WWL>Topics>>3-18 7:45am Tommy, should motorcycle helmets be optional?

3-18 7:45am Tommy, should motorcycle helmets be optional?

Mar 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Cathy Chase, the VP of Governmental Affairs for Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, about a bill that would make wearing motorcycle helmets optional

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kathy chase joins us right now vice president of governmental affairs for advocates for highway and auto safety good morning Cathy you do 1 morning great area great thanks taking the time -- Tellme. About your organization in his statistics and where you guys come down on this seat around him seatbelt mandatory helmet law. We like seatbelt and I would think you look yet. Outlet nonprofit organization located in Washington DC and we work to improve pilot not a ticket not on the federal and state level. And the reason why should care even if you're not a writer is because you -- will be subsidizing those. And helmeted rider who are underinsured. And will wind up with permanent brain injury that they are not helmeted. I'm disappointed the Government Accountability Office the only proven strategy to get people wearing helmets are all part -- my respect on the lot. You know what it comes is subsidizing and Anderson an argument that if you look at numbers and and how many people get in accidents helmets and how much and -- a subsidized and that. And I am also subsidizing. People -- too much that don't exercise people it does choose to smoke and people that don't save for their retirement and and go all over the place in the ER to -- an insane Cathy where you draw the line on -- -- -- balanced. Omelet freedoms of the individual with the collective. I guess pocketbook. I think I do understand that argument but -- -- that motorcycle comments are proven my favor and we're hoping that at least you know legislators take heed to what happened. When they all writer on the -- was repeal last in 1999. Fatalities increased by 100%. And state health care costs for brain injured motorcyclists toward. When that when the legislature reinstated a -- in 2004. Ever since then they've been keeping in county down said that that prevents strategy saved lives and prevent brain injuries -- on motorcycle. How does it stand. I'm in terms of laws in different states dances of those statistics are. And insurance is there a big increase in states that don't have mandatory helmet laws and either rates or fatalities. I'd give you one example the most recent state Q -- -- writer and while -- at Michigan and when he twelve. And since then. They and the cost of insurance has gone up significantly. According to the University of Michigan transportation research institute -- -- study subsequent to that moment repeal. 74% of motorcyclists involved in crashes where helmeted only have a report. -- that would helmeted and compared to 98%. At the same time period. And not wearing. Comment doubles the risk of fatality and -- that serious injury by 60%. So in terms of freedoms and government in the role of either protecting. One person from another -- one person from themselves how would you balance Sullivan's. Well I think -- -- proven strategies to protect our writers on the road at night do you have motorcycle helmet and flight since I have rated. For a couple of years. I think it's terrifying cannot Wear helmet and I hope that you know we can we want that people world leader that -- but it's been now. That in states where there are operator come on people where comments and they don't they're much less likely it. Thank you -- appreciate your time.

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