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WWL>Topics>>3-17 11:35am Jim Becnel, decriminalizing pot

3-17 11:35am Jim Becnel, decriminalizing pot

Mar 17, 2014|

Factions warring over Louisiana marijuana laws seem to have reached a partial agreement--an agreement to decriminalize pot…and push addiction treatment rather than jail time. But, once there’s no prison time, will more people smoke? We were joined by Jim Becnel, Program Director, Jefferson Parish Alliance of Concerned Citizens & Assistant Professor of Psychiatry LSU Health Sciences Center.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah program of thinking about marijuana again -- saw a little bit different -- and wanted a consumer run ten builds being. Introduced in the legislature. Leasing unit that a forward to removes image may -- missing it seemed -- to a reduction. In sentencing. -- gym bag no more than program director jumps and Parrish alliance of concerned citizens. Assistant professor of psychiatry coach who helps alliances and Jim I appreciated stock and welcome to Jordan. Or. It would -- I've read it and and one of the publications. After meeting germs and -- -- said the anti drug -- to put and those that are. Parole on doing mortgage real time. Closer in agreement on at least one point both sides of the issue. Largely conceding the prison is not the best we can deal with the fenders that is that. Yeah that's correct that's been pretty much be. A long held belief are a lot to look in their treatment prevention field. There are largely what we're dealing Lipton for some time with -- it would it would in the United States in particular is an epidemic of public called addiction. Such as -- disorders. That are public health problem that a little bit. End particularly for -- in Wednesday shouldn't go to jail or what I'm talking about is. Position when you have someone who as an addiction and they continue to use. And that's portable they can't -- despite the adverse consequences. That continue to -- -- option is jail for them and I think port. Leader Craig -- from wrong but I could aid to New Orleans City Council. All moved to a marijuana position to a misdemeanor no real time and I think ten years ago or more Mississippi. Took with the jail time end and making you know the -- and a other than a mission Miramar brawl. That's that's correct and decriminalization. What would normally refer to decriminalization. And most -- it's about. Small. A -- usually let him down. -- someone because. Church that was and not face any any guilt and so that's become more patient actually. The not in Myanmar prediction doesn't support because Deschanel war. Well for example. I had someone who attended countered that -- last week and the New Orleans has decriminalized possession. What you actually. Widespread use. There are people smoking in the arena publicly. Yeltsin underage kids there so if you look at it again at the public health problem and -- -- reduce -- world risk. During trading -- in practical -- view is that problematic for me though and that kind of thing just straight decriminalization would be a problem that -- I'm north of birds small country but I read about download -- interview with the law enforcement people. From Portugal. And Roberts earlier all the law enforcement I've talked to win it was spurs being debated. Said the same thing you do. Reporter the places and Mara talked him before it was put in place and also at the same thing increasing whose kids in particular. Not only is that daughter had happened. There's still in their legislature parliament whatever they call it. Have longer to do to put the restrictions active in tune to make complete loser again. Law enforcement sliding against the because now they're saying no it didn't opt usage that the lord that end. We're able to use the -- -- of people in man hours and money. To Roy after the really hard drugs like cocaine in her work well what are your thoughts on -- Well actually the Kremlin patient referred to become more recent Portugal not the same thing talk about here in the United States for -- -- don't do you'll in terms of oil in. Opposition. The BA. On -- Crumble and what they did what do those laws. About a decade ago. -- they also created the commission on persuasion. Drug addiction it will call -- you know cross country in Portugal. It's. Absolutely it's a health program. Well what happens when someone. Marijuana and all those drugs illegally in Portugal. -- -- somewhat and it is now in possession of those what they're given and ordered appeared for the mission that's every two hours. And they ask that you they have an addiction. -- if they don't have an addiction that there at the -- to do with mark on the fine in in. And there are put on. Suspension for two years meaning -- -- and bring him in trouble and it sort of it. If they don't have an addiction there referred to treatment and we've been greeted due students that. Are -- not bad at all. Before that -- that and and they actually sincere or scroll control over people were who were sent there. -- much you know they yen. Take away real plumber like to prolong life and anything professional. Certification they can withhold that if you not. -- along with the treatment recommend. That they were really pushing towards. So held. Intervention but it not to saying we're not going to every topic -- contributes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet you're correct but we kinda like that in the country if you look at drug court for obstetrical. Where people lord why. Did you ever records. And they ought to do that convictions but they think when you come in your. In -- of prison time you're. -- received treatment. You identify risk help the majors and although provided in control and that's been successful. You know you don't do it. Jail time in Europe released as well. So -- exact same thing but it's a long as Spain won patent in Portugal but not at all that it just doing repair -- that it would trees just. Make possession and noncriminal. -- We're Jim Beck bill with the suits as soon propose through psychiatry. Alone through health sciences and Jim you know mind would bring -- listeners. Richard Gulfport -- would -- Happy bank after this word. But it did. I don't get it agreeing marijuana. -- pot for many years California. And it's sort of traffic tickets underdog flying. And the Mississippi as you all I'll smoke in here with Mississippi as the only. Federal farm from -- long is legal under federal law as we got to get spam which of -- is impossible. For two and but. It is. So many people in -- that don't need to be user and you know -- traffic ticket are -- fine per ounce per mile. -- that back. And one of them that that that most people believe that hurt that -- broke -- law. Percentage of people in. Prison because of marijuana possession Korea either. Like it's utterly would not. I don't go along with anyone who -- an addiction being in jail simply full production. But three out the year the people in jail. For fine in in -- prison. Four. -- mayoral election is less than 1%. Well Emmy award of this -- and -- -- and I'm glad you brought that a good couple prince of mind or prosecutors and they've told me zero. That people. Stopper position to a go to jail and -- but this month this week. It says on average pour a little easier on me and are incarcerated. Each year. -- in second marijuana possession charged. Average shields saved for an individual charged with a present from -- Obama. Eighteen months -- of the lender can be appealed for up to six more second of that five years when he 500 dollars. Third appearance twenty years is is that incorrect. No that's correct it but it has zero Taiwanese hero of the civic. So for the most sport people don't get guilt and when they do it to -- -- -- electric service. Let's what so that toward the vessel and that bureau. Is that -- but very few actually. Been on the -- just because the Merrill the direction of the McNamara who wanna position along and have a torture and not. With -- getting jail time but that's for marijuana possession the numbers that are actually there. And of the next -- doing -- -- on infrastructure of locally saved one nationwide. American side of you engineers come -- good deep -- on infrastructure saying when the between the report by have been five trillion dollars. For infrastructure across this country and of course here in New Orleans from these billion of problem drinking water pipes. A look to so Boyle should -- -- of sentencing encryption at the Inca pretty reputable. Organization. They're seeing out of 2010 and it cost -- 600. In 98. Million dollars a year. And and prison corrections and let me say you'd debates and you read dissent. 2010 little museum apartment public saved two corrections. Had 600. Port 600 he pulled one million. In prison expenditures. Albums in one year. Average about 181000 dollars apiece. And and when you. Google Louisiana problem to Louisiana. Legal system. You get it all over the -- world's. Prison capital higher than Rollins ten times higher than Germany's hired the North Korea. For reputation. And for money isn't a bad that I did to keep putting people in prison -- -- Well I agree with pretty much everything's -- -- US. You know I think it's 5% of the world population and 23 external world girders. In the -- there as the wars in terms of incorporates all -- the United States and yet. That image of a problem. And the yen. I would not I would propose -- the option other than. In -- rates and for a lot of particularly on structural -- And that Spezza took two. Diagnosed -- we do other things simply particularly the law. -- -- -- -- Doesn't make things that they'll they'll let that if you look if -- triple Portugal. Where they will tell you that we go the route that they Wear. Not necessarily what extent does so it didn't it trying to save dollars to do properly. Doesn't mean it's a statement any money you have to provide treatment for those who needed otherwise. Were you treated. Continued drug is continued other problems. And continued. Increases in health risk in probably. It portrait in the world for other. But across. So yeah at least we should change is changing it will not get silly decreased -- so wouldn't do it would with that point of trying to abuse. You'd you'd think we'd be at. Almost 700 million dollars a year. And that -- are at 181000 dollars a person and -- That supposing it -- Dick. To. -- -- it would probably again. Save dollars if we did not portrait as many people and treated them and stay out of it. -- and the journal I've pressured Tom good talk and you have good. --

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