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3-18 6-7pm Bobby and Deke, Saints sign Erik Lorig

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three of sports talk along with the -- game by BA -- time Deke Bellavia. Operated jaguar opinion poll a lot happening in the world of sports today in his afternoon. Talking about NFL owners this is on the heels of Jim -- the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. I'm being charged and arrested on -- early Monday and he did you and facing off for felony counts of they controlled. Substance in his possession. If NFL -- violate NFL rules. And embarrassed to shield should radio to be subjected to the same punishment as players. All should it be different. So they would is that controlled substance educated on this is that what is it as he cocaine. Could be. Just. Cocaine coming cutting smoking's just like -- for us and controlled substance or if but I doubt that would have time to use the difference is you can have a controlled substance. That is describe for -- drive today you can have a controlled substance that is not ascribe to that different clans -- want players to -- or. Of the FDA they agreed on my dad dependent on. Was treated for him some may be anxiety disorder some may be a pain so probably at practice thankfully OxyContin. Wednesday there was some some of -- will come a morning off comics both suppose -- that person that had written the prescriptions. The validity of the present had written descriptions has come into question to. That the -- -- the what was found the person of mr. Jim -- so. That is would come -- now we talk about like recreational drugs that you talk about marijuana. Cocaine PCP -- -- and I -- offenses like when you come out from an athletic standpoint. Of the NBA in the NFL have rules on which you can call. With our performance enhancing drugs in his system if you get caught with marijuana in you system if you call with. Well cocaine he says what NBA visiting there and test them. And when they do -- -- -- nemesis so bright you gotta be -- almost like it was because -- marijuana but the here's a -- in Indian NFL in the in the eight. NFL there is there there their rules there's certain -- but he NFL athletes if it's eight. Not performance enhancing drugs -- like a cocaine. Then it's almost like its immediate re hey we're an MBA is two years you're out no if ands or buts about it -- out that it -- -- the -- man. Not Obama it's enhancing PE the measles and non performance -- into cocaine could be a performance enhancing drug vs marijuana that -- -- your own form is somewhat he's -- -- laid back. Not the only Cubs called an enemy some say that you know when it comes the are more notable player -- lost ten. You know because he talks about then when he played in only who has IT guy -- what you're doing -- they deserve a -- -- you talked about the problems he had -- dead in the in the you know how it. It needed maybe a month may elevate. Yet that was he Ellis allowing an average I tell you what you look across the line. He knew he was possessed helical willfully and the son of and then right. Mike -- and you -- a feeling you knew he was agreement -- vantage you've got to get rid of the ball. It was like almost whoever try to block them in. Come on -- -- a mild about a second and a half. -- -- get rid of the ball if you want is that they do it on him yet yeah I just saw I announced on. I like doing my it would all Jermaine is a classic or of course you can say and it goes all -- now -- wrong and it goes all know they OTO 10 I'm a bad you know. Yet he with the -- moms that -- -- the and also today in a world sport to Saints having new fullback may have come to terms with the formal. Tampa Bay fullback coming out of Stanford spent his first four seeds in the national for a body lets face you a seventh round pick. 253 overall -- of your nearly mr. irrelevant to not supposed to make in the league much in this four years. Well not only did the newest member of the New Orleans Saints Eric it'll make it in this league. He has done so it's switching positions he was a converted defense in the end to fullback and tight -- in your rookie season. Bobby he has paid way -- to 1000 yard Russians are caught thirty balls a 193 yards with one touchdown. And he's also contribute on special teams in last season for the Buccaneers he played eighteen games nine starts. Eleven -- 47 yards have his primary duties off blocking. Yet and Deke out and today think Jed Collins is an outstanding team great locker room fan favorite. You know was outspoken also a fan favorite is no more -- -- yeah 08 did you forwards Nick Collins -- Evans and -- I was getting over the Patriots his leadership and -- -- they can have a that's one position they had a good on loan is for Ryan and you make the neo cloning. I mean now all all the players and the red -- deal might be the best ever the other he has one of the best fullback in the history Dan I know definitive about like all pro pro bowler. On the what you're willing to pay a guy like Lorenzen -- Because it's such specifies specific position with -- asking you. To do but Eddie Corning was -- Or try to yeah and coney was CAA out of Arizona State game with a with a Durant and -- and -- Peyton. You imbalance of the Saints have a good run at fullback yet they've. That's an Odyssey. More than serviceable I would say bill misses all hits and you know considering their contributions so aaron's blog and also is Christie Garrett reported early last Allen Joseph Morgan speedy receiver for the Saints -- to mention Bobby. Has also signed a one year deal. With the black and go yet begin and I and I hoping come mag. Because I think that's a thing and god given ability how fast he was to me that this against the Portuguese coach I can't think ankle speed yet I mean. It just flat out fly in a position game. Now how much -- -- seeded nets having you know you -- look at Joseph Morgan. You know. Not the is I guess that they sign -- he passed the physical so you'll be full -- OTAs mini camp solely you wanna see that simply him getting separation in the -- of bags. Now you don't have he would do that thinking Elizabeth I guess they'd be a good sign. From -- to standpoint. But yet that's to see where he's -- Because he has a big play ability. He's on the saints' all time highlight real. And and I truly don't think when he got hurt did replace even though Kenny -- did have Barry's twenty yards a reception. It was a boring as deceptive speed largest seem like to me. I would Devery Henderson and -- marketed they would just flat out facts. You know and and and it wasn't like oh boy he's deceptively fast but you knew you were fast. From the get go. So that'll be it has been the guy I think also. Obviously Carolina now. You notice this at at the wide receiver position is -- of that is draft. And -- the first rounds did a first round -- is Saints last. A high prize skilled wide receiver. You know Carolina's dabbling in Vietnam -- considering all. The receivers they lost now. You know be -- to the -- would you pagan added a first round and to -- you have a handful of guys. Well do you take the approach that will really big guys that are available. And ended a first round would still be available in the second or third round. You know so so that always comes in the play that's for as the wind direction years ago when -- to say yeah and you would way. I -- and a first round. Cornerback yeah. Now I've got to pressure to win in that direction which he robbed with Padgett Robinson. And and I still don't think it best case scenario that he's a one or two. He would be more like at three of four kind of like Cory white. So. You know I take the approach because I know I'll quarterback -- and if they see a young guy out there a date tested him. You know got tested and was up and not a role locals remember that I'm Alabama Miller -- and he did good it is the Saints -- the -- -- other games he was getting Burke -- disabled UCL a young guy out there with a -- I'm going to be -- was -- -- him. So that's why of these some -- and got a bargain. Get a better and cornerback. -- Jabari -- level was somewhere like that and -- Pro Bowl but it legit starter opposite of -- Lewis. I'll take that approach more. An -- maybe it in a first run the way of receivers is Cordoba goal for receiver. And glove a new member of the New Orleans Saints a full year deal the contract. Calls. He comes over from Tampa as a fullback for the New Orleans Saints and also the Saints have one year deal. Reached with a wide receivers Joseph Morgan take it all out online at WW -- Dot com welcome back -- the Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia getting closer to the ball as Osama -- so to speak his. Basketball flows into baseball and I was so reading today. On line where they are now you know their options at different stadiums where you can get like you know I guess it's a regular. Our traditional. Food that you see at a ball game time though pop -- president's penis and one in his. Certain different I don't what Arizona at their ballpark Chase Field Bobby is going to author. And eighteen minutes corn dog and his stuff which -- -- their teeth how to -- was and bacon and that's a heart attack doing that only -- see it is like he's your friend just smothered smothered in cheese -- with. The 25. -- They have also they have you can and so what is as is that this shares is like that. In. And knock him and I'm back in Pakistan has handled that before his confidence but yet. Well well maybe now you that -- I need help that the two people. Ride but I think we can tackle that one down but anyway I did you get in and -- one -- like I -- lives -- the superdome were going to Saints game -- and I went to the box you can see certain things on different level so let's not -- a guy like malvo. Of scale like I was at the New Orleans Bowl and I -- some fine man like some decent restaurants just does different things out the game right right. Now if you are you were the Diamondbacks season ticket holder but maybe you mean that though once every other month. But not every home game that's it that's that -- getting -- you look at followers the game is at every home game -- you -- -- -- 8881. Yet to gain so you wanna -- I don't think it'd be. I -- now how to make all 81 out of the inning fourteen yes exactly redemption or some people that do the most -- as far as the season. When I was in Atlanta you know I haven't -- season tickets are probably. You know out of a forty long gains I think I went like 28 now as the -- on his past you know to go even that Manny I think the most several deceit to brace. You know Tom violence of media. Think is I would go like a dozen times fifteen times. Season -- you know to go. -- with the players like the you know that was via use they would Abreu as -- and team Bob and -- that they love to go -- and eight. You know so they had the ballpark people got sat with the players' lives obviously none I think I asked the question body thing done overnight it usually -- -- can you if you ever had to be interrogated you'd think I'd say not as Clinton I don't. Know you see guys that don't exist though -- line then no we just stated that players tickets it was those copies available so. Courtesy nice the end of the streets in this in the state. Bobby Drew Brees both spoke at the NFL today players' association player written meetings quoting you saying in this article fox sports about my camera -- up. There may be another 11520 years now but then not -- guys. Like dance pro team the special -- special person a special teammate I'm lucky to had a chance to play with him. On to DC went on to say that the that was one of the tougher ones for me speaking of being not being able to pray with Sproles. I feel like that was my guy that was not it I -- that the less than a foot have been -- forcefully. It didn't last for. He had big I think EC special players. It was special player. Deion Sanders. Against him in there with them. You know -- you'll see too many cornerbacks are too many professional football players that don't have the practice Ryan and and and and I tell you this story of who we're playing the Rams a wanna say it was probably. Who was it -- so well like Henry gallery something and Miller has great Rams receivers I mean he's -- is yesterday's play with the Braves and playing with the Falcons we jobs and a helicopter he -- to Georgia on him and have his equipment in practice one time there in two days. Put -- uniform. And he held at a top ram receivers it's only one catch for fourteen yards the I mean I don't like of those unbelievable so. Darren Sproles I think is in that category where you look at drew said -- I think. Sproles a player likes -- only goes wrong once in your lifetime. In my career in and everybody's career. So -- is a bit Darren Sproles -- you might have to wait for awhile now. I think even given every opportunity that's why Venus and deceit. Also love to watch in that OTAs mini camp Travares cadet. In how they utilize him -- became the handle that role. -- as a pass receiver and running back. We seen flashes evident pre season. But. The -- and his Tennessee. You know he's capable to -- and I -- the Saints allowed to have that maybe -- don't Sproles -- level. Maybe half of that sold via a great opportunity to get that to -- before I was somewhat surprised. When you look at the offseason moves that. Sproles was you know traded. You know the ones that are just out now cut our lead go in and traded -- -- they were gonna hang on -- one more year. -- -- the trust factor between the fan base -- -- losers on Payne I think is there. So -- and I kind of take the approach. Looking at players and they start to get. You know the pinning him early thirties or mid thirties how you view -- you always looking in when given a twenty year old to figure job. Obviously because if you establishing your great player to got to pay a lot of money so. You know that old saying that and get -- a player a year too so many years too late. And but I things pro as a boy he should be part of he's got a great situation that's the economy Cleveland zone where you have -- a little quarterback is in which Jim Kelly didn't. You had the best running back and NFL last year he's going to be -- aside it was shady McCoy. So a big I'd be surprised if these LD. If -- Sproles doesn't put up great numbers we don't we wash in my sharing camp. Lee is seen him run he runs like he's 1920 year old now a surprise in a little bit disappointed Elijah upon returning game. Wasn't Sproles like. Where you'd wanna see him averaging you know these double digit came. In ten yards upon returning in a fourteen yard those kind of you know Pro Bowl level. We just didn't see that and put it is -- -- pros that have been -- in coming up this year. Just -- set of four million whatever. Million million and half I think you're probably would have kept them. But I think it's a win win situation we got a fifth from Pete form an -- properties have been outstanding -- to pass. And then the -- the Saints with the success of the unison to see who we gonna pick. And one time comes around for the draft -- fifth pick and and also. Sproles and Eagles uniform Robinson to see what he does. Now we don't have the lady Eagles in us and be in the playoffs but I I know the Eagles played Carolina. So that'd be nice to see maybe. Sproles -- in Carolina and then -- helpless on and that way. That's the -- coming up tomorrow night on the program will be wearing an extra half hour early in LSU basketball. The Tigers -- in post season play they take on the same but Siskel and gone tomorrow night in the first round in the national invitational tournament the in ninety and next now we will speak to a familiar name. In these par itself formerly with the at Tulane athletics there now the athletics director at the University of San Francisco Scott -- will. Both Fasano. On -- successful great the food quoting of the things -- -- speed -- it's -- well I was a little yes he would about it you know a lot of people. The San Francisco bako -- got a lot of tradition. A great football team back in the fifties and a basketball team that won back to back national championships. Under the great Bill Russell and not a formal of one of the best tennis players ever. Rex Walters is the basketball coach. At the university San Francisco so are as well they're all big eight as -- between -- -- Williams at Kansas as a won the lottery pick -- -- the first round pick but for the nets in early ninety's. And Bobby now this is the first from the Thames is gonna see him play basketball. I didn't I know that I'm Andy boy you look asking you about the status how -- you -- come around now. Sidwell. You know being a terrorist sisco. Them maturity might get together for the mile Vick fan Q is Dick was coaching outside linebackers and his dad was -- worked him primarily within sidelined exit the the two coordinators so. I'm sure you know you it's amazing all around the country and -- you cross. Pats again and -- different areas and. That you bring of Kansas had though it is interest in tidbit you know -- job you know -- March Madness five reported rarity. -- the -- kicked often and all the gains in. You look at the history -- Kansas basketball. James Mason. Been bitter -- bass player the guy who invented basketball you know that's and they that we know and -- I'm not a lifetime but. Relatively is now like you know hundreds and hundreds of years ago but -- better basketball you know as the only coach. In Kansas Jayhawks history -- a losing record. So all the other coach that university Kansas Kansas university university Kansas should say have had a winning record except. The James basement then -- basketball. You think the -- -- ending at the beginning yeah at that that you can get a jumble of people and have a -- a winning record. And the like and the Ben Franklin and the lieutenant -- -- considered -- it. He -- American entries in Cleveland. Competitive side view and think yeah yeah they did in bits of things. I like the Lombardi trophy in not having and that you are yeah RB. Little league football pop Warner you know Cutler moves and recchi coaching football that -- -- You in this only thing that was the -- So that that was engines in little tidbit in -- another thing to I remember talk about this last year and it still holding true. When you look at the coaches and who you gonna pick. That time does the fill out your bracket so old right ahead and and in the end of the going to be legit. But if you look since 1989. The national title has been won. By a coach would and I. In his last name eighteen times. So when you look at it and I in his last name I'm not since 1997. -- Lute Olson you know would Arizona Wildcats yeah. As a coach they want that tide of not having in his first our last name. It's a -- you know Billy Donovan so there's that I and offers so though those Aniston. So you've taken nets and that of those I think -- city who you looking far did you sense this is that a million element. Right now and on into -- war about the idea -- -- of doing it now. Biggest thing and you could one of building. There's there's a reason I didn't do a man has had a eyes to be perfect right yelled you -- one bracket I only want he would Rondo and that would register on Yahoo! for. Fifteen minutes and have had to be in I think must lunchtime today because at the first game is -- dollar amounts and mayors and all of -- but that would be. And then some I mean that's you got a bit -- I think that now -- who looked exactly what it was continuing and I think it is. Yeah I mean I know it's and I don't know that number is but you have a better chance what are far -- tentativeness that this Mega Millions the -- you would dig picking them. Right well I think -- individually I don't last night he that that guy help all of us here yes he had said. The odds of actually getting every game right. With some like that that you would win the lottery five times yeah -- being on hand here we get this right and it dead -- like that would be the case. Now that's why I'm I'm amazed sometime when you see. Even Micah they had some. VCU win. In the George Mason when they had -- pick them but. I mean it that's a president you pick one bracket feel it out to us run bracket MP George Mason what he's both them may determine and that's. I mean still call it -- -- what you all that means you all what he said you got the final four teams that's phenomenal. But that it it doesn't happen often. Would you like last year I even though that was a school member of Florida Gulf Coast yes. Then Allen won one game they want to -- now UC he had been able or whatnot not one but two games and play yet that how -- within the wall at the -- model looking beautiful wise yes. Model beautiful life and -- they would always show in our. On -- David said he -- over married in. -- fortunately. Stood by me and now she's there -- been a bit of its as a family. Go. And the all of them move because he's doing he's doing good that you you realized -- I have a USC yet to go -- Florida Gulf Coast and USC yeah I'd right. -- -- a lot of side there and paid his dues in the governor. -- here is Bobby in auto we will talk about what warm bath idea Warren Buffett VA NN financial numbers guru let me titles. Teamed up with Quicken Loans for the Quicken Loans to billion dollar bracket challenge you can win a billion dollars and you had already had done -- -- we talked about in the golf tournament just began it. He would go -- fill out -- register. We -- who the first fifteen the contestants -- were in the contest didn't cost anything. Now the number is the odds say. The chance. Of the -- company and benefits -- shot at the -- company. Paying. A person a billion dollars by having a perfect bracket is nine point two Quinn Killian. To -- Not a billion. A Quinn to. So about it that is and I mean I mean. -- you -- -- move out of our studio doesn't mean it is -- a long while to get away at currently. Not a billion. Yet because you -- here contest I'll win a million dollars in here like a winner billion dollars and authority has actually rate this fall this far more greater than that by me as a million. NC a million on a billion trillion. A quadrillion according to Ian. A 69 of a sudden telling octagon and I'm non union a DC lean. Anybody got that kind of mind. No hell no. That's like I mean it gets so ridiculous that you got to joke and say well who knows what went. Debt this country. Has lost his keep pushing and off the future generations -- amendment last time I want to new Yorker I think on Kona. Off somewhere around times when it got the national dipping in and not eighth round lightning is an Israeli and ga keeps gonorrhea sick and Langerhans and he had that that that's that's kind of scary. Sizzle and they get to face the music out of the year and will be around. That's -- -- by Ukraine Q. Yeah. What they'll be -- who have pain I had. Become views and try and is very young country now go off on a tangent but you look. You look at different empires and his long Oden. When he would you think that to be in his should yet you are dazzled the city yeah in the history of the world -- the -- like. The Roman -- whatever it is. The whenever who is in the top dog the egyptians nor. You know never can as a battle whatever I mean easily -- looked like -- or. Control for 5000 years and barely field. 200. And you know not really closely to 300 years. So that's why you know we take for granted all we have innings hill so that's -- you should always. How to support the troops I don't know talking about an argument from a more data out of the country are so out of the -- the big -- -- -- big numbers right. You know out and say it gives up almost -- -- -- love on -- at one time he phoned down and him. Egypt is the place the program -- a problem with the place -- -- -- clip that was only you know Merriman in the in the and the movie Cleopatra. She only met with team doctors and memo and here in the vote this is clueless. Now it was even he -- -- meet him on -- -- -- stalled the move or lose detail yes but it was it was a legal or someone is the -- for her meet -- vote. I haven't watched that I don't know Lowell lifetime. Ago -- like -- I was looking into the main season -- favorites of all -- we just talking about it. They used to show at -- tonight I think now they show at palm Sunday night they -- -- he's tonight. Almost 6 o'clock ABC to contain -- and I'll ask me do you talk about a classic annual brown that's a great Matthau always. You know kick off east do we call -- in the east on I hit a gallery and saluted the gave. That is -- right we've got the plays have come out ahead frying pan out in the in the over the when he when he comes back in federal says. He says he has is that's a great move to China has had a lot of ago that the course in line in the 1960 classic. Keep your hands off me you damned dirty limit them. And yeah and not because in order to break and if you look at. You know we think's gonna win and trying dissected. The only see the seats to win titles. Are you -- can go wrong. That he played percentages to went I was an -- wants to three and four. Now on them -- five never won got to go to them a five number seven -- -- -- -- six and eight. Now three number eleven seats business interest in. I made the final four LSU wasn't limbs you have the last time they went real don't have many yet them made the final four being in eleventh he's been no -- and 1213. Fourteen of fifteen or sixteen obviously is never -- been there. That was a hell of a run that year male Collins temple and got out there and they write and they shut down the JJ Redick in Duke -- they had the momentum they weren't a favorite. But they actually wanted a foul for. A lot of the national media had picked him because you know big baby -- -- Tyrus Thomas plans so well but. Just couldn't do it that's what we got to get Ellis to -- -- Right what is they should be turned -- the double and an Indy -- -- excited about that's what they have a chance to get at least the sweet sixteen you know some bad news and I think and that's in terms of four out of orbit of religion it's who knows a thing expectations. -- -- get a little odd day in a familiar name you may know him Scott Sidwell. Course that in these parts you hang around a Saints organization cause as follow was a successful defense the quiet of the famous dome patrol coach Steve Sidwell -- -- -- Is the athletic director at the university of salmon -- visibly him. As tomorrow night for the first time in both schools history. The -- the San -- face the LSU Tigers in the first round of the NIT. Tournament the winner moves on to face either UC Irvine. Ought Southern Methodist University who has coached them by the legendary hall of Famer Larry Brown. With a member of the New Orleans Buccaneers. Who -- championship. And they -- -- topsy so that NBA in arresting Aussie. Who goes on they SMU when you look at all the selection shows on Sunday by the they weren't a team that popped up there's. Mean Phil yeah sort of -- and lows of the and what they did not conference right they did not concerts and marquis went down -- -- in a row it is and they didn't they didn't finish strong. Yeah I think lost Louisville -- say maybe realized in Houston right -- goes. Larry Brown that it's amazing I don't know what he's done. Big I I think when you look at what he's done -- all levels. I still think his greatest accomplishment is one Kansas. Right when Danny Manning and the B Oklahoma. Oklahoma -- toes and a year or not I -- -- -- is now Micah. Kyle I guess a guy you either love him we hate anyway he fit Oklahoma you'd like to bear is with the tab on their idol one game. He what it was broadcast out to the day at the group in front exact game was a regular season game and the fans what thrown stuff on the court. He came out he got a microphone he says fans is if fantasy come on now is it. He says I want to do act like sooner fans. And don't or anything own accord easy regardless of how bad this officiating years equipment and aid to eat in my obligated. I mean he was as classic but Kansas when I was that was a big upset they weren't supposed to be Oklahoman -- year -- Canadian that they can't just want to -- -- -- -- -- both -- -- can't live thing. Larry Brown. And energy he brings and the psyche silly you never going to be to -- I mean come on you can -- title yet that. Big cities in the conversation. My greatest ever grade is upset -- -- -- -- who follow what almost -- a -- -- -- -- call Malone Gary Payton and I'm not even listen all the other guys and they dominated gate C yeah I mean they they dominated him. And Dini loses coming to make you could -- an awesome seven game to aspire to be now he's really what you say likes him and he may be -- families in the military. You -- move all over but he's -- a bag of bonding Gypsy I was saving don't have anything on him -- all -- -- -- he's been hidden pocket about affording him you know if I just don't. Here very enemy is like well it is all over you know it was in the course memento Buccaneers in New Orleans Buccaneers won them both went to the championship their balance lamenting. Actually that that was the game. See I did I don't wanna -- this Lowe goes. In in all sports that ball man you know W you can look at he's got the bandanna on and got the big hook an easy year that yeah here in Louisiana with -- gave big game only to be dull and ABA. I think the altar boys were all went from cut off. -- -- -- It was a New Orleans Buccaneers and Oakland oaks so Oakland -- he had been on the old school -- I actually -- them Oakland -- had 10 he had those -- I think -- Barrett was on the -- There was an open open -- films. Come back a lot of history in San Francisco buying you talk about will get a vote from the week. 1951. And we talk about that consensus coalition play tomorrow night but. A great story about the Santa school football team they know Obama have football at the -- it was a historic year. -- sports I coming out of the -- Metairie plus. We'll take a look tomorrow night college basketball right here on WW LSU in San Francisco will be evident director. But San Francisco some strong New Orleans ties -- -- -- as this is -- stuff you know listening to WW.