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3-18 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 18, 2014|

Dave talks about what you'd do if you won the Mega Millions, contagious yawns, and Brussels sprouts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW -- -- this march 18 when he Ford team its -- very. Like to call. Nine and yep because they've made it through Monday and now were working our way down 20. Yes one and -- folks about the Mega Millions -- 400. Million dollars while while while crying. And most -- like it's I'm not about this. There was no way in -- -- -- Phelan warm yesterday habit last night. But today -- finally warm up after a cold start again you know -- thirty. Yeah those couple upper thirties here in there and this or -- got a cold start but beautiful. By this afternoon that. Mid sixties and Wendy's -- -- that -- -- -- -- and take form and honest now. Certainly. First thing I would -- 400. Million now that from illegal things I was -- Bill. Yeah now. That don't don't worry about that that would be taken. Care day you're -- -- you could pay up again if you won 400 million dollars. But then. This one huge piece and all the way of life our compound. Gas averaging target artists that naked -- Guides because our job of makes -- -- week so yeah the compound that they're calling compound. I would day family location we can build several house and and have lots of big toys. In a TV ought to have the vast pond gotta have that maybe. Year. You know funds -- room you know like a bottomless -- garage is for all your different vehicles super. I've been would be your first -- move on after remembered by ticket. That'll yet and I'm there I didn't think in this yes and realize. The kids can buy cigarettes. Yes that is going to be hearing bill today in the legislatures changed. To ban children that. Guess no one thought of that when they approved the sale of these things that maybe it'll look at the laws bars. And today. But I -- in the public convenience store owner manager. And employee. If it's well real outcomes and -- my -- today I'm not gonna feel real good about I think that -- you know what have you pants combat yeah. With the loss. Because. They're you know they may be sent some say they're less harmful than regular cigarettes others say they're not but they're followed nicotine's. Yeah I -- -- -- -- outs I mean that's the bottom line. Buys the -- shots and take oh. I'm back political we've got the addictive chemical lawmaker behind this bill -- other coming up -- Sort of that negative -- in about fifteen minutes of that here at WWL first news thanks for joining us on this edition. The early edition of the -- -- some -- -- that it does Dave's count it can't with the Louisiana I concede it. You have to them -- -- -- words that have. Attachments to them I think compound is one of -- -- even if caught maybe develop a family -- it's families at tonight's -- I'm going to have a compound while that makes it sound you know malicious evil because it would have a family -- it's not so bad. -- forecasters that's a bad it's coming up next we'll sports as well Korea on not Monday morning talk about the 400 million dollar. Mega Millions drawing tonight -- -- and talking about buying compound and I was talking about the unity. -- feelings and thoughts ago with the word compound. Estimates that it is called arrangements are homestead. Or -- farm. Rancher homestead farm I think you actually have to -- something that I'd be doing that -- mean there may be -- garden and you know maybe -- vegetables but I don't -- myself arming. Now I have 400 million dollars it's very hard work. My hat stuff for the people who actually farms so rancher homestead. It sounds nice donation forecasts. Wolf finally see the last of the clouds this morning that they had out of the area and sunshine moves and with the milder afternoon Temps in the mid sixties today. And then dropping tonight only to the forties and low fifties have not quite as cold fort nighttime Temps. For tomorrow partly cloudy and milder up to seven before and Thursday were still in the low seventies with partly cloudy skies. The eyewitness c.'s forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura. Tell sounds pretty nice to may sixties and seventies the rest of the week right now still a lot of clouds to the airport 44 degrees -- that west wind at three pushing them on ID here cloudy and 42 at the National Weather Service office. In -- Sports time now I'm WW well the thing it's just are not done in free agency. Lot of people are marvel. At their ability to find money to go after free agents and that's invite Marc -- here he's got all the sports and I'll tell us the latest target may mean for the black and gold good morning mark good morning Dave. States may not be done with splashy free agent signings and they might be looking towards the current world champions for their next big yet. Both we'll roll right side. As full time. -- -- -- The black and gold is showing interest in former Seattle receiver Sidney Rice. The 27 year old rice was cut last month by the Seahawks and has also reportedly in the sights of the New York Jets. Right the only played eight games for Seattle and the injury hampered when he thirteen managing 231 yards and three touchdowns. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is out of jail after being arrested Sunday on four felony counts of possession of controlled substance. Irsay was also suspected of driving while intoxicated. Irsay failed several roadside sobriety test according to police and -- on a number prescription drugs in his car. And it NBA news the Philadelphia 76ers are closing in on record for futility. The sixers lost their 41 street game last night fall into the pacers 99 to ninety. Marks the longest losing streak in Philadelphia franchise history sixers forward Thaddeus Young says his team can't worry about the streak. We know we don't look at we just keep wanted to continue to play and just trying to figure out what has -- best he's. I think that's the major major thing would us know and how we're about a franchise Africa and noticed it was just trying to figure out. And I keep folks in on the task at hand which is. You know snow on the -- on the system. Picked -- the all time record is held by the 2010 to 111 Cleveland Cavaliers who lost -- -- six and a -- so. Close to the sixers. In other NBA scores Denver outlasted the clippers won ten to 100 OKC beat the bulls 9785. And Brooklyn pounded Phoenix one -- the 95. I'm mark Menard and that measure early look at sports Ximian. Rice. Wednesday that's right and -- -- this game. Funded them -- it Simeon Rice with the books. That -- that receiver. Who was a pro bowler before last year's injury hampered season weary on litany games. Is he over the injuries -- back to full strength disease and it's and it's used it. -- along while he tore his ACL late October so I'm assuming he's still recovering. But you know what would it be that far. Back it could be that he's gonna be ready for training camp we will see how his injury progresses. -- -- -- -- -- They need help receiver because Lance Moore gone obviously Joseph Morgan -- a free agent there's no guarantee that he's coming back speedy -- who had a few impressive games last year but overall never really Mars and Kenny stills as a rookie last year play a role but. He's not the superstar yet anyway so. And the question is who's gonna step up and be that big play receiver is it Marcus -- disease they'll have enough in the tank we don't know of Jimmy Graham is going to be back. He's tied and so Telus but I mean as Sproles is gone is that pauses and receiving threat out of the back fields and jumping the system. Reasoning is a lot of targets and and right now the targets are kind of slim often on the saints' roster but. I'm sure that -- of get it done and get us in some some receivers for breezed through to. -- -- -- on the draft coming up as well we do in and they could very well go receiver in the first round well you'll go back to the sports desk would be back here about point five minutes more sports here on WWL am FM. Not -- for Steve he's mark. -- -- That in forgave them. Some attacks made -- 78 semi retired about. What you do if you won the 400 million dollars got another term in that compound for when he I'll tell you about that and get your forecast after this. Five point five minute warning them tech and it's an eighth avenue if they won 400 million dollars in tonight's Mega Millions drawing. And it's hard to say Mega Millions that -- millions to one of those days. -- things I said the spyware and I would call mine deep -- Derosa instantly go build up. Family ponderosa is some announces that they won they changed their name. Okay the forecast is changing. You know we still have a few clouds around this morning those will fan out as we go over the course the next couple of hours of sunshine moving in today. And milder temperatures 66 this afternoon before dropping into the forties north at the lake and fifties south for overnight lows been partly cloudy and mild for Wednesday and Thursday worked -- 74 on Wednesday. And hovering around 73 on Thursday. From the Eyewitness News forecast thinner I've meteorologist Clark. Sell mostly cloudy 44 degrees now at the airport scanner cloudy and 42 at the National Weather Service office in line now one -- to activate them and it's every they're going to be very generous if they want 400 million dollars. Says I would keep 399 million. And give the rest of my friends and -- That's very kind of giving away a million dollars -- -- that when you -- and that is pretty down percentage wise maybe not so much. When you see someone -- do you yawn. While may depend how old you are -- Yawning is catching but increasingly less so as you get older and contagious you on have a stronger link to agent and tired mr. energy levels. Reporting in the journal PL OS one Duke University researchers. Played 300 participants a video of people were yawning. Out of the two thirds -- court owns 82% of them were under 25. Twice as many as those over fifty researchers could not explain it. One experts suggest the study will help understand the neurological basis of contagious behaviors like laughing and coughing Larry Miller CBS news. I'm over 25 minute adjustment just listening to that report bought about your own estimate saying you're on -- yawning several times is enough to make me on to -- Voters to do with the -- is John now you're about -- and why are you on circuit and they don't even understand it. It just makes you shake your head what -- next few days after the except -- -- -- -- chip. I don't know if that was when I Yonder when the report was point one of the tube -- and -- -- and me dogs have the best deal on. It's. The dogs do -- Bosnian but my -- -- a lot of noise and he ought to mean just he just let him lose. That. This person think that -- expects -- dogs have as Dion. -- -- And I can't thank definitely -- currently on. I do remember the latest is coming up from CBS news and active place at UW WL first news will talk more about should kids be banned from buying. And out and don't have to back on them but they have nicotine. The -- gonna start debating that today what time should kids go to school. A new study that may surprise you it says are really hurt our kids and their ability to get educated. I sent him to school so dark early. 5:30 -- WWL thank you so much for being part of the early edition WW LR's -- on the day that I like to call. Not Monday yet we made it to Tuesday ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy it. The weather's gonna get better -- can look at that company. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's already the eighteenth of march 2014 it's Tuesday. -- I -- not Monday to remind us that we made it through Monday you know and I successfully survived the onslaught that Monday is -- -- an -- and yes it was particularly difficult because I so badly want to go to a block party and I camps. Many of things to do -- out of the office and hands in the streets wearing green everything in drinking green everything and I didn't know me get right to Adam I wanna do. We have a lot of things to do an -- using Tuesday responsibilities. At home responsibilities. Just never did get to go. I saw them I saw them they were there -- yet they were doing all the things you're talking about it. Throwing beads and kissing and drink and greens often yeah and things. You do that -- -- and they get up this morning go to work now. And tell the boss to adjust to get there nine. I'm gone -- of frolic in the Irish channel here right. Rollicking is over for at least from corporate Irish tonight in this week. Atlanta remember. Ali Larter that we were supposed -- you know go and easy and taken it easy as though some in the party for years again thank him. In down. I was very intrigued by any -- I have. Four children. Two of them are still in school and and they can't get up awfully. Mean they're up right now around them began numbers short very short game ready for school they both attributes will be force -- and there's a new study that says. That's just dumb more and more high schools are moving to later start times as health officials complain that students aren't getting enough rest a new study shows tardiness and symptoms of depression are being reduced and grades are going up. -- and the course subject areas of English math. Science and social studies. And on standardized tests -- university of Minnesota researcher Karla -- from this research funded by the Centers for Disease Control looked at a range of in times so. Start the morning of the -- greater increases in grades. -- that got -- CBS news Washington a cynic had a high school before 7 AM now is making them perform more poorly and that learning as much as they're too darn yeah. And you -- teenagers that sort of added in our reasonable hour and just -- -- program and then they wanna stay up late mine keeps hours and I just can't you know. Yes of that missing before -- -- get out of the bust -- -- you know begin -- from Andre or whatever the case. This thing it's better. Let me go to school at 9:10 o'clock items late. And I'll get better grades and no more and and more more schools are doing it matters of schools that no no elementary schools taken. But all the high schools and even that you guys are all you know 6%. And I don't move well or William Orbit their daughters they just a grouchy. Know who don't talk to. On him because he campaign dollars senior White Sox. One thing I've always count my blessings fours alive why I have always had to be at work before dawn. And man I never had to get the kids for school. A although it is funny you know on days that I don't work. What I do I give my -- -- break technique at the school now but it would relish use. Thank you David collected about twenty minutes more British Chris Miller joins us from the give me a story where the debate is and should they be able to us now. A bill on the legislature today looks to change that will talk more about that coming up here on WW well. Oh god not hot hot hot this morning but we're headed in that direction as -- say good morning. This meteorologist Laura but now. No school not Monday it's well we've made it through Monday here we aren't too did you get to drink anything greener -- anything greener. And well OK I -- -- I -- what I thought was kind of an Irish meal but it probably was not at all but I looked up a recipe for Irish and then. I roasted them yeah and you know kudos a look at -- Internet. And then I made in Brussels sprouts so those green right like little bitty cabbage is that kind of felt like that was you like healthy -- and -- Brussels sprouts you know like Brussels sprouts. You know I'm -- I don't think ever ever eaten a Brussels -- yeah pretty adventurous -- I'll eat most things well but their system by the smell bra ad account -- -- dial that a yeah I don't need that -- now I don't I get sent. It just smells awful most talented broccoli now. And like cabinets now because I agree -- now you know it's kind of that. I you know -- -- -- smells and I love -- I love. And I did not like Brussels -- -- kit so it may be hitting eight and also. They got to be prepared the right way yet just kind of -- -- -- -- they're not good but I made my last night with beacon and brown sugar and little lighter but. And eight words analysts like -- but didn't add -- I don't know but -- Randle each shoe leather and got big in a -- -- right. On an idea about like -- broccoli so yes there anyway. Like that there yet maybe next time you're at -- at a restaurant EC aside at him for Brussels sprouts may be. High. Never doubt that a lot of people hate them so I don't have. I'll ultimately the cold and tired of it here and then big bend -- every morning it's cold again -- -- -- -- -- on the few clouds around and that's like temperatures in the low forties north -- like right around forty degrees. But we don't have many upper thirties I think it's nice begin to clear over the next couple hours. We may see temperatures drop another couple degrees before we -- to about 66 later today that would be part near perfect okay. Upper sixties low seventy's at that makes me very happy I -- Get like that I -- car window yeah I witnessed. Definitely an actual air conditioning yes absolutely but it's rare and unique indeed a couple of days the year Connecticut the humidity and opened her eyes and right and the next couple of days at looking beautiful it is going to be warmer tonight will be in the forties and fifties and quite as cold tomorrow morning. We're up to seven before tomorrow's 73 on Thursday at 75 on Friday on no rain at all you know I. He's gonna feel like spray and -- actually arrives -- a couple is right Thursday spring arrives just before. That we can bring equinox. Days. Winter's over yet. Well you know mother nature doesn't always listen to like these other keys as far as the weather this meteorological spring started first saint Maarten that the -- them. And the -- that means that day in the night in the same way exactly yep. And -- where I was at like twelve hours of them are close as close as we get to that here yet Louisiana and they were headed to with a summer solstice and -- that's going to be that day with the most daylight the longest hours of daylight. To the days will be getting longer and longer and longer as we had Virginia -- up that he pilots goodness. You ever get the -- and that is like -- a bulldozer common steam -- movement that there's just something that's gonna happen -- -- that -- protein content well -- I'm done about -- whole marijuana polish on the last few years we've seen states legalize it states make it medical marijuana legal writing more and more moves towards legalizing it. -- twenty years ago I remember that time the push in the afternoon went nowhere but suddenly it's like it's picking up and now the federal government. As decided to sign off on a long stalled study looking at marijuana as treatment for veterans with PT SD okay post traumatic stress disorder. And it's just you know just one of those things that every. Time we hear something more about it it's like it's headed in that direction and it's in the that the critics are getting quieter and quieter it will here. The question better -- that that still be kind of considered. Medical -- you know if it's treatment for PT SD -- that what that are kind of fall into this category and. Federal government never said hey you know it's that the VA used -- got to treat veterans and I know that that strategy all along has been get it medically approved. And then that will lead to get I was I'm an open door and yet once you kind of cracked the door open you got a chance of pushing it wide open. And but I don't hear anyone anymore really saying much about the negative effects of marijuana yeah. It is distances maybe there's bulldozers had in this way the steamroller is coming and there's nothing we can do to stop it and I think that's good or bad. I don't know I mean let's be honest I'm not I don't kind of follow that hole on debate I guess very closely at it it just doesn't apply. I don't care you know I don't know if so it's funny I hear people -- and then there are a lot of people passionate on both sides of the aisle -- -- I guess this is not -- that things that I I. Fired up about stuff but I I don't really lean one way or the other with that again I don't look at that it doesn't really impact me as a relief well. I say that but I just say you know my date daylight that something and I think about. Well -- relatives. Check and I Tony avenue does Brussels route with the ground Manhattan Bob Manning vinegar you make a little authentic than acres are up to drizzle on top. Let it one more thing if you roast him in the I've been with some parmesan cheese and all believed it really -- in crispy means that good stuff away at what age did you start into the it's funny because my mom used to make them and it that you know like that is the most disgusting thing I never eat that. And if they look at the past couple of you is that I just. Tried and I don't bother me gradually. I don't know olives that I can't do not still not black or green yet not an olive idiots. Like I'll be I don't like solid -- -- elect a lot. Now that out I'll go out out out to scrape on the Obama and not a tournament favorite things in the I don't I just got my new partner that. The cup and now you will keep you okay thank you for about a great up and outline indirect. From the Brussels -- whether it's now the Eyewitness News web -- -- or -- mark Menard as a Baptist he. Highs 50 this morning and they -- thank you for being a part in the early edition WWL offers news coming up the NCA out double lane makes a big. Spoke to you about that after sports here on WWL. Deserved week off that mark and aren't hearing it is sports knowledge and information that's good morning -- good morning Dave. -- I'm good today how -- you. Tuesday -- mean it's not Monday it would make him progress and saying look and make maybe more progress in free agency. Quite possibly the saints are showing interest -- a member of the 2013 world champs. Did you write. Sidney Rice played in eight games for the Seahawks before tearing his ACLU 231 yards and three scores crisis also drawing interest from the New York Jets. After being taken in by police on four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance. And suspicion of driving while intoxicated Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was released on bond Monday afternoon. Cops and India say -- failed several field sobriety test and that multiple prescription drugs were found in his car. And other pelicans may not have lived up the fans' expectations this season. It can always be worse the Philadelphia 76ers fell 99 to 92 Indiana last night. For their 21 straight loss coach Brett brown said his got his guys couldn't even do the easy things right. We we we couldn't make free throws. You know and if you can make a few free throws in you don't have those slippage those mental errors on the other hand -- those three point shots I've just said. You know you're really into what we look at it again you know just and I'm aware of learning and trying to force your way through this season. The all time record for futility is 26 straight losses -- about it when he can when he eleven Cleveland Cavaliers ran after king James left town. I'm mark -- and that's your early look at sports 550 gave John mark and -- with you on your radius -- brackets -- idea to me yesterday -- -- -- about it you're preparing. Brackets on how to wait until the playing games are over because I don't see those as being part of the garments that they got two of those tonight through those tomorrow and and then you know Wednesday night I'll I'll -- Geology once at a bracket that you multiples I do one. I'm all in on one yeah I don't understand people who do multiples at the -- you understand it is that -- -- it really well on this bracket. What about the four other once you -- that had won those but he. Ike Ike could second guess myself literally all day so I need to just do one set it aside and call a -- like you know a mainstay in the tournament for many years has been Georgetown. I'm not in the tournament this year for the first time since 2009. But that didn't keep the NCAA from putting their logo on the official. March Madness T shirts and sign them on their website. They laughed. George Washington off. Which is in the tournament for the first time since 20078. Flip flopped the logos. So they've apparently. I identified the problem and -- remedied it. How insulting is that to George Washington at Georgetown though has been that would put them on you've seen you've seen one Georgia sea animal face that what is held -- optimal. Or down all -- want all of Georgia -- to me when George's is -- -- that they're looking at him but -- to stands on the fifth thank you. If the ball. Collected fifteen minutes or sports beat them well AM FM and now. -- this morning but beautiful the rest of the week we'll take a look at your forecast coming up again right after the. Your house has everything sixteen -- Reid toughening them may seem. 5:54 good morning I'm -- John Mark Thomas about Jim Irsay the owner of the Indianapolis Colts arrested for DW I possession of things he should've been in possession of stitches in my attitude a player should he be suspended as an owner for these violations are. As an -- -- is that just his business and it doesn't matter in one -- the NFL react to that not setting a very good example of these allegations are true. The -- other. An example of beautiful spring weather after this morning. As you go over the course of the morning in the clouds will continue to -- out some sunshine on the weight today and it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday 66 for high temp later on. And then tonight out quite as school mid forties north of the lake and low fifties for the South Shore. Tomorrow with partly cloudy skies were warming up to seven before and we stay in the seventies for highs on Thursday with a little sunshine and a few clouds. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Clouds now mostly cloudy at the airport in -- 44 degrees with the winds have died down thank goodness just west at three miles an hour so what is the feeling this morning cloudy and 42. At the National Weather Service office and slide down idea to buy tickets for the 400. Million dollar bag of bills. -- tonight. Is that enough to Pique your interest I think it's very funny how that -- some people some people only buy when the -- -- really big. Because that you know twenty million down ballot jackpot that -- a 120 million. Well it was stunning hypocrisy of -- 400. Tuesday morning. -- The eighteenth 2014. Species spent -- -- hour with us here in the early edition of WWL first atomic -- in next. He's gonna talk about some and Ivan have -- on my agenda for a few days that is never got to had a Louisiana teacher from acre. Was arrested. For grabbing it. Eighth grade student by the teachers. And yanking dispute. The police were called. The teacher was arrested for battery definition of battery in Louisiana unwanted -- The -- strict definition it sounds like the teachers did batter. The child. But should a teacher. Have. The power under law if they have two or they feel like that -- To touch a child should they never ever ever be able to touch that we have all debate over paddling. In schools. There was no within our panel and -- spanking here it was a grab of a shirt and a -- The teachers union is up in arms thing is absolutely wrong it's a teacher trying to do the job of maintaining. Decorum and demeanor in the classroom. Police chief says under the law -- was illegal coming up talk about it have a great Tuesday.

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