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3-18 11:10am Think Tank: Meat Substitutes

Mar 18, 2014|

Garland talks to Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat and retired Principle Climate Change Specialist with International Finance Corporation Alan Miller to talk about plant protein meat substitutes.

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Well before the court took this job because I have read so book on the subject from issues that shows. That I constantly stumble across things. I would -- and looking for didn't even know they existed. And this seems a good example rooting for -- on totally different subject. And read this headline the future of meat is meat laughs. Just -- facing and about to change the world. -- it was pretty fascinating -- talked about Ethan brown and the founder of boat company called beyond to meet. Look him up today with this on beard today you've been welcomed the show appreciate the time. Well thank you -- it's a real pleasure to to be on -- -- and and I the opportunity to read about your background and and just start assassinating him and so. -- to be there and let's go back before we get into the blindfolded electricians. Let's go back to what was your background. In law. -- -- doing some walks. So I. The -- Career in alternative energy and clean protection and typically in fuel cells. War. Launching this company and then I was focused on that because. -- don't feel that climate change in the desire to. But it was some technological solutions that could handle com. Address some of the child -- were basically arbitrage. But I have a yearning in the kind of a hole in around doing something. On animal protein. And the reason. I think well quite strongly about that. Was as a child expose her to move animals and agriculture. And -- wannabe that when I was. While red -- record -- -- great baseball to Federer and -- and really. Took an interest in animals. And my dad is a professor at that time he was a professor at which are now on to Tom patty Tom aside business which of area operations. In him in the western now that we live in the occult power court behavior. But we would that we -- there and so atomic Europe. And I had exposure to 22. The -- Critical process -- but on that account holder putting well treated daughter coming. I really wonders about what the difference between. The animals in the barn animals in our house and I'd struggle to find answers that may tenth and and I was I think people want is treated like privileged and the other has the moral obligation interpreted. And I was thinking to let go like -- that makes cents -- put it away to college went you know went on to a great career and in the energy field. But started to think more about an open and his role in a lot of talent as we have are cited they would the climate change and it turned out. Fact 51% of the tough adjustment can be attributed to livestock. A terrible in human Helton and cumulative heart disease diabetes and cancer. And -- the correlation in some cases ultimately it between. Meat consumption and those deadly diseases. But it looked at it available for questions. And -- reporters here -- we or California. You know -- too severe drought going on and and a lot of water used -- to support. And so I started to to think about it if I could do something that could address all of the problems with that piece. It way to do it just like my career. Just certain distance of restaurants that we're doing really expecting big things at play at this protest. But the technology possible. What does that -- -- to really match the products that they were using weighted you know -- sauces bread it's just application to. Most of the product from being imported from Asia and the prisoner -- it was a Buddhist temples. Awfully long time and he prohibition against eating meat. Being in the couple. -- so they -- a couple of these alternatives that would be like people are based on on it looked. They were close but they were not the course -- not to do someone -- You know there's good palate make a difference that between. So what a lot about technology could be coupled with a platform that. Could publicly replicate meet you at all it is important. Hello lucky 8000 go to the party down that. Develop something to eight hours mystery. That literally took place is important and real lines the protein. So that mimic the proper structure you'd -- to in a muscle or animal meat. And it was a pretty rough it would entry. Approximation but worked over the course of relief -- five years. Did it could be something that it is. Hill it's nearly indistinguishable we're still working we have a project called 2.0. Which is an effort to improve upon it but it's really really close and hard to all the different to block the application. That that's really my story wide open. You ran into. Two people that they at least -- era of the story were a little bit of it and abuse in this University of Missouri and and what were they doing and and -- does that factor in the board -- So I was really really blessed to not pardon him that. Com. I was looking for something that that could read this fiber structure -- could realize proteins in the way that it mimic. Be the -- did an awful. Is formed. And that they had taken a heating cooling and pressure process which is well known in the food business and they used it in a different way. And they came up with -- eighty companies and I think about it likely accommodation. On May lock it. It's basically three different threat is heating coolant pressure and they found -- -- to lead the history and natural forces. So that they would literally called the proteins to -- link and and relate to one another in the same way to do it in Moscow. And so they had used chemical and scooter which -- you preposterous smacks cereal and -- that. And they use -- very high and watched it all and they created the 3COM appendix two which is that I'd die. That. Basically forced the heating core temperature process in ways that that created this mister Dexter. I work with them. Which is about an hour. Beginning in 2009. And while we were still working on the platform together in 2010 time magazine article that. Why hadn't had any of the legal protections setup yet because it was just just incremental -- not. Good signal for most -- really high quality people in the middle country -- they said you know what. You took it and Thomas you've spent your own personal money -- it would just do this. Or the ridiculous that it -- give that to a large companies that point to -- a lot of publicity. But you know they were not only. Brilliant scientist but also very solid people and they said you know what you're guys will take a bet on view and -- very blessed. News it's in pursuing wind when our bread that is. A symbol of justice is fascinating. But it is probably all the way from ruling and injured I understand it. When your products it is in some of those stores and whole foods. But our director elves and rents and when Morgan group showed she's -- their product all the time commuted didn't go and everything you know over this this is on the there. It is or you as well. This is what's great about this product. You know you can go out there. And you know. You can buy -- new -- You can upgrade the heating system in your own more than air distances in open you can. Great those changes in in in an effort to address climate at all with it and keep it. But if you wanna make the biggest impact that you can't it's really about changing that three to four ounces to put that the federal republic. And if you simply shift the amino acids from a mile visitor derived from an animal. Two -- to -- from plants. You can make it in measurable difference interest address climate change and reducing greenhouse -- It's yours you mentioned you -- balances more -- That's basically so so so you know it in the today's businesses the businesses that quarter the thinking needs to start to transition to. If you think to meet. As actually with the in beat the constituent parts -- if they commit protein as liquid -- fat. As a water in a lot of media that cyber war. An interest minerals and some carbohydrates. All of those things are available on the plane came. The issue is assembling them but the way that is the fire perspective that we all of that that feeling it's been without ever since -- It it's. Putting them together in a way that the issue that great place to partner should he probably proceedings feel. And that's what we've been able to do -- -- -- the day if you're eating protein lipid test trees carbohydrates and minerals. And you our you know and and quarter and it has put together a wave that is just like animal muscle today -- -- -- -- the plant based meat. And so it doesn't it it is yes you to think about meat -- what it it is aware problem. All right Lou let's talk electricians. You yeah blindfolded to bosnians. And I have to admit my days in my ignorance. I don't know -- Purdue -- strip is but did you Cabrera goes piece of -- -- and haven't treated when they liked. What -- would do -- and Roche for. Tuesday. It is today it would be -- them. And you can buy things like bought to armed grilled strips were produced grilled strips in a major document purchased or electric and look at him. And so we took -- that. And that we took our product after we've been worked out a lot about. And we deal in the most scientific capacity of you know what he used by political one of the Christian network and our pilot facility. And ask them to different citadel which restricted him and what was what was and ultimately put it. Well keep the -- -- in Japan and happen. And who -- -- -- and it really exciting -- -- ago go to market now now since that point we meet now do. There's disputed -- where we have a Tuesday of a secret panel formally turn into. They give us almost constant feedback on this year our product is called chicken 2.0 and B 2.0. We're making little changes in the product to bring -- even closer to. -- -- And we can literally put a product under medical imaging and -- can put the pieces ticket under medical imaging and we conceded differences. And we slowly collapsing those differences structure to that's what's really -- mean his. We're literally taking from the plant kingdom. The inputs that we need and we are realigning them in a way that mimics -- -- It'll -- and what's great about that. No saturated fat no trans fat no cholesterol. And all -- protest so we packed with protein. The downside to pump people up -- is that the eat meat made from different sources. And when you send that said the praying centric groups. What wasn't big comeback continued to improve Pope on more -- the great and they're they're the ones with the this in three nodes and there their tongue and now that were extraordinary. And. Quick request and so it's it's going to be very you know bomb very brutally honest that a product in which are -- development group and everything else. He needed to change is that most policy it is is getting more even labored throughout the product. If it is becoming. Retaining oysters -- really big thing. Those those -- gradual improvements. And how that's done. It is you know it is particularly on the oyster for example -- held water distributed the product great. It -- distributed evenly and it it it's that -- between that we can implement science perspective. Continue to hone in on and what's sad thing about that is -- are people now in the from the time the statements. Police -- somebody recently. Grated door to. He came apart over medical school where he was working -- four years in the Dana Farber -- -- equipment expression. He understands the way that proteins a -- And that we can bring together these different disciplines to culinary -- science molecular science. To decrease in all of natural -- -- -- -- and that that enemies Peter and I look at what happened with the automotive sector. Back in the equated to 800 where you know it was a out of character that had the you know steam steam. And it that he had the internal combustion engine. Gradually over time the product is became better to the point where you don't care that were no longer need -- now you know novelties that power control took a lot of public -- to. But they're not the main source predicted that I believe that same process occurring in the animal protein market we're gonna gradually start to think of meet up. That's what it is. -- glasses of water collateral purses where prop. India -- in the article I read that we have 45%. Of the Earth's surface and water. For a deported 500 pounds of -- It -- -- fascinating about that looks terrific about it that is. It helps people be. The magnitude. The resource allocation. Too much stock soared to 45% of the land but the circus area. The plan to it in the world is devoted to you defeated an extra work directly with -- On the water. It's actually it's 2500 gallons of water propel the stakes so it's you beat these -- in expenses. From a resource protective. Operatives to produce. It takes six weeks to -- slower you can text to administer -- problems -- all natural and put simply -- the proteins that give you that proper structure. I'm not one music and -- out tomorrow. I believe that deal. Over the last two million years we have evolved did in fact a lot of power revolution. -- to consumption of our -- -- got smaller we allocated more energy -- brain. Perhaps everybody but me knows about them autos fascinated to host a global storage talking about the future of meat. That is meet its plant protein. I don't think we're talking about veggie burgers. And its product. And then it's on earth is already in the market we have the -- with the beat them brown. And we've been joined by Colin Miller retired from -- -- treatment specialist. With the International Finance Corp. now and independent -- alone welcomed the show. And and -- we can remove this from view -- usual part of a ten and the fact that. This is in him to. Replace me and in Portugal and down towards how this -- of the population. Climate change and its veteran targeted you both. You're talking to Louisiana. And usually. -- a lot of loud groan global I don't believe in that. -- -- How do you see this affecting climb. Well a couple of quick points one is that people so surprised to be told that what struck out. Or conservatively. About. Eighteen -- Global war being. And by estimates by some of my colleagues as much as the which has to do with some technical. A science but the underlying point is diet is one of -- discussed factors. And probably one of the most easily. Within our control. So compared to you know it and how difficult it is to talk about change -- oil production. And transportation. Which entered by all the time and inspect meat consumption. I'm sure you can talk about. Has been -- in declining actually. Already. An Indian thing to every dipped one of the -- news. Toward -- I'm pursuing global reduction in animal consumption by 20/20. O'clock. So so this visit Tuesday. I think the way you. Operating in that. It's not -- state what's needed vs what's. What's potentially politically correct war or possible. If we work to achieve that reduction. We could address a lot of the obligation we have expect to two greenhouse gas production. Deal in the United States that the meat market is about a 180 billion dollar market but it made 1% prettier. To weed out dramatically accelerate that or make a distinction in it and -- I don't think we're talking about. -- eliminating meat and what we're saying is let's go ahead and shipped to meat that is made from the you know acids and proteins that are derived from from plants. I don't think -- have any success -- to people annual barbecue season and burgers and all the things we love. It's just hard wired into strike but it's less than simply shift to the source you know it's the the carbohydrates. And that the middle. I think if we if we change the dialogue. In that regard. We we could actually move the -- Well let me ask you both fists in an offshore when -- and New York time today via the front page headlines. Scientists sound warm climate change. Trying to cut through the confusion or break in the public to the urgency of the dangers of global warming. I do a little experiment. A couple of years ago members talk and a global warming here. I've barely held high school education so. Pulled up the information starting with -- Wikipedia. All and climate change. And I told the audience one man's opinion is the only people though this is real and -- scientists and and experts. Because when you look. At the at the amount of disciplines needed. To determine. What's happening. You know you -- you have to be a scientist. So. How do we know at this point because. The in this country if you're Republican. You only believe what the Republicans say. If you're a Democrat you'll believe what the Democrats say how it's somebody that's independent no. -- that's a great question and it is seeing this new series cosmos that just started the coincident yeah I think he's done a great job kind of attempting to. Separate science from beliefs and the kind of -- an argument that your thinking one way usually talk to basic audiences start by saying. Climate change are actually. Proven for well entry. We actually go back in the mid nineteenth century. That carbon dioxide absorbs heat coming out here that would show. An -- 59 by scientists. And we've modeled how increasing -- annual. Would warm the -- going back to 1999. So. A lot so picture doubled that white -- On these I'm. They've been under a and laudable but -- Or -- don't you talk about the show that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- Live like the -- -- -- -- apologized to them take a break Brighton who won the most important responses. Welcome back conclude this operates here we're talking basically. About it I think new idea of taking animal protein substituting. Meet. Foreign. And I've got. Director. On the show Alex and it's. She needs that is and thoroughly enjoy exit swords or in the market. Welcome back consume what the repercussions this would but other than just switching to a different type of sites that. -- -- -- We figured about something -- was beyond being -- for the troops interviewed scroll -- meet at the company. And it's effort to turn I understand correctly -- pro team. In through something bad taste like meat fruit trees and amid a pretty good -- Obama there there are already in the markets. Or were director. Here at governor bill. And for meals and -- and that she had eaten it's a lot and really enjoy it. So it's already in the market and we. -- breasted talking about how old this affect climate change and no rule out of -- don't believe and it. But just in Kennedy's. Beat rigs can be in the world according to the news story -- looking at report. 45% of our global surface and Warner up to 2500. Pounds of these. So this is something that takes a whole -- -- sorts. Rebel and Miller whether it's a retired principal climate change specialists with. International Finance Corp. Ethan brown who's the co-founder of beyond me. The question for both W a dinner in New York Times. Front -- Steward talked it about it that it's 97%. Of the world scientist. Now believe in climate change and believe we have a very short window to do something about it. Strange -- questioning -- but but more put this where. A New Orleans south Louisiana. -- stole 435. Years. Bad delay and at the end of Louisiana itself the New Orleans was going way. And that we were gonna -- and our way of life was going to disappear. They've never -- -- And those that worry even Somali intrusive and it said well. Thirty year record as a way well it's twenty years away well. Wouldn't wouldn't we talk about climate change the figures it's C. Or 2120. ED twenty that the if those figures are right. You convince people to get concerned about it now -- -- Blackberry. Well I think. It it for us the impact on climate is is one of the -- that people. Would expect. The -- -- assuming that the most important is straight and so once you get the extra. You know people can make -- changed its force them it's less of Bergen. And so it is simply having in -- -- meet. But they'll -- it ought to climate is often not the first thing people think about win when they think about -- from from Animal Planet is -- It is primarily -- drivers always human health. And then he does nothing but in the desert and focuses on. Them prepared. There's spears. The habit of doctor WB to point to die that you have heart disease and -- need to stop the red meat consumption. The powerful and so people that we we we -- people all the time because women who like it can cause he doesn't really enjoy it. And and he -- it's so it's it's. Often that is the first. Change people make it either heart disease cancer diabetes need to change but obesity. And so it -- it's more Google map and the climate and people still learning and and I think that education process is really long. -- On the climate change issue itself. -- if they do believe in Baldwin sitting so. Oh. Well there's the really critical point you're making man. What is becoming more and more apparent is that we actually all short window. Probably the end of this decade. To abort locking and warming of such magnitude has to be potentially quite catastrophic. That's the first point although. In the terms of strategy. Still bad. Intellectual and remote to tell people they need to be worrying about the consequences. If there you know ten or fifteen -- way. But perhaps a stronger message is that we're really starting to -- -- effects of climate change today we've already. Temperatures in Australia so and in new color of the temperature chart. I can tell you that those. To the -- that you're in. Suburban Washington area the polar vortex and the consequences of instability in the climate system. Are becoming more and more parents in New York City there's some. Not entirely competent but nevertheless. Significant evidence that. The hurricane India and the huge consequences. -- and we're also very consistent with climate change. So I think part of what. The worst is yet to count but we are already seeing what are. Arguably. An early signs of climate change to that. Even before I run out of time where where people find beyond me. -- depressed after we launched in the whole foods but male -- little bottle of whole foods but sprout. Public sentiment in the Al east HEB obediently -- in its affiliate stores in May and then targets in September. We are also actively petitioning the food restaurant to pick up then and feature popular of the products with what are purposely. It got about a minute -- couple -- tropical -- Today oh. And -- -- and use that you saw him win Dixie dude did. -- Maybe okay. -- were words were checked and a good -- for sure -- got about a minute so you've been looking through you know our time to do and today. -- or search Monday. Journal annals of internal medicine. Saturated fat in that bad after Rawle. -- if it says this didn't Bradley don't think it is is causing heart disease or -- would. Lead to believe the Tuesday. You know it's interesting. I was reading a lot about that this weekend because I can Tuesday. A kind of work out more equitable part of what makes it has hired veterans that. I was I was concerned about them and also looking upsetting is that. In greater detail that I have before. That I understand it did the debate Parker the thing about animal protein it's still -- That story about according. To if you can do one thing critical just. Line and watch something called for server it's a two minute trailer looks it is it's. It's a link between. Animal protein. And cancer. In protein diabetes. Obesity it's not just that it's the program itself. I think that -- -- little -- or not. We wouldn't have time to tow truck near the subject rumored as about hopefully in the relatively near future ringgit to back this news. This is an improvement from which girl understand thanks a million have a great. You know. So we're coming. Back.