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3-17 2:10pm Angela, affordable healthcare

Mar 17, 2014|

Hear the latest on efforts to get people enrolled in the Affordable Care Program as the March 31st deadline looms. We spoke about the concerns one doctor has about how effective the program will be? Our guests—the Obamacare experts—Patrick Taylor and Gabe Janusa. Also, Dr. Mark Davis, President of Healthnets and author of Obama Care: Dead on Arrival.

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Well the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act is now two weeks away. The law is everyone must have insurance and if you choose not to have any you'll pay a penalty one that will grow over the years. Even with its rocky start to last fall over four million Americans have gone to the Internet marketplace. Or their state marketplace. And purchased insurance. Some have never had it because they had a preexisting condition and couldn't get it. Others couldn't afford it but have found policies. And financial breaks with a new plan. But there are still issues to be addressed President Obama -- regionally said everyone could keep their policies. Now we know that isn't necessarily true. One year extension was given for that now its two year extension. Originally the only exemptions to the mandate that you must have insurance was a hardship. Such as the bankruptcy. Or even evicted or are battered woman. Now the definition of hardship has morphed into a much wider range of people according to the Wall Street Journal. And can include people who had their policies dropped so what teeth does the -- now have to get people to sign up. -- give us an update on the status of the Affordable Care Act our friends. And Obama care expert Patrick Taylor president of benefit planning group. And gave June -- president of demand insurance and benefits. And we are also joined today by doctor Mark Davis. Health care expert physician and author of three books including. Obama care down on arrival a prescription for disaster. So I welcome all three of you and we're gonna start with doctor Davis. You say that Obama care is not improving things but making them worse could you elaborate. Yes if we sure are of course important lies -- -- the people had their hours reduced in the -- did charms we have. According to some of the statistics we've seen 2.5 million equivalents full time jobs. Have been eliminated and the war being eliminated right now policy as the expert on insurance with you today. We'll tell you how prison exponentially as. Multiple -- -- policy to the 82 point 5% from more than a hundred dollars and almost to 2200 don't promote. Without seeing this across the board. -- doctors the doctors and reimbursements of corn down to the minute community is affected. We don't even know for sure what steeped treatment protocols will be dipping into -- health and human services the company. Implementation regulatory structure that obamacare supposed to put into effect. I think his world which is the implementation of the exchanges. With the big family as you mentioned four million people -- has signed up. In these changes we don't know who these people are are are after -- going -- subsidized program to another. Delusional -- the more -- required young people to sign up in -- which is not happening. Right now -- -- in the march 31. -- deadline this year. Process pro open enrollment until then and we should have an open at all crimes that should -- be -- on March 31 look there's a lot of things in the in the pondering their traditional insurance. -- it's been extended the penalties isn't going to exchanges have been extend this. Is in its heroes that are made. To help kill Obama is -- which is which is dying right now this is unraveling. We know it's interesting because Obama this weekend came out and sent President Obama said that it looks as if they made it into the which that there are enough people. He had sent six million and I'm not quite sure how that came from but that everything would be handled with that everyone agrees we need more young people. I wanna go bad vote your original thing about the loss of jobs full time jobs. How are you. Getting to that are some of these people are or in fact retiring or are there. You're saying to a 2.5 million jobs. Older son jokes. That was the quote from the 2.5. No -- that was decent Congressional Budget Office numbers not -- that just -- -- a couple weeks ago I was seeing people released. Are everywhere and target and Wal-Mart that great analyst. So common that going bankrupt and not in that list is not fully evolved yet the people losing atrocity sure. And the government -- finding that that's the decision major adjustments. In the economy live in new economy now would obamacare in politics and we don't know where it's gonna go at the end of the day. It is it is the number of people. A number of groups that are canceling the group health insurance plans and forcing individuals to go out in the open market to secure coverage and a lot of those people don't qualify for subsidies and they can't afford. In the all off exchange premiums. On that I think that that's a huge problem but. A doctor you said that your own your own policy has gone from 11100 to 2200 -- -- west. If you've had dropped -- policy and gone on to the marketplace. Could you have gotten something less cement. -- -- -- -- of a planet could look coverage and perhaps it would get cheap cheaper premiere looks expensive but I won't have the coverage that I need. And my age what I will find -- and iron do. In terms of our health care so -- the -- historical lists -- more money. And that's it's coming down the pike then he -- get a policy. They have many people are rejected on the exchanges in the -- unnecessary getting a policy when you go on the exchange. To the senate terms and in the itself as a the president says and also lost. I -- my doctor on his boat docks and I don't exchanges. The people like another healthy kind. And minority succeed so I don't see these scenes of the Carol and things oneself -- not doing little things one. The implementation exchanges people not getting -- -- -- on those exchanges. Obviously do you preexisting conditions -- Public -- thinks so a lot of ways around that including. He came to the specialists to get the specialty drugs that you need -- that special condition you had parts of northern. On the exchange doesn't hold for -- for example which had a certain list to drug experts. To hear multiple sclerosis or germs and on the Uga had a pocketbooks there's a lot of ways the government has that circumvent its own. Our legal structure with an Obama just came. Mark Davis said do you live in Louisiana. No movement and on the Maryland which is near cities. -- is lovely information you sharing his Islamic if mission that we here and nationwide basis where we have insurance -- not offering. Provide or not offering providers in the policies of their you know provide to the public but. In the -- can't beat the market it's a little bit different. Where we know we don't have all the players. And operating on exchange we do as some players that were in the market that operating off the exchange but. Not on the love of things that you're saying a -- thing. I do agree with to some degree but -- disagree with you at some points what are -- saying certain medications are not covered. You know one medication as Capital One plan might be -- and another plane so which really the job with the responsibility of the -- in working with. That patient or your patient or our client. Not to make sure that they're getting the best value for the dollar on top of that when you when you focus on these narrow network plans. I can tell you first and it had not advocates far clients. And the last we want in the do is buy a policy that is the most affordable to them we always emphasize the fact that okay. The doctor that you're seeing on the on the provider of the hostile that you're going to is that going to be in network provider. Because if they're not going to be in a provider they may be -- out of pocket costs or there will be no coverage whatsoever. So again I do agree with you on many many fronts. But I dissent industry with you on a couple of others from come from of Louisiana perspective. I have to point out the most you don't buy insurance through reasons that go on computers -- -- policies through the mail whatever the going. Caucus sites they sign up there on people like you that there are causing more than which is the great thing I have I have an agent came in here. Actually in all the medications she's such an attitude which you know and shouldn't have the former glory before her. -- an agent for multiple companies. So that that's I don't know is it true isn't still existing insurance commissions -- Washington on the rest. -- that has different rules for insurance companies as well which clash with obamacare rules so that that's the case it's good to have people like you and you want more. Well educated people in the field that insurance for the I wish what you're saying that truism throughout the nation is not I don't know at least a hundred -- right now and and these ideas we've -- deputies around. -- This is just not do not getting your books or that of Obama in the matter how you look at it and anti and it's failed because you have Gordon formulas don't work. And that's the books that's basically. Mark there are a lot of variables in the health care what -- know you'll be course and what I don't agency things that I think that have our destroying health care today. -- not only Health Care Reform but also thrown making sure that the agent is not that into the equation. Well the agent is in the equation yeah it's nice things should be boundary yet our federal government would love to get this possibility that you quickly -- -- Chris is Smart. You know anywhere around that he knew what to look forward -- -- -- having owned and managed healthcare facilities accurately correct rotation lying. Are dying in a hospital somewhere as soon as -- and you can't doctor I think apology doesn't cover this this this and that. -- -- -- -- Someone comes off as we should have thought of that before he got sick that's ridiculous. I don't know it yet you have series very very. Hard. Agree with -- okay. We are talking about Serb doctor Davis that you think that this has failed for the Obama. Cared does not work and is in essence hurting people -- okay. I'm gonna go to a couple of the callers to -- they've been kind of hold on Billy from uptown. That new ladies and gentlemen. I've just signed up for Medicare within the last year and I'm check I'm not like to know -- I have to do anymore signing up would be Affordable Care Act also hard. Have taken care of it through sign up for the Medicare. You've done and the need to do distill it and keep that Medicare plan. Okay thanks -- -- not Roland in Metairie. -- -- -- Roland and I destroyed in new jobs in January are we should do job I do have health care -- So I elected to have special because we shouldn't have and or quiet out. But I've -- since January. It's cost him about 47%. -- gross track in the -- why. I was so far in insurance -- -- that we shouldn't have to -- about percent. -- our gross straight toward health care. Some water in yeah I was told also that it may be programs out there just supplement. -- which -- someone that is true let them the only programs well I didn't get as far as our personal art beat Tampa health care. One model where many programs that are available to help you with this however what your friend in the agents on news that. The most. Cost can be for you as an individual -- nine half percent of your gross pay or you know box on your W two that's when only. Safe harbor rules that are out there so you calculate that number it's a cost that it is TU. Among today's after the employer contribution he taken that memory divided by your W two conversation do not include the cost. Of what it is for your wife to be a new plan that's why you coming up with a 27% I imagine. Roland you made a good by trying to get individual policy for your wife off the exchange. She's not gonna qualify for a subsidy and in many cases the wife and or the children are cheaper. If you go directly to the insurance company -- thing going through this -- employer and that way you had the opportunity to choose a plan that you want -- more specific to her knees instead of what an employer dictator what's on your options. So and -- often don't use his own plan. You are he keeps his own plan to keep a tour. He keeps his own plan for him he goes out on the open market place and finds a plan first wife and -- and tea for months and months of doing this. That probably 7580%. Of the wives spouses and our children that obtain coverage off the exchanged not through an employer. It's it's much more affordable and they get to pick a payment plan that fits their needs -- then just the fit all plan that the employers offer that's very important Merlin. The session but this does. But could plants from work and we are doctors on and I'm concerned -- if Brett didn't that we may lose some about factors that will. We would like to keep. I can tell you that the networks that are available. Offered the exchange. Actually the networks on the exchange and off the exchange in Louisiana the exact same networks. You can find it very very good network on the on and off the exchange it would be worth your while to go on line an until look at them were timed attacks are trying to get our heart thank you Roland -- -- narrow. -- -- -- -- Yeah no matter how you do and I. Could stand he would then have. I picnic I. Don't bet it was about a kid that they don't like that it doesn't want to. But naturally I'm an open Atlantic states I would -- -- it but I tell you what that -- -- -- obamacare which I don't diet. That's why can't we can't went -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because -- don't -- that pop up and just my opinion that need to hear that age group and by. I couldn't get my biggest gap -- my -- I'm paying them -- -- I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hold on the second so the silly they called last chance here that senator hearing these were not covered right. That maybe vacation for one of the carries on the market but there is another carrier that is. Available -- off the exchange on exchange depending on where you live that does cover hearing aids and how it's put that out there. Okay shop around Jane thank you again for the call. Back to what doctor Davis into that game and oh my gosh Patrick I just. I just -- you know all the hours you'll have contributed to teaching us what is happening. It just seems more and more confused to me it clearly it is helping some people. Here and you'll all agree that it's helping some people. -- -- But what can be done so it is helpful to hole. Unfortunately it's not going to help ball. Often have said that we found the silver lining in the law there's a segment of the population and we've been able to educate and help tremendously. I will tell you the majority of those people already had health insurance because of subsidies. They're just getting much better plan. And I'm much cheaper plan when us a better plan their incurring a lot of cost sharing which we've spent a lot of time doing that but it's it's it's an added benefit. Com we're not seen in a whole lot of people that are non incher. Okay what was the figure you were using a Patrick when you came in. That originally when this came out it was because they were what seventeen million people uninsured there was seventeen point 1% of Americans were uninsured. That drop to about fifteen point 9% since obamacare. Has taken place however that's a Gallup poll and you have to use a 1% margin on that. So it really hasn't changed a number of insurers is at all from that we failed legacy and the numbers at the federal government has thrown out. About all the six main people that are now sign up on on on health care -- That they're not saying releasing information as to how many people that actually pay for it. Number of people that of action that terrorists extremely. Low I mean a doctor Davis -- all right -- twenty top 30% who right out -- what do you mean they haven't paid for yet they've signed up for but they haven't sent a check to the insurance come I don't know. Felt it was the last number that I sort. It's a bit of that grocery number that you mentioned. Sir you said from the very onset that if you feel that Obama care is harming more than helping and I guess my question to you would be. What is the alternative what would have worked better. First he had discussed. Why are we here in the respect discussing that's when 85%. Of the Clinton was -- which the board about the 18% that wasn't so we hear criticism over -- by the federal government and what occurred. 2010 to implement. On the legal. But also here wouldn't you be in agreement that. Costs were getting out of control. -- level the course of a lot worse today and they were at that time of 2010. When this abomination for his camera on people you're discussing course it. Units discussing implementation of the regulatory structure which is yet to happen and that's the bigger disaster than. In the course itself. My book goes face to. How how actually. Helped you'll be provided to people. Throughout the country that's that's allowed -- to talk about your insurance industry excellence in their in the you know contents. But it goes beyond that I think he faced to the implementation wrote restrictions legal wars. In the financial structures that are going on right. Give us an example -- that are trying to -- a logical drug's cardiac trucks. RIV drugs medications. Stops will be issued protocols out of call them what to do. Elected bureaucrats wouldn't of positions at a practice. There's a 24% Medicare -- coming down the road. To -- Obama -- blitzes is that analysts. Position as an opt out of it to gonna go on to other kinds of practices and leave. Concierge practices for example have a whole new generation in the book -- emergency services are rationed out. How to be orderly and and are higher Catholic and they didn't days. A few weeks and months in the those circumstances. On the Obama -- of people getting into medical school that should not be there good to go the week in the position processes to obamacare. I'm in the stories just abominable literally and use that word -- That was coming to than people think. Alia have a better policy to his they may have -- that a policy will want out of a hundred wanted to 200 I'm looking at the nation as a whole not just. Concentration on the state but nevertheless that we have to look at -- the national. Disaster it was. We fast forward five years and we see that. What you're saying has come to -- you don't think they would be such a screaming -- crime and I like people to their congress people not get this thing fixed. No what did you won't have to wait what is -- year too is control port security amendments already executive orders -- health care. Regulatory structure is being withheld. My health and human services -- -- have to wait it's obvious a year or two it's -- for port Orleans how traditional policies after the exchanges. Through 2017. Post the presidential election. Chris trying to you know the democratic and you live in a press for actually Republican state but that's what's gonna happen this is not a translucent transparent policy. Structures in the coming down the pike or more. Requirements so calm on top of the insurance requires people to and they have for your insurance agents well no the those who leave the prices go up in the continue to go up. I even anticipated Obama keep coming down the pipe prices were going so I think it's one person benefits may be fifty or not is that what we need. Mean that's the question out there. Doctor Davis one of the things have been mentioned once that all the the fees. There were included in the law that affects the -- employers in the insurance companies just open their doors and do business every day and there were six or seven different types of fees and taxes. I think is more than that I -- -- -- world -- spiritedness and -- -- he's raised fees more Medicare fees. He's done on capital gains all -- across the board and the more to come. Re seeing is the actual direct impact to the physician currently right now based on all the Obama -- regulations and of come come -- operation. One more confusion didn't know what direction did or didn't know what that is making the Marlins and they they have to prop of course they have to support their families and off the structure. As well computer's been entered into the next we don't know what. Tree rhetorical will be that will not appeal. So that we can upgrade for the future course we don't know the presence. But don't you feel that it. But there's the issue of you need to were transparency that was a recent article talking about the need for transparency here. -- and literally it whether it be New Orleans or someplace in Maryland. Where if I'm having a procedure I will know how much can it's going to cost and various. Medical facilities and so I'll have that choice and the market will drive. Isn't that a wise thing. Two regional crisis very recently for procedures are studies at this show that. And the company doc is concentrated in certain areas also carries the fees so it's a very wide ranging discussion we're having in the you go to the -- through this bill to seize on the wall stake in order cholesterol test that you don't need to see it coming in for urinary tract infection. You have hang nail something they can order a test for process specific -- there's nothing to help doctors know what to do what not to do. I mean you could argue with them after your treatment in the nation to have this of that but doctors are free to do what they need to do at the time as president ordered that these states. So note though the prices and on how to do you know the president any KG. In Louisiana as opposed to Europe course that -- New York. Biden ought to probably mean more expenses was the life situations there. That there was -- though before obamacare. Yeah but it's gonna get worse because we don't know -- the reimbursement what's going to happen down the road and and that's basically it and I can't speak for leasing and I can speak for the entire nation I've been on -- almost every state including some syndication than it was. Very good questions people ask. What's going to happen we don't know because health and human services has little -- holding a lot of the material within the doctors need to know the practice every day. Aren't available on the season you know already it's coming down the parts to -- as an analyst -- The tort reform no public option I think that we could be used for obamacare and to. -- where's that AMA in this. AMD has 225000. Members that's one quarter of all the doctors at the heart is -- The Iranian made these biologic candidates I think -- -- dissent against. One of the studies professors that the sub group -- -- -- members so we don't know -- Exactly how many -- -- 225000. Actually don't like it or amenable to it or. In between. Not to Mark Davis I can't thank you enough for joining us again he is the author of several books including most recently. Obama care dead on arrival a prescription for disaster thank you thank you so very very much let's go to mark in Metairie mark. I don't know aren't good let's send a couple of questions and impossible -- forget about this. First well a simple question that's what happens to the person. Who has not got the insurance. And goes to the zero who's in particular. Now. That's reports about that is what I think. I don't think you and I will be able to get people to do the right thing. What are -- reasons I believe that Tokyo work so well in America. For the people who don't read this sector report from -- -- So you know America closer says that we you know -- are you ready to become an arch criminal. But you also free to stay employed. And pay for your health insurance to know what you needed to step I just don't see people. Take an initiative sign up and making these kind. And then let this stand. Did they go to a doctor in the darkness central I'm sure our children -- -- about PayPal. I believe that the insurance company connected -- -- On future payments. Fought. To be. The next. Patients who is totally in that planned so that people are not insured. What's gonna get him to be insured credit going to be forced to join something when they go to the American. -- thought well let's talk about that first felt the emergency room you know what they was going on right now at a kind of a lot of hospitals. Semantic it's admitted to that -- through that you admitted to the hospital. -- stake financially qualified it would try to get their person approved for Medicaid as soon as possible to get their bills paid. But as you know Louisiana there's restrictions are very tight it's only very few -- qualify. But in terms of who's gonna pay for that visit. You know -- If you don't have a collection agency colony and and despite going to be built in inside of by the markets premiums we'll keep in mind we once again we didn't expand Medicaid. So if you're not eligible for Medicaid and you go to the emergency room in your bill is 5000 dollars in your -- that -- 45000 dollars a year. And you have one child let's say just as an example that hospitals going to bill you and the collection agency will come and find you and they're gonna demand payment. I know about it is that I mean people on board those payments understand they -- is -- that you know it and it'll be interesting thing I called up the health care exchange. And I present myself as -- amputate your -- -- I represented myself I'm living in Orleans parish and living and look those cars. And the difference between one and the other was 818 to 567. She know where. Well I believe it was cheaper -- -- look foolish. I guess because the last -- people there but. I think -- -- where homeowners insurance it's different route different area of the state. So. Why is it. That it it is such a disparaging. Amount of money from wanting. Imaginary line on a map to -- not. Six habitat work out how it is and what it's like a single appeal man smokes what deceit hey Eddie. Say opera to that's what Michigan first this plan about what -- yet. True the of course and development for at some may -- exposed to Beijing and brought out Jack and I'm chicken that. -- -- These cost -- going to be the same. Our outlook and not to Iraq achieve -- you actually can go on health care -- and say that you live in Michigan and look up Michigan rates and you could determine what diminished in rates and compare -- and comparison to the official rates. But there's some condition be so different at our guys. Okay thank you so much are calling alive I appreciate it JB in Metairie. Your bank predicament column. As usual all the time thank award and it to a short story. To deal. A -- on a solo -- genius. -- I don't want to do. So on a comment about the makers. That standard trying to help the bowl people would not ordered Arlen people in -- year and George. Got to try to help the people get scared of people well. So adorable. Short and they've just been mutual border hospital. They can't get short about -- -- -- -- -- you'll get caught the neighbors to come here. I don't think I've been sort of spot you're so big I insurance companies corporate years. But it just bought an -- control. -- daughter. About it all Republicans -- adored. Not Obama or Obama character trying to help the people -- all sorts we got it. -- -- -- -- -- Okay thank you very much for calling -- I appreciated your listening. Jennifer amended bill. -- try I'm not an apartment and I am not spark -- end my own education and the and the military life years ago. During C section I would allotted widened. Two hours -- epidural I would look at 36 hours. And the whole excuse all. That's what they were allotted. Per patient during the whole year because it was already fiscally. Outlined how much like its own interpretation. And it we have medical care like that. I don't want I don't Ashcroft -- hat and Murray at a certain military and me. The problem that -- It's not necessarily helping our people is telling doctors like they have to do and how they can do it. And then that quality care about that I would not soliciting lastly when you were. Where somebody else and I was telling you. How evil it's going to be because you'll be paying a street are every. Well I mean medical procedure and I want them very very doctor. I want to be able to build hate for that very best doctor and I don't want to you know bitter race charity saying it gives general. They're not and the very doctor why should they be charging it -- today. Capitalist society. And the bad people -- the most amount of money. Show. I don't understand. Everything being eaten I understand what -- deport people. I'm all for that but it. And the argument from me and they issued second which can achieve great from. When you bring up a lot of things and and one of the things that your your tapping on as originally this was so that all Americans would have health insurance. And in fact what we're hearing is it's basically the same number who still don't have health insurance and that really has been accomplished. In this whole transition. We may not know for another year but at this point it's still gobbling group. I mean yes. It has helped some people I I have nothing but respect for the two men sitting in the studio. And they have helped people they have people who couldn't get insurance have gotten that people were paying up the nose are now paying less. But that doesn't mean it's the right system for every one. That's correct and I will tell you into of that I think with this has done it has confused doctors confused employers. And have confused individuals. We are all still very confused as to what's going to happen in the future and we don't have enough time in the -- -- -- come to explain how unfortunate well. But maybe that's another whole show back to this nice lady -- called two hours and you had a 36 hour. -- you've had two hours worth of an epidural I would be out of. Streets right as -- option I had for a while labor. And they wouldn't get another Dallas Green and that's what was essentially allotment and show. Yeah that's where -- the government get too involved. We're gonna see the quality of care will. And that and that does not health care as by any definition in this country did to have someone suffering like that you are wonderful to call and thank you very very much. Don't hesitate to sign up it's only in two weeks. Want to thank Patrick Taylor benefit planning group 8333434. And -- to Newser president demand insurance benefit. 3090060. I love you both. Thank you stay with us.