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3-18 8:45am Tommy, teacher discipline

Mar 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Monaghan, the President of the Louisiana Teacher's Federation, about a Baker teacher who was arrested for yanking a student's t-shirt

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- in baker Louisiana. That try to get a student's attention three times and get the details on that -- and eventually yanked its eighth grader she's a lady that it was a boy out of a classroom. For that she got arrested I don't know what's gonna happen to a professionally. After this talked to Steve money hand president of the Louisiana federation of teachers I don't -- Well thanks thank you for taking the time now now the details on this are. The kid and trying to remember -- not do what she told him to do cool hard disobeyed three times in a row was. Essentially you know there was no incident and that that is toward teacher actual. Teacher -- -- or jail and breaking news -- college. Certain morning appreciate the call for -- -- last night and and welcome back to work. The really in the probably this whole. Well -- city. It was a sensible portions and the manner in which it was and accusation was made by a pair. And rather than -- issuance amnesty Salmons. That the any professional educator record June. Wherever -- such and such a charm. The future will -- book and and placed in -- holding -- that was just way mobile would. You know I was walking on the you know campus the other day and I want by. The education building and it really made me think that there is so our whole art obviously to teaching and and a lot of times you might know the subject but you don't know how to present at her how to maintain control of a classroom which is. Obviously a big part of -- so when it comes to policy. What in public schools what did teachers can can't touch students ever. We cannot and does this. Law. That protects future most productive future. In little of the pair. Are what the charge you apparently did to protect interest. -- child. That teachers and school. They'll grow as if anyone from -- -- probably. Well at the cottage perched in a shall there that are there. That -- -- quite -- skill and no longer. You know young person making -- -- on Tuesday and possible. -- I mean there -- folks. You would expect I think I would expect as a parent that may change sure what -- reassure each. And needed to do that as much what. -- -- understating their worst so just. His shirt tail his pants which in -- long on campus. Or that request and attempted to push by the teacher. Which she was I think you know. And back jittery and she she. God. And orange news. Sure. So be permissible -- change -- The question of whether that lies. Strong in doubt. Obviously the superintendent bigger things so. But in the process. What you do in a person -- -- papers and makes such that you origin considered kicker is that the Atlanta. Public license even -- or apartment -- I don't know from you when you talk about acting is apparently it was apparent in this case they came to school enhances the teacher be arrests it was a -- While parenting skills and the parent palpable. And actually -- into the so the problem here the may appear that the sabres. There are. Apparently Jay. -- -- around. He didn't actually you all are as bad teacher to jail she. Obviously not quite as cheap an educator and the skills are what. Approach would be okay well so -- district attorney in doubt it will our. Work at age. And then Beijing church and appear on the Linear -- that in any instances in regard to. Incidences that they'll rise to -- like. In and so. Is that we're looking. During the session as he appeared statutory change out there. -- -- -- Some sometimes is it angle on back to the education building sometimes. Is it necessary for teachers seek to get a little physical I mean abusive ideas mean -- -- I guess the other way to ask it is is there any. An acceptable time for a teacher to put their hands on a student in order to maintain discipline and protect. The entire classroom. It happens all the time and again in some. It -- torch which used to look like. Look at an organization. That terrible could beat seriously injured in those kind of things. You just but laurel. It would -- moral obligation to step in step children hurting. The law. So. Future interest kind of situation. It. -- the message at circuit and Q attempt to do that. It was here. That your child all. And that child committees -- in Georgia. And a much as we're trying to struggle that -- across our right to choose such. Wrote in Scotland -- to send. Pictures thank you Steve appreciate you time. Thank you --

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