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3-18 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, standards for NFL owners

Mar 18, 2014|

Does the NFL have a double standard when it comes to players and owners? Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested on DWI charges and released on bail. Police also say drugs were found in the vehicle. A player would’ve be fined and or suspended for conduct detrimental to the league; what if it’s an owner who embarrasses the shield? Should they get the same, harsher or lesser punishment?

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And good evening and welcome to our number two or sports talk I'll indicating -- embody a bad. I'm Deke Bellavia open mind as our 2601878668890. Rates and less -- asking you to the good thing you'd have been a mix. Don't know -- into the pot into the mix each and every hour. If the NFL on violate NFL rule. And embarrassed to shield. Should they be subjected. To -- What is that on me is the same as the players always at a high standard. Vote online at WWL. Dot com. And just just out. About an hour ago. -- Some youth summit things they -- fold. Something. -- phone. While Graf slow hazel fox sports pennant do you in the bit -- may abilities that today. He has apiece -- Title -- disappointed Saints loss Sproles. I think -- Darren Sproles only comes around once in your lifetime. In my career and everybody's career Brees told a reporter. -- spoke today. -- NFL players association player -- meetings. There may be another 11520. Years from now. But there's not many guys like -- -- he's a special player he's a special person. He's a special teammate. I'm lucky to have had a chance to play him on two teams. Drew Brees on -- pro. -- -- -- -- Post on double covered 6 AM -- 9 -- each and every weekday morning on three WO thirteen 50 AM and Christie -- -- on Twitter. Has Saints news as far as Christian what do you hand. Yes -- remain very still very active in free agency. Go out there signing -- on getting -- players but Joseph Morgan. He won fewer than -- last year training camp torn ACL -- -- in game one year deal going back in the -- So Chris and as good news and a black and go for -- team is gonna have some -- some new faces and you think about it a lot of production. In a fall malvo Lance Moore and Darren Sproles combines -- 71 receptions last year it and and overall I don't know when you don't wet it would play its head in there so you give the Joseph Morgan who was really glance it all season was about. What happened off the field he's about ready to commit to a zone and he was injured. But I think fans have have gotten a taste and they know what Joseph Morgan is capable of doing. Yeah I mean he -- speak from the ACL. Surgery a year ago. And you know he might be that deep threat the Saints are looking forward in the passing -- that they lack lecture on the ability to not take. Two guys -- top of the defense and come any -- some challenges for. A deep deep fences but you know that 2012 season at all you know he. It's -- really do is gonna get -- and coming into last year having a residual that he felt like. He would he'd gotten better at running out and being a more complete receiver and of course that they feel -- -- -- silent for the entire year so. So will Taylor recovered but again I think it's worth. These were bringing back I know at what he can do. Walker's didn't you know the Saints fans when you look at history and you look east and all the seasons and that well aware of Joseph -- -- capability. Especially -- can make big plays is that it may be a couple of handful. Like you did in 2012 that took about yards after the catch into long plays. That Tampa Bay game the Green Bay gained the break it tackles after already had a long great completion to getting into the end zone so. Are you I still -- Angel Martin what is Joseph Morgan. I. Be surprised the Robert Meachem if he'd be part of Babbitt who's gonna -- and makes -- -- Joseph Morgan obviously has that ability the next like Devery Henderson the truly. Stretch to -- now Kenny stills at a highest. Well anytime -- around twenty yards of per reception average. And that's at a high level but it just didn't same like. That went Kenny stills even when he was open deep. That -- is bloop by today he was why don't want to be busted coverage or whatever -- -- got to take advantage of that. But it just didn't seem like that speed of -- I -- or Joseph Morgan. But would still so I still think they're looking for that. Yeah about I think it's give them some flexibility though I'd be closer to. Two draft I mean what would have been questions that -- -- -- -- well but talk about is who's gonna play corner opposite. It will then right not. Anybody else also felt like. A position need would be wide receiver that deep threat so. I still think it and they're not done certainly. The trap and like that but a big start there you know start the start and it just a collection forced but I don't think. You feel wide receiver and a quarterback. -- -- drafted -- today by the Saints even with Joseph Borg going back obviously but. They give them some more flexibility in you know that. They're tied up -- that cap but they keep finding ways to big a deal done. And now Christian you know we knew we compare because he was a fan favorite Jed Collins to Eric Lorie. Ready to do any investigation. To me but I look at that as a well. Even as good as Jed Collins. Was as as an upgrade. Always talk about a lead blocker considering. That being a lead blocker in Tampa Bay would Doug mourned. All those great seasons so so global what is the contract is it similar or are. Would entice -- Lauren you know to come to the Saints in and I heard maybe -- -- Colin -- and have to Detroit. Yeah a little part object Collins in Detroit did a bit doubtful that. Got you a lot of course shall -- being there -- that's coordinator Greg earlier. Where it checked out here in the world does. Putting the quarterbacks coach but there -- people understand about the lord BO. Look for your contract and that's pretty. That's pretty significant for a fullback in today's Dayton plays -- -- I don't know the exact dollar amount yet but. And it -- the light what what he was able you know do for that can be. Rushing attack last in 2012. What Doug Martin going off we didn't as rookie she's in the eke out tape Lakewood -- mark and I think did it it is an upgrade well -- -- -- -- said that I agree he's an upgrade over Jake around me that start out as a defensive end. And when he didn't. And of course made shifty -- and slash -- back and that aged couple argue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet have you know coach Peyton if we are going to be committed more that a run like we were the last four games of the season. When you averaged thirty now have attempts per game. And you don't want no you don't want any weak links anywhere along the lines -- so how. Ally -- I think that was by coincidence or by chance that. That Armstead was a better run block and and Charles Brown left tackle. Not you bring in Eric -- get all the studies have better lead blocker you know it could be a small crease they can make all the difference. In the world a day instead you know haven't maybe had three yard gain -- -- -- to 67 yard gain. And so I think all day though when you break it down the film and you. Paying attention to detail when you want to. And improve your running game you wanna be more committed to that world. You got to try and have greeted every position in India were able to do that that's -- Bedard Lori. Yet it indignity question do it so it was gonna happen there'll I don't what they -- -- well. -- Kristian -- -- host a double coverage ET about mayberry each and every morning folks. You haven't checked -- out you miss -- out these dazzle put together a good work each and every morning had to wait a full clock talk sports anymore. Early in the morning -- say in the 9 AM thirteen 53 WL follow Christian on -- and -- Christie Garrett one years reporting now. Receiver Joseph Morgan has signed a one year deal with the New Orleans Saints Christian thank you so much in the stay away from him a month -- I gave up -- a. I have no problems with some committee to -- Carmelo is in the future plants. I think it that you're the number of things I see Carmelo doing. As he moves forward and I said I think goes on record a year ago that I think Carmelo is great players he is still has another level go to. He's the man in charge. What it -- goals from them out the field Jackson thirteen time champion in the NBA eleven as a coach to as a player. And the last time he won one as a player. Is now the team he is trying to lead the first title in forty years. -- Jackson takes over Bobby for the New York Knicks talking about Carmelo Anthony. And you go back to when I spoke to Jim may time. The year after they came to New Orleans and beat Kansas and won the national championship here on Carmelo Anthony was a freshman Jimmy -- said. I assume Honda was Carmelo Anthony he says we felt like it Carmelo Anthony with the best player in college basketball. When he was a senior in high school. Because -- at Syracuse in the championship as a freshman the all points. And he is what I think the guy the UMB Bobby did he when he gets into the Nuggets scoring zone. I think they -- he has a better chance to obtain a title. With a guy like Phil Jackson on his side now he can do by itself yet now he's a lot of players. But hey look if -- Jackson keep -- and his drama and the play of the game get somebody -- -- a Carmelo Landon. Love the Knicks fans is better be patient. Right because you're just got Amare the the money and have the daddy's still. You know what a single forty million for me an issue naked -- on the and he don't take their money yet he -- something that I even -- I -- how path you don't have our -- are no Big -- pass. Soviet as don't think you could be a miracle work only to a certain point but. At least. Cologne Phil Jackson gets involved. Initially. You feel optimistic. Now. I mean how long over how patient is the fan base. You know -- -- -- realize it might be at the Benson. The two of not a three year process or even maybe even. Longer but you know it is like everybody wants instant -- when now. Just look. -- I don't really drafted him in -- last year because they were the two seed and indeed they were a ballclub that -- let's face it. They made what what -- percent of their threes yet played good defense they well perimeter ballclub they had nothing inside. It cute to manipulate the pace so I mean we're looking went six really Nicholas -- series. So now you got to see what happens in the -- the two biggest things I honestly. Carmelo and even Osama -- this is the some of the Big Three were right on the undo -- Carmelo onto a bus onto Dwyane Wade. QB in there. And feel that's what we do from a coaching standpoint but I can promise you the MBA Bobby and we talked about this off our off day yesterday. He brought the Lakers. Loss and the second biggest media market. 25 championships he ball -- third biggest media market to six championships. He won two with the Knicks as a player cynical I'm saying as a three yard -- and New York work to -- to be a championship caliber team in this day and they steal one of the most well at the end and worth franchise and all of sports that it would go to or. I know though it is it's it's good fit in and NBA's great today and gave the Knicks irrelevant. You know -- -- -- in this in this the Diego you think car's gonna coasted team bar well like what what is Colombo -- that the -- I mean do you mean where Woodson is now yeah exactly I checked that's the only -- With with they've won six straight medical experts -- -- all celebrate but the thing is I think he would bowl I I don't I don't think from from a standpoint. What have a -- those moving forward maybe his relationship with some of the players and and and move forward. But I don't think what he goes real demand that they feel that's starting know that he's gonna keep him and I got I would rather -- than matter doesn't come off. -- Jackson went to New York it's a clear understanding look what I say go yeah yeah if you let Isiah Thomas and Dolan knew what they wanted to do. I mean yeah me to pick a finger I got eleven and Obama to win it. Which one of these I got thirteen you know the Bobby getting back to Drew Brees on Al Micah Darryl follow brothel or however you pronounce it. Saturday peace -- disappointed Saints loss Sproles it talks about the all season Drew Brees speaking in the NFL players association. Play -- red meat eggs and he seems quoted saying they may be another 11520. Years from now. But then not many guys like Hansbrough. He's a special player a special person a special teammate I'm lucky to have had a chance to play -- him. On two teams and you know that he's right and Darren Sproles Bobby won't go. Well we hope Tarvaris today can be half -- rules -- I don't know the -- holders to allow the big league inopportune where 71 catches and twelve -- all provision article come from and then and the email -- one player to do yet and that's kind of and I kind of it is an off year for its rules we got countless ball when he came on board in 2011. -- said it all and all year gives him 200 -- yeah yeah every topic is actually good. But he was a good dude man yeah people like -- and I thought and I thought that. It on all the moves being made doubtless surprise either they keep them one more season I agree. And now but you know the saying now you try to play devil's Avant in both sides of offense now the manager's standpoint they say well. You look at the money invested in Sproles. You know in and in Jerry's Byrd in what -- money's gonna come from and all that did. It's better to get rid of and there it is dollars and there is better to get rid of the players here all the time a year too soon than a year too late. Right. But but I think. You know what rob being traded RI should say you know he was treated wood -- being on the free agent market and I don't think there's pros -- life. That should be a static it should be upset to go to Philadelphia. Would Chip Kelly Brian shady McCoy -- style Aggies should the Cleveland. Q Kayla if if you at all like yeah he might played actually two years he has had that yet much Monet. In just a moment plus was individual person he covered the cannot pass the for the Charlotte Observer of the defending you know C south champion the stout defense but their quarterback. Undergoing surgery and they've lost just about the entire receiving corps we always keep -- -- -- -- now with the Saints but in our division in the anti National Football League big names in the league today. Cam Newton expected to undergo surgery tomorrow. To help repair our I guess you take upgrade an issue. With he has had an ankle injury Joseph person who covers the Hamptons and -- throughout the entire season and all season for the Charlotte Observer joked. I did was this injury sustained him back to the second meeting between the Saints. And the Panthers in which Carolina clinched the outlook basically sewed up the AFC south crown and if so. What happened in the playoff game against San Francisco to -- this under. Yeah yeah I did in fact happened and I guess that was week fifteen out here. And I nobody -- trying to go back and -- the time to go look at the tape I. I'll remember why it happened on but I you know -- but he played out the rest of the speed and media. Yeah actually had a toe injury and now we figured the Jets. By. And -- get it after the 49ers play a lot when he got a lot better and sisco I think you re injured. But you know already -- global but I would never done any kind of an. Not concerned. About this ankle book but from Campbell or the -- or obviously they would know. Let him go out to Lugo play in that game. It get panic there are they take persisted throughout the -- and they get go ahead and get it cleaned up tomorrow. Now just beginning -- knew when you look at his weapons and always comfortable Witten and depending on how long he's out you know I don't know speculate for a five months and you know you work in the offseason when you receivers in the timing and all that stuff and oh what does the fans take our your -- -- should say. When you look at their receiving corps now -- -- is gone Ted Ginn junior. A brand it fell a Domenik Hixon. I mean died in no good if the receivers left on the team. Love that aren't going to be any kind seeing how he could have missed out on. There are any receiver obvious. -- There early an error receiving corps got it now one you know the big -- was their own choice about it Wednesday. It's you are. Part ways with these men have been in a very controversial decision around Charlotte. And and really throughout the Carolinas appear but and then and then mainly used to recreate -- receiver Brandon though goes to New England. Ted Ginn junior who really it was their priority I think they kind of felt like they would have given back. Next year but at the end got a pretty decent three year deal together on and then Dominique hit as. -- they did not try to keep ended up going to Chicago so. Yeah they've they've had a couple guys in the air. Jericho Cotchery wouldn't David -- -- create a wideout. Many guys they're talking Q now quite frankly are. You know they're they're number Q number three receivers -- I don't know if they're gonna get in that this time Jack and -- bit that he's on the block but that's going to be up there and you can't. You know that and that they're gonna draft or the year -- obviously at least one but you gotta get an experienced veteran guys in here to. Now let Joseph -- ever going to last season obviously with fellow well defense to a house style they were under front seven. And now learn about on the back in -- -- second every you have to say they waited a coach when he played how aggressive. As the secondary kind of held they're own now captain motto and we were. Talk from Bob why you'd be a nice fit -- it Keenan Lewis with the Saints Eagles that are Vikings. I thought bank for you bug out -- you might have a different take -- Mike Mitchell. I'm going to Steelers I think that was great value but it. Who what where they -- these is I still think. Because of that front seven amassing just plug guys in -- oh what is the loss of a Marlin and Mitchell. He had that the bigger question than I. I do. At the -- -- minimize the impact there's guys they both had terrific years. And that Mitchell in particular I think is that true really terrific player. But that bit that's really what we're being at a date cattlemen in the Giants flopped the you know pay double that you've bolted into -- -- go back in there and look. They had kind of patchwork secondary then they're not you know not maybe to that extent -- by. But he used -- -- like get a little bit that you were. All the focus you know for the first week of create the had been on the receivers they didn't get better offensive tackle it and yet. But let's remember they you know they franchise tag. Great parties to the tune of thirteen million balked the couple weeks ago. And and their front that happened it would -- route return. And just in fact I mean that they don't lose that in the front seven. Yeah I don't think big -- they've brought it Roman Harper and as you guys know well right side officially today. I do in a row Majoli has just put him in the box our blitz them. Because when they blame the Saints ibizan men MA coverage Drew Brees is gonna run him right there right now. Yeah he relevant very may go -- about it today that he's going to be in a boxing match. That's what they -- him or ethnic bullets that are as as you pointed out. Now -- Joseph looking at their all of it's a blind. How surprised are where you are how hurt. Waiting Carolina -- retirement of jarring growths are because it because I thought. He still had some left in the tank. Yeah -- -- got planned then it's interesting and it. And a lot of this sort of. Cannot see that Chinese began last year. When they've brought -- it and and says today we wanted to keep planned but we want you know restructure your deal and take a pay cut it. And that contract they grow and made the -- -- made the deal -- after the 2013. Feet. And took ground stalled me out and and that the Pro Bowl this year -- you get picked as an alternate. He said you -- I call -- plan the way through fourteen and get that took my contract was. It's that they're the ones you kind of start and that's by -- by Appleby -- bit been. And so I and I think that what you volatile that was the -- to Jeremy I think he what happened to grow. And I think he put out the signals. Proactively. That day I -- going to be interest didn't restructured the less you get that idea. The outcome too many expected. You know there's a rip it up and takes -- -- latch. Went -- and and you know -- got receive GPA and L walked away adding air but knowing him by accident arabians. They beat that market and another sport that guarantee though. It going to be in knotted at nine dollars see that he. Joseph person given us the latest on the Carolina Panthers -- a star quarterback. Cam Newton undergoing a surgery tomorrow could be out the entire offseason to be ready for. Training camp in July cope with the Panthers the Charlotte Observer Joseph how can folks volumes on what. I appreciate yet it is at. -- -- -- Joseph thank you so much for -- we appreciate your time always a pleasure. Right around I think and you know Bobby you know they -- quiet off seasons of the best -- -- in this and you know any type -- But scam a scandal news but you don't have receivers. On you don't have the quarterback Tony Carolina's. Is that they had in the wrong direction I think is think I'm telling you that they Rose sixteen points a game out there I could only have a fifteen yeah that that down -- see everybody still intact. So they could be winning ugly but by having that front even the seven -- get the ten wins -- and that's a that they give bank you know. A gamble letting go news today Joseph Morgan Suns a one year deal with the Saints and the Saints agreed to town with fullback Eric -- a four year deal. Coming over from Tampa he was a draft pick out of Stanford -- drafted as a defensive player. They moved to tight -- slash fullback. Seventh round pick has Calder way is to a Bobby really poly and I you know a late round pick like that to four solid years in the National Football League and now four year deal with the Saints. He's asserted downfall of better than where he is -- his status was as far as being draft. Yeah and big you know going forward. I'm thinking when you break it down. You know regain film an individual positions and they're breaking down each play. Plus our minors are they winning -- -- how dominant -- player do you have how can you upgrade. I'd be interested to see. -- Brian -- -- and it's thinner. What's gonna come about. You know there is a market I think form I don't think. There is 32 better centers in him aside think he has a started nudges obviously. I'm a backup. But -- what are you willing to pay your salary cap so when you look at other options and his been speculated. For the beginning if you were to lose grind eloquent that he couldn't sign him back. Would bring former saint senator back on board John I think bill went. A memory and left -- a 49ers back in 2011. But now he's a free agent now. Thirteen year veteran. So you know that'd be kind of short term answer. You know one year fix kind of being the big also was looking where. -- who's available and the Washington Redskins released their senator -- -- gummery. Now he's a nine year of pattern and things out of Virginia take now he has started every game. The last three years. For the Redskins so you know that says that's a lot of so that he's durable a lot of consistency there. So you know that's on the the Saints are gonna pay attention to. Look who's in the market who's available. So I just another name knowledge his thing and -- drawn out there. You know Brian and they'll compare like a bright -- 28 will Montgomery. You know young individual and the woman governor cut in the middle of the pack nine years verses Jonathan go and. Thirteen years. 2601878668890. -- in his go to Keith Keith thank you for calling WW so. Yet at a course and I -- what's called the -- grip situation. Well another is probably gonna get done or not gonna go on until July 15 I think that's where by July 15 you have to have a long term. Deal done already asked -- -- -- the one year. You know franchise tag so he does everything gets done the last a minute while. That's like them there's just no news I mean. And I think sixth in his agent -- as they bothered guns now DB you know I don't know win. The arbitration is gonna come about as far. Is the L wide receiver is -- a -- and now we all know. That Jimmy Graham at tight end but didn't -- go by the UC BA and the -- bridge. And their. Going back illiteracy was 92 Dallas like. How many games you played a Serb position but now says 2011 is how many snaps. You have more six inning and -- Jimmy Graham as they just saying well it's almost 60%. He was in the slot lined up wide. So -- and you look at that. You know tag number is. A difference of twelve million to seven minutes amaze you five million there residing guys Wear -- now and that's gonna come down Arnold though. But. I'd be shocked he's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow hours ago getting it take her Brees gives his take on no longer being able to play -- Darren Sproles Jim Irsay has checked himself into a treatment facility Cam Newton is having surgery and of course the star of the NCAA men's basketball tournament a lot yet to go this is sport stuff on -- BW yeah.