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3-18 5:35pm Bobby and Deke, Cam Newton injuries

Mar 18, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer about Cam Newton's injuries and upcoming surgery.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll always keep -- polls. All what's happening now with the Saints but in our division in the anti National Football League big names in the league today. Cam Newton expected to undergo surgery tomorrow. To help repair our I guess you take upgrade an issue. With he has had an ankle injury. Joseph person who covers the Hamptons and -- throughout the entire season and all season for the Charlotte Observer a joke. I did was this injury -- -- back to the second meeting between the Saints. And the Panthers and which -- -- a -- Theo basically sewed up the AFC south crown and if so. What happened in the playoff game against a San Francisco to -- this under. Yeah yeah I did in fact happened and I guess that was week fifteen a year and I don't event trying to go back and -- can't go look at the tape I. I'll remember what happened on but I you know but he played out there were at the speed than the yeah actually had a toe injury and now we -- the Jets. But. They act yet at the 49ers play a lot when he got all been consistent I think you re injured. But you know probable but never -- and concerned. About this ankle book but from Campbell or that team or or obviously they would know. And -- go out to on a Lugo play -- that game could buy it yet and I think they persisted throughout the Austrian and they it cleaned up tomorrow. Now -- Joe's big attic and you when you look at his weapons and -- he's comfortable Witten and depending on how long he's out you know I don't know speculate for a five months and you know you work in the offseason when you receivers in the timing and all that stuff -- oh what does the fan's take -- your take questions today. When you look at their receiving corps now Steve Smith gone Ted Ginn junior. A brand to a fellow Domenik Hixon. I mean that I know look if the receivers left on the team. Love that aren't going to be any kind thing now you can have missed out on. There aren't any receivers. -- it. They. They have probably -- an error receiving corps go about it now one you know the big ones -- was their own choice about it -- It's are. Part ways with these men have been in a very -- Herschel decision around Charlotte. And and really throughout the Carolinas appear by and then and in the league history create -- receiver Brandon Powell goes to New England. Ted Ginn junior who really it was their priority I think they kind of felt like they would in back. Next year at the end got a pretty decent three year deal -- and then Dominique hit as. They did not try to keep and it -- Chicago so. Yeah they've had a couple guys in here. Jericho Cotchery was into David -- -- created -- out. Mean they got -- talk in here now quite frankly are. You know they're they're number Q number three receivers -- I don't know if they're gonna get in that this not Jack and talk bit that he on the block but -- -- going to be -- -- and you can't. You know that they're gonna draft or the year boy got it at least one but you gotta get an experienced veteran guys in here to. Now Joseph I remember going to last season obviously with fellow well definitively how style they were under front seven. And now learn about on the back enter the second every you have to say that lady were close when you played how aggressive. As the secondary kind of held they're own Al captain motto and we were talking about boy you'd be a nice fit opposite -- lows with the Saints Eagles that a vikings'. I -- bank for your blog -- -- you might have a different league than Mike Mitchell a going to Steelers I think that was great value but it. Well what where they -- -- is I still think. Because of that front seven but nothing just plug guys in there oh what is the loss of a Marlin and Mitchell. He had that the bigger question it and I. I view. At the rip -- minimize the impact there's guys that they both had terrific years. And that Mitchell in particular I think is that true really terrific player. But that it really well were being at a date cattlemen and the Giants a lot. You know -- some other ball games this year -- go back and Angela. They had kind of patchwork secondary that and not you know not maybe to that extent. By by. But you'd be like gentlemen -- is he's worked. All the focus you know for the first week of create -- -- -- on the receivers they didn't get better offensive tackle -- -- yet. But let's remember they you know they franchise tag. Great parties to the tune of thirteen million balked the couple weeks ago. And and their front and there were -- route return. And got an. -- I mean that they don't lose anyone in the front that it. That he I don't think -- the only brought Roman Harper. You guys know well right side officially today. I do rummage dollars is put him in the box a blitz them. Because when they blame the Saints -- Amanda -- cover Drew Brees is gonna run him right now. Yeah he -- in -- -- -- out about it today and he's going to be in a boxing match. That's where they signed him or ethnic bullets that are as you pointed out. Now Joseph looking at -- all of it's a blind. How surprised -- where you are how hurt. Waiting Carolina -- retirement of jarring growths are because I thought. He still had some definite thing. Yeah he -- kept quiet it is interesting and it. And a lot of this sort of. -- cannot see that Chinese began last year. When they brought gross it and and says today we wanted to keep plan that we want you know restructure your deal and take a pay cut. And that contract they -- and made the -- -- made the deal Boyd after the 2013. Feet. And took -- stalled out and and at the Pro Bowl this year you know you get picked as an alternate. He's -- you that I had always planned to play through fourteen and get back to my contract was. It's that they're the ones you kind of start and that's by that by Appleby rip that been. And so I and I think that what you call it open it was the meant to me. Think he what and gross. And I think he put out the signals. Proactively. Bet today I am going to be interest didn't restructured lest you've got that idea. The outcome to me expected. You know there's a rip it up and takes them -- latch. Went left and and you know and receive GPA and -- walked away -- -- air but knowing him by accident arabians. That seat that are given another sport you're anti though. It going to be in nine million dollars -- that. Joseph person given us the latest on the Carolina Panthers -- a star quarterback. Cam Newton undergoing a surgery tomorrow could be out the entire offseason to be ready for. Training camp in July cope with the -- this Charlotte Observer Joseph how can folks following you on Twitter. I appreciate. At. Chose the purse. Joseph thank you so much for -- we appreciate your time always a place. Right around I think and you know Bobby you know he's a quiet off seasons of the best -- and in this and you know any type like. Scam a scandal news but you don't have receivers. On you don't have the quarterback -- Carolina. Is that they had in the wrong direction -- thing is think -- -- I think most teams want to get out there I could only have a fifteen yeah that that their -- see everybody still intact. So they could be winning ugly but -- by having that front even the seven million get that in Orleans you know and that's -- that they get bank you know.