a while and also in total control it's told for Mario. Does to you that could be -- tournaments in which. Well article will be rubio marijuana debate. -- -- a little bit different -- ten builds in the legislature. And they're basically range from the body consideration. Of meta man on medical medicinal marijuana. To. Thoughts attempts to possibly. Low for the penalties in the jail sentences or MB. Few cases and some of every possibility. Decriminalized. This hour we're going to be talking about watching. Jon Stewart and how conservative state is not -- popular but I alike Lucia knows. And it was important Republicans. As as he. Claimed. That quarter -- was McCann put that John Travolta and his Oscars. But thriller from sharing bonuses and it is Republican reject build expanding veterans' benefits. Basically what it was. Borbon better repairs bill that would have expanded benefits for. Former servicemen. And repeal the military pension cut for the future troops. Was projected in the senate and in. And the measure didn't garnered no Republican votes to we've going to be spending limit. Established under the budget congress and President Obama in -- in December. And the changes that they have revoked or refuse to me. Would cost about 21 billion dollars in years. And we try to get a bit. All of our congressional. Republican. Representatives couldn't get anybody. What were you were able to get treated hedge says. See you concerned veterans of America better and of the abroad in Afghanistan wars. Welcome sure appreciate -- call. -- Let me get to the arts and -- and reading from the Washington Post. -- would have expanded benefits for former. Service members. Did tell me what what does that me. And benefits for former church members would mean for better -- mean that's that's effectively what they're talking about it all the bills. All all that aren't yet so what defenders spilled it a couple of reasons everything it's. Simple pipe writes about people who oppose this vendors bill -- veteran which. We know is the typical rhetoric coming Washington what was it they took issue with. Eight the sources of funding bill which is point one billion dollar into BP -- by. Overseas contingency operations war on we're gonna take -- war on you folks in Afghanistan the paper about it bill. People thought was put not a good idea second call you -- built originally was -- Was intention was meant to. Place the cost of living adjustment that had been part of the Ryan budget. In place to be impetus for the bill was gone and then not the third party it's what it is that it changed the mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs. It would open up every single record every single former Serb member right now the vehicle -- rebuild the circuit connected disability -- you need your help people. Before he went into the military. And then you -- and earlier I'll -- Or the government is is no ought take care of that -- let's say every -- and no matter what had access. And what we could be oppose this bill as an organization we believe it would like that. Highlighting the replicate the back -- The preventable that the problems that the department that are prepared. You open it up everybody thought leaders -- that's already bailing these sports and make. But what is making the wait times and and how -- you can work for. So basically and well we've seen in the afternoon Jon Stewart it is it is wrong. I think it's hyperbolic yes I think it's fleeting and you know. But with that are built -- people against figure in the anti veteran -- -- a single person in Washington and indeed you know the congress who. If he believes that oppose this bill that did so because they're empty. Better and they'd get it because they had eight different viewpoint on how that turned could be better server that the same reason our organization oppose this bill. -- Look at the traditional solution to problems with that control. It just drove more money to the prop one point 11 billion dollars more. More on the 60% over the last five years other part the government in cup. People out and rightfully export it however veterans are seeing the attention from what type are still long. Veterans are still in -- Eric -- facilities one for coming -- about your exact its two art being fired even though their department for failing. So what -- He set for more accountability and that's why. Lot of senators to oppose the -- instead of a war. New accountability matters that would allow the department actually fire bad employees. And prevent them from giving bonuses. People were feeling departments so it's not speaker -- -- is it about a better the. So that part of the answer for those of voters and that they might have voted or portable or -- If we use only you overseas money for military to fund -- is that. I think that apartment. Where. Why we end that are more than those -- -- against that one -- the -- All because why. You'd take. It's passes the -- -- to take money from a trigger -- in Afghanistan. To try to paper view that current funding -- in the United States. If you if if -- on -- -- that was our primary let's find another place to pay for a -- we. I might be intentional about that support for the senate bill supporter while the other traditional that patients. And I I'd call and equipment but why it's important that takes problem. But walked fighter used to be that -- -- while we take from them on that front party that got about a place yet. Dude could -- you that they would. Use some of the money that group Pennington would have read about it I mean it's true and more than where you -- views. We read about. In Afghanistan. And rock. Billions and billions and billions dollars being wasted on infrastructure. For Iraqis for Afghanistan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ultimately it's been it's actually up against waste that the department that are objective about it. We are always has -- is not just got problems with. Where they standard color and anybody else and that's why we've been in paper audit and it includes. You can understand what the -- The pocket of out this 1941. Billion dollars it would be I think for -- as you know is -- is it. In many ways an anti war socialist senator from Abramoff his perspective shouldn't be fighting there anyway so let's pull from that -- Print -- an Indian but. At this point we're going now where were they -- pull back. We still have troops in play odd that money that the panic out specifically requested the fight -- -- and to take from it. He would try to make a decision or -- Powell supports and I just don't like it makes. Are going to take a break here we're -- -- baca. Once again. -- -- serial mature over the regular -- reason called think tank. Not conservative -- liberal. We've pull up. -- -- and subjects. Usually of importance to all of -- and in particular if there in pursuing. And we get experts like Greg yesterday and read from them from multiple news sources. I'm telling you it's getting to be out at ten times where it's sixty minutes -- today. It was proven totally incorrect by two of our experts. And we haven't happened over and over and over again and it's getting more and more to the question who do you trust well for a number of days when I'm doing my homework on difference or use. Stumble across. Claims that does -- rejected for reaching better repairs builds and when you read the -- It sounds like the veterans or were really being abuse. Government too conservative publications. And peppering in the beginning of this from Jon Stewart show look you went from Washington Post. But as we hear so much on the show. -- we you referred to news reports. Time and time again we're told that categorically untrue and again pointed. Sixty minutes in recent Oreo and on drops. We have we true experts that weren't liberal conservative -- that firms in that category. Came aboard are all gonna discuss the show and they basically said the open to a and were virtually in the same position and today we have book lead -- with the C Euro concerned veterans of America and a veteran of Milwaukee -- at war and the -- pianist and you know more mature polian stand let me Rupert to one of these opponent for -- says. A veteran groups expressed frustration but bill's failure. Says it's all about partisan politics it's not true. -- think that stroke it that we were the only group that opposed it. And that American veterans which is the fourth largest conventional -- spoke ordered by congress also came out. Oppose it it was not universal but that's the good news that and actually I had not been -- -- art politics. And I think they do it 81 of its agreement about how you fix an apartment that he fail and the that -- A long time and frankly the way back from service organization and order that yourself a Vietnam and thank you are your server ball. And guys but they're there had been for years. And it's just more money he would and I think many in congress has started -- wake up to the idea that. All the lot of the problem that the department it's a culture pop up a lot of the customer service or lack of accountability or lack of transparency. And that there are better ways and -- get these massive spending bill that you -- the policy disagreement. And that's -- our group came out forcefully. Against the bill say their. At least we can we can do it and -- report by acting oral or. Drug Tillman all the words. What are all the -- we can do -- Oh go let me be clear it'll -- good -- to -- We were not fundamentally opposed to the entire bill the core of the bill was. Opening up category in which would mean every tree -- get back to the exit them out at you for being with what they're about all the other. Betrayal op apparently to do it that built -- speed -- Sport of bipartisan bill. By Jeff Miller the chair Al BA BA committee actually senator rubio that it -- be -- accountability act. And it's very very simple that you wonder. Empowers the secretary the Department of Veterans Affairs they're -- he -- into fire. Senior at its server manager so the border to go to the better prepare like -- so much red tape and bureaucracy. That if someone failed. That'll work apartment with a -- book claims. Very difficult secret and it's a lot of other bureaucracies. And example like views of how to get back. Active it is Walter Reed to read we all about the Phillies appear will -- the departed -- and pop gates fired. That -- army animal people are out immediately and -- change in turn around sector and that he doesn't have a very tool. And the bureaucracy can all well him and -- you do the actually change culture so simple thing like eagle. Hire -- people accountable. A lot more effective I believe in and an organ or region lineup this legislation number of others walked. Active than just war dollars in the system that happened proved to be back. So let -- read the parts -- the big concerns the end tell me what I am misunderstanding. A for the people who -- -- of voters in that he would it was a feeling -- we can't add more people. To the system right now we got extensive waiting and we're gonna backlog of disability claim it would go frustration. And the lazy -- Where veterans firing from long ways for basic necessities like Coleman possibly news. Veterans waiting for the dismal week claimed to be processed in and so forth and so on. To meet the that we are routed to and I think that probably reluctant. Was that. The money wasn't being given because a bald that the ladies and frustrations. At all lack of Google and -- All that money is being -- because it would exacerbate the delays exacerbate the problems because it would change. The extra -- from. And it would explicitly change. -- -- implicitly change the mission BA from organization or just those Serb connected disability those. Were wounded while serving or combat. You haven't -- but right now nine million. Patrick back to the daycare there's a number that to get maybe to retrieve your service didn't happen injuries or illnesses and -- but it. -- BA -- and did little to everybody that formatting a system that are all about that the reason for the opposite. Our -- to -- didn't some group particulars legislation itself. Corporate spending veterans have been pollutants including dental and medical care. You think what they're getting right now is adequate or or is -- bad service. All I mean. And the -- Is that if you have the good fortune as a veteran Mac hasn't the daycare living here is good the hospital. And then you might. And you do have good doctors and you marketing group here but. Europe or the hospital or near the top but Altman. -- the mild or stop we wait time for secure the local law he co -- could be that you mention. Or port there are preventable play like it management expert but what side so that. Actually out of luck of the draw and our organization like -- and if that actually. There was some portability the ability to access care elsewhere. It would provide more options for the record being underserved. Whole -- of fire right now they got they know -- -- competition that you know they're the only game in town and they know it can't be fired. And we've seen in other is not receive that combination and who who it's under serpent and not. Better and so sometimes. The cure is good sometimes isn't as mentioned there are some parts of this field worker like the panel. Op piece swear word that conducted in summit here and there are certain -- that the people on the bill and Utley. That's all that supposed be -- Well what's the correct information about the cause of living adjustments. I cracked yeah it did articulate correctly so there. Bill that was passed it fixed the cost of living it up for fall color -- current ones are so. You're here it. Accuracy. Reductions in the living here aren't those -- -- however future. That people would not sign an -- yet who we have not made a promise -- will see changes in their living. We actually support certain that American there there needs war. Military pension reform they fit the personnel and medical off the Pentagon -- squeezing out. -- -- Options and so we outperformed -- we can't break promises current retirees which is what the more -- -- -- -- -- supported fixing that but those in retirement. Or in the system for the same mine mine like -- want to -- -- -- -- -- different contracts because of fiscal budget reality. -- -- and wanted to change that for the future as well we just don't feel like that's necessary that there are some thought that he made. Well if a lot of this information concerning balances is not correct. Do you foresee any time in the future room where but recruiters are gonna vote a difficult time convincing people to join. I think. You know there will be a difficulty there -- -- -- an organization that's trying to -- on the report veterans affairs we don't want him. We wanted to be so bad that it discourages people back. They're that powerful -- believing that their government doesn't want to take care. You -- you help educators thank you overdrawn.