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Mar 17, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well happy Saint Patrick's Day it does it feel like Saint Patrick's Day output RS a coat and scarf -- to work just a little while ago it's windy. And you just heard it's going to be in the forties tonight is gonna feel very very -- only it was a chilly afternoon Parcells I didn't garlic Saturday afternoon which was absolutely crazy. And we'll talk more about that or during the show I had the I had the strangest. The most diversity on Saturday. I went from. Saint Bernard parish. To Parcells. Back down to my apartment. Into the French Quarter getting on a float with the band going for the French Quarter in the Saint Joseph state parade and I felt like I was touching all these different. Cultures it was a truly amazing Miley Cyrus concert is tonight so maybe we'll get some comments about the concert when it's over people or are leaving the show. Which you take your. Son or daughter to allow Miley Cyrus concert anyway I'll -- -- a good day today in fact if you're if you're leaving Parcells and you wanna give us an update on what it was like this afternoon. It was crazy. Saturday afternoon Natalie personals but also just up the street. Tracy said the weather turned out to be great and also yesterday Metairie the old Metairie parade along notes -- -- every road. The weather was not supposed to be very good for that it's stored in the morning. And by the time I got out of church. He was clearing up and the weather was really nice for that race a lot of people turned into a couple sprinkles later in the afternoon but that it turned out to be. Justifying afternoons I hope you had a a good Saint Patrick's Day weekend an LP and acoustic -- state so far. It's time for tonight's topic today to hear the top -- things we like Peter knows we begin our show tonight and every WL number eight. Well have a Saint Patrick's Day. Usually always talk about the luck of the Irish. And I think unified. Religious strife in potato famine and me with this stuff mark. You here's what thing that always I am always amazed me about that the famine in Ireland. OK so. There's no food so they -- -- potatoes and get their running low food. It's an -- Go fishing. So I never could quite figure out they head out of food shortage in Ireland. Not that you really need a good excuse to drinking Guinness today but Guinness is actually packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. Each spiritually a 170 calories. An Irish friend of mine in Philadelphia used to always say. There's a meal in every -- Also -- drinking Guinness has also been associated with lower cholesterol levels. Irish whiskey by the way guy is so low and cards. And also his fat free. Irish whiskey I had no idea I don't drink Irish whiskey but for those of you who do enjoy Irish whiskey. It's -- -- cards and also recess is set free it's also known in moderation to help with the cardiovascular system and it could even help prevent. Strokes. So if you need an excuse to -- of Irish -- there you have a corned beef and other Irish tradition it's a very high in protein. Zinc. B vitamins and also a lot vitamin however. You know corned beef can be a little a little fatty so -- cholesterol levels -- something that you would need to be aware of cabbage of the gals it's your traditional law once -- Patrick -- -- Is very high in vitamin C. And also has some sulfur based compounds. Which help the body with toxins help buddy you know get rid of the -- of toxins and -- also contains compounds. They are believed to be cancer fighting agents. I study showed that women. Do you have a reduction in breast cancer. If they have cabbage as part of their their diet and Tate is of course dictators are very popular. Boy they were common tomatoes off their -- parade yes you know that's really kinda dangerous. I mean you get hit with a dictators. You with the cabbage you know looking. I mean it's all done and thought oh wait a minute here wait hang on Miley Cyrus always tomorrow. All right I thought it was tonight now -- as tomorrow. -- -- -- These days trying to get confusing to make things like start today. And I -- Somehow it it turns into two days so I almost think in terms of the next they already have to write -- -- to -- Molly centers is tomorrow. I -- talk about that on the show tomorrow night if you're going to the concert. I suitors the concerts over be sure and gives a call here on Cisco show and tell us what you thought of the concert. To getting back to the healthy things if you can drink and eat on Saint Patrick's Day. A potato is a small yellow potato is low in calories and very rich in potassium magnesium and vitamin C. And dictators are also good source for carbohydrates protein and calcium. Onions. In do play a role in preventing cancer. And so there are also things -- -- can help regulate your blood sugar so those are just a couple of the things it did a really good about the stuff that you eat and drink. On to Pakistan. And I guess what you could also do. Is. Maybe use those excuses to consume those things throughout the year number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- The founder of the west rural Baptist Church known for his controversial campaign ended the churches don't the controversial campaign god hates. And it's the derogatory -- forward for. Homosexuals. God hates. That's a predominant campaign of the west Baptist Church dear god hates. -- Campaign. Includes the protesting at funerals. Of fallen soldiers because of the military's acceptance of homosexuals. He is reportedly dying in a hospice in Kansas. Now I know this is wrong but there are a lot of people who hope that Fred Phelps. Goes to -- In fact there are those who are reporting now that Satan is making a special place he's he's keeping alive right now -- costs and cancer is making a special place for him. In hell. That's the way a lot of people feel about Fred Phelps and his so where's pearl -- Baptist Church I don't know if the guy changed -- later in his life. I'm gonna stop short of hoping that anybody goes to hell. But you know if there is held there are some people who we do believe. Would belong there once they once they leave this life number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Saudi -- Has issued a fat blob which is a religious. Edict of religious rule. He's issued a rule. Against all you can eat buffets. The Saudi cleric says that all of diners should determine how much they're going to eat before they order food. And how much they're gonna stand. Before they -- -- Have you ever been asked to leave it all you can -- the fight -- -- have given known anybody who's asked to leave and all you can eat the thing. You -- America and in the American named to the fate. But there were some there were some times when I was at this. Highways. At this. But today in in Metairie. And they had -- cramps on the before. And I could sit the year for a very long period of time. Any those cramps while they never really asked me because I want to focus in on me the fried food I wasn't focusing on all the stuff that was really cheap to prepare. I was just eating the blue -- and and some some boiled shrimp and may be a little Sally. A little piece of of a -- putting -- that that was it. But saw -- -- consuming all these crowds which is going to be one of the more expensive items that they that they offered this desperate -- and while they never asked me to leave. -- a certain point they were so quick to try to pick everything up after I I got out and and they kept coming over and asking me on is -- that you need anything else is this all you need. It was almost as if they were kind of implying that you know sir you're time is up here. But if it's an all you can -- the fade then I would think that there might be some kind of legal obligation to give you all you can eat. And it's not like guide stopped and read the newspaper and it started eating again and I continued. I continue to -- And I just I wonder if anybody's ever been asked to leave one of these the face number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A new study shows that teens who ride with impaired drivers are likely to drive the ball drunk. Or -- This -- survey tells us something -- actors should not be surprised in fact we we talked about this on description of the other night on on every WL. About how parents. Well drink. And then -- get on the wheel of the car. And they've got their kids especially they're teenagers who would be very sensitive to this kind of activity in the car with them. And if you if you drink and drive. Really how do you tell your kids that they shouldn't drink and -- And Darrel and not try to make you feel guilty about this but I am trying to point out something that is really legitimate and if if if you guys are going to a party. You when your wife or husband sport for girls from whatever you're going to a party -- got the teenagers with you one -- you should not drink and I don't wanna take any fun away from you but. Think about the example that you're setting for your kids. If you drink if both of you drinking and wanna -- gets behind the wheel of the car drives. I know a couple of parents who will not consume any alcohol. When they're going somewhere especially if their kids -- McCarty -- is an under the carpet especially if accuser in the car they're setting this example for their teenagers. It's a good example to set and again I'm not trying to take anybody's -- away from home but really how do you tell your kids not to drink and drive if you do. Now this is a different time. You know I grew up at a time with parents who do drink and drive in everybody's parents drank and and trophies it was a good thing and thank god nothing happen. But that was a very very common thing. Go cups very very common thing in this in this city and in this this part of the country. So it's it's been part of our culture for a long time but again I would think that if your parent. It's really important to set an example for your kids now. You can drink. And you could tell you can say you know you're not old enough to drink when you get to be old enough you can drink too I'm gonna -- but you have to drink responsibly in my opinion. And you may have a totally different opinion finesse. I'd never for tonight's list of the top dates at eight. This is not going to help the image of the Republican Party in my opinion. The Republican to to. Old house. As pass legislation. That threatens to sue President Obama if he does not enforce federal marijuana laws even in states. Where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal or recreational use. Do you agree with this Republican led efforts. Forcing the president to enforce federal marijuana laws as marijuana even though it's legal in some states. He is still illegal even for medicinal purposes. -- in terms of federal law. So do you agree with this Republican led effort forcing the president to arrest people. With pot even in the states were -- he's been legalized for medicinal or recreational use. Or WW a pretty general opinion poll you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna -- that poll throughout our show and give you updates throughout the shooting -- Republicans. In the house passed legislation. But the feds need to arrest everybody using recreational marijuana even in the two states that have legalized it is that this. Good for the Republican Party. No it's not this is not. Going to help the party and there are a lot of Republicans in Colorado. And in Washington. And I know that Seattle was in Washington. I lived there and I know that there are still a lot of Republicans in that state. They don't -- that the majority of Seattle I believe I haven't seen that recent statistics but it. The majority of the the people Seattle our liberal. But you what you gets outside of the Seattle recently with Portland which you get outside of Portland they are very very strong conservatives. In Washington in Oregon. And also what you get outside of the Denver area very very strong Republicans -- throughout Colorado but we're taking advantage of the fact that they're state. Has passed these laws making recreational use of pot legal and Washington and in in Colorado now if the if the issue is states don't have a right to do this then. It would be hypocritical for any Republican to support. Any state vote. That would ban same sex marriage. I mean you can't be in favor of the state. Banning same sex marriage. An NB -- favor of the states. Legalizing recreational use of pot so again I find this to be really interesting issue and I don't think this is gonna help the image of the Republican Party. If you wanna join us with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601872. All free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a tech's number is 877. Number three of tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New study shows that Americans still follow the news a majority of people under thirty say they did daily news updates. From their cellphones. And also from their tablets and computers young adults are more likely to check the news throughout the day from their cell phones and tablets. All the adults are more likely to likely to check -- with a news not every day when the news -- leaders comes on. But they're less likely to check its throughout the day in the same -- young adults do. So the question is honestly where do you where do you get your news. What do you think is the most reliable source of their -- I want -- talk about this throughout our show tonight. For a lot of young people are reliable source of the news is Jon Stewart. Christine Michael -- Seoul where you get your news. Who do you trust the most. To give you the news and if it's MSNBC do you watch any of the other channels and if it's fox do you watch any of the of the channels. Do you follow the news throughout the day out that we we offer updates here WWL it's a free service Hamas message and data rates may apply. But it's a free service from -- WL it's available on any any cellphone you don't have to have a fancy super Smart cellphone you can have any cellphone. And these these news updates are available to you -- and whenever there's whenever there's breaking news for example. I've I've got to a breaking news alert earlier on my cellphone -- at my apartment. About it governor Edwards former governor Edwards. Running for congress. Which is of really interesting topic you'll ultimately get into. And so you can have these news updates all you need to do is text the word news NE WS text the word news. 287870. Will give you those updates so I'd like to find out distant appear casual conversation. Where do you get your news. And is there more than one source. If you wanna join our -- -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. -- a text oversee seventy -- here's a text touted I know you're gonna talk about Fred Phelps tonight. Because you listen on a regular basis and you know he's one of my favorite people to beat up on a year and the west pro Baptist churches. In my opinion they hate group and should be so designated but I don't think they've quite crossed over the threshold. In to be being designated by the government as a hate group but those are some very very hateful people. And as a Catholic Christian I don't wanna be judged by dear Christian beliefs. I here's another text that read so what's next they're going to issue of religious edict against left overs and here's another one happy saint patty's day scoot. To go cops are part of our culture yes indeed they are pretty -- to use them very very responsibly. Number -- what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Malaysian airlines flight 370 is still missing and conspiracy theories continue to surface. Representative Michael look Paul Republican from Texas told Fox News. That either the Boeing 777. Crashed into the Indian Ocean or landed somewhere in southeast Asia. Andy's been prepared to be used as a weapon in a terror plot. Anything is possible. As concerned as we might be in an if if somebody starts this addressed and and wants to add to this this conversation. It seems to me that this -- not gonna make it into US airspace. Now. Global communications may have lost track at this point. At some point. But if it if it. Leaves the ground again. Any unidentified. Plane like this heading for US airspace. Is going to be shut down. And then the other question is what about the I think 237239. People on board. What what about them and can you imagine the agony of those who had. Family friends and loved ones on that flight are they dead. Are -- alive. And if they're alive -- and the other thing that I find really interesting about this is. There's been no reaction from anybody concerning. All the cellphones that must have been on that flight. What about the so -- may be there justice totally out of range and I'm sure of the plane boys commandeered hijacked it should be. They took all the cellphones away from everybody but. That's that's something else I find to really interesting about this and now apparently they're really focusing on the pilot the co pilot and the flight engineer. And whether or not their religious beliefs. Led them to do something with this particular -- again if you wanna join our show with comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it checks -- is a 77. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top ten -- -- Patrick's day. Aren't you Irish first on Saint Patrick's Day. The controversy. About the street Patrick's day really is seems to be as popular streaking green beer on Saint Patrick's Day. Guinness pulled its sponsorship of the annual New York City Saint Patrick's Day parade today over the race refusal to accept gays and lesbians parading under their own banners. The makers of Samuel Adams beer withdrew their sponsorship of the big annual Saint Patrick's Day parade in Boston yesterday. Over controversy about gays and lesbians being included in the parade. Now if you know more about this than I do the last thing I heard about this -- -- there's something new. This is not a big controversy in -- But it's a big controversy here. You see and Ireland. Your your Irish first. And you're gay or lesbian second. This was the first time and when -- I found out this a couple of years ago. That this was not a big deal and in Ireland. It first made me realize. How so many people in this country. Divide themselves into categories. And there. Straight or gay. There liberal or conservative. They're black or white before. They consider themselves to be Americans. It was learning this about the Saint Patrick's Day parade in -- higher -- Irish first. They don't care if you're -- you're Irish first. And it made me realize how quick we are in America to sub divide ourselves into groups and we consider ourselves to be part of a group before were actually. Consider ourselves to be part of America. The -- like tonight but certainly everybody can agree with this its title Saint Patrick's Day. Your Irish first. And there's an aspect of this. That expresses my thoughts on this that. Might actually surprise some of -- You can read it. Give us your comments a -- like share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com it's also part of our FaceBook conversation. And at WWL radio on FaceBook and will reach some of those comments a little bit later in the show Saint Patrick's Day -- Irish first. Shouldn't really be more about being Irish and being get a and that's not to say that case you were Irish should be proud of being Irish and being gay but when it comes to Saint Patrick's Day. Shouldn't you be gay first Torre should you be Irish first and a lot of people want a rate under this -- so maybe it's time to let it go and and and just. Be proud of who you are. But realize that it's an Irish parade and that's the one common denominator. And should that be the only common denominator. To join Russia which -- comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- number 8770. And where do you get your news. One source of more than one that's something else for talking about we're coming right back with your comments on the -- show. Like from New Orleans on Monday nights on -- WL do you agree with the Republicans in the house. That feds should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states that have legalized it. New agreement that isn't gonna help the Republican Party that's had a BW a pretty general opinion poll. Right now 55% saying no they don't agree with that 45% say they agree with it so -- close poll. We'll track this poll throughout our show tonight you can give us your opinion like going to our web site. WW real dot com. Also there's always says something when our web sites and when she was in the NIT tournament they play Wednesday night against San Francisco so we will not have a Scotia winter night but the good news is what she was in the N ninety turned. If you gonna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight's numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text numbers 877. Among other things we're talking about where you get your news who do you trust to give you the news and is it one source or is it more than one. Here's attacks that reads. Get news from NPR. Early morning and -- WL CBS at night. Here's another text NPR best international news. -- hear is attacks that says. Google on -- -- great to starting point for news NPR and BBC excellent as well I value affects more than opinions. Though WWL is excellent for local news interesting how many people so far have mentioned NPR. So what is your primary source for news there's a new survey out that shows that those under 39. Pay more attention to the daily updates at the news during the day at their phones and they're tablets and and computers. And those who are older adults. Check in the news every day but they don't necessarily check it -- throughout the day. And also we're talking about this being saint Patrick stay -- And if anybody is leading a -- cells are Tracy's secure. If you're heading home after celebrating -- and you wanna give -- call until Austin which of saint Patrick Davis liked or you -- in the French Quarter for parade earlier. I -- walking parade. A -- suburban street right before 7 o'clock tonight and that was the Saint Joseph state raid. Saturday I mean this was a wild weekend and for the most part the weather was great even Sunday morning when it was not expected to be great. For the Metairie. Saint Patrick's Day parade along mr. -- and -- -- but we're also talking about this this controversy about. Gays being included in Saint Patrick's Day parades and the -- blog tonight its title Tennessee -- state your Irish first. Should -- be Irish first policy -- they shouldn't that be the common denominator. And again if you would join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text numbers it's -- seven a tremendous feel Ethan you're on WW elegant evening. Everything I'm speaking on that situation with the Republicans you want to see the president of the marijuana thing I think is gonna backfire on them twice for a in the near term it's gonna hurt them because. The conservative minded states rights. Yeah which you know that many of them want that it's like the Republican Party can be kept her in their back on what were true traditional conservative. Philosophy but I'd like to. -- -- -- -- And explained that. You know federal government debt it. He should have the sort of makes such laws on the national level that it that it should be left entirely to state. So -- son Rand Paul who was on board with this deal and down. You know big city got a lot of conservancy -- -- -- him -- Tea Party people straight and it's gonna backfire on later typically when the tables return. And there are being pressured. Very you know YouTube or the other way. Panic they don't have a leg to stand on because you are trying to quietly with which many conservatives think trying to violate state right. And and they can come back in later in an effort stage right. And -- here's my question. Why pick this fight. -- all the things that of all the fights that you could take of all the political battle as you can -- wide white pick this fight if you're trying to change the image of your. Of your party because this does attacks states' rights. And then there were going to be those who were very conservative who were gonna support states' rights when it comes to a passing a ban on gay marriage and you can't have it both ways. It's precisely it's an and so yet it's. Think -- like -- Jamaican people in general Ron from the two parties can they do. So probably get a bit guilty that kind of stuff and it does go back -- -- them. You know south of abandoned the old people are saying exactly that treatment and is it is still wins from that. The best thing that could happen politically in this country is that a third party. Rises up in challenges the other two parties and and not just challenges of but gets enough attention to to not sway the election to one or the other but to actually be a viable third candidate it would totally shake up the system and you know there's going to be a lot of money. Behind stopping that because those who are so well entrenched and financially benefiting in benefiting with power from the system the way it is they don't want it to change. If and I enjoyed our conversation and thanks listening to WWL a ninety if you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. Text numbers 87870. Erica what's next on news sources. The big 870 that's good to know. We take -- delivering our news very very seriously here's another comment believe it or not The Daily Show that's from Paul in New Orleans. And Paul comes back with -- another Texan says Fox News from my comedy well a lot of people use Fox News as their main source. But that's fine just understand that Fox News is not really fair and balanced. And and they will present they will present opinions they support the agenda of the network. As opposed trying to give you truly fair and balanced. View of things that they certainly have a right to do it. This is the -- show. At night -- -- W -- will be right back I shouldn't feel like Saint Patrick's Day if you're outside today at Paris ulcer Tracy's cities Chile and very chilly tonight. It was quite a breeze but the week embers while I was its arsenal to Tracy's also when -- French Quarter for the saint Joseph's day parade Saturday night. And before that earlier in the year in the in the afternoons in -- testing job. A saint Bernard parish at rocky Carlos story radio reunion there which was a lot of fun -- a bigger name mr. land. A waitress did obligation to carry not not that -- that hard to take care of but it was it was great. Happy saint Patrick -- tool if you are among the things we're talking about tonight to a Saudi cleric has issued a fat loss of religious rule against all you can -- the face. Saying that diners should determine how much they're gonna eat. Before they actually ordered the food also the -- -- flight 370 still missing and more conspiracy theories continue to. I've continued to be brought up. Also there's a new study that Americans are still follow the news and a majority of people under thirty -- C they are daily consumers of the news. A young adults more likely than older adults to check the news throughout the day on their cell phones and tablets. And were also like talking about the Republican Party. On the Republican controlled house has passed legislation that threatens to sue President Obama if he does not in force federal marijuana laws in the states where pot has been legalized. For medicinal or recreational use and since this is Saint Patrick's -- were also addressing that perennial. Controversy about whether or not he's should be allowed in the Saint Patrick's Day parades. As far as I know gays are allowed they're just not allowed to -- under the gave banner. And the blog that I wrote for our website. That may surprise some of view it's titled Saint Patrick's Day. You Irish first and you can read it to -- W real dot com it's also trending as part of the conversation on our FaceBook page W dual radio. And this -- coming up in just a bit from -- -- Tony your under the W a good evening. Hello Tony. Pilots are better with Tony just a moment let's go to mobile David you're on the scriptural. This may surprise you but I am actually Tuesday that because that means. -- -- I -- back in high school I read. The newspaper that my dad's job and now before the opposite people. It. That. But that's it and I am but -- you're so I actually. Differently perhaps a milestone in the -- Senator -- tablet. You know foxnews.com. App the global. One for the local. They -- not common law. And one that the law. The article -- -- -- -- -- have -- on its feet later and I've done in PO. I've got. ESPN. CNN -- -- are essentially almost targeted. Simply the news. -- the good news sources. From around here around the globe and she. Earlier but would you say your primary source of news is. Obviously be hailed the compromise on national without the foxnews.com. -- -- what took towards the conservative political -- spectrum. -- -- realize that up and they do have a conservative news. But I do I -- the IP gravitate more toward them do CN. NPR. Mainly because I grew up on -- the argument that was huge. In -- are so. I am surprised at we've had so many people who have actually text it's a text is saying that they are there NPR or reduce consumers'. A David yeah there's nothing wrong with the with solid Fox News because it more reflects your I think it's very typical of what people do. And people are so afraid that the news is gonna change somebody when in reality I think we tend to migrate toward the news that most reflects our our opinions. Republican parties who have yet but -- -- Not that that just the social conservative wing of the party that want to impose their will on audio. Saw the temper tantrum the curriculum that the cultural. And -- at a young Republicans like you know like to -- -- -- -- that you don't pop. David are they need to listen to you know I appreciate listing mobile thanks for calling the show here's a text dude are you kidding. Fox News Israel. ABC NBC CBS CNN reports what the president tells them they're all bias or scared I think they're scared. What is most frightening near what is scary to me is that somebody thinks that Fox News is real and not biased that should scare all of us. Now they don't have to be biased it's a news channel they can do what they want with the news that -- -- they are not. Fair and balanced not a criticism it's an observation. I'm -- and we'll be right back on WWL but imagine this crucial in this very chilly. Monday night graduated somebody gets -- more of your text here in just a moment from Kenner AJ you're under -- W -- good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm lost their content and if you -- call back seller bigoted disconnected please call us back. As Zach Strief is gonna be back in the black and gold he has signed with the saints that is really great news you know we need -- strong and offensive line. As we can -- we can get also really she was in the NIT tournament. And there's going to be a new bus service that will late New Orleans with a Baton Rouge. It's not a train bus it's it's better than nothing we've got all of those stories and more on our website at WWL dot com. And here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you agree with the Republicans in the house. That the feds should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states. That have legalized it. 67%. Say no they don't agree with the Republicans and 33% say. They do and -- blog tonight so they were talking about to a Saint Patrick's Day your Irish first rights should you rate under the gay banner in an Irish Saint Patrick's Day parade. We're coming right back was more.