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Scoot Show 3-17 10pm Missing Plane

Mar 17, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: we’ll get the latest theories and thoughts on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still missing…could the pilots have been involved? AND: What the controversy about St. Patrick’s Day and gays says about America. Guinness dropped its sponsorship of the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Samuel Adams withdrew its annual sponsorship of the Boston parade. In Ireland there is less controversy because gays and lesbians are considered Irish first and gay second…does sexual identity supersede being and American in America?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We still have no idea where Malaysian airlines flight 370 is in more conspiracy theories continue to surface representative Michael McCall Republican of Texas told Fox News. Either the Boeing triple seven is -- on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Related somewhere in southeast Asia where is being prepared to be used as a weapon. In a terror plot a crawler earlier suggested that they're part twenty highly trained Asian scientist on board that flight. He believes that Iran is behind it and the Iranians are now wherever that plane landed -- now escorting those Tony highly between Asian scientist. Two I ran -- forced them to work on their nuclear. Weapons program. What's your best theory based on what you know what you've heard you may have heard -- thing that I haven't heard neither one of disputes that they are. Watch all of the news and everything it. It is being said about peers but from what you've you've heard so far. What do you think. I have to be honest with -- -- I could believe either either scenario. I can believe this plane crashed. And I can believe that this possibility that. It will never be found. Or -- not be found for very very long time remember that Titanic. Sank many many many many many years decades before it was discovered. On the bottom of the Atlantic and I think around 1985. Despite could've could've landed it it it does seem like that I would have to say that based on what I've heard I believe the plane. Wise. Was commandeered. Was essentially hijacked. Obviously by somebody who knew exactly how to fly. A Boeing triple seven. Not somebody that just knew how to fly into a building. But how to how to fly it -- land it and maybe take off again. I don't think it's conceivable that this plane will end up back in US airspace as some kind of weapon. But the question remains. Where is it if you enjoyed our show comment tonight was your best theory. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in our text numbers 878 Stephanie. Also tonight we're talking about a new study that shows that Americans follow the news which is is good a majority of those under thirty. Our daily consumers of the news and young adults are more likely to get their news throughout the day not just at one point. Throughout the day on their cellphones. And -- Tuesday and tablets. All the results are more likely to check the news every day but watching as a designated. On a program that it at a certain time and not necessarily check throughout the day. Here at WWL we offer news updates we offer alerts on your cell phones it's a free service from WWL. Messaging data rates -- apply. But it's a free service from -- it's available on any cellphones of you would like to get news updates throughout the day there's a breaking story we don't. We don't send every little story to you but if there's big breaking news. We send that alert to your cellphone and you'll get a before a lot of your friends and there have been many times and I've got to alert on my phone and told people around me and they had no idea that something happened because it'd just happened so if you want it's a convenient alert on yourself -- what you need to do is text the word news. NE WS text the word news to wait 787. And this really made me start to think about where you get your news. I have a variety of new sources. What's your best source of news. Out there might be one primary source I hope you look. For news in in more than just one spot. But where's your -- -- primary source for news. So let's talk about them shortly into you can -- show it to 60187. -- 386688. Ninths early Saturday -- -- number 87870. So Republicans in the house have passed legislation that would allow. That would allow them to soothe the president if he doesn't enforce all federal laws. That would include. Laws. -- Make marijuana illegal the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana is illegal according to federal law. But two states issued no. And even past the recreational use of marijuana laws making that now legal and medicinal marijuana is legal in many states. Do you agree with the Republicans in the house that the Fed should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states that have legalized. That kind of supersedes. Respect for state law -- or states' rights. Answered every W a project about technical give a sure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com on earlier tonight we first started with this poll. 55% said no they don't agree with the Republicans 45% said yes they did. The last time I checked. 77%. Now say they disagree with the Republicans 20% say. They agree with the public it's. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Also talking about this being a saint Patrick stay I hope you had a great weekend the weather was phenomenal over the weekend and it is chilly today -- Paris also Tracy's the people were still out party and and even though it was a little cool I hope you steel had a great time it in the Saint Joseph parade. Saturday night in the French Quarter that was a lot of fun I ended up and getting an invite to to jump on the flow with the band tricks. As they went through two quarters are -- -- a few minutes go to Denver mystery on on that floated that was just a bizarre. A bizarre parade and resort I mean analysts think rates in the French Quarter again but that was a lot of fun again the weather was nice for most of the weekend so I hope. He got outside and enjoy it now we're also -- talking about say Patrick status this controversy. Are you are you Irish before your game. Because as you know the controversy involves gay groups that -- a parade under the gave banner. In the eat the saint Patrick's parades. And Guinness withdrew their support of the big New York City parade. And the makers of Samuel Adams and other Beers pulled their support of the big Boston psychiatrist Avery which was actually yesterday. Because they did not include gays. The US Supreme Court ruled in the case of for a New York City it's just the parade is run by a private organization. They have the right to say that gays cannot parade wondering -- banner. -- as far as I know gays can parade. But he can't parade as case. Make it raised Irish people who happen to be gay. And that's what's really and talked about in the dispute blog tonight about Saint Patrick's Day. Archer Irish first is -- that the most important part of being in an Irish Saint Patrick's Day parade. I you can read that -- with others it's -- WW real dot com it's also on our FaceBook page at WW radio and more of your comments from that conversation. Coming up here in just a few minutes. From Gulfport rich you are on the -- show into the W well. -- Malaysians feel I had a passing thought the and the man city. V and the man he is awful Vermont some war. So far -- as far as. Talked about the current war Marty reasons are there couldn't figure out why I'm mart thing about the end of Nancy you know. So that as part figured Arnold longer. And the man's season. You don't the Atlanta somewhere. I'm Richard going to -- exposed. -- have a theory -- your your best there are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and a text number is it 77. Here's a text that reads Irish first. LO well maybe in Ireland. I believe it's the tradition and the spirit of the holiday that is celebrated for southern Louisiana -- It's it's the perfect excuse to party. And parade. Wearing green here today. I can only find one green thing in my closet. I have one green that I'm I'm wearing today the one green thing I half. You know what I'm an ominous and it out of my area -- -- account in the next break if I give -- journey into -- I sent us some pictures over the weekend. -- from the saint Patrick's celebrations that that I saw and met a lot of great people that -- thank those of you who. Stopping in talk to be in said the host of the show regular graphic all of you for a -- a moment to say hi. But I took some pictures and tweet goes out a lot to do that if you wanna join me on Twitter it's acts scoot. VW -- act -- W a -- media and are rich you are on WL. Let me do you know op but that's missing plight what I fight. Amazing is all the spare time on TV and on the radio being used aren't maybe perhaps. I'm actually maybe perhaps is not needs. We know not think. But yet it -- and outward. Maybe perhaps. It quite frankly it's ridiculous. Eventually yeah we know and I think they're investigating. And that story. Well you're right and the reason that is done is because something we talk about quite often news is entertainment it's designed to get your attention and a lot of people are fascinated by this and because. People are fascinated by it then it becomes news. Yeah I'll get shot. -- -- You know they'll have albeit expert. But from retired pilot -- -- from the FAA retired from the saint. And the question well if it gets into what happened would be who. Yeah. It's not you. It will not guilty -- in overhauling. I don't disagree with you simply saying that he is on the news because. It's what the public is interest -- it. And that's way too much attention on the news weather that's right or wrong that's the reality. I mean they output on the news it would -- -- arch and they're expected they start at about. Although I'm on the plane we have Shia got the switch and get a Cartoon Network. Rich I'm glad to call the show thanks listening tonight in Indiana. That's why it's news. And really they continue to line up experts who just give us theories. And yet. Nobody really seems to know anything. But it's. It's dominating the news. -- CNN. Because the CNN is trying to rebuild its position of being. The network of breaking news and I believe this started back win. When Baby Jessica was down in the well I believe that's when CNN really started with a bit of breaking news updates. And this is wind. The first built their strong reputation on on breaking news. And so I think they're trying to go back to that now but while it's breaking news there really isn't much. -- breaking if you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point seven. And a text ever there's a 7870. Here's a text. Alien life form has taken the airplane LOL LO well nobody has taken that into account. Here's attacks by theory is that the two non Asian men who boarded a flight on stolen passports help the pilot hijacked the plane. And landed it. In a remote site. Here's another text. I'm sure glad it's cold today because the only thing that's green in my closet. Is my jacket. I found one green thing in my closet I'm wearing it down -- job retreat that out but I'd look for you to join me on Twitter. At scoot -- well because -- -- in between that's a -- I -- right back with more. Under VW well as is one of those good Irish songs from how sustainably their from a from Ireland. Makes me -- drinking Guinness. Happy Saint Patrick's Day and what's left of it about an hour and a half left of this Saint Patrick's Day. It was cold today it was a chilly outside of Europe Paris halls are Tracy's served as somewhere others have prayed in the French Quarter tonight little chilly. But the weekend turned out to be great and it's stored in Sunday morning. But -- after that the sun came out it was a -- effect it was so warm Sunday as I was watching the -- of my friends it is -- most in -- -- -- Metairie road. Watching the -- with -- -- I mean I had actually go inside. Because it would issue it got -- -- and then we get this cooler weather day like you know how hot it gets around here. So -- Siskel -- whether it's going to be hot soon. And my dad has been as warm as you wanted to to today but let's just enjoy this while it's here if you've got sweaters if you have. Coats she could -- -- than now because it's gonna warm up again really -- and let me give you this quick update on our -- -- -- opinion poll. Do you agree with the Republicans in the house that the Fed should arrest those using recreational marijuana into two states that have legalized it. The gap continues to grow. 80% say no they don't agree with the Republicans. And 20% say. They agree you can give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. Also there's always something new and our website -- she was in the NIT tournament. They'll be playing Wednesday night and that game's gonna be right here -- if you only play San Francisco we get all the information for you also the saints have locked up offensive tackle Zach Strief. To a five year contract. And we've got the latest on the saints and free agency contract all the NFL -- with our free agency tracker. It's on the top of the page. And -- if you -- dot com also Angel has. A couple of other great open book interviews with the saints pelicans their president and also with that -- Chile and others you can check out those podcast. And mr. blog tonight is titled Saint Patrick's Day in your Irish first and it's about team. Controversy with gays reading under gave banner in the state Patrick state rates from Bay Saint Louis chuck you're on the -- showing their VW well. It very cute thing or -- church and any. -- personal. My thought on the can the Indians and cartridge or particular Ers are actually openly gay parade. Old would not be you know probably not. And because he wouldn't he wouldn't fit the theme of the parade. Markets like -- used to that are wrong. Yeah I listen constructive if you listen to show on a regular basis you know that price supports gay rights and gay equality united denounce anybody who's gonna judge somebody by their sexual orientation. Well -- -- but as I was thinking about this I thought wait a minute. In Ireland this is -- -- controversy because in Ireland you're you're Irish first. And maybe that's something that we should learn about ourselves in this country whether it's you know your your Irish. And not -- when it comes to a Saint Patrick's Day parade your year gate when it comes to other things in it it doesn't mean you're not gay you're gay Irish but your Irish first. And if if there's no distinction in the parade of different groups. In the shouldn't be a distinction of one group and everybody should just be proud to be part of the Irish celebration which ironically. Is it's a big party time minute they'll think people reflect very much on the work of saint Patrick himself. Choose your absolute or a woman that the big news and that makes more sense to me then there was interview back -- -- days that the Cuban. In Asia and com. You know it should just do your charge in there have to be you know. Talk yourself and mind checking on that plane and some don't want your other guests about not making a weapon in flying action Israel. The Israelis on the most heavily armed people per capita of any nation on earth they spent more than that much on defense and immigration ever. The Israelis and shoot them -- this guy. With a 150 miles Israel senators are layers based. Deadly shot now that it does make it Jihad airlines. You know I think via the the suggested there though was primarily about abducting the -- highly trained -- scientists on board that flight. And then taking them to -- ran and forcing them to develop their nuclear program and using that to attack. I ran because he had this plane if this plane takes off I can't imagine it venturing into any. Civilized airspace without a big shot down and -- I do not worry about it coming into US air space in your right about Israel they would shoot it down. Swearing in your big news sent to September 11 terrorist attack actually let's call it what woes Cutler should glittery thing -- worst terrorist attacks. But a bunch of cowardly people such as September. Terrorist attacks and no real plane about trying to retake the plane I mean what people are playing with -- -- to -- an -- to retake the plane. And then -- Shipment that people are trying to figure which you. Well and that that could have led to a crash as it did in their Shanksville Pennsylvania. Records exactly what happened in -- -- Pennsylvania but America governor's plane. Yeah exactly that that would lead differently to the the theory that it's if -- crash somewhere. -- -- -- Took -- -- to call -- a specialist into WW -- night if you wanna join us with your comment to our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- Enter text -- -- 787. So what is your primary source for news. Where do you get your I would like to think that in this day and age you have different sources. But if you have different sources is that our primary source of news. You know I have my my sources denied -- tried to. I've tried to. Expose myself to as much as I can and my least favorite source. Is just stuff that it comes through on and on the Internet. Especially. Things that are set to be quite often from listeners. Always -- you gotta read this. And some of the things that are sent two emails. It's just such bogus stuff. And it's designed to make people panic is designed to get everybody hysterical. -- memorial riled up about -- about an issue usually. Against the Democrats in the present but also against Republicans. So you know it's it's. It's it's okay to do that as long as you realize that most of the stuff is bogus. And some of the stuff. That he is is resurrected. And is set out to mass email links. Everybody's friend everybody's Stanley gets this email I've got to got to share this and everybody and sometimes they share with me. And it's as if this this incident is new. And it's something that happened years and years ago and doesn't even pertain to what's going on today. But it's resurrected as a brand new story. And it's not. So it's unfortunate. Did you should be skeptical of every piece of -- I mean highly skeptical of every piece of information your email. And until we can figure out a way to. Make people a little more credible which is never gonna happen -- people little more credible. When they send out emails and that's gonna continue to be a very significant problem. Here is a text that reads of my main source for news is WWL radio and fox. Haven't purchased a newspaper in years. Have people don't. By newspapers the way they once did and this is one of the reasons why newspapers around the country have been going out of business. A lot of people that are precinct read the newspaper will go to the newspaper's web site and get information from the web site rather than actually reading. The newspaper it there was a time in in -- actually for most of my career. I would sit down in look at articles in the newspaper and cut articles out -- I would cut out an article it might. It might look like it upside down L you know based on the way the article is structured in the -- I would cut it out highlighted. And and because it was. Because it was like just a flimsy piece of paper I would I would do Scotch tape it to an eight by eleven. Sheet of paper and that's that would be by my source that information. But yet today. You get the information from website -- be printed out. I get I would hope that you were diverse and in if you're not if you tend to lean too much on 11 sourced and you should become more diverse. In collecting -- Earlier in the show I was amazed. It's so many people taxing the show saying that NPR. Which one of their main sources of news. Which is a very cerebral. Source of news and a lot of people believe NPR to be very very liberal and I think that is him basically affair. Assessment but it it's it's less sensational news and more news. Hi Al-Jazeera America. The the noon news network which I don't have because -- Cox cable and have that yet. And I guess it's gonna be coming to two more televisions. But Al-Jazeera America is supposed to be from what I've read and heard it's supposed to be the most unbiased. Of all the the news networks CNN MSNBC and fox. And I'm gonna say this again there's nothing wrong with with watching fox and fox is the highest rated news network. They're just quickest. Day. They understand it's sex sells there is no doubt about it. And it's okay that their biased. What scares me is not fox being biased. And having an agenda -- -- that they don't sometimes present both sides but they clearly have an agent. They even. -- even to some degree admitted it. But that's okay. What scares me is that people watch it. And they don't think it hit it it has an agenda. People consume Fox News and they think it's literally fair and balanced. Just because they say the art doesn't mean New York. And they will find the stories they will fine. The experts that support the opinions that they there are two sides to everything. And networks. And journalists and producers those who put stories together not only select what story did do. But they select the experts to support. A certain side of the story and while they can have different sides you'll definitely see. More emphasis placed on one side. Over the other and MSNBC is more liberal. And I would hope that nobody watches MSNBC and thinks that they are totally fair. And balanced it's just ironic that fox promotes fair analysis and they're not so. Its okay that they are not I'm not criticize I'm just making an observation and saying that what's frightening is not a biased media. What is frightening is people that consumed the media and don't think it's biased. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Steroids seventy. And a -- number. Is 8787. Here's a text. Screwed you should have retro scoot day where your bumper music is nothing but the music you used to play. On 97. That would be thought that would be all eighties music in fact I I hear that music on. Thursday nights sometimes to negotiate midnight I go to one eyed jacks for their eighties night and I see these young people dancing to these songs. I judge you got it -- say all right we're gonna go to break and and eighty song that I've. Anyway yes I I played a lot of these songs on -- and when they were first coming out his hits. As I look around me and I see this twenty something generation. There is a dancing to these eighty songs singing every war to these eighty songs some of these people weren't even born yet. And I'm thinking wait what am I doing here on the guy who is playing these things on the air when they were first released -- that's. But there's something comforting about seeing a couple of younger generations. That really a done adopting eighties music as their own and I talked about this before it's really led to a very interesting trend I'm gonna get into this son of a future show. The music that will define. The tents. And it seems weird to -- attendance but the 2010 to. 2000. Tony this is gonna be known as the tents. As the eighties were known as the eighties. They're roaring twenties and nineteen -- -- the twenties the thirties to forties to do it goes off. This will be known as the -- The tents are being defined by music -- is coming out right now not the music that came out in 20102011. And I had this theory and a we're gonna talk about it extensively on the show. -- future show soon. I have this theory that the music that defines a decade doesn't really become prominent until the third and fourth year primarily the fourth year of the decade. And he goes back to The Beatles. 1964. It goes back to the music of 74 essentially defining the seventies. 8384. That's when the music that define the eighties became popular 9394. Grown children to of that sound in many ways defined -- nineties. And the music that defines the -- the two thousands. That wasn't the stuff that was out in 2000 more 20032004. And so the music that we're hearing right now. Is the music it will define this decade what's interesting. Is that much of the music that is becoming prominent today. Has a distinct. British sent much of previous from groups from the UK. And much of it sounds very much like eighties music. Which means. A young generation today. So adopted eighties music as Iran. That new bands that are trying to. Appealed to them has created new music that is very similar to the eighties. In if you liked eighties music there's a lot of good new stuff on it that we quite often played -- far from music on the show. For those who don't know buffer music is the music that we play going in and out of breaks and I have I guess part of the reason that. I'd like to spend a lot of time on on on -- music or make -- significant is because I spent so much time in in music radio. But also it's because music is a soundtrack of our lives. And we all think back on the music that we listened to when we were going through certain things and music always means a lot to which. Music also helps define. The that the socio political. Times -- and things that are going on society treads. So I really find it interesting and I haven't heard. Anybody else talk about this I find so much eighties influenced in some of the music that's coming out today. So what we're gonna insists this is an -- on them right all right well in this is that obviously this is classic classic eighty's and I won't I I remember. Being on the dance floor a 4141. On saint Charles dancing with my wife at the time this song came on. And I said. Do you realize that people are dancing again because there was a time from Disco until this new music was coming out in the eighties that people really dance. And people really started to dance again to use. -- -- eighty stuff well there's a young generation out there -- In love with the eighty sound and their dancing and they just want to have a good time and the fact that some of this music gets you so happy and off today. I think is an indication that there are too young generation that has a very positive view of what they're there to do. When they become the establishment. They're very optimistic about their future and that's a good thing I will play out we'll play one of the songs that sounds very much like a eighty song it's a new song today. When we come on this break if you gonna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2602. Point 870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. It's overtakes him creativity I'm scoot it will be right back. -- -- -- When the Danes. Killed in the it's -- old and -- please. CU our own name. Okay. Me. Learn smooth long. Yeah this is one of the new songs that reminds me. The sound of the -- since the line for food and managing dragons. Song is called demons. There are just so much new stuff out today it's really good. And lyrics and grace the music history. And -- and reminds me in the eighties. Go to the next parade live there so invite John Newman love me again -- -- another song that is very danceable reminds me of the music the eighties. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601872. -- free 8668890. Recipient -- number is 87870. Here is attacks that reads a fox lies from the beginning with this mind game fair and balanced the danger is repetition makes people. Over time except that fox is fair and balanced like call it unfair and biased far more appropriate. Fox is not fair balanced. And even. Roger Ailes the CEO and founder of the Fox News today admitted at one point in an article apparently that. He was gonna do all he could to promote the Republican candidate well okay that's okay I don't have a problem with that. But just understand it if you could sue Fox News it's not really totally fair and balanced from the world inside Dallas your and a VW well. Richard I do and and good. You know back in the the eighty. I want to do you know you can really tick collars or whatever of air show -- station in mobile. WT ERG. Yeah you -- hundreds. And is that was shot out of the collapse -- and sell it -- Jessy Raphael show. Ami AM side while you that's I know this year and then talk radio over there. You know I did -- did do I did do a lot of talk it was a it was a morning it was a morning show. You know it's interesting that's when I was doing music radio -- -- quite often criticized for talking too much and every once a while somebody will send me a text or email and tell me that a fair play due to talk children play too much music I think there's a way to balance out the two. I'm sure I agree with -- Window in Q when tiger burst. They change -- station from it parade. Pop music back in the mid seventies I was working and battery station in junior chief. At the time but it was purely interest income and you come back on the year year and talked to write about my neighbor is for sure. -- -- -- YouTube and juror. -- Victor turner. That mode down. So many new Warner nominal. There was a lot of there was a lot of cerebral rock back then and in I'm I'm I'm hearing a lot of that today -- and hearing a lot of stuff that reminds me of the the death of the the eighties music as some of it was deep. I've had a message and also much of it was fun and danceable and that's something that I'm noticing with. Young audiences today they wanna have fun. And I I went to on. Went to a concert and it's. House of blues and saw the band two door cinema club and saw a young generation. Responding to music that sounded just like the eighties Delis like getting it to break it's good to talk to you again thanks for listening. Say it here all right. This is John Newman and his is the song love me again. And something else and I'm noticing too. The look. Of these people. Reminds me of the eighties hair styles. In many ways are reminiscent of some of the stuff in the eighties so the eighties is coming back in the form of new music. Responding due a young audience -- the -- city music as their old. This is the -- show. Live from New Orleans on Monday night's. We'll be right back on them to your. Coming up the next hour we'll talk more about the controversy surrounding Saint Patrick's Day should gays and lesbians be welcomed as a distinct group within a Saint Patrick's Day parade. In America or anywhere this doesn't seem to be a problem in Ireland but it is a problem here -- blog which is trending on our. A website at WWL dot com and also on our FaceBook page in that interview on radio is titled Saint Patrick's Day your Irish first. Right and it shouldn't be Irish first bowl we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. Also why do you agree with the Republicans in the house that the Fed should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states that have legalized it. 77%. Say no 23% say yes. That's a -- WL pretty general opinion polls give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com and will be error right back.