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3-17 4:10pm Sports Talk: NCAA Basketball and Saints Football

Mar 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the ULL Ragin' Cajuns win in the Sun Belt Conference and the players gained and lost for the Saints this year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk along the case you -- -- -- -- -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program will speak with Doug Williams. Course they'll now -- a back in the NFL game and Lotta people excited being back in the NFL game of course. We spoke -- -- -- an issue on elevate him before one of the Saints gained in the with -- talk about he had some options open. And now Bobby on the Super Bowl MVP back in the in NFL game. And he would Jonas coming up. In the 6 o'clock now and the brackets -- Bobby NCAA tournament selection. Yesterday. And the raging -- to Louisiana Lafayette will take on Creighton. In the NCAA tournament they were the Sun Belt Conference tournament champions gaining that automatic B it some other teams in other tournaments would talk about that. And the top four seeds body in the issues -- at the Florida gates number one. The Virginia Cavaliers. The Arizona while -- and last year's team that made it to the final four. The Wichita State -- though all the four number one seeds we're asking those out there today operated jaguar opinion poll. Which of the number one seeds. Has the best chance to win all Florida Virginia Arizona all Wichita State you can catch a vote online at WWL dot com. They got -- is there. As much as I've followed a basketball you look at college about source it's in the consistency. You gotta be impressed with the Florida has done. You know the one thing I'm always been a fan of club and the cy award which even though it is think -- Tuesday's both have -- green have a red. University Arizona. -- have an old roommate of mine. Who lives in Tucson and Houston and Arizona stuff and you know always kind of keep in touch. Would that -- now they had a disappointing closed for the season. Look at Oregon be tournament in and you Philly beating him in. The championship game and I think Arizona was still. I'll be reckoned with when all's said and done. Virginia. Diego with the press about them. It's not just one player and what de Daniel had to be impressive impressed with them and ACC. Not only winning the league at winning the tournament. And is not just one players you have five their five starters they all contribute. That they all make plays. Newton. They've all taken turns to help the team win. I'm a fan against the Virginia because one of Bulls teammates when they won the state championship -- Atlanta Christian starts off of Virginia. So. Have been watching him play. And he's a score but I dig and Al Wednesday inning. But the teams if you look at a slam dunk like. Now is on this they're accused bandwagon hell kind of like Arizona. Would you do an earlier on arm. You know was it was very impressive but as of late very discouraging but I think come tournament time. Sarah Hughes who about threw recommending -- of the go to Florida. -- to get to the final four so. -- -- -- the that'd be a great you -- eight games at Florida vs Syracuse. When you look at a Michigan State. -- can never count -- Michigan State come. You know March -- time. That in meaning gonna win it but I mean going to be enough hot night. You never surprised that they Allison in the elite eight. Just looking at what they'd done. You know -- beat Michigan there. Wanted to play as locating his name right now was injured now he's back and so I think Michigan State. Whenever it comes to -- -- kinda we -- ready Louisville. The Cardinals. So big I think is through its really wide open there's a number of teams now like oh you'd be shocked. If and this team doesn't win. So. And they know -- unlike other years I mean I get maybe a slight edge to Florida. Right now but is that much of an edge -- you wouldn't be surprised. I think truly. They have of the 68 teams that have a chance to be national champions. And they did a program will take a look at the odds obviously GM a prediction machine dot com Lou this in the 7 o'clock now to talk about it about it era. -- -- just two tournaments in states army in the Hannity now there's several other tournaments with Louisiana flavor. As we said the raging -- so winning the Sunbelt conference championship they are in the NCAA tournament they would take on Creighton in the first round. Louisiana Tech and LSU or in the NI TL SU takes on -- and sisco. 830 air time Wednesday night here on WW radio -- 9 PM tip off in Louisiana Tech will host. I -- the number one overall seed in the NIT is a team again kind of snubbed me Phil with the southern Methodist. Mustangs who if LSU were to win they would face the winner of UC Irvine SMU. In the second round of the -- also Bobby there is a college basketball invitational. Tournament it's a sixteen team tournament. In the championship round with the best of three so it championship runs like a series. And Tulane is in that tournament and they will take on Princeton and is coming up on Wednesday night and then they would actually -- Prince until more than just the NCA. Well I mean. -- I'll rule of thumb -- that the -- in making CAA is one good enough. -- is not that that is anxious tournaments everybody can play. Again I mean Tennessee. -- -- mostly in the post season any analogy that's animals I was surprised as you made that's almost comical mean. I don't know like Garcia. It is good against universities but. The sale surprise LSU and in 92 and -- oh. The tournaments call was around. This music Continental's. Oh if we can't break that would be yes I mean the college best buy and -- -- this is my the first you know I've seen yet is a second third you reports I want insane. Used to beat USA network one of them all the networks except this tournament. Saying you know -- determined format he elbowed by Ellis Ellis should actually be in the post season is kinda. This stated that a political correctness that when you know Kenya participating. In view on a team your -- gets a trophy. Bryant in a matter usually win when you're a played get -- and he played in the I am immigrant and native of -- -- but those teams so when you look at that -- goes the turning the other one was legit is. You know Rams in Louisiana is the re educate and we shall see day anyway and he yet to -- -- hand in -- the Sun Belt Conference tournament. In England defeat entertainment that they they deserve an opponent in the where are right now on our city learned beating top dog a Georgia State. This is you know this is probably I would say Bobby. In my knowledge. The greatest era. In case and makes you think I'm awful bowl wins based ultimately there are teams out in the top ten team Desalvo team is ranked basketball team is going to determine it. The track and field so this is and a director and coach we got to get the AD credit in bombings and does this indicate in though is date yet. In there they are I mean they've got there and make. And then and all time high right now and over the weekend Bobby -- team in the south. Had to cram and an extra baseball game on Saturday as I was notre Tulane LSU and you know all had double header on Saturday and that the common theme for all three of them and they all got. Well on the yeah doubleheader. -- loss in area this guards in. You look at LSU the day I mean and we talked to a this. And going against Vanderbilt pitching and coaching and Barry said. Know that Iran of the Iran it's a pitching staff of that it's a Major League teams the love like to have he said. From what I saw they have four -- five guys -- look like they'll be. That they'll pitch in the big leagues in a pretty short time so. They get they just couldn't hit the ball a struggle at the plate. You know trying to get their lead -- hitters on base four of eighteen in two games on Saturday hitting it runners in scoring position two of ten. And then you know piece it together innings by hitting -- runners on base they just three for 21. So all around just total dominance. By the Vanderbilt commodores it was. Nothing that you could say you should be surprised by because. If you look at as of late -- the -- voters really had LSU's number or not wouldn't -- Ellis who won the SEC. A championship game. But you look -- now won six. The past series against LSU. So and then you look at overall. Regular season games. I don't know last eighteen Vanderbilt won fourteen. So the guy has established as Vanderbilt is definitely. Establishing. And then not have been shocked. Now about Ellis obviously got off to a great start Friday night. That maybe they can win the series yeah but I didn't think heated -- ending -- would sweep them. So we've got to win at least in in very disappointing to get at least one win on Saturday. Welcome back of the number one seeds in the issue in CAA tournament which one do you think has the best chance. To win at all March Madness is here he's Bobby bare -- Bolivia this is WW ago. And welcome -- -- had a great league and zero weakened the Colts Arnold all right Jimerson. Or say. Nothing in right Irsay -- their mercy but Bobby was arrested. And faithful felony -- the position of a controlled substance at the being. A photo of the late Sunday on suspicion of intoxicated. Driver -- if you -- beat him you can Google pitches. He's kind of gone through that metamorphosis. Transformation. I don't know -- I don't know -- the mid life. But you're Clinton he's had work done on Tennessee. And supposedly about visited but stuff he had on him. Was written forum because he would like some surgery done like facial surges some in the stores like -- -- Sixers gear but. Opposing him and they wrote them. Wasn't certified to right. However on it is. The deepest thanks this is a text from Jim Irsay deepest thanks to family friends fans colleagues for the messages of support. Elton prayers and possible to a -- How much. This means. And there's no that's it defeat for. You but I demeanor -- get a free pass away now. And it's this I mean oh I mean I'll -- -- to treat the players and all of you got the media he loves pasta highest TSE's the home. Yet so he. I mean I think he with the rehab. Pain pill addiction I don't know exactly win in I know he would -- about something in. About that and had a drink in fifteen yours do you agree -- -- have but it. I think at times in the wee hours when he sent out those crazy text speak I think. Now out of ended time. As mussina and I think -- under the influence and influence and yet like related night or there's no male artist then Werth is. One point six. -- Now he's also been gone out of line right now yeah vitamin suspend him. Right. I would think so go get therapy counseling and I would think Sosa -- an interest in them moving forward and there is -- -- A policy there is 88 personnel policies for -- -- protect Australia out of the other than players. Interesting that this was also of the amendment one of one with the Browns won't allow back was haven't sent down he she all in all -- mowed down now and I don't although there recently than people. After that -- it was it was them awhile back in the -- look into it. Well that the commissioner via the commissioner has to do the right thing. He can get pushed around and other owners in now. This and like you said they even held to a higher standard owners are in -- title -- and at first smoking and demanded. Woodman Berger Jose this year known incident smokes and it was like he uninsured from smoke -- smoke and Alison Alison out since the Athens it's easier. That -- -- two words it was on talent that it might demand. That I -- -- -- You take it out pretty obvious indices. As the fines and suspension. -- through this and now obviously I don't think -- will other top stories Bobby in the National Football League is the -- Dallas Cowboys and added Dan Browns quarterback Brian Sweden. The story on him he's an even better -- -- -- end of well the Cowboys a playoff team now he had added randomly -- I -- our properties the youth market. And they -- -- -- out with Schuettler added I was kind of outline and they blew the the largest and aren't they they know and all their. Like them below that little piece of fruit trees are so easy that you you know he got. Unless he's picked that won it's it's it's awesome. That it in the U. And that's the CJ Johnson is is his -- Tony Romo in six season and all you know as well I'm just saying. He should be on one -- housewives show. Nominees Taylor Mayfair and Asia and -- all of the team and that -- -- get his hands involved in the marketing in which he everything he touches turns to gold. But as far as personality Thursday's crash the one thing he wants to -- he came here for it right that's light. Crush and his ego man and I don't started denying it's the moment Jimmie Johnson on the edges get out the way he goes to show you sometimes you can't swallow our saying they want to Chicago Bears. If they ability Iran and my bigger and I did go ahead of and more mall confidence. All are less of ego. He should you know it. Coach -- stay here -- could -- could have -- -- another championship but he's ego got in the way coat drive it somewhere else might AJ usually -- in in and Jerry Jones -- basically agree to disagree Mike Vick is ego about it in the -- -- all. Man he talked to good to -- come -- little production. Now and in the things -- none of the input in -- week one review we have been over the over the years and it -- think about that don't wanna double got to do is go play golf now wouldn't you know it has given everything reviewing his quickness those that. One of those things that's Dillon. Yeah -- the team a few years but obviously since 2006. Q Alicia and -- domination. Where we are in the hunt reported in the -- heading in the right direction and he got through this who -- I was so impressed with is that we are ready at twelve team. May be proactive in real aggressive Q what does it take to overtake the Seahawks. Rather than Hennessey is suitable and it's pick animals and you see we Jerry jitters -- right so no that was a move. And in their hydrants were talking a bit about some because -- there interesting defense of numbers when you look at the way our conference has become the NFC. And those top two teams with the top secondaries in the past the main saint in Seattle want to finish entering the season. It'd video news times for 31 time the first news we will go to -- and welcome back. As you've got to tweet early this morning from a WWL radio that takes the load -- is -- -- Saints have brought bags Zach Strief. A five year contract and you know we talk about what will be some areas of need a week ago this point in time. And it was to really -- assuming. On what the Saints had decided to cut ties and at that point -- that was six veteran players on this -- situation had come into fruition yet but it's enhanced. So -- we talked about depth at running back. They get Pierre Thomas the -- we talked about sort of offer it to land the ball to solid -- known senate. You got street and a up promising young left tackle in on stated so they shored that up. And then of course. To the number two defensive second there the top two defenses figures against the pace issues Seattle was number one they gave up -- 171 yards per game average. Regular season and the Saints went numb to it about 194 the Bible when you look at it in fact for the five defense is Bobby. That would top five and and -- football league. Well the final four for those five with a final four teams in the NFC. And all of that -- must have everything come -- back went out back Carolina. Late -- and sisco. That was two and five in New Orleans place yeah. That was one in full Cincinnati with number three they got beat. When they were our hosts in the first round game while call week and we want on game so when you think about the makeup of the NFC Bobby. I think Seattle but retain him Michael -- Is is as good. Oh what do the defect visa and a pox would they have it's it's you know you -- early. But you had to say to Saints. The Saints got better defensively but by and the guy that you know off to bed be with -- he can be one of the tops in the league in in in takeaways this coming season. Yeah and big unit. The market Zach Strief that named eight. That -- them both competition part is talent with the Miami Dolphins. As -- pulled that they had been according street it is -- start of threes in. And you look at -- adult would you know there was definitely. Indeed there because. They would look at through place for starters along the line and I'll mom like crowds -- -- into -- -- big money to Branden Albert left tackle. But yet -- Andy horn went to San Francisco yet yet they day. They needed they needed it out like it a good locker room guy a veteran player and is as reported -- -- to deal. As a twenty point five mean a world -- today -- -- -- eight point four meaning guarantee is that kind of flap on five. Million dollar signing bonus and I batted down it was like I think it's alone all -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- he -- draft. It you fouling out his first big payday. The you know -- -- he turns 31 and August. Can be coming off his best season at right tackle and it's Saints uniform is. It's you've now had three season under his belt as a starter. For the Saints so. Yeah I think that was -- that was solid and when you look at all. The right tackles that were available in the Saints. I think the really appreciate it was Zach Strief has done bringing its stability. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And rightly so on the field is that a good community -- He's he he's he's he's I don't know if you say right. He's one of the team will -- what I have -- time to be a team spokesman. He's he's kind of a teams both and he says the right thing he knows that it could immediacy he does the right -- that -- in his studio with the area -- -- -- -- in the outcome I've got a few to -- if you want to have want to know west and so you know he's got to go upstairs right and very seldom Bobby ideas they -- -- -- he'd be drafted by team and now you know borrowing things ankle finished his career as a New Orleans right now I don't happen. But no I had debating Holland with a player like you said. Be 31 and August. He had been he fondly read to as far as like you know over five million dollars words now like. You know a year to year tie bases it's more like a long term commit commitment that the -- tree. Beacon you look at it -- competition in the NFC south. It's amazing. We Carolina had a different paces secondary argument is gonna pace with their -- receiving corps. You know Steve Smith. He's now with the Baltimore Ravens would take in junior and with the Arizona Cardinals. And Domenik Hixon left the Chicago -- in the fell. Who did Brandon felt decide to me a lot of new faces you know it talked about captain Marlon. I have been on Vikings ranked. The big guys that that I think they gonna miss him bang for your blog Mike Mitchell. He left to go with the Pittsburgh Steelers did and and he was -- I thought par value would have an opinion that he you. He held the Steelers now. It because right here from the West Bank from -- -- Clark -- club that was at his excitement. Dead in them. You know goalie Mike Mitchell and when they paid him and this is by millions and that's good guys from the steelers'. Opening in my -- real lot of new the pace and we'll see. At wide receiver. So Cam Newton that a lot of new faces you have to work quit. This upcoming season in an office -- in. Open and likely. It's good for -- yeah. When he including much against New Orleans -- -- on -- mean they did. No they they were -- a little bit of errors and then it. -- -- when they beat visiting Carolina that'd -- it is because there and united and he made it -- -- Malcolm -- that was in the two games Bobby they had one good drive and -- yeah -- was the one that aren't in the number -- the yeah yeah. Welcome Matt this is sports are going to be W he is the case to get him by BA bad I'm Deke Bellavia. Which of the number one seeds in the NCAA men's basketball tournament at the best chance of winning odds say the Florida Gators. If Florida. Virginia Arizona a Wichita State the case again I think Florida and hours. To get one pick. You have Melissa SA and evidently he got switzer don't you know yet it is because I have some time. And to me that's a -- lot of people come in at that from a correct past champion yes that's almost as you know it'd. -- don't have a lot of that's funny -- you really when beaten wall is easy who -- ribs and a university that's at the Nike Reebok so this has been there goes an early -- in it and those commitments and you're one of the players. Did you get to vote online at WWL. Dot com let's go to work -- here in the Big Easy Keith good evening thank you for calling debuted a -- -- under the heat I was. Just didn't work early and not one of those came on my arm in the same net north and have some interest and Sidney -- those kind of did you hear anything about that. Yeah this there's some reports out there that saying that -- right now on the I think he's generous and go up in the Saints could be interesting and he was basically at a camp act. That you know I had it makes a move over -- they actually Bobby did it on ways to receive well yeah if you look at -- a golden Golden Tate -- -- no I don't mind. -- Seattle rather wanna give back in -- because they look up. No -- and they said to them IBM might be an option to you know Q -- you look at Sidney Rice. When they paid him. They get a for the Vikings and I'd say -- like they were gaining money in class ranking is always hurt. Right -- yeah I am not saying he's still money but -- -- -- -- heard all the time -- broad -- Model. Yeah not Decker you know. Look all the -- digits paid Decker. Maintenance in the arise that and that's that we here in. The yard Jets and his -- right now and that's that's and that's why a guy when you read around to different sites Aoki that's that's that's up there how's about an hour pocono we were reading it. There's like Lance Moore is involved with this team you have and I and I had a little guys I says look we get to the point. Where you're truly in -- thirties and he's sublime love football more. Of the money it football provides ride because it is a job it is a business and get to this point. That you want any opportunity -- out here. -- stuck in Buffalo. Or Cleveland right or are even if you had this is catch and run uprising Canadian mobile -- I think when you're gonna go to get paid him again you get like half million a million dollars the most -- you know get mad and they're real Yankee thing. But we just do it one more year as -- and it of one more year and I think that's why it's ovals though approach. That you gotta keep -- -- Infiniti QQ well and to be humble right dude don't let ego get in the way but in that dynasty. Physically I'll -- like the guy I guess my pride got away. You know when I went out and I finished. You -- guy -- my elbow or any year you finished I was a starter PGA it was it was their idea was native that you could -- it you'd think you could push yourself or more years well -- I Islamabad yet players about one more years yards Seifert. Was that the Carolina Panthers then -- the globe and so they had Columbia even the 49ers. Column at the -- like back of Ron Amadon. Okay and then you just want Jennings vehemence of the so it was so big and and a nice -- on him back as a play that late in no way in 96. That's it Jim Jordan craziness that suspended. And my elbow -- the got considerable pass 52 yards and Aniston threw like 24 tires on past his new article double right. I felt like -- cheat and gain -- And and that you know the media become the next year that a policy help the athlete that played the -- two more than just that blood. There is what we're well I'll wanna quit while I'm ahead right now but in hindsight to say well maybe I shouldn't try to achieve this is the line known women are now ending get a couple of extra million. I vote against this is indicative negatives then -- he polygamy if I could play more you. But reading about somebody's -- we spoke to Roman with a reasonable I'm -- to take himself but I see you you're in a position where you don't have to leave the peonies. He's taking -- yourself and you eat in some Gaza promising possibly one more year and whatever I make the this year I -- mean I can put that up more toward. You know -- our time -- -- -- to a on nasty ankle whatever some players like to have Bobby but let's face in the National Football League -- -- majority -- three years they went out there broke. The overwhelming majority. They don't have that luxury -- they play from year he has some paycheck depends it. Yet begin. We gonna talk more about this. And -- you probably do a whole show because it's it's on this topic. Would Rashard Mendenhall. Yes. Each Otis hill yet and then and -- lifestyle yen and I think he was able to make -- sixteen tomorrow on there and yeah and when you -- 2627. -- young man and it's -- his -- his take on. And now I have to find this article that a cap on it. And like it maybe poke holes in right and he's saying basically that now you know he's a Ryder he's very talented Smart individual. But Hollywood to travel the world to Elvis. While on those guys travel the world where you better have resource where if he's arrived embodies Guerrero he's a ride out quick and yeah on an experience you get paid right right yeah. But I'm saying as far as a personal account. Completing Smith and thirty. And and you think OK you're ready made enough money he might be proud of the barrel where you're in the united are brutal way. And make them come. This is sports talk on WW I coming up. More talking next now which one of the number one seeds in the men's NCAA tournament do you think has the best shot to win at all Florida Virginia Arizona. Off Wichita State postal dig deep in the -- you go to early winners. In this with first week of the free agent period this is -- up on WW.