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3-18 10:10am Think Tank: Immigration Reform

Mar 18, 2014|

Garland talks to Immigration Attorney Malvern Burnett about a more humane immigration enforcement.

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-- also blamed on your -- -- while -- illegal immigration. And -- period in this country. What causes side view a bit on this President Obama came. After he met with the three members of the congressional Hispanic caucus. And said you know I've got to be more humane. Got to have -- -- respondents. Two deportations. Of illegal immigrants. And whatever it comes to immigration called mountain Burnett to our immigration -- -- and welcome back to show appreciated to thank you gone. Crucial what are you what are you see behind that because before -- -- that. Let it linger reported to have wrote on the -- I think coach -- Wall Street Journal and its not entered solution approached. 2002 and immigration custom enforcement agency expects to deport about 400000. People this fiscal year. 10% of all of the Bush Administration. And 2008 total in 25%. More. Then President Bush reported in 2007. So by those figures itself on July this president is deporting. Lot of people where there's no doubt in -- that's when the claims that a lot of the like Democrats are making Hispanic Hispanic caucus. Is making it in the claiming that President Obama is in -- chief. You know over the last six years apparently he's deported approximately two million undocumented. In the United States. On now that long. Over the last six years since he's into -- presidency in 2013. There were approximately. 368. Would deported but that number is is not exactly. Accurate in the explain. Previously. I deportations. Were calculated by a number of individuals who were who physically removed deported from the United States. Deities and figures that we're seeing include. Not only those individuals but persons who were caught in -- caught released at the borders. The -- those entering on the -- skin -- frontier who are detected by Border Patrol. Fingerprinted photographed and returned to Mexico. So in 2013. There were 300 and proximate 370000. Deportations. But of those none of that number only 133000. Were actually deported. It's still a lot of people still a lot of cameras -- Two thirds of and Al. Come across its border cartons and that precise. But that means we sort of quite a few. Clearing the border -- even with all of the electronics and drones and everything and 11 would assume that in new figures on people actually in the unites states but -- -- which brings Specter question you ask will what is what's what's driving the president to. Two releases new policy shift well you -- and clearly it's mid term elections you know he's he's he's taken a beating on obamacare and he needs to occur that Latino vote because. There were some twelve million Latinos helped him in 2000. And twelve presidential elections in and he needs those folks to come out and in in vote for the Republicans and centers or something and upon curious. If he needs Latino vote. Probably some that you know you can notice two million of those deported over the last six years. Why would we vote for you is it because they don't have any alternative. They're hoping for Republicans won in the of them here. No it's a serious problem effective. Stupid Democrats have a word to Latinos just won't vote. In the desperately need and go on to to really prop up the numbers in the house and the senate. I mean they're it will house's is it's a fair fair guess at the house is gonna is gonna remain Republican. Now the -- another story. But their their twelve close races that are up programs -- and Republicans feel very confident that they can get to six it's gonna need to bring them into the majority. And who knows connect with immigration reform if you get that house and the senate run by the -- Republicans. I mean Donald and what to do with the immigration but it amazes me. Because I -- political analyst hero and a regular basis and they always are calling it's politics than the main thing and mrs. Getting reelected. So for seven years you won't have the deportation president. Your vote for your no longer the president usually you know. Find a fair and in more gentle way to do this. Let's go to 2000 well. And read last night. Du pres Obama suspended deportation of hundreds of thousands of young people. -- approximately 500000. Used to enter the United States under the age of sixteen who have fun in the United States for long periods of time and at least fifteen now. But when they apply can can get this deferred action for childhood arrivals and it allows him to get work authorization effectively remain in the United States. And that's the next best thing. To the dream acted but it got stalled in in congress which would actually -- -- -- grant them permanent residency to DREAM Act basically said listen if you're if you're young child. Brought here to tender young age you know you shouldn't you were not culpable for the fact that you did you violate the law and have been. -- reared in the United States. In because you longstanding residents -- United States. We will we will bring you a former residence assuming you graduate high school either. Go to college and the military that that laws it is not passed. Not pass congress that it in his. That does some Republican support for that that's something that we might see. After that -- the mid term elections. But it's it's it's dead in the water right now as is all immigration reform. -- so I don't know web site deal and I don't want that big a newspaper web sites. There it was three young people. Bad. Were -- were raised in America. And then deported. And they were talking about the -- on -- bus and they go pick up a phone to make compensation. And somebody says -- -- -- speaks Spanish correctly you shouldn't be here. Nobody gimmick job except in -- called centers. And -- old approach they feel like there are Americans. That speaker broken Spanish in the country that don't know. Would those people be re eligible for reentry. They're worse there's some provision in. -- of the proposed immigration reform the -- -- to allow people who were outside the United States for certain period -- to reenter the United States for the DREAM Act it's it's it's not the proposal. On the DREAM Act is not is not covered. That's open that the president is is now exploring and we should I think here's soon. Is some way to soften. Make more humane as he calls it the issue deportation. And he's he's come up with two proposals one is it is somewhat to allow individuals who have long residency in nine states and potentially. Permanent resident or US citizen children to remain in the United States without facing deportation until immigration reform -- that can be passed. In the second thing is to. Is to scale back to secure communities program in -- to secure communities program does. Is it it requires. A local law enforcement to contact immigration and encounter. Someone who's undocumented apparently you guys -- to legally. And they hold Oprah had two hours -- and turn him over to immigration start deportation proceedings. They they hope to scale that back so that it does it's that does not affect those who who merely have immigration violations not other criminal violations. The real intent is is to try to -- the Obama administration wants to deport those. With with criminal backgrounds with flagrant violations immigration of people come come about comment on -- I remembered during group recession. We saw here if not a backup in the amount crossing the border. -- not -- humidity. Is that still occurring guru of the economy's improved a little bit of. We've seen increases -- attention to say that because I was looking at the figures. -- the deportations over the past years and it -- -- remaining more or less consistent in if you use that as a as a barometer of how many people actually in the United States I would say that did it hasn't picked up yet but. Who's to say as as as I mentioned earlier you know we don't see records of those who slip by immigration and maintained for. And all we've seen reports that stiffer penalties for illegal immigrants when they're caught. And also the coated. The ones who bring amend his Zetterberg and implement. I think that there are some that did the laws that are on the books are. We're we're out there. Adequate to deter. It's just -- forced into -- -- picked up and I think that that's one of the issues at their opted to Republicans. Our or art -- really. Relying on -- in delaying immigration reform Republicans. Believe that that the president's not enforce enforce security now so why should. -- -- -- Immigration reform. When enforceable continue to be election future and thereby allow more feeling succumbing to the United States without documentation. You you say they're still larger number of people coming here and every year. -- but were they going through through Texas. Or where the areas where there holds. And vaunted. Border walls and used in. Drone protected in all the detection devices. Well there's a there's a fairly good it's. Screen of detection devices along the southern border. On but I would I would say that. That the entire border is somewhat ports you know you it's you see in in in your daily practices and immigration lawyer. People being picked up in Texas in Arizona we don't -- to me those from California because they end up staying in California. But I would I would say that that it did there's no clear cut. -- route. It's of one single route that did coyotes are taking to bring. Aliens into states but the borders not -- Is certainly not -- you know you forget that there's that there's another way for people coming United States remain here illegally. That is by the use of pieces a lot of people coming the United States and -- pieces under. Tourist pieces. And in over staying -- that status. In the -- there are plenty of individuals who coming in under the visa waiver program from countries that historically don't send a lot of illegal immigrants United States they don't need decent income for nine day period. Prime minister Tuesday prime minister vision of of I would just just the other day. And frank discussions sound with Anders said look you know we've got we've got 50000. Irish to a living here without documentation you know. Ireland wants the United States to pass an immigration reform helpless that 50000. Those of people came legally in overstate. And it and who do we have immigration looking for the members that -- Know when those things got really affected you know they get to stumbled on really that's. That's one of the provisions that you will see I believe in immigration reform is passed by congress by. By Republicans in the house for senators. You'll see you'll find the albeit a tracking mechanism. It's imposed on those individuals who in -- under pieces in -- that if they do overstate. They can be detected. You found in -- -- Of one of the things that we're really close with Fox News. Out of the the people being call a draw a -- -- Mexico. They're funding them from Haiti Romania and Guatemala. -- rock. China. Egypt and EPO. So people must be. Flying troubling to South America. And then walking across the board also come to the north income to two candidates now. A lot allows individuals. Are entitled to insert a candidate without pieces that get pieces quite rental vehicle when -- -- an income over that way. And can they -- -- or -- border -- college with that or. Well they -- Walken approach with -- out of knowing that if you ever been to a didn't obtain the northern states Minnesota for instance. At that it's a wilderness in edit if you wanna come the United States -- you can get here I mean as far less detection up with the owners and so. That's an interesting. Do we have any idea on the numbers that are come through again. I'm not aware of those numbers are we're taking a break what do you think. Is that is that the right thing to do to be kinder and gentler to the illegal immigrants should week. Change our laws in the -- eleven million pilots' -- -- -- figure I've seen. Eleven -- eleven become citizens. It was called -- Sid 0187. He'd told -- age six it needed dollar and zero its -- thing about the fact that President Obama as some would on the EU and of the mid term elections has come out and said I think I'm going to be a little bit kinder and gentler when he comes to. The reporting illegal immigrants whose -- Quite a record to a Melbourne Burnett is here with the immigration attorney. And he says the -- figure of 400000. People deported. And won here by Obama or Horry -- -- because about two thirds of those. Were caught at the border and return but the basic figures. Claim that -- soon begin the associate press that he's supported. A -- more than George Bush do it. So it's it's it's interesting to me to try to figure -- always conceive of his and a community. And all of us a lot of your home but now going to be kinder and gentler. A Melbourne for a a family that they have already losers say they've been here for awhile so they've got a job or whatever. What. Is there legal process should deporting him -- do they just short of the house put a mall in truck and taken to -- well you know presently have the focus of of detection deportation of of undocked from the oranges is that that the majority of their efforts have focused on criminal aliens. Assuming that anyone in the house was not promote it it would. It's very doubtful at this point in time that did deportation proceedings would be brought against. A family member strategist detected on the street however if one of those individuals one of the -- on the members. Let's say. It's gets aggressive for them in. Do you -- That's that's enough to place him and move proceedings in. If that person has been in the United States for ten years or longer. And if he -- she has a US citizen or permanent residents spouse or child can request to form of permanent residency through deportation proceedings call cancellation of removal. And what does cancels the removal proceedings -- progress in Pretoria today. You have a very high burden of hardship to established it -- if that person is removed. The US citizen from residents sponsored child with experience exceptionally unusual hardship. With without that that that undocumented worker out of those kind of things take a long time. Yeah right now are you looking at from start to finish on an enormous area close to two years. So then you got in and you've got if if you lose education can appeal. On so typically be appealed to the board of immigration appeals which is administrative review in and beyond that to this day in the US Circuit Court so even if you caught. Quite and quote illegal. You could be injured two through four years more right to -- on the legal process correct correctly and has has been its. As of late if if if if a person's place and -- proceedings. And would otherwise qualify for cancellation removal. And has no criminal history no do you -- It it has been the policy. Of at least this district two to exercise -- toward discretion and stop the deportation proceedings. I've seen reports where. Customs moves and choose some big company. Meatpacking computers from another. Find a number of illegal aliens and take and -- do you -- in the kids live on and is that just very rare those isolated. Incidents that beat you. Corruption and problems. I don't know how rare it is don't -- red. Recently where there's some 5000. US born children who were Foster care ought to be removed. Wouldn't wouldn't -- reports the parents. To move one wouldn't -- inducted with. -- US citizens always got a guy -- irregular Davis integrate the greatest country the world often accuse -- -- like one government Wednesday. I'd like to go over the -- you know a lot of them get passports for their children take them. It. -- -- -- But you know let you know that and that leads leads me into this discussion that you know it. We should hear soon. I believe that the that the the head of the department Homeland Security to Johnson's meeting with -- on Hispanic caucus next week the 24. It's -- discusses this mechanisms to. To make more humane than deportation proceedings. And it's widely believed that on that there will be some policy it is -- well while those with with roots in the states in the members. Two to remain pending immigration reform -- that's huge news. And it is really if that happens it's gonna really upset the Republicans who who have all along been complaining that. President Obama is is usurping. Congressional party by. By. In effect bypassing. Congress and and exercising discretion. 22 quietly. So it's it's going to be itching to see the power play that results. Could President Obama. Totally circumvent. Congress and turn runs. Eleven Bill Clinton and eleven million spoke your yearly. Note can't he can't make some legal what can the Koran could you do the same thing he could do the same thing he did for for the the children. Who who granted deferred action. In deferred action is an exercise of posture toward discretion where. Did the president. -- Rex Homeland Security to defer delay any kind of removal in just a while those individuals to remain United States green to work authorization. After all aren't the though the majority of of the undocumented workers in the United States they don't really care about permanent residency or citizenship. Only wanna do is to -- the wake up in the morning go to work come home go to bed without the threat of being picked up into port. And that centers and a enough urged says that before. The majority of the troops talk to read about understand. Or aren't so much hip on the citizenship. They just won't be able to -- in more. Exactly that they just they just wanna build work racer family's in and just. Be allowed to do what they've been doing here and -- for the contractors. That colon and so you know the problem is that work for -- -- knock -- Europe and other jobs. If they were made legal. Then we couldn't pay them with peanuts. Then we have to pay them what the elements can pay Brian absolutely laden closer to do that minimum wage or higher. You know and we always say applause. They would pay taxes and Social Security. But their -- and through security now aren't they have been working. Yet many of them that you know how many contracts ever heard about it which is paid these guys cash. Business of security reporting but doesn't a year. -- is Social Security some kind of Poland. Where the truck that -- the fault Social Security numbers. They don't know who it is so they put it in the pot that hadn't been in touch and -- that. Seventy billion dollars tremendous amount joining dynamic on the money. Tremendous amount of money in effect you know the the immigration. Reform -- it passed the senate. For provided. Contain a provision and it allowed. Those workers who used false numbers in paid into the system to get right social security -- my name is hotlines. As there are thought to rid this discussion before you're not you know they put it didn't really get a lot of people we put him on an audit done. That they were illegal. Are endless rhetoric coming right back to think about. Immigration. Illegal immigration even legal immigration. At some real characters to it. And President Obama becoming a kinder and gentler president when it comes to immigration. Thoughts or comments Gibbs call 260187. Lead but a Bill Gates and him. 1053. With a good about it immigration illegal immigration is always returned to Melbourne born at our Burnett -- Immigration attorney. And and we're we're talking about reports of President Obama is single liked and decided fairer and -- -- president. What it comes to do you reporting Obuchi has been and the president with the most deportations. And occupy and if something reading last night the border. Customs and Border Protection CPP. Just recently awarded 245. Million dollars. Four hours to be constructed. By a company -- old. And it's accompanied bit his. Produced hundreds of kilometers. Of that and it's separating Israel and the Palestinian Authority. And in so it's done at the terrorist acts and illegal immigration -- beacon is April have dropped dramatically. Is there and thought that he that he -- Can do the job quote closing the borders and -- Something when you talk a constant people from whatever that's a nice idea but it won't work for BC greens. Well first off I wouldn't wanna see United States protect like Israel it's pitiful country has to exist. Secondly. You know fences can be dug under and is real deals with that on a daily basis. And we deal with them on a daily basis as well. So I don't think there's any feel safe way to defense. You know to fans out those who intend that you do want to use the terrorism tremendously. In -- sorts. So massive effect and look -- and what we we don't have a terrorism problem that we auto pollution. But just it buys some strange Quincy Adams. Somebody cross boarded that wasn't -- -- -- did something. That was pretty or what do you think -- Don't react very heavy heavy hand would try to throw profits. Would probably have every detection device in the world and you know that what that did the comprehensive conference immigration reform that was passed by the senate. Provided a provision to. Jack up the idea. Surveillance. Equipment along the border you know drones. Blimps. You know helicopters planes. Ground sensors. You know you you name and it was proposed in congress shot all -- well the senate passed it but house. Decided not to act. Is is or any country use CD that has an immigration. Ago wall or immigration procedures. That just works better now. You know the only one denounced slightly familiar with would be candid they have an immigration system it's based on points. And they assign points depending on one's education. Experience. And and actual savings so that you know they they tend to attract people who will benefit. -- their economy. And I talked to a lot of a lot of Canadians who really have no desire to to immigrate to United States because they they enjoy -- with. Do you do they have been illegal immigration problem in the vault and sure they do it and there are problems people gains Malone to into candidate. Are those people go to can -- the United States as well. Woodward to get its mobile into Canada by the ocean. On you know they're in various large scale. Illegal. Smuggling operations in the United States he might -- -- -- called golden venture that was back in in the late ninety's -- it was a a -- was it a vessel that it came from from China. With sound I think it was something like 4500. Chinese -- rounded off of off of Long Island and and you know those large scale operations are no longer current but it's similar smaller opera operations continue in the United States and can't select people coming by boat. It's a -- a bit more difficult by by plane. A passport. Fraud is it is dropped although you know this week as we've learned recently with the Malaysian -- you know it's it's still it's still there. Well very much a problem the world wide. No Massachusetts people sneaking in the Canada Italy and I hear some people say that to if the eleven million plus were granted. Citizenship there would be benefits to costs the good citizens now is that true that so now. Well let's back up if they're granted citizenship let's. Let's throw that. Let's forget about citizenship because -- people want citizenship and I don't think it's necessary to get -- citizenship just just give them a status. That allows him to remain United States in in work lawfully and you know if they need to travel abroad to go visit or to whatever finish -- that permanent residency would would doubt would afford all of those things. Well the benefits word would be there were that they could they can participate. Fully in our society. He hit it through investments they could buy homes they -- naked. Have driver's licenses they could go to school lawfully. Naked it in invest that could start businesses they can pay taxes naked -- Social Security. They can participate in it and our economy and in in our life just as you -- not. Melbourne always a -- droves learned so opened for fear of time and it's been pleasure thank you. Regular break WW obligated seventy million more fun to reopen.