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3-18 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, standards for NFL owners

Mar 18, 2014|

Does the NFL have a double standard when it comes to players and owners? Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested on DWI charges and released on bail. Police also say drugs were found in the vehicle. A player would’ve be fined and or suspended for conduct detrimental to the league; what if it’s an owner who embarrasses the shield? Should they get the same, harsher or lesser punishment?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk allow -- to Kasey -- embody a bear I'm big Bolivia we are here -- at 8 PM at the same. All of -- -- on today's program wanna get should take a lot has happened in the National Football League and a shot amount of time that. News -- heard -- earlier on -- and now back in the office will affect. Some kind of way. Maybe good maybe bad when you compound everything has gone on this off season with the Carolina Panthers the twelve and fourteen that won the NFC south. Now they are facing having offseason without their star player. He Cam Newton who have ankle surgery to repair some damage that was done. And what he said he was injured in that monsoon like game against the Saints late in the 2013. NFL. Regular season now Bobby that's a topping. The news in the NFL right now the Saints have agreed to terms with fullback Eric -- this Minnesota first forcing in the National Football League with. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers primarily as a blocking fullback he will be on the program tomorrow in the final clock -- talk about him becoming a new member of the New Orleans Saints. And Colts owner. -- Jim Irsay has voluntarily checked himself into each health care facility to seek treatment which leads us to parade today's pretty jaguar opinion poll. Indeed Tagliabue to rods the Bel Air passing the torch one of the first things was the she protective shield in. A new new terms now and sports culture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now he has the discipline a guy who hired an owner in -- Mercer. So. Even NFL owner violates NFL Ruth in ambassador this year should always be subjected to the same punishment as players who do saint. All should -- be a high standard. And what should be the parameters -- 260187866889087. Make a lot happening today in the world of sports feeding him yeah -- And a big I think I don't know it's part of the collective bargaining agreement that are digits on the Roger Goodell has in place of the owners all agreed. They going to be held to hire Stan. You know being the owners of the team in personnel you get a free pass. And and you know Baylor look hypocritical. You know when dealing these kind of issues. All of the field in. I think when you admit that you have a prominent check yourself in that facility. I think -- goes a long way. But is that. -- just going to be yet I don't know find suspension I think that's all. Gonna come about. So albeit it's in the seed they'll. When the commission NFL does make a statement. What are approach they do -- but bottom line is. You know when you have dirty laundry like this so what is the owners players. Coaching staff. You can't try and covered up because -- visiting me. -- is gonna snowball snowball effect gorgeous and keep going. In a negative direction against you. So lefties UN seem like you fare and and you know you are held accountable in a lot more responsibility. Joba predicted that she'll an image at all that the salon and that there's a lot becomes. -- that. And so we innocent as he would commissioner Goodell is gonna do is forms. That type of Kline and suspension. Looking at the saint. I'm bringing in a fullback now Jed Collins as a fan favorite. And I think it's almost when you look at the film. And you evaluate go whether states Iran and I think going forward. What maybe they don't like to do a little more. And that's run the ball. Well. Soul how well compared to other fullbacks that might be on the market how well is Gerry Collins blog and -- think he's he did did a fine job. Of it and there's different levels Allen Milligan at Tampa Bay. When done Mara was healthy and usually during the ball yet in that there had the fullback had to do something. You know because of that his lead blocking. I think -- approach why they went and that direction. And and figure telling me -- -- -- was he had the events of -- almost a converted fullback was in Davidson. Tackle yeah or if -- in a bio on any and he was chosen in the seventh round out of Stanford. Did you -- deceased gained 24 starts at fullback and tiny he was or is -- drafted as a defense eventful inning converted to a fullback and he's make tiny and in his rookie season where he is. Blocked like you -- for two different 1000 on Russian. He had an -- -- day that's the approach constantly trying to to upgrade. You know that position at any position. You know you have a chance to get the Benson aside I think nothing -- -- Collins I'm sure he'll land on his feet you're telling me. I think speculation -- than he might end up in Detroit. Because I think he's good enough you know and you look at. Fifteen is utilized in a full by is not 32 fullbacks better than him. So he's got to be willing to move -- he'll have another great opportunity now we Carolina boy they seem like. In this offseason that they heading. Should -- team respects it's like -- on in the wrong direction. I'm a slogan now. They're David is going to be stuff out there David's gonna be there in the front seven. You look on the back end. The captain Maryland corner mega maybe doing Justin and -- -- the Minnesota Vikings. I think wanted to best safeties besides -- -- Byrd who we got from Buffalo. Mike Mitchell. And I'm going to Pittsburgh Steelers think their bug would have to pay Mike Mitchell I think that was a great deal of for the Steelers and you look up offensively Carolina. Mean who's even the receivers on their team. I mean it is like and -- a top three years. It was and they lost basically their veteran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you look at Ted Ginn junior. You know about as fast as they come he went -- -- he's -- up and down career I think that's good situation over the Cardinals -- -- -- relishes -- fell -- resurgent this year have pretty good year of Carolina Yates employees -- -- obviously -- -- NFC south so yeah and then -- got Brandon -- Ellis should be -- good as the Patriots and with the Patriots. Yes a lot but it's in the and you can throw and Dominic can you nets have a surgery. Deuce that's why you just don't know -- you're the only thing -- I still think gave their big hill lie lie because they're waited -- -- had a -- I'm not I -- Did they can have some ugly wins and still get to ten wins but it's a little more. It's a little more on this. Maybe than what the surface -- -- -- its its opinion they're saying it's a kind of a normal cleanup surgery. But you -- -- those time with the receives ride this still is an important year for Cam Newton because he stands again you know that the quarterback long term for Carolina they'd -- payday. And your Carolina OK he's gonna be fine you bank on it but -- had that -- safe and what if and is he easy mentally focused and not easy strong enough for them to bring in a quarterback. In case. In case Cam Newton you know every day in and go right in the and you think about that with this year being a contract year. And then fourth comment you know can he handle it and I just I just sort of thing not to but as a veteran quarterbacks -- -- that are out there some talk about -- in the shop Matt's job. I know Vick is out there but could he handle that. Yeah they got they have now having -- sense of success is as Matt Morris and there he. And try to -- to look at. I know Casey Claussen definitely was never answered no when he was a number three guy Benson the end and -- since they only outside -- so I'll be able to -- on the roster he has to feel fortunate. Right you know the bottom money that he's made their bit. He you have to look at eagle personality. You know you UK feel threatened. You know when you look back. Coach -- Luckily Bagwell and you know Aaron Brooks -- -- the lol when there was hurt I mean it should have been in the brain damage it should have been in -- but -- -- From the mindset not wanting to affect. Aaron Brooks it's more deeply. We've only you and -- and and you know don't worry about it but like all moles. Like -- to -- you know even though I'm -- I'm gonna be out there and you and you respect that but. You know as a coach had to say no you still the guy but we've -- -- we're -- next year's Saints. Would have been in the playoffs as they close out the season and and basically lost the losing teams. A four game losing streak apart. Article here as it takes Irsay should be banned for at least half of the season how many times has he driven drunk and on drugs he -- a -- call quite sure he's done. There's dozens of times putting lives in danger you take. And of course you know they all -- all us that's the highest of highs and it should they be go to a higher standard then the. Playing Boise is a dollar break at a big big kind of suggested -- wideout you don't have a driver man. Where everything goes he did a got -- regardless if you if you drain -- I'm not. If you god damn wild do you have a -- and he he he could be staggering indicating instead of it you get behind a wheel come launch his son you have get a driver hit somebody come get to. Yeah I don't and the -- old owner Jim Irsay takes himself. Voluntarily takes himself into a health care facility to seek treatment. This comes so stems from a -- Monday morning are you looking at it into the -- out as a Monday morning at 307. He was arrested and booked into the Hamilton county jail. For driving under the influence. And full -- a position of a controlled substance welcome back to sports talk. If NFL owners violate NFL rules and embarrassed she note should they be subjected to the same punishment as players. Who do Hussein. -- vote online at WWL. Dot com I would say is subject to punishment from it in the NFL there's elite personal conduct policy for everyone. That works under the umbrella of the National Football League every employee. Of the than a team in the national football and they have a should he be held to a higher standard he is an owner. Of the Indianapolis -- -- a big part of the push the punishment should be eking tweet anymore. Mine he reacted the wee hours he -- -- them along now foot known already being you've got -- liking because he's attic kind of -- -- -- that I mean hasn't heard the Saints that is the Benson don't tweet or somebody might reform bright. But I mean yeah that because -- is -- like he wants. To be involved in the Twitter world. And now obviously I just kind of silly though -- between that and a year or something. Because he has. -- up in the wee hours so to speak that's weird -- in the morning and kind of edgy stuff. So he could have been under the influence that time. You know and building it kind of started their value for Peyton Manning. You know in his own way back with you know when -- particularly the Colts and these -- Broncos in. Instead of it immediately he's. You know he sits that's controversial. Compared to other owners and not. I don't know out on that as far as you know you want to be hit unity with the young generation. By also. You're trying to really just put him that can maybe affect. Was he enjoys doing as far as interact with the fans that they. A way well you know and now I go back to earlier this season when this thing have -- Pittsburgh Mike Tomlin looking on the on the screen in Heinz Field. And you know they were talks about that they could be in -- was -- that was punishment and it could be eight draft pick. You know we talked about that before certain teams -- could be -- Penalize -- -- -- draft -- You know how does that weigh into this this is an own. On you know how do you remain -- -- Q do you if Roger Goodell do you look at it what's fair punishment compared to the -- owners. You know. What is what message do you sand to the team. Be penalized on and Barbara treated team means a billion examine what stings in today's -- -- -- I hate. -- money. You know it -- expansion. It would be there it really is yet to -- -- -- how you affect his team difficult. So you and say. Maybe take. A couple of million you know we have less than the salary cap. I don't know how they would board that are that are legal or we'll take our -- draft picks it's idea they directed. Away but as far as this a monetary fine is. Now I went out. But it was the Patriots. When it was a -- fine I think the spy gate -- Belichick like half a million and -- me my drivers at thousands rallied as an older team knowing -- so that adds and that that's a lot of money even the coach Belichick makes millions it's still. Selling a 50000. Line now. About 5000 thought Alex ADB try to get his attention. But alleges in Iraq the teams have the -- as it was the -- and got suspended. Chairman and he faces full felony counts too so they may be waiting to see the legal process right Dodgers are definitely -- out as the come in the way you look you look historically in entertainers. And people that have had this problem had before -- -- you know done to themselves. What's that what's the course of action they do -- about being at today booked in the come out. They take themselves in the sun and its on to do everything he possibly can before they go and fawn over Jones right and what are what are you doing now have been yourself as a he's not in denial and telling me -- -- -- entertainers actors. On this is you know look at Justin we really kind of brash cocky attitudes -- the world kind of thing that light years sorry. When you get involved in my era they've been involved in L owners if you look at. Like mr. Benson. I mean of -- -- the -- and I mean come on if you Tuesday with a visit how would really hurt. On the field I'm behind the scenes that having truly was Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis well are you look at Jerry Jones Jerry dole is running a the Cowboys -- he tries to run and all the time right and -- say like -- say most of the cowboy fan my usual practice before I -- That that Jim Irsay would probably be more. The likes of Jerry Jones as far as -- his involvement. So add that -- guess that is the business he was gonna come about that it's a handful of things and you also was talked about the from a legal standpoint how series -- Reading -- from the Indianapolis star's Bob Kravitz. Writes that the star and also have has a piece -- -- very interesting on -- early so while ago. A yesterday rather of on -- saved him and he Kolb was in the Colts on a daily basis in a twisting wage and nurseries. Friends have been praying for this date they've been praying for the day when he reached rock bottom and be forced to come to terms with the drug promise he's battled. For some time he's a sick sick man once source told. Bob Kravitz he desperately needs help and operated jaguar opinion poll over the weekend Irsay was. Booked and charged with DW I got a while intoxicated and faces four accounts felony counts. -- possession of a controlled. Substance. Operated jaguar opinion poll asking you if NFL owners. Violate rule embarrassed to shield should they be subjected to do. The same punishment as players. -- it'd be a different level and under the umbrella the NFL. Every one. Has a code of conduct there is a code of conduct it everyone well -- our players yeah if you Indiana yanks people who were put in FAO. They have to hear it you have to abide by. They got the you know this really that surprising -- you look at all of different individuals personalities. Only got 32 teams and you look at all the front office people. Remember it kind of snowball before John Elway got there all select all the -- Broncos for an -- was in trouble and we let one person on the person so. Surprises and even happen more often could you dealing a lot of a different personalities some more involves a little more laid back. -- he -- not gonna be. You know all of standing citizens -- theory you'd want it to be. Like always bring this example of like boy you'd want all American. In oh. Player. On and all of the feel like a Sam mills. I mean you know hell bent for leather not the crap idea on the field. -- always setting -- -- -- -- all of the feel -- perfect gentleman he has been a man those are no manages to do is unbelievable. But I'm saying when you're dealing with all these individuals. And obviously is more players with that then is surprised me that. If -- truly like everyone has skeletons in the closet mutually investigate probably. Who knows if some other owners might be involved. -- you don't know is just so solid all I'm shocked I -- believe this right because that he was one it goes outspoken. Controversial. You know type owners that. Now that I thought so we come about but it didn't surprise. Mike on -- won thank you calling WW. It is. -- may not use him like they are so I'll say you know. Bet you all of the what you're talking about today discipline him cute actually he's been altered not you know. He's an employer employee all the players and coaches at all employees. Even employer. But he's got to the end of it -- is that independent of the NFL he still he still has -- Called on to keep -- -- I didn't say he did that all. I was going -- -- you but but but I think there's a separation. So that when you wanna go to that. -- -- -- -- -- But you know some sort of Bible and we precautions or even owners to write original budget it's a -- -- -- -- bad I think guys. He's not work for anybody. He doesn't work for anybody everybody were written them. -- -- it's a fraternity have a 32 owners and right and and Silva the owners want to hold them accountable. Yeah I don't but there's a different but it went right you'd be. If you if you if you market because somebody or somebody everybody work for you but. Well they -- -- he's not gonna get rid of himself. I mean you -- have a player gets in and trouble. Like they don't wanna mess let him. They don't wanna give a second chance I was because I don't know Israel's northern and maybe if he you know he he's EC can help if he gets himself straight I mean he's a lot of people deal with the as a mean this could be it. This could be a great story now Mike was crazy about it too. Is that the man is probably gonna discipline him. You know the 32 owners they pay Roger Goodell would be like 42 million. A -- that so he's wanted to let's keep -- that a putt. So love the thought that the industry when you look at that. That demand is to discipline me -- am actually of paying his salary -- help and pay his salary as go to Jimmy on line to Jimmie thank you for calling WWR. He was god being you leaning. Well it better and paying. I know right Jimmy yet to be shocked that tiger has done and it's -- -- is because I've thought. You know as they maybe be Kentucky's. I thought maybe an IT -- The guys say like now ever everybody is playing in the post season. And -- dog who Hitler's play well -- the dog leg. You know they need -- operate yeah every equipment. That it won't do it probably around -- your current count wondered. Did -- -- is just an example right big league right now and about 100. If you don't McClain and. Yeah it's kind of hypocritical I Jamie if you if you would a challenge -- wanted to coach players that maybe you have a substance abuse problems like come -- you know how can you tell me anything like that like Colin. The kettle black but. You don't know the one thing is and you think about is the -- And -- what. What did you have a also one of it wasn't just of the deal -- is that a thing is that. Full felony count to a controlled substance controlled substance so what is that controls -- that is committed to meet. You gonna tell -- can handle doctor. To prescribe something for. Are there added that it validated the eagle that I yelled -- -- there wasn't one at all like -- have been like yeah -- menace and his bottles and it would have been have been it didn't match -- -- match I didn't check out -- because -- Yeah one trade go. I'm Jim Wright Jimmie thank you very much -- a lot today and -- later in the program. Big news today also out of the National Football League Bobby. Cam Newton is gone to have surgery tomorrow. Now and he's so well you know way it's it's a long time as the -- -- deal -- absolutely he does however it is a team that has three new receivers to replace three receivers to replace. Nuclear an all time receiving great and Steve Smith. The get to say the veteran and the up and coming player and to fail. Now we'll talk about how that affects and that -- who will be out -- -- -- all season so he won't be able to do to cover up for with. His new receivers who they may be. And -- also we come back Drew Brees come inning he's led NFL players' union I think their convention and he's also commenting and I'm really disappointed that. There's frozen in the long and also the Saints has signed a four year deal fullback Eric Laura. Eric will be what is tomorrow on the program alive online at WWL dot com lays. -- news weather and sports and also on politics and when it was will run for congress in the Louisiana's sixth. District and tomorrow night by now will be with an extra half hour to 830 nearly an LSU men's basketball any in ninety -- taken on salmon sisco. In the first round if they win that when they were faced one of SMU and UC Irvine. In the second round all that and the reformation is up online at WW real. Dot com also Bobby the NCAA tournament gets under way. Tonight a battle of sixteen teams mount saint Mary and all man ballot twelve seeds that is NC state and Xavier. He had begin NC state. The idea of -- Sarah Hughes in the tournament games so. Look how impressive that was in. A -- -- like you said I think it really starts ago on Thursday. You know it on the playing games this is. Where you really looking at. Can a fifteen seed beat a number two. Stuff like that because. You know that that has happened. In the past -- than on the sixteenth season of one note tournament games in the round of 64 with a number fifteen seeds have beaten them a two seeds. Seven times. So that that I can happen when you look at that upset -- going to -- you making history because it has happened but. If you look at the the final four. It being a -- AT&T stadium in Dallas Fort Worth area officially is. The north Texas. Final four that's the NCAA terminology. That we -- never the first times his 1986. That your little oval Cardinals undefeated Duke at Reunion Arena two win that title. In the and you look at Texas the state of Texas last year. No division one men's team from Texas made the field of 68. Even you know count on the playoff games the shooters for. University of Texas the Baylor Bears Stephen F Austin lumberjacks that he issued tested Texas southern. -- come April 5 -- In almost have to have a superdome type environment or arena as you look AT&T stadium. Even a -- at Texas teams make it in a final four. Doesn't really mean a matter ratings and attendance is like to suitable. This 77200. Available seats. Really will be full no matter of who's there our our group plays there but if you look in his six previous -- final fours played in the stated Texas. For the -- to have time this that you Bragg is very quick a team from Kentucky. Has made the final four in four of them. And he won twice. So I think I'd -- more on the global cardinal not that they can repeat. Well over Kentucky right now but Lugo did it. I'm back in 1986 Kentucky did it in 1998. So that's a little. You know history on the final formerly a marked man is getting ready. Of the -- kicked off and you know the gun on that too -- window Wichita State is undefeated. The last time an undefeated team. And won the title. You gotta go back the Indiana Hoosiers. I remember seeing them play in the Baton Rouge regional and L issue. That was Indiana Hoosiers in 1976. We convinced -- -- Quinn Buckner. Couple of liking -- ball -- and some really good just did you undefeated right now. I -- -- yes I would do it doesn't need more down at the UNLV. -- -- Duke out what was it nanny nanny Weiner went undefeated makes you mean do -- him yeah it's unhelpful it's a long it's a long long road from long grove to Lucy. Gets underway tonight thirty -- going to the final four is coming up -- next hour and gaining your take bless you Drew Brees sounds off on the saints' offseason he was asked about the departing Darren Sproles. What hit on that this is sport stuff you're listening to WWL.