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3-17 11:10am Austin Badon, decriminalizing pot

Mar 17, 2014|

Factions warring over Louisiana marijuana laws seem to have reached a partial agreement--an agreement to decriminalize pot…and push addiction treatment rather than jail time. But, once there’s no prison time, will more people smoke? We were joined by Autsin Badon, State Representative.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well birds think about it again and I'm Merrill all of that is this a little bit different reviews and a recent meeting between those for and against. Was dubbed. Is let me -- -- specifically. But besides have met both sides of the issue largely conceding the prison is not the best Swede -- you -- a -- Unknown. Basically yeah I think the end and of rural -- and what you read here and -- today it just could you read your inserted the -- is truthful and direct. That's pretty good troops it's not. So we -- cold -- experts try to program exactly what's going on. Ten bills I think you've been piled in the legislature. Concerning marijuana. Represented about us than about all state represented -- district 100 where this. -- old piled eight -- house bill fourteen. Also welcome the show good talking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First of all before we get your Bill Maher -- in my hearing the bill of warring factions beginning to. About decriminalization. -- that in centuries. I would definitely the case people are talking about the criminal work. Simple marijuana use. The problem with that is considered. The governor has come out and he -- that you are paper recreation of Merrill huge. So therefore what deception in the next session while the governor and all that. I would probably figured back on the -- Bewkes. Decriminalized recreational marijuana simple reason to -- are going to draft the BO. They are currently lead you don't trying to repair the video and and the government would veto it and does not get bigger issue. -- the legislature will column itself back into recession or rugby -- so. You probably won't see that now he is in favor of medical marijuana use and a quarter disappeared these kind of educate everybody who lives in a medical marijuana. We're not talking about putting -- -- cigarette in the multiple arguable. There are other forms of marijuana come to gel caps to come in lakes and things like that so. You know that's the issue would medical marijuana and then the last thing that he'll whip our appeal -- or treat. Is to redo the criminal penalties for simple marijuana possession. It does not do anything to that partly tactic in that they -- stuff this instead it. Nor does it affect beat the person who is pushing the Merrill. Of -- -- -- did you would lighten that sentences how much what what would your bill laps. Well okay currently right now for the second conviction a simple Maryland you can get five year. -- -- would take it down to two years what third conviction you could yet when a year -- it would take it down to. Five year. Andrew but why -- why is the governor against the decriminalization. And cold sober. The people in the legislature that regents and board board reasons to Vegas. Well I can't speak for the governor -- configured from talk of a mark currently. They feel like it would open up candles are you know and in an -- and work we'll have a person that comes up to a this year we will look -- -- Decriminalize marijuana is on the record in the bar the do it here at my leisure group -- coal. Next here you have -- account to appreciate that be reached there I mean let's. -- decrypt that. You know cocaine methamphetamine. -- -- anybody yet do it at all you know our I don't go out wit it or anything like that. I think if elected open notebook Angela true. Other drugs that would come out for decriminalization. And that's one of the big arguments that are here. I know abuses. A crazy question. But or for the people there were against it. There they're concerned about it children. They don't anybody dying from this stop that weigh heavily thing in the cigarette instances not regulated -- so open it could. Make him sick hurt and kill them. They don't -- get anybody hurt because of all the violence would that -- everything else. Has anybody ever called you and said you know based on those reasons for concern. We really should go back to illegal alcohol and smoke. Well our he has you know architecture. In Obama or whether arbitrary decriminalizing marijuana but I -- The whole alcohol and tobacco issue quite frequently. Because. You know you hear things like well you know we decriminalize or alcohol iron. It does not stop the number of people who drink and drive. When you look at tobacco they put it right on the outside of a big record that it will cause cancer but yet we've made it legal. Soviet Union argument -- Hernandez the other argument about. The money that it would -- if we decriminalize that we -- collar -- trees and Colorado probably from the numbers are per generated over 77 million dollars or. -- You know my philosophy is all on any Mac couldn't. And so you know be prepared real problem in Colorado are -- looking at up to the other night. They had to hire more trooper in train the troop group specifically on the effects of marijuana on the roadways because -- -- Brittany. They gave everybody court laws to basically -- And then people are using it driving but he practiced special training. There's very little both. Just just some of it borne from what it's based on and it's okay. You got a good point out of both of them things that happened there but we've we had some people on meal of the day of minutes ago. Have you seen what marijuana dose of the brain as well. If you take a look at a whole new neuropathy. Cerebral degeneration. With Kuroda -- you know a lot of deaths and and and 80000. Deaths per year and do you wise. Smoking. Here one says the BBC's that he says that your brain. There's no boots. Smoking causes 92 billion dollars a year not even arguing with a knotted should be legalized the arguments they make. -- not to crow laws and not making it legal. Doesn't make any sense that they would allow these two to keep. Were you would be the proponents would be criminal patients say it doesn't make any -- Two currently. Addictive and are toxic things that aren't known to cause problems whether such you know internally health problems as well as. -- -- And you know polygamy is legal and you're used to order of marijuana that is illegal. And -- -- -- concerns you know they're very concerned want is they don't want it to fall into the hands of children Little League you know. Children and young people the impression that it's okay the smoke and that it's OK to -- something that is. You know some people say it is addictive. And then the other thing is a lot of people don't wanna come across as being soft on crime because -- -- marijuana is illegal. They don't want it because -- come across to their constituents that they they are soft on our. We'll be articles written about and I put my hand to augment the spores you know Mississippi. Would be decriminalized. Reduced it to a misdemeanor. Tin years ago and more of this and gives -- -- was quarters then I mean when -- ten years behind Mississippi. -- something there. -- Also new partners sued crow code between the governor and who was -- miss Lucas aka the heads up a senate committee. No chance. A very much being done about it at this point. At the -- best chance for bills like two hours of light. Reduce the penalty is little bit to understand that Crooklyn. Yeah that pretty much it you know that's it's Oca is openly voiced his opposition to. In an article reforms for a marijuana whether to even. Certain -- reduction he's not in favor he's definitely not in -- Merrill. Do you think that I heard that he made statements. Our list view we were able to get. Community we weren't elected as through their community that you shouldn't chairman. Are able to get to the senate -- we just literally ran at a track that's quorum. Working right now to get started you know -- in the second confession to make sure that that is not on the table that had to prepare we have a clean bill this year. A duke tell me where I'm wrong. Most of the reasons -- here's why we shouldn't. Seems to ignore the fact that that already the case. Kids can get ahold somebody might pride. The cops would have to find out how odd though of the -- -- it. I mean now almost everything. That would be a problem if who was decriminalized. And we've already do we know. Well yeah I mean people get access to it right now. That question about whether it would have decreased street activity where people were -- industry in on match I'm not sure about there. From the thing that I operate through Colorado and Washington State it has not decreased street activity because. You know you have underground black market or going to -- try to do people do and try to get that that we. But I can tell you there. For a -- that late to the legislature made medical marijuana legal. Area. However they did not promulgating a rule for a pharmacist -- store to be able to set of Ireland and -- -- -- For the chemical content in the people did not hit an option where they could go and -- land description bar. And so you know what we're doing right now in the legislature would appeal to establish rules where it can be set where people can have our. When you talk about simple marijuana possession checked that the -- Louisiana. Triple Maryland position means that you can hear about the sixty Powell. Cannibals or marijuana in Europe that. All. That well we're. Not the deciding factor is when you're gay couple goals they make raid in the trying to that you you know 5750. -- But it might be separated into individual little -- and a police officer in the district attorney that would know. Us not forget currently use you use the -- to distribute so are you all of the different statute. But that's what desolate and statute right now and we -- Well. And I can't funded and in our problem rooted in correctly. He did the New Orleans City Council. Minimized the penalties reply. Yes yes or at least there's an award the -- of one of the or maybe you spare rooms. That is. That simple possession. And I mean again that it only four year old are you is they -- -- and in -- that's something that's really critical to allow people that's for all of our citizens because. When you get a felony case it makes it extremely difficult for you to. You know get -- -- -- We can't. -- -- you're not gonna go to jail -- You're right you're not gonna go to Jerry and get some engine -- gay community service like -- truck trading. -- -- -- sold sold the localities. Can go ahead and do it. But the legislature. Is debating. Not even really wanted from what to do that legislature just debating should we send him to prison pro let's time. That's correct right the localities -- New Orleans did it right you know and I got the bears did it right into it and does -- -- -- because. When you have that scarlet letter a felony on your records in makes it very difficult for you get a job and are we also have to also addressed the issue of possibly expunged you know people who -- it. There aren't too little more on what they did it to themselves that they were arrested short. To get it -- you know have a clean record on no problems for years they can get directed explorer that's something else we need to explore. All right looking to bring him -- callers Greg bureau with the awesome battle appreciated the call. I'd like -- Garland are you were talking initially about the about. The numbers of people being arrested any sort of you heard about 136 seconds that fits with the numbers are -- we -- actually going to prison -- 36 seconds. -- That would be the -- 600 sucked and so on -- war. They're about -- people on our about what Butler -- would date. For 65 days -- about a million people a year which is out war we had also. That is a huge tragedy and a huge destruction of life across America for a million people a year. To be tagged with a felony. And what did you prison time and have the affect their life. All of that just because of marijuana. A -- that for a long time. It's not marijuana that -- people so prohibition of marijuana. That -- lies that they slot across the contrary. You let go -- You've got people. They -- day how much now that -- time. But. Not that there. Are college. Possibilities. If that were there don't want the Mets look -- professional capabilities. The Mets -- lies. Not even just that. The top again but the rest -- -- that the view of this felony conviction. And the president experienced. And did you put on top of that how many people are hurt because those -- -- -- and stay out of prison. And so does it -- that a prohibition they're getting messed up mixed up with people. Or dangerous or are doing other crime all the bonding with crimes that that goes on. From the legal sales. And it does that pump tablet -- -- stage huge social auction of the American people out there people a year and try to. -- Go one or didn't mean country are truly didn't exit the exit the bottom getting ready to but it. Him a -- and the question that always. A lot of people were cool drew prohibition of -- with with the -- And now lives in mutually and everything you know same thing is happening today. -- all the problems with the alcohol today. I don't see anybody shooting each other. Over the price over the smuggling of with a pro vision. Bob boots. Wouldn't the violence in of the goal if there was a criminalize legal. Well. Our own little by that I mean you know there -- also the Q so. You can cool news. Well that's true I mean it's it's legal and in the lot of cases it's not that expensive. And marijuana it's it's -- drugs. You know some people -- that they took some people say it's rather addictive and you mayors and it may -- the street. Value but it may put. The the people on the street to a portion of the stuff out of business I don't know army. I can tell you when it occurred in other places that we used in mr. Gates's. They haven't seen in dramatic increase in the amount. Street level pushing. Our in state that it be criminal. But I do not gone back to a I think the color correction yeah and Louisiana we won the states. Then. Will incarcerate a lot of we do that -- probably more than any other state and I called world's. People got realize when you commit crimes the people American money for you sitting here. And so you know hopefully that. In an incentive that -- which are committing crimes because when you do that you -- you -- you go on the late and other people make money. Your delegates organ so Warren doesn't that in our board or on references goes slow represented -- appreciated the domino your -- we thank them. I saved Jews and --