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WWL>Topics>>3-18 6:15am Tommy, Ukraine crisis

3-18 6:15am Tommy, Ukraine crisis

Mar 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS White House Correspondent Peter Mayer about the US sanctions against Russia

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Niedermayer joins us right now CBS news news White House correspondent to talk about this. This mess with the Ukraine and Russia and both Ukraine and Russia and yet yesterday I think the president told President Putin has stopped. Jack in and around that those -- the exact words are aware they appear. No not exactly. But I I have to tell you that right now Putin is speaking in Moscow. And and he has not gotten to the point of the speech where US officials expect he's going to formally announce the annexation of Crimea but he does that Tommy. That in our hearts and minds of people Crimea has always been and remains an inseparable part of Russia this commitment is based on truth and justice. So you know he's he's getting ready to formally announced the annexation. Because of this vote that they had over the weekend the White House says the vote on -- -- future was rigged. So Crimea voted over the weekend to become a part of the Soviet Union although the White House is saying it was a rigged vote in on just wondered how would date determined -- how did they notice or is it an obvious fact. Well you know they told us yesterday that a lot of the ballots had been marked before they even went into the ballot box in -- in some pieces. If the the vote were true. It would be 177%. Of the people at one of the towns. You know they -- they have intelligence sources and look the US also wants to get. -- side of the story out there and in shape this. You know it as best it can and two but this is the most serious. Based off between the US and Russia in decades. And the president has imposed the toughest sanctions. On Russians since the end of the Cold War but the Russians are basically thumbing their noses status and there are very few options. Is this in a way a test of the UN end. Armed Security Council and are we really altogether in this -- when it comes down -- facing off with Russia the United States to be standing alone. Well it's not standing alone net as a matter of fact Tommy at the European Union. Agrees with the US mostly. That Germany and Britain have strong economic ties with Russia there's a lot of energy use its resources on the line here. Vice President Biden by the way it is in Poland today and show of support to the next door neighbor Ukraine. And President Obama has a long planned trip to Europe next week will be over there covering that his meetings -- two summits in Europe. Where this situation is certainly going to be the the dominant issue. I guess it does asking about. It did the United States standing alone if he gets ugly if gruden continues to follow his course and care about sanctions I can't believe this would. Actually end up and in any kind of military conflict when it. No I mean you can't rule anything totally out but the administration has. Basically taken any military action off the table. So these then I guess well when I'm asking is how effective -- the sanctions going to be here it is -- wind up doing what every once he becomes a big hero and then in the Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet Union correct. Well that's right it was the Soviet satellite and the Russians still see it as part of their sphere of influence. The president orders -- issued yesterday. Opened the door to further steps. Well these first went went after what were described his cronies. Of Putin's. The next ones will be designed to go after the Russian economy itself these. Sanctions stopped short of going after any of the big -- post Soviet area era companies. That provides so much of the wealth to Russia. So that could be the next step then Putin also have hoped Libya hosting the G-8 economic summit. In of all places the Olympics cities Sochi in in June. In the US will formally yank that from the calendar. Very soon for all for practical purposes it's already. And quickly before we let you go this started with riots in. Crime and Ukraine or how did this -- this thing -- all begin. Well it all began with a lot of agitation against the Russian installed president of Ukraine who by the way. Is that now one of the guys who is that it -- sanctions. He fled to Moscow where he is still hiding out. And you know it is just gone downward from there and this goes pretty rough -- not yet yet he was. You know there's a lot of proof of that that's for sure. But beyond crime he had been in the west has to be concerned. That he'll move into eastern Ukraine in southern Ukraine and other regions. I appreciate your time Peter and -- have a good day and you're busy. You do Tommy thank you have -- about yes --

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