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3-17 6:10pm Sports Talk: NCAA Basketball

Mar 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the NCAA Basketball tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to our number three of sports saw a long indicating Gainey and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia Super Bowl MVP the great -- -- -- the radio huddle. At the bottom of the Allen dug back in the NFL on the -- -- was the Washington Redskins called him about the schemes how close it off and RG three and what he's doing in his front office grow. That money topics with a great -- Williams later in the Al operated jaguar opinion poll which of the number one -- has the best chance of winning the NCAA tournament. Is -- the Florida Gators the Virginia Cavaliers Arizona Wildcats all Wichita State's shocker as. You can -- should vote online at WW ago. Dot com Zach -- with the New Orleans Saints -- new five year deal Bobby started in 06. And will continue his career here in a black -- beautiful. Yet Deke I think is stability. And trusts. Think you have to address that streak now. I'm glad it worked out. The Miami dollars -- definitely very existed in sight street. If you look at as -- 31 years of age come August the last three seasons. He was a starter. And I think one thing the and I think. Going forward. I'm that same distance but instead. And navy went all setting that is that having 22 to 23 average rushing attempts per game. I think you might be in a twin 930 arranged kind of like we did and -- indices in the last four games that we play counting the post season we averaged thirty and have. A carries per game he members actually before losing and starting off. That he was like you know tackle eligible you know and try to use utilized as a third tight end the run block. I think alongside -- on the opposite in with Armstead. At tackle I think. Better. Like Armstead in my opinion veteran blocker in Charles brown and and you throw in tax treatment. That hey here's a guide well deserved. You know contract. In the mean it was kind of gone a year to year contract considering -- -- -- it was a seventh round pick if I can recall. All the time in my hand and you know very Smart football player. Very articulate. Good spokeswoman he's dealing with the media. We've had him in here. You know just commenting on a variety of topics alone. You know deserved contract. The Zach Strief and those -- you have a great opportunity now obviously now he produces them come -- season. And finishing career. I'm in a Saints uniform the knowledge of -- man the simple swing. And in in all of us. The brackets everyone's filling out and final 4 march men's final four being held in Arlington Texas. So is basically. VFW Dallas forward area. It's one ladies. He has tournaments are I think -- can be March Madness surrounding a number of teams. Can win this tournament I think I agree with. Kansas coach Bill Self when he made this comment he says look. There's more good teams and less great teams. Get ready to start a tournament he said the difference between a number two seed. And a seven or eight seed is as narrow. As it's ever been. Mostly Abington is that much parity. I think Florida's -- were a lot of consistency could see why. They were number one seed. You look at Arizona Wildcats. -- kind of similar to Syracuse in the being a number one seed Sergi is number three because they tailed off at the end. But Virginia Virginia Cavaliers being -- -- seekers. I think that's not to do it ACC basketball unity and one -- championships they won the regular season and the tournament. That's on and and he did that over. A possible. Number one -- by Michigan are Villanova. You know -- RPI was the eleven. But I think it's high you finish this season and forty decided. Out of Villanova -- so don't write me hey hey good seats for awhile now in LA and and in us face it I mean I know it's can be awfully hard to oval calm. That. I guess in the good way of good stigma. But I mean the only thing that Villanova was when he beat Georgetown thank you I mean now will you when your -- had come on you're you're supposed to be a championship caliber teams -- this year they do so. He had big and you know there's university they playing the fifteenth seed Milwaukee. One universe in Milwaukee and I know Marquette in Milwaukee. And in the united even though there was -- university in Milwaukee in. In the -- am obliged coach if they're able to beat Milwaukee did they play. The winner of UConn in saint -- -- And and beat a -- -- like to have them well at Villanova going to the sweet sixteen and nick in the elite eight. I have Iowa State outlets I was stated few times you know you're -- the -- get a Fox's sports southwest that leniency. Some big twelve basketball. That when Iowa State watching them play at that day they hang with the likes of Kansas and all that Texas anybody within them at three C. So I can look at the cyclones. That defeating for them. Being a would you -- Bad what's it with what. I was at one time more of a college basketball god and am now I'm I'm I'm I'm more -- are already in B caters more to my liking. And it in its innocence always it's a bruise or some people who Proehl. You know strict college basketball don't tend to care for the NBA. And likewise the NBA vs college but when you think of all these tournaments and all of these on his basketball players. Very few probably pro ball right there if you won't play pro ball so compared. Do they begin play pro ball that for a rude awakening he has to be ACC it's far more difficult to make it when you think about the number of basketball and you know Monday can. You could be a professional and be in this deviate -- are -- I think you can make agree eleven. As the Q -- -- from you know. I want to play enough and Europe. And won the championship. Oh McCain yep. For my degree oh monogram and -- -- pronouncing that right. You've both been playing over a full out and there's access no big you make it six figures colon -- that that's a good job you know you know you might wanna be in the states but. -- you gotta do you gotta do normally basketball and again as eleven on us on have to be in the NBA but the talk about challenges. I didn't realize this. You know look Louisiana Lafayette who they have to play them at three Creighton. In their first round they going to be facing Doug McDermott. Who's the nation top score. He's averaging 27 point two -- six point nine round of golf and just on a global sport in Australia last week is on so to about a challenge. I'm pagan and that's another homer pick on Clinton picked Louisiana Lafayette to win you know that a fourteen seed over. If you wanted to see first if. Teammate in people Bobby to go to Yahoo! you could win a billion dollars if you correctly -- each game right in the tournament. The NC ten billion not a million a billion won by opening Quicken Loans it teamed up. When you NCAA bracket -- it's the Quicken Loans billion dollar bracket challenge the rules I had to go to Yahoo! created an account. And they won the first fifteen need contestants. To inner. And of course to be interesting to see the chances of this happening is if a lot of perfect bracket right nine point two. Quinn trillions. To want. And those that even economically as alien to want to I would rather that's why award but -- back and well why why don't while one of the ones he put. One. -- to -- -- there isn't one thing. Yet -- and a point two Quinn two team. To -- a -- of it is -- -- it is that we -- -- going to the foul line. Bracket like he's bracken -- at that -- -- if they watch and they want to these these brackets like me and -- used to go to school play Beagle my grandma. He's had a big guy he'd be one lady behind them all. Now why that icing on her all bases on seventeen caused over this is big and only what you would all have different you know I'm -- I feel like it. -- -- run bingo and especially all one caught both India bracket Merida while I was so deep if. And I'm bracket -- and -- those get on because the most I've ever done and have a point you know I. Nose to all league and -- -- two brackets where did you figure that one -- that in addition to cause yeah I wanted to -- well this ships that you -- But if you look toward I think Olympic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I what I I -- I hobble hate the raging case to win all of my bracket and I guarantee I won't been. -- still come within three weeks of your of your -- I that's how crazy this tournament he has yet watch. -- -- upset treatment and you play alike at Baylor and Nebraska it don't matter once you when you win one game -- it dummy teams of the past who knows full eight Virginia commonwealth. Wichita State in the it's not and how once we want it all bets are vehicle rolling in -- in that role as the they ought to Mason George Mason wasn't he was pulled them -- bugle they'd play this last night it would. Billy -- and Jim -- was sitting there basically saying how could George Mason get to -- -- again they wanted you to come off a win. And boy did not call cancer that was a year big baby LSU went to the final four. And a fraud wanna win it that year that was -- George Mason you that you put him on a man and in the ranking now of course go to University of Miami. By the ego would you do is put on one side of bracket if you don't put Louisiana Lafayette Purdue and make in the final four lower Manhattan. In the man maybe put -- law demand and Jasper. If you go would. Milwaukee vs Manhattan in the championship -- -- I was in the versions and you know some events in Milwaukee -- -- -- in house and knows that yet they've been. I think like coach self said. There was -- and number two seed and celery seed is so narrow more than most he's ever seen as is that much parity. The big B Anderson is the you know how close you become you know actually one some money with time -- I don't imagine David Harris again here via those and we did in the top of his locker room now and equipment on the -- -- -- my -- -- -- -- Safe haven this out -- -- -- -- -- come back this sports talk on WW and welcome back he is the KG -- am Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia LA shoes in the an antique. And that's invitational tournament they play when tonight again Don the San Francisco. -- -- to 830. Extend its sports talk makes -- thirty minutes Wednesday night and then a 9 PM tip off. On WW the one that game will face the winner of the SMU mustangs to a considered the best team and you know at T Owens you can look at is the best team not to make the NCAA tournament. And they play UC Irvine. All of that and the information is -- on line WW dot com -- Saints and Zach -- new value deal. With the New Orleans Saints. And operated jaguar opinion -- Wood to the number one seeds has the best chance of winning the UN CAA tournament would take a look at the odds and -- all the favorites in the long shots and value. And the 7 o'clock now all of us here prediction machine dot com with Jonas. In the 7 o'clock -- of those number one see who do you think has the best shot as at Florida Virginia. Arizona all the shock cause of Wichita State who know more Cinderella they're undefeated but they were in the final four a year ago. Cast -- vote online at WWO. Dot com. -- I was talking to you also at the break you know you look at local flavor Louisiana players contribute in. And I say well pick Baylor because. And his -- -- -- -- shoot. All right and Ellis is back to -- the big guy. One on a Washington. And I went to Baylor I think. You know from Baton Rouge in. So that they played Nebraska. You know their first game there's sixteen Nebraska is eleventh seed ever to be with -- watch -- for Nebraska. As the eleventh seed. Bring that up because the winner of that game play. Plays the winner of Creighton in Louisiana Lafayette also. They give you look UConn played saint Joe's. That's saint Joe's lengthy Galloway the form -- Christian life stand and and he went to Christian lives so. You look at Louisiana connection and and the players you associate with the -- Rico gap that on -- Rico and the -- him now. I wanna say one of the one of those young Nam war on. It Trent Johnson as -- recruitment meaning he would recruit named -- in goal on 11 missiles and I should do Rico but Alou was an -- from Riverside. Well it just goes are you talk about one of premier programs in the in the some -- just to state the south abortive. Every year with that as well basketball. Lung and is in -- -- top players. In Louisiana Tabasco where to go to school the Greg Monroe. Brian Alan Cox in Dallas tonight. And LSU never even in the hunt. Then you go to Georgetown and although now NBA player with the Pistons knocked them known Trent Johnson at first hear about a little thing you can't do that comfortable on it. Pitch man on him a damn and raced on to Wear off -- you won the first chairman -- his players now Tom -- fun yet. In John Brady had a little bit of a run into an art it's a state and they got blown out yeah. And they made public that final four men and what he told him on long time yeah I had watched that medal is an overtime game and -- played Arkansas little rock. And Glaus has admirably and haren in that -- permanent dependent mound -- in late June and you know and I'm a Tibetan buddhism or more hair yeah. But things. Before my coach and Johnson was at stake over the for the back -- our lives the fault lines and ACC championship colleges talking about him. And I need to realize this Malcolm broaden -- scored 23 points. As the junior claimed his first ACC tournament title since 1976. So and they like -- and I think this kid played many times in high school and he could score so I hope he continues to do well -- Coming back until you call plus degree Doug Williams jones'. 5042601878. Florida Arizona Wichita State. And the final number one seed in Virginia Cavaliers which one has the best shot. When it hall Debbie did and you -- 630 Tampa persons who go to down there welcome back he's the Kasey -- in Miami there I'm Deke Bellavia. NCAA basketball tournament. Four teams from Louisiana in post season tournaments occasions have Lafayette in the big dance taking on the Creighton Blue Jays. That's at 314 -- there. -- in San Antonio. Also LSU and we can't take in the united team. And Tulane is in the college basketball invitational they will entertain Princeton. Wednesday and I LSU is at San Francisco on win tonight 830 and -- on 9 PM tip off. And -- is in -- take on the -- and tenth. -- All of that is a basketball. Tournament action. Ending besides March Madness in the final four. -- fans out there well what is what is your take would approach would you take it should say if you were in Rashad Mendenhall shoes. And you look it would -- would he's done. His scenario you only twenty -- noble. Two in six years of data should saying you know are you just gonna walk away. From millions of Dallas. So no words would you stop playing football at 26. Policy before taxes. He's made probably between fifteen in a sixteen million dollars he's played six years in the NFL. And he's healthy right now and he's just retiring and he -- to travel the world and right and now moaning. That I'm saying is -- -- travel the world that writing -- you haven't had been. You know even a B well paid because you after the -- yet have the resources to do well this -- And he says four balls pretty cool but I don't wanna play anymore mutually have to love football. Two wanna play even as a kid as I always say you can ever force. -- -- applicable either save you indicate to be active. He put it in soccer and animal run around even. Though he's not really doing anything but at least he's being active and not sitting on the couch -- is playing video games hitting a baseball you know you can. Think human right field. And you know like the grasshoppers -- her on the grass and all that and now I think grant how was actually in the field when you got the play has had a kid Allentown the civil what do you do in -- that game's going on. When you coached them -- Is this 78 year old kid Deke and ended echo what you deal in the game is going on there might hit the ball -- -- he goes I'm trying to Kansas -- all. All bundle of football you don't if you wanna be Saturday. You have to be aware of your surroundings possess and kids are very aggressive in the they might not an early snot bubble and and and hit you pretty hard so that's why I mean -- the balls after every one but if you have the ability and that talent. To make millions of dollars. The same offense if you are talented enough. And would you would you stop playing -- -- -- at 26. If he still had the capability of earning millions of dial. 2601. 87866889087. The -- the numbers to get involved and Bobby today's part of the day is -- in north shooting range when you get in 85 outs of gate. Good for a shooting package for two that includes range fees -- -- man millimeter anger and -- Fifty rounds of nine millimeter ammunition. Ear and eye protection. And paper talk it's only 35 books there. Thirteen fifty foot shooting lanes that are coming handguns rifles and shotguns at saint and -- shooting range in Arab beat. Brooks on sale mine too long term idea honestly Wednesday. No obviously largest -- globe and -- yeah yeah are -- use -- and I think they still -- had a -- went down real B has had a owns and one big different events status Deke Bellavia whenever you -- -- they have big skeet shoot. There's no clay pigeons in go to right on out so they analyze B I was RS is to -- -- the -- -- -- -- like. We do now and Stan Brock. Like the spokesperson of the Nelly you know had -- Saints alumni thing and now yeah that was and you know had it. All the old saying is get together and early June in me. Chemical -- You know we'll get together and now four years. Goldfish in and then well it's skeet shooting. Used to here at -- enemy. Should know like. -- -- and yet. You know athletes leading receiver -- -- A different -- but we -- skeet shooting at the beach and -- unit we are crazy poll yet. All learning as we actually what was unique about the -- shooting. Towards them who Bruschi shooting -- ran -- on the beach Brian holes that was a lot of fun remember. You know I was doing it -- poll Houston Dallas. And after -- yeah yeah. And pestering you know you blew it out I'll I'll talk to him ever. Feel what I'm tired of what you're doing these days. Used to drag race. You know it was obvious that that expensive hobby he gets and its sponsors means in the dignity you do not like NASCAR you'd have to straightaway drag race line so he is in lukewarm he's involved -- you know. -- that was a different every years and does an outstanding. -- Lucille is getting blouse in court you Brad and a lot of local don't go Steelers. LB is go and thought that. I'm avenue side and that's one thing and over the I would I don't like ended on that coming in the it over to me it was a it was as entertainment by Dan wants to me shoot -- and could sit back and likely. A bit and after the ski club he is beautiful as owner Rivera day as both pairs driven in -- derivative background. And he puts -- -- you could -- like around the club book come -- and like some. -- you sit who's seen it tables and today isn't -- wise and shoot out there is of course the feel was way open but yeah Matilda do in the world. Closed -- when that's enough you know -- go to Gulf of Mexico we'd sit around a few Beers at home itself actors are brilliant and he had a little hearts dollars and -- -- -- -- -- be proud I -- on job I think -- you first started shooting bush that he -- you -- a couple hours later so. Yeah and during a news at the brain -- and when they would since and run for office again Bob. My most of -- -- reason and that is unbelievable was the she used to watch -- -- when he had three shows W wounds about the governor's line yeah there was a pile and -- -- -- -- about three -- four blog as he wants to stay relevant. One obviously it was a -- counseling. Yeah when he's dome in a mean I was listening to the news and -- we have a feel thing don't you kind of really attack on me. Now some some political analyst for -- as a very good shot to make a run -- Randolph while we Anderson now 86 yo mammy eagle on don't know. As the saying is that is that. When you consider if the tunnels that the movie would win as a whole and ninety's and it is at all listen individual ever. I don't know how you handing him coming handicap mean by like predict. Politics I mean of the political analyst no more because they'll look at the number of those suits. What -- -- a state it is -- Louis is considered a conservative state. But I wouldn't -- how -- It's picked up and -- it's not that I would but wouldn't surprise me area would be surprised he won our community shock. -- I don't know if indeed he's getting back involved also old. -- for financial reasons on -- -- no political and sit down and fundraisers he buys them that the name recognition and -- awesome act on home because he's got a you know he's in his son whose soul -- -- -- -- one years on the year in India I think as a little boy -- -- -- I don't know down to me that's a different topic that has -- selfish but as Louisiana army -- time to a day when it was sportsman and know media -- -- making this -- tournament -- -- stubborn. And Edwards in the -- about the Saints but -- -- -- in the keep him go to Jacksonville commend you all in. 1985 and -- hole making rules that time with Seattle and I thought I was gonna Seahawks. And -- cases of this mean comical. -- you know it's yes of the guys around them and the bad thing about it -- Z. Kind of opened the door for me to come back home. Where it appeared -- -- one -- managed and those com I've -- in the national news because he's and it obviously. And course nearly -- is I've been meaner too far fetched but it the odds are yet he could die in office coma when you start getting a late eighty's and ninety's throw. And in college life expectancy. You opened a lot of attention to that race that's -- show. A Baton Rouge tomorrow mark thank you for calling WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk about the fairway and I am not sure that nick why don't -- move well. One court I want oh man you know. -- all. -- all been. So -- so. The last high powered offense. Yeah. This act of saying back thanks. They have I've bako to a -- Packers the Packers have a -- no doubt about that fact has been made. It did they want with the era that -- the year -- -- one yet does things to be just the. Okay let it -- Julien wanted to go and do you can't beat it right at the -- in there. Yeah you look at the -- They moved copycat league. Look what what are being let go with the man that -- it won't be great will be there. Well I coming out of -- may be reading some message board is somewhat but the last. In a few days we've been here delighted Bindra has been a lot of races the move -- -- bird resigning Pierre Thomas and and Zach -- so maybe I I -- I'm painting and much would web sites -- well we aren't aren't here to be the end of events you might be airing. Are complaining. It is the one. That really just look at football -- -- a medal stand -- -- None I don't Olazabal was my favorite. You know where you know at Ole -- and yeah. -- Right and so. Yeah -- -- going to be the -- is doable yet. Very jaguar opinion poll what's of the number one seeds has the best chance of winning it all in the men's basketball tournament Florida Virginia Arizona. A Wichita State cares to vote online at WWL dot com. Yeah welcome back to sports -- Which have been number one seeds had the best chance of winning the NCAA. Tournament Florida Virginia. Arizona a Wichita State in -- -- vote online at WW Rio. Dot com and next week we begin the pulmonary show at 7 o'clock the last two weeks revenue basketball season but. Getting into conference play two week in this week and four -- LSU Tigers drop in to a three. To the Vanderbilt common olds probably over the weekend. And Diego look in -- that -- niche in this Warren Buffett rule on those that mean I guess he felt really comfortable running insurers money. The page of one billion gallons now 1000001 billion dollar prize to anyone. Who could fill out a perfect bracket. Big I didn't realize -- -- how hard that is actually do. Ryan and you in what would you raised on Yahoo! insomnia and wanna he had one of the first fifteen made an educate a lot more to one. On via his Achilles and one Brackett -- via. And Eagles want to enhance some contest that way you can oneself and people like. The guy like sixty sandy different names and the an accountant a goal and they'll do that I mean it there obviously from a numbers perspective. They have great chances like the amateur and what one bracket and -- imaging and to -- that they have a better team and having extra bingo cards -- assessment if that's right the only let my grandma and values and long -- overlook almost similar -- Albanians that they -- Begin. You know within is that to you look colon Virginia cited a bracket while he stuck on -- -- yet but you don't -- people thought. Last Sunday over Ralph Sampson was -- that they would disappointed that they were number one seeding kinda. Thought that he -- Michigan Villanova. But that -- his Michigan loss to Michigan State I think they gave them Virginia because in Al only one ACC but also won the time it's obeys its almost like what they deserved it and once you know -- you. And yet and it now and then -- Villanova. But I get a I think they wanted to give it to Michigan Villanova. The Villanova or whatever they a big news at this schedule I think that's that they have. Going for them that's -- the end of being I know a two seed when you look at. Virginia on the east side of the bracket. Look at tournament time and who always saves like they come to play. And they won their tournament they've beaten Michigan that being Michigan State. Number four seed come tournament time it's like you know they gonna be ready. And you almost surprise that they don't make it at least the sweet sixteen and not only eight and then also. The look of Harvard Harvard and number twelve seed you know we talked about. Twelve -- possibly. Because and his ship that of setting a number of five. Seed and went a long -- a solid -- Stephen F Austin right over VCU. That being in the south region and looking at east region at twelve. You got Harvard. Playing them a five Cincinnati. This static you played deep as we can. They score you look out west. North Dakota State the number twelve hours Oklahoma and on North Dakota State. Football team winning a national championship back to back via bought him -- I still call -- don't you know one double way. What was the bison with the green yellow uniforms the rating -- and. A thousand to one. Does that odds aren't donors -- this is about twenty team did have 1001 -- thought they'd be. They have a team would -- a bad odds and then -- -- you like about 23001. But that's it the biggest Tajik isn't done yet. Did need to play a game this twelfth seed yet and are kind of state vs Xavier negative play number five Saint Louis but bring that up because if you look at Harvick. The last season you remember -- that was kind of shocking shook things up. They knocked out New Mexico. -- the locals. For its first turn tournament win in a hundred. Two years of basketball Harvard and they're getting away and so ribs and an Ivy League and now and back to back years there and -- being. A number twelve seed. That mean to Harvard Crimson and -- And -- in to see what they can do against Cincinnati Bearcats -- that -- today basketball verdict you know but big relatives had to play. Ward played in. Can't recall what they they couldn't make your debut in the -- and I'd shoot. Soviet as it is the apartment to pull off an upset. Against it's I like it did last year estimates. As the Kasey -- im Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WWL. One marvelous sports -- to go we'll get the islands and look at the bracket. Who got the best odds who will win the NCAA tournament and what's the best bang for your book -- this year from the did you machine dot com. Would Jonas which one of -- -- sees as the best chance to know when it now in the NCA tournament the gators -- Florida. The Virginia Cavaliers Arizona Wildcats of a shot -- a Wichita State it's -- jaguar example you can vote on line. At WWL dot com.