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WWL>Topics>>3-18 7:15am Tommy, motorcycle helmets

3-18 7:15am Tommy, motorcycle helmets

Mar 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Sen. Mike Walsworth about his bill that would make wearing motorcycle helmets optional

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My balls were joins us right now state senator. Who hoses on its proposed that would change the that helmet on Louisiana good morning senator Hillary. Well things have taken -- time this -- what it was it means you inspired you needed to try to amendment helmet law. Well wait wait the helmet optional back in and need that we -- Like a pin and dead -- development. Motorcycles. We have really did indicate if they would. Bull -- help -- without element that we did. The legislature came back. Talk about. Seven years ago it and now required without ever want. And and that is that in this group out there that would like to have that optional. Most date you do have the option of whether you get to where that you Wear -- pops into an -- in. You can. Where -- could not keep veto most people would say yes. Which are trying to do motor cycle its way out of an accident altogether. Once you -- in an accident. Or bad thing -- -- -- eloquently. And sometimes that can stabilize and became potatoes. That -- not much protection you can get there and here. In an accident so what you're trying to do have an accident and what we know -- It that peripheral vision which you have without element is sort of closed. Did you tragically -- what besides you and let's -- Target it will be targeted to do that. You've got to smoothly and -- so it's it's. It's. You know you try. People. People motor cyclists out of an act that altogether. It didn't just purely optional. You know we get the key elements of the deal. Want to get between one and older so the other drivers that are realistic principal -- -- -- -- -- -- The party is -- that the new that you have to put a stake in the safety course. Tight police. That's -- key element. Even my most experienced drivers by that -- Decourt really. Did. Change some things that they do. And it would a motorcycle and in the dark thing we the inter. How to make sure that. That router are the driver -- It's much adequate insurance as we can possibly. Is that liability for some than they do somebody else or some counted insurance take care of them so. Is it that it -- detectives. In my -- that you don't but it's a motorcycle motorcycle that you really don't have. Now that mark David Justice. Feel you really don't. Run out of time let me ask and an -- attacks that are coming in here one of them says. Mandatory because even though the driver takes risks that are adults and make their own choices if they get wrecked the insurance -- pay insurance peso. Everybody pays and the other one says I'm an insurance adjuster that matter how much coverage you carried that percentage in to those -- about it -- There's never enough coverage and then finally while running in the backyard bare -- I stepped on and -- should we make shoes -- And I try to be silly here when -- -- attacks but how do you draw the line between government is is fundamentally a collection of should government protect you for a mean if -- if I mean do you some harm or you from yourself and awareness freedom fit in all. Well and and that's. It's sort of like you know motorcycles. Movement now for freedom -- legacy. It's -- and not speculative and most of his. Making it it's purely optional you know it and probably the most motorcyclists will continue. Most states Arkansas politics is a rabbit did not require helmets most of it -- core element. Obviously you're just. Allowance that. -- option -- so you know across the country. You moderate in most states don't required field. That option of helmets and so. That's what would try to blow. Probably what the public about that in the legislature grow the electorate after that property. Around the first of April we'll store that prompted they would have to. Seven I appreciate -- time comic can. -- ready for -- absolutely and I thank god events and Mike -- weren't.

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