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Scoot Show 3-17 9pm Missing Plane

Mar 17, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: we’ll get the latest theories and thoughts on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still missing…could the pilots have been involved? AND: What the controversy about St. Patrick’s Day and gays says about America. Guinness dropped its sponsorship of the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Samuel Adams withdrew its annual sponsorship of the Boston parade. In Ireland there is less controversy because gays and lesbians are considered Irish first and gay second…does sexual identity supersede being and American in America?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No Saturday and Sunday and it's Paris -- in Tracy's it felt like. Saint Patrick's -- in March. There might have felt like it it is spiritually in terms of this celebration today. A -- -- to Tracy's but it surgeons feel like it in terms of the temperature is a very chilly. Saint Patrick's Day. I -- Glazer witnessed tonight I had a really diverse weekend there was and a -- reunion some of the people who have been in the business for a long time organized Bob Walker in particular organize this. This reunion and it was one about six months ago that I attended and it was at rocky and Carlos what same dark highway in SRI sort of my Saturday afternoon there. And it's always great to always great to be there and I Biggio and returning the waitress -- that took Jeremy and waves it was it was a lot of fun seeing this seeing people that have been in this business for a very long time. Also great to be it Iraqi -- such an iconic places in the New Orleans area. So I went from there and nothing was really plans and then ended up and Paris halls and the the parade Saturday afternoon and Tracy's. As a that was totally differ from being -- saint Bernard parish. And then ended up later in the French Quarter for the Saint Joseph parade ended up on the band tricks. They they invited me to jump on their floats ice chip on their float right before Berlin streets of gonna -- street on the tricks a band float. Indices justice parades so that was amazing and then yesterday ended at the the big Metairie. A Saint Patrick's Day parade just affirmed and Metairie -- -- -- fun and the weather was not supposed to be really great but the weather which really. I'm really nice yesterday after the rain leftists it turn out to be nice that a little more rain in the afternoon but not that much in -- I oval was a great day for all of you. A Malaysian airlines flight 370 is still missing and conspiracy theories continue to surface. We're also talking about Fred Phelps the founder of the very hateful west Borough Baptist Church. Known for their controversy -- god hates. Well it's the F word for for gays to derogatory at -- for gays god hates blank. They do this -- campaign and that includes a protesting funerals of fallen soldiers because of the military's acceptance. A homosexuality. He is apparently dying in hospice in Kansas. And many people are very happy about that really isn't a shame when people want you to die. And there are those who actually want him to go to hell I'd I'd like I can't bring myself to to say that but if -- if there is a hell. People like -- in the west road Baptist Church people I think that I think that's where they belong after they leave this life. Also we're talking about the Republican Party the Republican troll house. Passed legislation that would threaten to sue President Obama if he does not enforce federal marijuana laws in states we're -- it's been legalized from additional or recreational use. A sort of give you a pretty general opinion poll do you agree with the Republicans in the house. That the feds should arrest those using recreational pot in the two states where it's been legalized. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com right now 68% disagree with that Republican -- effort. And 32%. Agree with that again give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. We're also talking about a new study that shows that a majority of Americans under thirty say they consume the news. Not only on a daily basis but throughout the day so we're talking about. What is your what is your best source of news and I I hope you have more than one but where do you get most of your news with a year under thirty your moral authority. And we're also talking about the annual controversy with Saint Patrick's Day should gays and lesbians be welcomed into. Parades. That celebrate Saint Patrick's Day should they be allowed to. The distinctive group with in the parade gays and lesbians. Transgender. Bisexual. Should gays and lesbians. Stop distinguishing themselves. And just be proud to be Americans of Irish. Dissent it's obvious we're talking about scoop blog tonight is on our web site also on our FaceBook page. It's idle Saint Patrick's Day your Irish first and you know if you listened to show on a regular basis you know that I totally support gay rights. Gay marriage. I'm a totally denounce anybody judging somebody by their sexual orientation. However. May be we've come to a point where. If you're Irish. You should just the Irish if -- -- Patrick's day parade. And maybe you don't need the designation. Of being gay Irish. Gay lesbian. If you went away or read the blog in -- or if you like share with others it's on our website at WW dot com it's also part of our FaceBook conversation WWL radio. In target to some of those comments coming up in just a little while. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Text numbers 87870. Here's a text that reads. Forget about Saint Patrick's Day what about every day shouldn't we be humans first. Yeah and that's something that I've I've talked about on the show quite often. I think we forget it we're humans first we're Americans second. And then we can divide into whatever groups who want to divide into. But there's issues like that there's so many people in this country who divide into groups -- they consider themselves to be part of a group and that seems to be even more important than being an American. You know so often we witnessed both of the parties in Washington DC. Doing what's in the best interest of the party. Not what's in the best interest of Americans. And it's almost as if they're more interested in advancing. The ideology of their party's agenda. -- they are in doing what is best for America. And to me. That's not very American. Here is text that comments sometimes people are just too caught up in its all about me syndrome. Get a life cut the drama you're here once relax enjoy it changed the world by being who you are. Not by how obnoxious. You can and he. Ray you're on WW -- good evening. It's cute beauty. And I -- -- make up about your question. Oh yeah. Sure Obama. In order in my opinion that it's. -- why. Now now at this point on a lot of you know it all out. Return control to stage. And as people power in a debate now. It is. A total one. App state to vote a certain way that. So. And a -- -- just because. The president and a Democrat. Republican but it may not -- -- it to me. It's a couple brought up against the Wall Street what's -- about who aren't your ordinary and there's there were speakers. 70% of people -- at. Stake. Well I secure I think you're right to the Republican Party has had a tendency and this is the image that they have projected. That they are more against things then their -- things and you've got to stand for something you can't just be against things and Democrats. One the White House. Especially 2012 I think by default to be beat because of the image of the Republican Party and it's an image that the party itself has talked about. It's changing and court for the record for the record with the exception of the very first time I registered to votes. I registered Democrat the very first -- -- -- so when RC team. And my dad said that because the Republican Party was so nonexistent in the state of Louisiana at the time. He said if you really wanna participate in the gubernatorial election. You need to participate in the democratic. Primaries -- -- direct you need to register or Democrat. But with the exception is that -- through my entire life. I have been registered as a Republican. With the exception of the last few years have registered as a -- I -- as a as a as an independent I have never without that with the with the exception that very first time I've never registered as a Democrat. But. I'm on now. I'm I'll let you know -- -- Not turn it came in 1976. And you're right back then we if you want to vote yet ready to Democrat doesn't yeah. And so yeah I agree with -- but not much language astute and how much yet you know my age now so now I'm I'm more independent I'm more pragmatic. I don't well because my party just -- -- you know it's unfortunately. Usually it's -- vote for the lesser degree. And what are things that I look to do with their show rain is is is provide a home for people who really are making up the majority of this country and that is people who don't see everything. As right or left Republican conservative. Liberal. Democrats the it it depends on the issue and and people are hard to injure of of of both parties and yet some people so strongly adhere to. I am a conservative or I'm a liberal and they they call people liberal or conservative is as if that's a derogatory name. The truth is most Americans are not far right or far left and yet those -- the voices that seemed to get most of the attention so we were trying to trying to. There were trying to work. Exactly trying to provide. -- home and a safe place for those who. Who don't feel like they have a safe place especially when it comes to a lot of the nationally syndicated to auction. Well well well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tired regular -- and thanks for calling if you wanna join our show tonight with your comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 86688. Ninths early Saturday. -- ever -- 7870 here's a Texan -- the Irish should only -- gay and lesbian groups marched in their parade under their own banner went Irish groups. And straight groups. Can march under their own banner in the gay pride parade. More of your text. And more vehicles. Are coming up right after this break. Under -- well good evening and welcome back to discourage show tomorrow morning on -- -- your first news we have Tony Tucker he'll talk about this Louisiana teacher who was arrested. After grabbing an eighth grade student at yanking him into her class a yanking him out of the classroom. Should teacher ever put their hands on -- student and what if that was your kid is old school discipline better when it comes to the classroom discipline. So this will be one of the conversations -- plus one legislator. In Louisiana legislature wants to make motorcycle helmets optional. And not mandatory. Should that be a good idea. 2 atomic Tucker tomorrow morning six -- -- -- -- VW here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion polls also one of the things we're talking about -- on the show tonight. Do you agree with the Republicans in the house that it passed a law. That would require the feds to arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states that have legalized it. 73%. Now saying no the gap is widening. And only 27% say yes they agree with the Republican effort to. Pass this legislation to threaten to sue the president if he doesn't. Doesn't in force these federal laws even when it comes to marijuana. Immigration other laws as well but when it comes to marijuana. That these Republicans are asking the president -- this legislation. -- people in Colorado and Washington State where the recreational use of pot has been legal and conceivably this would allow. The president to be sued if the government didn't arrest people for even the medicinal use of marijuana in states where that is legal. If you wanna join our show with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in our text number. It's a 77. And give us your opinion on this project opinion poll we're tracking that says throughout the shoot ninety and gave -- an update coming up again in just few minutes give us your opinion by going to WWL outcome. A more you're -- are coming up here in just a moment also Malaysian flight 370 is still missing and conspiracy theories continue to surface. Here's a Texan -- do just tuning in have you talked about the Malaysian plane listened to use Saturday and you mentioned that you would be talking about it. Hope I didn't miss that we have we have talked about that we still don't know what happened to -- a receptive now there's talk of a possible suicide mission. They're looking into the pilot the co pilot flight engineer the flight crew they're now looking into every passenger. One of the criticisms of the Malaysian government which of course is not used to handling things like this. The Malaysian government. Is being criticized for not looking into the pilot and the co pilot sooner although. I don't know that that would have really changed this outcome. Of this plane may have crashed. Or it may have been hijacked and the more information that seems to surface. The greater the indication that. This plane was was manipulated by eight by humans. And humans you'll always. Present. A factor that can't always be controlled I mean these could have been these could have been too with the best pilot co pilot and this could be the best. Flight engineer the best crew ever. And yet one of -- changes their mind about religious beliefs or about supporting. Terrorism and there is a Republican congressman who has told Fox News that he believes the plane that crashed in the Indian Ocean or landed somewhere in southeast Asia and is being prepared. As a weapon for a terrorist plot. So one of the things are talking about tonight is what's your best theory. About what happened to this point based on what you have heard now none of us have heard the news 24 hours so I hear things and you hear things. What's your best theory about what happened to display our numbers 260187. And to all free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers states have any seven -- for Slidell junger on the -- show good -- -- -- -- -- I get my news from the Internet aren't because -- -- 200% accurate. Joke right -- the idiot. I want this or they'll -- the condemned throughout the worst case scenario and hopefully somebody can -- -- aren't and so they did. What that says it's ridiculous and and brought other formations that are home. We know. I think most people believe it ran it wants the collective feet that the nation Israel golf. I -- thinkers and very strong possibility that are in responded. And the thing that concerns me most and I haven't seen it appear in this year. There were 28. And scientists who work in part company in Austin, Texas. Cult freestyle freestyle and the conductor. And a new tactics circuitry in other step anyway. On. Oriented seems like you need nuclear weapons. Knowledge scientists don't live here in Iran actually go mostly printed in Israel but then to take him out. -- Simpson fan sites and have been lifted -- and I think they are split -- -- on the him and I think you're quite capable. Looking -- scientists who can help him. Build nineteen more more than one trick several weapons in the short period of time meant. And that really does concern me and I hope I am absolutely wrong it's not accurate I don't know what level. The scientists these agents scientist in Austin you know they're they're at actual knowledge but I do. Have seen a couple places where they were involved in. A high -- on project. Related to irony irony -- Still still aircraft. -- and in a truck and and for the nation Israel and possibly the UST. So that that is a worst case scenario these people that. That -- taken some and not it's too early to Korea but somewhere where it could have been in -- -- And the people being forced into giving up now -- helping to complete some weapons system what is their problem. What do you base that I've read several places and and I don't think they're cutting rates can get tossed around too much because it. Very -- -- I have not heard that theory -- John that's that's it's interesting deterioration scientist on board and cornea and the of the Iranians. Wanna get a hold of them to help them with there a nuclear technology. Well I'd like to say it -- -- -- -- with an attempt in the several times where the the -- people work. Working for high tech group in in Austin it's -- freestyle freestyle -- conductor appointment but. But it debts in kept low game for victory. It can freak people out. And you know hopefully that somebody go and I'm in May -- could explain. What that might be ridicules idea -- Thanks listen to be a -- night and I wanna comment on John's theory that there were -- the Asian scientist on this this revelation flight 370. And -- the Iranians may have wanted to get a hold of them to help them advance there nuclear technology. If you and enjoyed our show with a comment tonight and and and what's your best theory 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text numbers except creativity. Another also looking at the possibility of it being a suicide mission or also. But the possibility that their words somebody or some people on board that somebody wanted dead. And their for the plane was hijacked and it was a suicide mission designed to. Eliminates whoever was the target -- was on on board this flight. But just imagine the agony of their friends and loved -- who are waiting for. Any word on this this plane where is it. They don't know whether to grieve. Or hope. And while it's certainly better to hope didn't just to grieve that still has to be a ferry ferry agonizing thing for them to deal with. When it comes to not knowing if they're one of Warner their friend is is dead or alive it and did the plane could have crashed. But we don't know where it is -- in this in this day and age. Of technology being what it is it's it's hard for me and I know it's it's hard for you to believe. That we don't know where this plane news. It at this point it is totally disappeared. And -- like 910. Days now. So it's it's really -- with all the cell phones that would have been on board board this -- And two with all of the technology all the eyes in the sky that we have from. Radar on earth and satellites it's just hard to believe that a plane is totally missing I also think it's it's one thing is interesting to note. This is a Malaysian airlines. And the last words I believe the co pilot they've attributed these last portion of the co pilot was just a casual sendoff. And your your leaving. One. One radar you're leading one control area going into another control area and you simply say. Thank you good night. And that's a casual sendoff when you say good -- of one -- picked up by another. Did you notice there was an English. English is the international language when it comes to -- everybody who flies it doesn't matter where you or in the world. You have to speak English every tower. Every approach control every. Every radar control area in the world speaks English that is the international. Language when it comes to falling for Picayune Lloyd you're on this crucial and every WL. Faced -- I don't know what is going about -- large airliner. Any thing like Europe. But certainly everybody's has -- -- the obvious. As anybody look in Malaysia. Applying. I mean they said it turned our -- which would be back toward Malaysia. A Malaysian didn't do anything to try to take the plane down so anybody look demolished. Well I think it's a legitimate question Lloyd I would hope so because that would definitely be of a possibility it. That would be. At their silver I've seen the map of of possible places where this plane can land at what this is a triple seven you can't land this thing anyway. As I've -- the Broadway needs to be five to 7000 feet long sold there would be somewhat of a limited number of fraud waste to this plane to land could land it just any any airport. And it would it would take a long runway 22 take off as well and plus deployment to be refueled. So -- You know that is deadly possibility when I looked at the match and I saw all the dots of where this plane could could if landed. Because of broadway's long enough I was amazed that they were so many options and partisan world. Well not only match group match a good point and I thought about that too. But remember Sully Sullenberger. Landed plane in the Hudson River. And it hurt if you heard what he said the other day in and I heard that -- -- -- -- another person. I don't remember a time where we ever -- -- just all Scott -- You know sober -- -- only that crashed wonderland and fresh bagged up. So yeah. Did that was it I believe it was an Air France flights was it from Buenos Aires may be two at Munich. Not long ago is it to crash off the coast to have for South America. But that I believe that involved a thunderstorm -- some some violent weathered it to. It -- broke apart in the -- but they don't often just fall out of the sky and they don't often fall out of the sky without a Trace. Exactly -- problems saying thank you did. If you remember numbered years ago they would want and Dallas that -- the same situation flew into a thunderstorm and it broke up. Milloy if -- city assimilation -- any thoughts on on. What it might be their four or what somebody might be doing with the do you think the Malaysian government -- to. Well under your but I asked me that and I wouldn't say that at this point. But it's awful strange that the Malaysian government didn't do any -- You know to try to take the plane down but when you think about it. Would be United States take wanna be playing down what we tagged out built airliner American airline. Well you know they wouldn't tell them their -- color. So. You know I. You know and not reviewed and ask me that narrowly answer and give viewers are just don't know. Yeah -- I can think he knew for sure disorder do I know -- you're you're -- it was no wind when this when this flight you know believe that 9/11 there was there was fought. Shooting down this is that the plane that. I crashed in Pennsylvania the way to Pennsylvania I believe there was talk of this plane entered US -- are entered. Toward Washington or or New York. -- we're going to be faced with the the possibility of shooting down that plane with civilians on board that would have been a really difficult decision for the United States. Friday would but remember. You don't by the time they are around that was the third airliner obsolete correct. And by the time it got to that point it was time to shoot it down clearly knew what was dual. You know what I enjoyed our conversation and it's it's interesting to talk about this and think about it because in. This day and age of five of technology. It's so hard to believe that this plane has simply disappeared at all of these these jets like diocese of Boeing triple seven. This plane is highly highly sophisticated. From Metairie Mike here on WWL. -- -- A bit bill -- down -- thanks really enjoy Asia appreciate things. You know I was gonna say you know -- play. I mean you know that technology and -- That they are able to you know find anything in the world but. Think you're going to want her like trying to -- that playing at natively in the. -- Like -- going to call. You know somebody pointed this out and showed the other day. Is that what the the Titanic went down in. -- 1925 or whatever attention and it took until 1985 defined it. And the Indian Ocean is one of the deeper oceans may be 5000 feet deep. I mean there's a possibilities that this plane will never ever be found is they're going to be some point in time when we stop worrying about it as. A potential weapon or a threat and again I just I can't imagine this plane. Taking off. Filled with with explosives. And getting into US airspace without having shut down before gets at the US airspace if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 866889070. And I text numbers -- have VH seventy. This is the -- show live from New Orleans on a Monday night to vercammen right back on Demi WL I Malaysian airlines flight 370 is still missing and in this day and age of cellphones and radar and satellites and as everything that we have the track things with the highly sophistication electronically of of of -- today like the Boeing seven 77. It's just inconceivable that this plane would just disappear and get up to this point it has a Republican representative from Texas -- call says. That the plane is either at the bottom of the Indian Ocean or land it somewhere in southeast Asia where it's being prepared to be used as a weapon in a terror plot. What's your best theory suicide. Supporting in the plane wondered -- -- somebody's possibly one to somebody on the plane dead. What what's your best period and again no cellphone calls. You know during 9/11 during those those that the attacks before some of the planes -- there were numerous cell phone calls from the plains. Why were there no cellphone calls from this particular -- Caller earlier talked about. Twenty highly sophisticated. Asian sat on scientist on board the plane he believes that Iran wants to get ahold of them to help them advance their nuclear program. And so the plane was hijacked with the help of -- -- and those people are being taken to our brand and force to help with. There their plans there to build a nuclear weapons. Here is a text reads if you want an example of the height of Republican arrogance. There is. In that it is related to the Malaysian airlines plane saga. -- Peter King Republican congressman from New York said over the weekend that he thinks the NTSB in the FBI should take over the investigation. When they have absolutely no authority in Malaysia and can only provide the support that has requested. By Malaysia. Here is detects the reads at the company and Austin is Freescale Semiconductor. They lost when he highly trained employees in the incident and here's attacks. -- during the NASCAR race they said the one of the sponsors. Had twenty people on board the flight and their thoughts. Where with the families if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 86688970. -- a text numbers 877. Here's an update on our -- -- project -- opinion poll tonight do you agree with the Republicans in the house that the federal government should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states. -- legalized it. This legislation has passed that threatens to sue the president if he doesn't force all federal laws. Which would include. Federal laws against medicinal and recreational use upon the do you agree with the Republicans in the house doing this. 76%. Say no and the gap is continuing to widen 24% say yes they agree with -- you can give us your opinion by going to our web site DaVita -- -- dot com and -- she was in the NIT tournament. And we penalty and information on our web -- -- QL dot com the game is Wednesday night you'll hear right here -- to be WL. Doing in Georgia welcome to dispute she'll. -- did you. All the problems that move. Agree or edit it and statistics. Chrome will be your parents who. Send their. Comedy world glacier could accommodate this reverend certain chat room. Where it was -- race of the party when lash had contact was good. Well Malaysia had been what I eighty -- came back across Malaysia. Would it to a different bottled water and turn it on -- -- -- -- -- your vote. Which he said the Indian Ocean and some players is to about thirty. Statements yet. It's funny that he had a picture of ships congress. And sixty probably. For what -- within -- of that play it could accommodate him since some of them -- and are. Metropolitan areas of the reasons somewhat similar in -- remote. Yeah I was surprised he'd obviously the ones in the highly populated areas would be less likely for a plane that you're trying to steal. But if it was their remote runway would have to be 57000. Feet long and not every runway could accommodates. Boeing triple seven I was surprised when I saw the map to that there were so many dots of potential. Landing spots for displaying. These are 660. Or words and they're on the subject of the Republicans gun salute the president about videos straight loss. The Republicans were alt. Big term for -- rights -- the study police. I don't call that regard segregation. There were all fortunate garage. We now that that's pretty old -- that are not -- -- -- strike thrower to reward. There. -- -- you know Republicans are gonna find some Republicans not all Republicans but some Republicans are gonna find themselves having the political quagmire within themselves to stay. A support a state to pass a ban on gay marriage but then what the government to come in and arrest people. For using a -- even if it's been legalized by the state for recreational or even medicinal use. Well you know you can also say that if liberals as well and in some cases doing I'm going to call this a -- -- join us tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven -- In a text numbers -- 7870. One of these are talking about tonight is -- Malaysian airlines flights through seven what's your best theory. Still block tonight's title Saint Patrick's Day you're Irish first. And it's about the controversy about gays not being included in Saint Patrick's Day parade in Boston. And New York again give us. Your opinion on that blog you can read it -- and others it's on our website at WW dot com also on our FaceBook page when we come back after this break you're gonna share some of your comments. -- from our FaceBook -- conversation about. If you're if you're -- -- -- he should you being. Irish first. I'm scooter will be right back under the WL -- Republican controlled house has passed legislation that would allow all. The president to be sued if he doesn't enforce all federal laws including laws. Vets make marijuana illegal for medicinal or recreational use. So do you agree with Republicans in the house that the feds should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states that have legalized it. Right now 76% say no 24% say yes that's or WW a project by opinion polls give us your opinion. They're going to be giving you -- dot com and a lot of give you an update on that coming up again just few minutes the -- blog tonight is title Saint Patrick's Day your Irish first. Or is that not the case. Once again nearly either agree or disagree with me in the blog it's on our website at WW real dot com it's also on our FaceBook page WWL radio here are some. A post on our FaceBook page to this a conversation. And this is from Brandon. Does anyone go to gay pride parades to promote Irish heritage I doubt it gay rights have their place but not -- a Saint Patrick's Day parade. If you're gay that's fine be gay you just don't have to show of your sexual orientation down everyone else's throat. Here's comment from the land I agree. These parades. Should not have people touting sexual orientation or anything other than Irish heritage. They are gay pride or gay pride parades the sexual orientation. They are also parades. That are just about other things. And here is a comment from Bob if it's public money then the public gets to march. I guess public money is involved but the the one in New York City I'm not sure but the one of Boston but the they would in New York City. Is actually a run by a private organization which is why the US Supreme Court allowed. A couple of years ago that parade to say gays could not parade under a specific gay banner. They were allowed to parade if they did not distinguish themselves as. Being gay Irish. They had to just say they were they are Irish. I will continue this conversation and -- get more to your calls -- -- come back if you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688 -- early seventy.