WWL>Topics>>03-17 11pm Scoot Show, Gay protest at St.Pat's

03-17 11pm Scoot Show, Gay protest at St.Pat's

Mar 18, 2014|

Tonight Scoot talks about: gay activists in New York and Boston are up in arms over not being permitted to march in the Saint Patrick's day parade with banners identifying them as gay americans.

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A very -- -- Patrick's day I had a great weekend and I didn't really have much planned there was -- it was a reunion of some people who dinner radio in the new -- Syria for a long time and I got together with them at Iraqi Carlos today -- meant. A sailor -- superhighway on Saturday afternoon and that really didn't have plans. And I just I ended opponent driving up town and I thought well let me just see how close -- -- to two -- -- -- Tracy slide got pretty close. And it was right before the parade Sosa some of the parade coming out in the street there. And around Tracy's and that was fun and have wanna thank those -- you came up and and -- high and I'd I'd really appreciate you enlisting the show and I'm glad you took time to to say odd. And then yesterday ended up dead and in battery for the battery parade. Now on Saint Patrick's Day parade which is a huge parade in the weather -- sales rising yesterday morning with this front moving through. But almost in time for the parade. The weather broken it turned out to be overly nice day few sprinkles during the parade but for the most part turned it be great day Allen and Saturday night this injustice breed in the French Quarter. Was a lot of fun as well not that you really needed an excuse. To drinking Guinness. Maginnis is actually pretty good for. It's full of vitamins and antioxidants. -- -- only has a 170 calories. And a friend of mine -- who is from Ireland to live in Philadelphia when I was there he was it was a friend he always said there's a there's a mile and every point. And there are some things and in -- and actually are associated with lower cholesterol levels. Irish whiskey not that you need an excuse to drink that Irish whiskey is actually low in calorie low and carts Lola cars in -- fat free. Anything done in moderation in actually helps Cardiovascular Systems and can help prevent strokes. Now corned beef is an Irish tradition on Saint Patrick's Day and and it's a very high in protein zinc. B vitamins. And also in a -- However you know corned beef can be a little steady and so the fat and cholesterol levels can be high cabbage is high in vitamin C and and the sulfur based compounds. Contribute to getting the the toxins out your body and cabbage also contains compounds that are associated with fighting cancer. And affect women who have cabbage in their diet -- reduction in in breast cancer so that's good news and dictators it's very very Irish. A small yellow potato low in calories. Also rich in potassium magnesium. And vitamin C and potassium is also a great source of carbohydrates protein. And calcium. And onions are also -- -- very good in preventing cancer and that's something else that's not bad for also good and a lowering of blood sugar. So not that you really needed an excuse to consume any of these things especially a street Patrick's day but there you have a little more justification. -- relations flights seven the 777. The plate 370. Is still missing. And conspiracy theories continued to surface. They don't really know anything yet. There's a lot of speculation. And a lot of babies. -- a call earlier said this is not news. It really is -- if we don't know really anything about it and I do understand the point that he was making. It's news because people are interested in and and there are a lot of people who are concerned. Where this plane is if he didn't crash. Why was it's commandeered. Why was it take it while I was at hijacked it and and what about the passengers. And you can imagine the family and friends. Of of those who had loved ones and friends on that flight to wondering if their loved ones and friends are are still alive. Here's a -- reads in new paint job new numbers. And the 777 becomes -- united to British the funds of Japan airlines have plane or any other. Any of the country. I do fear. That we will know soon there is a real threat to internal danger. Get all of your stocks. Out of the stock but now don't get all of your stocks under the stock market because of that. If this plane is and if you know more about this that I do you could certainly add to this conversation. Is this plane was commandeered and hijacked. And if it's. Good to be used as some kind of -- -- How could this ever enter in the airspace of the United States or even one of our -- -- this -- -- into the airspace. Of the civilized country. Without being shot down. Because knowing that the plane is they year. Is that not going to make any blip on any radar stand out a little more in somebody's mind. And again what's so mind boggling about this to me do you as well as how could this plane disappear with all of the technology. On the ground in the sky all of the technology is associated with this plane. On the plane and everywhere else and with with all of the cellphone technology Chris I guess there were no. Cellphone towers sit near where the -- disappear which is why we didn't. Here any anything's. Anything from people's cellphones and you know the plane was loaded was with cell phones. But how could this plane just disappear. Indeed indeed hands. And when you when you look at the vast areas that they're searching for this plane it's obvious that nobody really knows very much. You know even though it's in our best interest to know exactly where this plane is I was wondering if the NTSB in the FBI and the FAA. Who are I believe that. Helping to some degree with -- -- aren't -- being reimbursed at duke -- countries paying us for our time I was just thought. Also I heard today for the first time that somebody was talking about. The cargo on board that nobody's really addressed whether or not there was valuable time cargo on board this plane that might be the target. Of a terrorist plot some kind if you destroyed -- had a call earlier when an interesting. Theory he thinks that the twenty Asian. A scientist on board. May have the end targeted by Iran and that are brand was behind. And stealing this plane because they wanted to kidnap the Asian. Scientist and bring them to I ran to help them advance their nuclear program if you have a theory based on what you have heard it. What you think might happen to display in human and share that witnessed. -- -- -- -- 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text Amber's late 7870. A Saudi cleric. Has issued a fat -- which is a religious edicts. Against all you can eat the things. The cleric says that diner should determine how much they're going to eat before they ordered the food. And before they pay fort and that's something that you really don't do it while -- Kenny diners. Have you have been kicked out of all the all all you can -- the thing we do they do they do that have you ever seen anybody asked to leave. Does anybody know of anybody who's been asked to leave. And all you can eat the thing. I would think that if it -- all you can need then you should be allowed to legally eat all you could -- I I I told the story earlier. There was a time when I always says -- going to this. The -- in Metairie quite often and one of the things that they had that I laden had a lot of fried food a lot of stuff usually cheap to prepare. But when I love was of boiled crabs. And the boat trip. And that's pretty -- -- would -- And I noticed that as I stayed there for awhile. As you know you you heat cramps it takes a while to go to a cramp. But I mean I go get. 45. Bring it back to the table finish those combined for five or. I I I mentioned that. I might have eaten Tony thirty crafts. Mean I'm -- dissent so I mean I I consume this overload thirtieth time and I can tell that they were connect. I got the feeling that they were kind of antsy about me staying there eating what may have been their most expensive product lead the blue crabs they never asked me to leave. But I I could tell that I as I was -- they were they were attending to my table. Very often like are you finished you ready to engage anything else doggone good viewed as slowing is like and get over there to the -- honest. To confide so -- never asked to leave like I often wondered if anybody is ever asked to leave. And all you can eat -- of the -- Also we've been talking about the Republican controlled house. Passing legislation that threatens to sue President Obama if he is -- force all federal laws. Including. Federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized the medicinal or recreational use of pot. And that's -- WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Do you agree with the Republicans in the house that the Fed should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the two states that have legalized. 77%. Saying no they don't agree with the Republicans and 20% say yes they agree you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. I guess my question is in in. These months of trying to define a new Republican Party. Prior to the mid term elections coming up in November. Why with the Republicans pick this particular fight. Is this a fight that is going to enhance the image of the party. Is this a fight that is going to. Is is gonna bring people back to the Republican Party who have left. The party. It's it's hard to believe today it's. That people of the Republican Party would even choose to. To fight this this battle. Again Republicans traditionally and I I I realize that they are so many different exceptions but Republicans have tended to favor states' rights. Well this totally defies that supportive. A states rights if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601872. All 386688. Nines nearly seven -- And our tax numbers 877. Here's Texan Reid says they weren't upset -- the fact that you were eating all their crabs. They saw your build and wondered where you reporting its. Well come on I mean if you eat slowly you can consider Obama. And maybe I'm I'm I'm thinking that I probably eight testimony may be too -- not thirty. But I mean packet and -- weren't huge but I mean packages. I can heat cramps. Just. Indefinitely after I can be cramps during my waking hour. Here's a text a guy in home and got kicked out of the buffet. Made national news it was either on Letterman or -- Google it. All right if it's all you can -- they say that this would be yeah I I guess this would be a loophole. If I ate a little bit if I -- some cramps. And then stopped and read the newspaper. And then started eating some more will you know that -- -- a break but I mean I it was continuous I was. I was going right onto I wasn't eating any of the stuff that would fill me up you know like the if the fattening. In -- noodles stuff and all the Fries have dogs -- -- bright for the Democrats. In fact this was -- shortly after I moved back to buy New Orleans and it one thing that I really miss having there's there's good food and in every city in America but there is no food like New Orleans and nobody does cramps like like we do Koreans. You know the dungeon -- -- And snow crab king -- all of these things are really. Delectable. Seafood however. Nobody cooks the cramps like we do -- there's just something so special about those. The cramps in the way we've. The way we cook himself when I I first moved back I was just craving that I just could not get enough cramps but crawfish -- I if you -- I showed an item numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number 67870. Also a new study shows that Americans do follow the news that a majority of people under thirty say they get daily updates on the news during the day. Usually from their cell phones or their tablets older adults are more likely to check the news every day without necessarily all they during the day on their cell phones and tablets. So where -- you most likely to get your news what is your most trusted news source it's -- have been talking about I hope you have more than one. So where do you get your news -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. Protection for 677. There's another popular -- from the eighties and -- its latest that the eighties united. -- when I Jackson's you know I I I look at Billy Idol that I I Selig. I see bands today in the remind me of standout ballet they remind me of human league that that look at by the way I read an article today that span though ballet. Might actually be ready for a comeback. What will play their big -- we commodities expert. I've -- But everybody else. It's. -- I read today that this group's -- now ballet you which way is. It seemed to just have bad eighties look in that eighties sound may be getting back together although like this. They may have had another miles hit that this is only the only big hit that -- really had an elusive. The classic -- so this is as good -- glad you're with us on this Monday night it's cold and -- for march 17 it's cold. But enjoy volunteer because you know it'll get hot but he soon enough here's an update on -- W view properties jaguar opinion poll questions and ideas. Do you agree with the Republicans in the house that the Fed should arrest those using recreational marijuana in the states that have legalized it 75%. Saying no and 25%. Say yes. Big change from the pole -- sorted out on our shows earlier today. 55% said no and 45% said yes now it's 77%. Of source of the 5% -- 25% yes. Give is your opinion by going to our web sites to BWO dot com. -- it is saint Patrick's day of we're about to the end of Saint Patrick's Day 2014 I know who was a safe and great day for you. I I've noticed that every year Saint Patrick's Day. People go out to lunch and they just don't return. And hopefully they make it back home safely but they don't necessarily return to work. And they were a lot of people in the street outside -- Paris -- that Tracy's again today as well as over the weekend. Lot of people in the streets and efficacy justice parade downtown. In the French Quarter Saturday night nice weather for that and -- tons of people out for the memory Saint Patrick's Day parade today yesterday along some -- And Metairie road and there RC Patrick's day celebrations at every city and there are bars and every city that have. Saint Patrick's Day celebrations and there are. Irish bars particularly in Philadelphia of the that I -- remember a couple of Irish bars in Miami either Irish bars everywhere. But you don't even have to go to an Irish bars disputes -- adversaries -- almost as a matter. Every city does have a celebration. But I gonna tell you nobody doesn't like New Orleans and nobody takes it quite as seriously as some of the people in New Orleans. Delegates a couple of your text here and now here is a Texan reason most people seem to -- automatically think all you can neat. But the -- definition is variety of food. You know we're talking about the all you can -- the face. And as some promote the FA is all you can need. Here's attacks -- I guess this is about the Republicans. And two. Wanting the president to enforce the federal laws when it comes to. Marijuana use even the states that have legalized the recreational use follow the money private security firm. And it -- private prisons make a large political contributions. Here is. Text that -- -- eating a lot is take small bites and a steady pace. So what we're promoting on the show is. How you can mean a lot. You know most. Most people -- talking about you know cutting back on consumption no on the -- show where we're trying to tell you the strategy. Of eating a line he's eating a lot of small plates and a steady pace. Here is. I texts that reads. If that plane flew into the United States. And was assumed a threat it would make it fifteen minutes. In our airspace. Here is another comment about the the Malaysian airlines flight 370 I think someone needs a delivery system for something. If you -- to join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines or seven or text number -- 87870. Saint Patrick's Day it's a time when people visit their favored bar or any bar for that matter and embrace the fun loving spirit of the Irish. It's said that everybody's Irish policy Patrick's day. However I doubt that most of those who were drinking and -- in the streets over the weekend are here in New Orleans today or other American cities. Really spend very much time honoring the life of saint Patrick himself. But I guess is a good Catholic saint Patrick would probably appreciate the frivolity of this celebration anyway. Saint Patrick's Day is known for drinking green beer Irish whiskey eating corned beef and cabbage and dictators. And in more recent years Saint Patrick's Day as it's become a day filled with controversy. The controversy -- Patrick steeper rate -- on whether gays and lesbians. Should be allowed to march under banners. That declare their sexual orientation. The battle over the inclusion of gays and lesbians in New York city's historic parade went to the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court ruled that since the parade was operated by a private organization it could. Legally exclude gays and lesbians from -- as a distinguished group within the parade. It was not distinguishing them and did discriminate against them as as gays and lesbians. But they were not allowing them to parade under the banner of gay and lesbian in the Irish parade. This year Guinness withdrew which supported the New York City parade over the controversy. And the makers of Samuel Adams pulled their sponsorship but the traditional Boston parade yesterday for Saint Patrick's Day. Some bars in new York and Boston threatened to stop selling Guinness and Samuel Adams if the companies refuse to withdraw their sponsorship of the parades. They withdrew so they continued to. Sell their products. As far side note the controversy over gay and lesbian inclusion is not a big controversy in Ireland. So why is it's a QB controversy in America. If you listen to this show on a regular basis. You know that I totally supports gay equality. And denounce any judgment of individuals based on their sexual orientation. But I do think that there are few things that we can learn about this controversy from. What goes on in in in Ireland the attitude that they have in Ireland. When when this issue first became a controversy years ago I remember reading that it wasn't a big issue and Ireland because in Ireland. You were considered Irish first. And gay or lesbian second. And this led to the realization dead in America we are so divided. And many define ourselves. Many in this country define themselves. As straight or gay. Liberal or conservative. Black or white first. And American second. We don't bond as Americans first which is releasing that. We should think of ourselves. As Americans spurs don't often I sit on the show that we should consider ourselves human beings first. An American second and then -- divide ourselves into whatever group you wanna be divided into. But for the case of of the Saint Patrick's Day parades in the way they treat. And this issue in in Ireland it's your your Irish first. So we're just talk about. Being Irish are being Americans first. I think we can learn from the Irish. Maybe it's time that we start to think of ourselves as Americans first. And when it comes to something like Saint Patrick's Day. -- Irish first. Europe Irish descent first. And sexual orientation or anything else is second. If -- Americans of Irish descent. Wanna be part of the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Then perhaps or sexual orientation should not disqualify their inclusion. But also if you're a proud. Irish American or American of Irish descent and you're gay or lesbian. Then maybe you should focus on not proclaiming your sexual orientation during a parade. But focus on the fact that you're Irish or part Irish. And nothing else matters for that particular occasion. Now this is stuck to suggested gays and lesbians should not be proud of their sexual orientation you should be and again if you listen to the show you know I totally support it. And denounce anybody who wants to criticize you for your sexual orientation. But what it comes to a parade. The distinguishing factor. Of the Saint Patrick's Day parade should be being Irish. And it should groups. It shouldn't have anything to do with sexual orientation. So while I am totally in favor of a total gay acceptance. And equality. I do understand the argument that if you read a Saint Patrick's Day parade. Didn't. What's the point -- distinguishing yourself as different. From everybody else now if a Saint Patrick's Day parade. Had different groups. The distinguished themselves different than I would think that it would be very appropriate to have gays and lesbians under the gay lesbian. Transgender bisexual banner. But if the whole idea of the parade is to be Irish. To celebrate being Irish are part Irish. And that should be the distinguishing factor. And nothing else. Mr. -- and ideas title -- Patrick stay if your Irish your your Irish first archer. It's on our website at WW -- -- it's also trending on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. And delegate to. Another comment here this posted on our FaceBook page this is from Victoria. Let them parade separate from the original Saint Patrick's Day parade. Actually it all should change. As it is supposed to. Be about honoring state Patrick not all the other stuff just a few people marching in honor of the state. Here's a comment from Charlie on our FaceBook page. We just went through two days. Of dirty men. Kissing. Women. And giving them flowers that's pretty much blatant and shoving sexuality down people's throats you know that I mean that's it. That's that's a good point. And did. The person I'm I'm dating she said she -- she'd never got flowers before. So she had to say pet at this injustice parade Saturday night she wanted to flowers. So she went to one of the guys to get some flowers in the parade. And -- I was standing undecided and I he he was trying to cancer. But he was tried to kiss her on the mouth. With his mouth open. And she said no just it just cost the cheek. So she's negotiating with this guy just lived a -- on that yet that really is that's blatant heterosexuality. Displayed right there. In the street. I can I'm such a germ -- artists I think I thought about this. All these people I mean even if he can somebody in the cheek. If a hundred people are kissing a guy on the cheek. Then everybody's. Getting everybody else is sure it's it's just it's a wonder we're not all sick. All the time and even if they were attractive women in the parade I don't -- to bring myself to accuse. If any of the women in the parade knowing that somebody else planted a kiss right on that person's cheek in fact. I have to admit if I'm it's a kind of -- and a social gathering. And -- I see somebody that I'm good to talk to I see him. Just somebody in the cheek or somebody kisses -- -- cheek. I was trying to go for the other cheek. I mean even those even those somebody else may have just that is well I don't often go for the again it's by irrational. I germ phobia I know if you wanted to an issue with the comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Till 3866889070. And a text numbers 87070. Well one of the comments on the this could block put a picture Soria a picture I took some body was dressed up for Saint Patrick's Day. Outside of for a pair solves this Saturday afternoon and we concluded that with the -- applaud. There was a comment at the end of the blog. Is this your granddaughter or somebody you're dating. What I find most disturbing about that is I wouldn't be dating somebody who would be old enough to be my granddaughter. If you enjoyed us tonight are numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. A seventy. And -- -- Amber's age 77 it also you can join on our FaceBook page in the conversation about today currency Patrick stay -- Irish first right. And that's it to WL radio and if you haven't become one of our friends on FaceBook a bio means have become one of our friends who we. We be a lot of breaking news and also on our FaceBook page to be if you will radio. We do a lot of of of topical stuff they were talking about and it's it's part of the conversation that extends from the show would. The other talk shows here and on WW also become one of our friends -- to be a dual radio. Here's a text that reads. I know they should not be allowed to promote their sexual preference it is a parade family and children are our president. Well that. It's it's OK it's OK if your kids seagate people. That that's not the problem. I I do understand the idea of not distinguishing. Yourself outside of being Irish. However. There's nothing wrong with children being exposed to two gays in effect for those people who -- so concerned. And I hear all the time. So concerned about. How about. The public displays of affection. -- there's a lot of and heterosexuals displays of affection as well debt that I fight quite uncomfortable. And unites have to explain to your kids why are they -- mommy why it why is that man kissing that lady so Warren and warrior mouse would be again there might be questioned you'd have to answer about that as well. Here is a text that read said the gays are the ones who insist on being known as gay first. The media has pampered them and contributes to this attitude. While mocking and criticizing those who oppose gay marriage. That will catch up. With the gay communities. As they ride the media blitz. I don't know about mocking. I'm critical of those people who don't except. Homosexual equality. Time -- I don't think that's wrong to be critical of that I don't I don't know that I mocked them. And maybe there are times that I can be a little sarcastic but it. And I -- I do agree that this is being a part of of a media blitz but it's it's only and it's only fair. It was it was a media blitz when -- blacks were fighting for equality. And though there are many differences. In some ways there are some parallels. Between something that was not accepted that is now accepted something that has not been accepted in terms of homosexuals today. -- is is a battle for. Being accepted. And and we we did okay by accepting blacks as as equals and the day will come when this country will look back and go. I can't believe we had this fight. As a country over whether or not gays should be allowed to get married. I just don't think it's gonna have the negative impact that so many people or hysterical about. I don't we talk about this quite often because this is a major story in America and it's. It's a story that really goes beyond just the big gave rights issue in the same sex marriage issue it's an issue about people. And wanting to getting fall in. The moral issues of somebody else's life when things are taking place in the privacy of -- somebody's bedroom again -- just. I find this a very very. Interesting debate and it's a debate that we've been through so many times in this country. We've gone through changes and we haven't fallen apart as a nation and we're not gonna fall apart now and essentially. The issue. The debate over same sex marriage is so for. There are ports in every state that continues to support the idea. That it's unconstitutional. To prevent two people of the same sex from getting married. Now as long as you're not forced to do it. Dan I don't know that it really is anybody else's business and the courts again. Across this country are supporting this idea that it's unconstitutional to say. Two people can't get buried so would the battle over same sex marriages essentially. It's essentially over. But yet they are going to be some people who are still gonna be clinging to this idea. That they need to create this hysteria that America will be destroyed. My same sex marriage and that's not gonna happen. If you enjoyed us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or 78. Tech's number state 7870 and I'm scoot and we'll be right back. Under the WL. Look back George -- tomorrow iconic Jewish woman and community leader Angela hill the newest member of our community radio team. As a great stuff for you coming up -- show 1 o'clock she's gonna go one on one with the New Orleans parish corner. Doctor Jeffrey Rouse it was a close run off with doctor Dwight McKenna. He won. 51%. To 49% he was close what made him run and what lessons he learned from running and given his mental health background. What are the important issues that he thinks needs to be addressed and -- changes to see what to make as to corner that starts off Angela show tomorrow 1 o'clock. -- WW well with the legendary Angela -- I hear is attacks to men and women kissing in public is natural to men or women kissing is not natural. Well what about the what about the young person who is -- They would see a man no woman kissing I mean I've I've I've had friends who were. A gay and what they were taught by society was totally unnatural for them. Here is a text. Do they promote their sexuality or. Do we just see it and accept it gay is always associated with sex. And I can for once it just be about who you wanna -- I think this is a good point in this something else we talk about quite often on the show. News. Will always focus on. Things that are more outrageous. The extremes of any group -- always get more attention. And what doesn't get attention in the mass media. -- the great majority of gays and lesbians in this country. Who. Are just like you. They're just like me. And they don't. Wish to. Display their affection for whoever they're with and public. They don't wish to be flamboyant. And that's the great majority of of gays in this country. But as consumers of the new -- to be Smart enough to understand that the news always focuses on. The extremes. Because its attention getting. And that's what the news is designed to do. Get your attention. So -- news does. Appear to. Define groups by the extreme and the same thing can be said of of of those who are. In the extreme Christian groups. The same thing can be said -- of those when it comes to racial issues. -- will focus on the most. Extreme. Outrageous members of the group because that makes for more. Compelling television. So if you're aware of that then you can look at the news and not define an entire group of people. By those that seem to attract the -- Here is a text I'm sorry but being gays and abomination and in the Bible like you know there's there's a lot in the Bible. A lot. And if you take the Bible literally you'd have to look down and wonder why you still have both for your hands. Are both of -- -- For the Ninth Ward Hilliard WL. Dale. You know. You. You know it is you know would please you know. Home. -- be in issue. -- more. Moral. What's and as you. Know being. You know. You know. Oh. -- -- And electable. In -- you know because. It is in the two people two -- -- -- -- that it. Was. Going to be okay. You know an edit in no. No I disagree I disagree that's what causes what causes a lot of a lot of people to react to. -- Say it. Should be between you. It. It. You know in that -- And I'd be an idea. Well then I lit a BID day he. Gets the impression of being forced jail because there are people who are trying to discriminate to their people who. Don't want to grant the same rights and therefore it becomes an issue of I've got to stand up for myself and therefore it becomes an issue I do understand and agree with you. About what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. But he does become an issue about I have to stand out for my rice because there's discrimination against me. So in here here and there -- -- what kind of get a chance secret don't -- that's different Norton. Yes -- Is and I'll let it. Dell. Dell this Dell I I appreciate the call I've I've got to get to a break. The difference with -- files is that there is a child. Victim okay children can't give consent. So there is a huge difference between Tennessee area and homosexuality. And as far as the moral -- is concerned take a look at your whole life take a look at the -- that you associate with. Why are some people so intent on distinguishing against. Gays and lesbians based on CN. When they're so accepting of others. Who CN. We tend. To be more critical decisions. That are not our -- But is that really fair. This is the -- show away we'll be back. Okay. -- once again we -- rapidly come to the end of yet another -- show we are coming to the closing moments of Saint Patrick's -- 2014. Albeit a great time. Here's text that reads. We have criticized every one. And lump them together with Christians as before loans and ridiculous. Not of this time I have always argued that they should have every right. And that I have legacy as a reference to gays I have gay friends but my marriage is sacred. If they want to be recognized. And is the first. That they should call themselves. -- you ride league GA YR. I ED. So was not too. Impose on my sacrament of marriage. -- a separate them men of marriage that's -- -- Catholic Church I don't think -- church should be forced to marry gays but if gays wanna be legally married in this country. Side I think that's fair and I think that debate is basically go over. And I want to just talk about whether. WWL pretty general opinion poll. Do you agree with the Republicans and the Republicans in the house that what the feds to arrest those using pot. In states which legalized 76% say no 44% say yes. I'm skewed have a great eating -- in New Orleans.