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3-17 7:30pm Sports Talk: NCAA Predictions

Mar 17, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to GM of predictionmachine.com Paul Bassire about the odds betting in the final four bracket.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where he is whether or so throughout the entire football season now it's time to get the number is on basketball the GM a prediction machine dot com talk about the NCAA tournament. Called this year Jones is now -- and at the different odds that I have it in front of me is the Florida Gators are eleven to two. And in followed by Michigan State Louisville. And Arizona they don't like the those teams. That have the best chance of winning this turn. I would totally agree with that that -- -- the American could just as easily be up there early but there. Well he order -- -- -- the three cleared up on that note about their -- in terms doctor look at consideration in our secure prediction machine. Did in his life open record -- -- directors actors professional. Our sport. And it usually league championship Clinton or senator are which would be least likely most likely champion workers seen. And it doesn't mean they return to me. One key to your team at -- 1%. Chance or better to call so I think it. It pretty clear that the public can be cute -- and in -- -- like -- want to force all the sweet sixteen. But after that -- a couple more Michigan State school or you are here numbers anywhere like -- -- works -- EC. There's one court speed could Alter. All now all of the of 50000 simulation. You how many different teams win the championship. Equipment throwing what is about what you can -- even. We. -- until we knew that week at some point if he's out here. Water all your. Numbers there are so it certainly caught or even -- inning. We we speak we need a great result in the first round although he's -- numbers and I'm sorry this is another bracket -- totally -- Is never ham before he knows gonna gonna happen and one day with -- fifteen into everything else but sixteen. And one and all before Bobby should -- a couple questions let everybody know your method that prediction machine. -- had been played into a thousand times before it actually played in this case is obviously we talked about football talk about basketball. At -- possession it is sort of April and players on the court later in -- -- not important. Injuries we can factor which is our main reasons why -- -- -- in state court -- out -- but they were earlier he's been. And -- -- -- been I -- it out and our democracy are learned earlier that each team -- -- -- any level fortunately that cracked. Greek example most likely -- -- 8% or better -- ten times on the there are the wreckage and writing are ten times -- this year that -- better. Now Paul boy you -- to speculation towards the latter part of the season. Will Wichita State. There remain undefeated. Will -- then number one seed -- that I do selection committee -- -- of favor. But you look at the midwest. -- national champion Louisville. Another seeded fourth in in the midwest. Then you look like this at Wichita State number one and you look at Michigan. Make it in I was pretty desperate Venus in three of his last year's final four participants. All -- line -- for once but this year. -- nineteen. Q which at all our record because all. Games are related to the midwest region with. Actually on the professor -- -- -- -- center this year recently checked out behind the scenes seem too many parents. And they are basically coming out with that however region in the in the league. Three years because there's so many good schools and where they try to allow teams to Spain play -- well well what they've done that -- -- is certainly thinking which -- -- -- are more deserving at -- half. Like they are you equate those -- call by the where. I'll bet on that period or dirty ones that are averaging a matter. Real low level which is a pity. -- -- all four of those teams were. Out those other teams what would order the most likely are orbit technique. Equally comfortable. Which -- -- -- -- these little will be. There is. That there. Now Apollo is ready reading so that's pretty innocent and I kind of agreement now what your opinion. Kansas coach Bill Self he said look. Look did this year there's more good teams and less great teams. There was pin number two seed in -- seven or eighth seeded is as narrow says that severed in what you agreement that -- war. I totally. -- that actually did his -- several more routine than usual army. Teams. And put things in perspective -- Article you are numbers two days ago. Two years ago Kentucky was 25% favorite one -- after a one out of every four times that we played to determine Kentucky winning. Which is the prohibitive. 68 teams this year politically. And their most likely. Would shoot a wide open being dollar. -- -- to -- -- To really do in order and any at all 22 team. Calpers the -- through you know extra set so -- -- it. -- our bracket play it out -- you that tend to back it up just between two and one weaker than usual well. Now Apollo what did you take on this looking at the audience's interest in everyone knows the name Warren Buffett that he felt a pretty comfortable running the insurance money to pay one billion dollars -- -- that -- about a million a billion. It prize money for anyone. If a lot of perfect bracket and I think him and it's is it really that impossible to be perfect. What is it going to be open Kaiser like that at the bottom of the brackets are yours yours yours well it will be out there like the one to fourteen lead in the sweet sixteen to -- on -- As I mentioned camp it rained that would respect to a -- -- the hear the actual number possible -- you can do about it. What kind -- trio which are seeking beer and you could legal fight -- Guerrero more likely pay at least be it. We're talking about -- however. It's not always -- DD yeah we are sixteen directly to lose to war there are good to hear there are there there are stronger in the large here DB. Most likely -- What -- do that happening we certainly isn't there really able to get a whole lot closer to -- about the put up money and now. Still ultimately by out of our order -- are there particular. Correctly to that -- Now Paul boy haven't heard from them in a while but you think given -- from you at Ralph Sampson yeah. Looking at Virginia. Three -- impressive when you win. You know to be asked to -- damage in the AC said he regular season -- tournament championship. So it to me they'd -- deserve -- number one seed over maybe you know the argument Michigan Villanova. I think -- We have -- in the sport that in the country there resonated very strong and real Green -- it was on the two teams that don't expect such as part due. Apparently. It was Virginia itself as strong as they were having days he's the ankle that would teacher read it is in their theory -- -- the problem for Virginia is that it very difficult -- -- -- big -- UBE network. But overall -- in that region and all of Michigan State urging him to that teams are in that -- to the sport in the country -- our. Want to make it to the basically here -- -- that mark while they are scored those teams are looking at Coca BT it is the one fortunately there and seeing out. The team. Whole lot better -- Michigan State. There's been -- it there's likely want your order to restart. All -- -- -- get all this great information to follow current. Every building we talked about it Seoul Korea each machine dot com or you get older you directly. -- -- a lot of that -- between now bracket get to the actual bracket out. -- machine where. Kolb was the Apollo thank you so much for the time we appreciate --