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3-18 7:15pm Scott Sidwell

Mar 18, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by University of San Francisco Athletic Director, Scott Sidwell.

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-- college basketball right here on WWR radio the in ninety the national invitational tournament. It's a 45 matchup salmon sisco the Dodds in obtaining LA issue the first meeting on the -- between these two schools. A German and we all know a lot demeaning and things -- name its -- his last name rings a bell Scott's win on the AD. As university San Francisco -- us now Scott how are you. Do a great solitary year. Oh man we've who Bud Abbott said Beckett talking about in San Francisco and you know I think people think the San -- economy think of the 49ers but but the universe or San Francisco and so much history with and and will -- that -- Jump right and now the basketball ball on the basketball team. A good year in West Coast Conference Ernie and I TB it in the -- people who follow the sport basketball -- hate coach awfully well and Rex Walters one of the all time greats in Kansas. A solid pro career and a and a had to give him all over this -- -- got a solid head basketball coach. Yeah Rex Rex is here appears for a got here it's really done a tremendous job you know -- -- And it's five years and European the bat well culture that now or second season. And thirty years and this will be his third postseason dated and I just think it's there are -- really. You step by that -- our program back to. National problem and he would get an opportunity to show that to mark. Against LSU here all our our culture tried to play. Playoff backstage and have the opportunity to appeal so the country there were basketball alive and well or should -- approach it Cote got. Just a tremendous history with three national championships to. Back to back into currently championships and 55 to six and 1949 and I. You know Bill Russell can she Jill Bill Cartwright and just great great players that played here throughout the years but to bring it back in the waiters being done much. You know get their -- right now in school pitcher to -- the community at its always a special city. Now's got. When you came December at sisco you know sports is all about relationships -- -- these big thank you that he figure out for lunch or dinner and take care because. -- I was thinking about you'd think -- Hollywood relationships and and how close on him and your dad was it would be deal with the adult patrol luck that he welcome you to San Francisco. I received a lot we we get together -- -- he comes to games arts and end. I've been out to see you know see him down and down production player and so that we you know remained great family friends and so great she can't do well. -- 49ers and it's neat yeah it was someone that as a connection that call now. -- well the editor at the university San Cisco is our -- is eyes got us out of date and public and it's a numbers a lot of people. Talk about the AC got a lot of get to save club and rightfully so a lot of a steam in 2008 on the bone in 1951. -- -- tremendous sports year that year the Rams. Won their first title over the Browns in the last one on the 11 after that was when they want. With the greatest show on turf in nineteen figure one a New York Giants. The shot heard round the world and the nineteenth -- -- want. San Francisco Gaza and is on -- some of these names they were previously. A junior college a few years before that and the went undefeated in Munich they award -- guys Nat champ. But these pro hall of fame Bob saint -- -- -- -- -- -- Pete Rose -- with the sports information officer at the university San -- who later became. The commissioner of the National Football League. -- Trudeau a pro. Ed brown a pro. Broke Holbrooke who played pro football and was the first black official. And joke O'Hair who you have ties to obstinate at school here whose son would -- a beat. And the front office for the New Orleans Saints in -- -- hand. They had a big -- other son Larry coached me was flawless according over the Oakland invaders right it's I really with a lead and Scott when you think about -- All of -- judges and -- in the hall of fame was and so forth but but the bond in the history about San Francisco how. They were an undefeated team ranked in the top fifteen in polls. But they did not accept the Orange Bowl be it in 51 because they were told that they cannot. Participate. If the black players played. There's got to be a sense of pride a sense of when you welcome to the university senses gonna watch this. And I -- historic does it was fascinating. Day that -- I'm not a huge as some would be proud. Yeah you -- really and I think it's the most significant story that come out of our execution. And our history. And -- if I had all. You know division one school about the tradition. That law but at the occasion watched -- -- To be able to tell that story today in terms today's society. It's still let you know people still dealing with. Decorations and all that comes with that I think you know for those struggle keep on popping especially. Fifty. You know a decade before that they're real -- height of a struggle right. All the bad. And so to be able to do that we're nine -- help people swept it to be NFL and then have four pro pro football were the only school in the country. It has the war you know Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees from one. You know one singular came in in in one year so. We take tremendous pride that we feel like that we are that's what we believe -- understand how to do it right saying it. It's really about it's about that your word jesuit institution they believe and it'll educate evil person and that that resonated with pet store and it and it resonates today. We picture. That we you know boxing where spoke endorsed -- -- we bring. A lot of the players there are still alive back as much as we are on you know to tell stories about. Look at it it's about it's it's bigger and the wins and -- when you talk about people. Be in being an athletic director and have an opportunity to educate a young. About what -- -- life that are truly what I call back shall we take great pride in store. Now Scott -- being athletic director just let the fans know look about your background all the sun I believe -- district and while -- and and kind of take it from there hi how did you end up and it's Evers is the universe. Will you all bodies and fishing net fat ask that question because. You know really just don't grow up -- growing up there -- here around the game and certainly when you were quite strange how. Young -- at school or around a locker room and and you know picking up balls in check and fly into all -- stuff. But but relative to the great stretch I had. They're really you know got interest in him and getting into this -- what like you -- were first season 1993. In the fall starting in August I was an -- -- And that part of -- -- curriculum. Although I was -- your pursuit that's quite transfer to -- like. I got credit for spending a season with sanctioned under the tutelage of -- -- and it really taught me you know that was great collection. Let me. Spent a lot of my time they'll -- -- and you know 34 weeks of each department you know got to work in the kickoff. Got to work in the business office marketing all that so it really gave me a good left and about what I wanted to do and they're. You know transferred to transfer to blame graduate played baseball -- John and and then coach for him for a couple years that was one of the great pieces that by mr. -- gave me all the way. If you're gonna get into the business on the administrative side picture yet coaching. In it too because you need to understand. What it used to be coaching what that what -- certainly. Grow up to start of the -- -- you actually have to do it. It's a little bit different what you should -- that -- -- from their work today got you know out coaching how to correct culture that you like two years. And expect expect to -- -- new world effort that -- Director groups sales on the mascot. -- -- -- which was blocked. A whole different you know rally directly through a couple of years there. And then ultimately you know what I like to orchestrate. You know under gray suit and -- American. All the great people there are just aren't. That. Might tie. With the -- and then and then went back chilling prediction. You know hired me in the fall 2000. Spent spent 2505. Years there you know working with with him to help build the program poppy. You know winters and trained there in the -- a lot about per superior actually went to the Katrina deal like all all the folks in war dead and Eric were which were able to get out. And Seattle will go to the different -- for -- -- -- you know with the football team -- island there. And that ultimately got tired though got hired coach you are sure -- and -- spent six great years there that Turkey's university. And then ultimately was recruit to come out to the future for just go by. I can't captured her to have our first crack in and make the shot at a you know -- -- to where I really -- all the great people. That I have been able to work for what started our sanction all the great people Bobby all the work that it still work and they try. In a -- there and schalke into payroll -- all the great people react. I would I would be you are today without those folks wouldn't be here without all the great people in the world and help me all the way. As you're used to be so it's bit -- it's been a great ride it bounced along it long -- happy right now a lot of. Scott -- well they've director of course saw. New Orleans in in my heart for strongly as he's been in new on -- and Tom by the -- the Saints into playing Syracuse in the on the university same Siskel easy at their director. Scott given us an update as tomorrow night the dons send -- -- -- -- LSU in the first round of the united team would -- on the Alicia network at 830. 8:9 PM tip off here on WWL. A scout what would we talk about the great history of the Don the football team in all the history there. What is it what is it like though to two walking in the build in and then -- you know. That number -- that it's six that Bill Russell many considered the greatest champion of any sport. All all time this and historic moment a month ago when the entire New Orleans and at that time this becomes smoothly kinks and -- Consider one of greatest moments in the last 1520s in the NBA the entire arena got together during a break in the first quarter and sang happy birthday. To Bill Russell and he's a guy who -- so much -- consider one of the greatest champions ever and a university San Francisco. A mom or what is it like him and have you had a chance to meet him and does he ever get back out there. Yeah you know what I have absolutely are days that are walking into Georgia and I first got here would read good things are actually did you read here are a lot the week. You know showcase star twelve national championships we have like -- -- that picture. You know Bill Russell walked out of playing with trajectory you know Q I've championship trophy. You know bill bill that can be a bit around the virtue percent something happened along the way. Got a little upset about things that we're worker -- argued back and and I know that he's proud. Appear -- approach -- go to on. -- already. Already -- for it it really talk about the if you want to opting to. Eight you know Bill Russell of pioneer you know and at all that you went through race relations so. You know I think it just -- -- can activity -- -- that all comes back after school special. What were trying to -- our student athlete should it look pure -- -- opportunity in the world well. Someone you know that includes a world sport -- Bill Russell and I need it could be. You know the big tour of -- -- -- Olympic championships against. -- -- They're a great team champion frank fortunate that he was great she Keane chipped in pebble Hartman and rightly so. You know so look they need to be part of a program that had that streak started with a -- will. Now was cut -- also a big bet on a personal note you know everyone actually that I how's your mom do it. You know the reason why that because I have complaining -- have a lake house on the Toledo been by knack finish. When hurting his dad was getting into scuba dive in his call 100 feet down. And the warehouses -- they had some art show and on her work was put in there I got a pining for -- from 1989. Yeah you know she's she's -- still. Yeah she's still there are and keep enough people pop artist so you know she's she's doing great they've they've retired -- You know ten years so now Cape Cod and her you know get out here that she -- with my dad in Las Vegas at the at least GC. -- -- you know he surely Jordan. You know follow and Greinke it to around and and be a part of their lives and -- -- -- to see that. -- all those although for -- -- more. You know show back up at midnight bit you know the back side that he's able relief joy. Watching his his son and his grandkids. Experience all the great things that they he was they would provide for personal troll yellow ball that certain play. Love and war on special special place special place in and sit well park shouldn't and -- rightly so because they're great people that are -- Scandal and on and I had the easiest team that you say back to back twenty win seasons for the dons in -- elation mark. That's what you guys having a very unique. Auditorium -- Mazen is kind of square from the standpoint. A little upper deck on each side and of course that. Regular configuration the GM's tell us little about that that arena tomorrow is a small but looks like its kind of one of those -- Right on top W really intense guy like the people can relate to those Haskell gymnasiums get real outs at the small -- Yeah -- -- a lot of it was built in 1958 came at the war memorial jam came on the heels of you know all -- back to back national championships he's played a key short period which is right side of key to our stadium will forever 49ers plate which is just about perhaps I'll. We are here or should should go. Birdied all 4000 are people we need a week's renovate that we could video board throughout -- for different things. Person Jim not to do different things sure it's in great shape. It's a venerable play get loud on a lot but it's great out or -- and I can't. A lot student it'll be it'll be on placed pitcher greatly blocked -- -- you are right on top of that there. You know what that there's lot of places in the country I think you see -- this past week at industry at. More and more you watch she marched back -- back surely Turk but that's in the conference championships. Perry our school out here that have great. You are actually in -- was that your future -- cheers. And B -- we -- for 35000 people caring adult. But -- the end of the day if you're you know you're you're an athlete. When you put on managers see you run out of that Colorado that door come on the gym or and -- are where there's 4000 people. There screaming their lungs out for you or 435000. And -- state. Purely being so fast and try to run out there for 4000 people that that is under. And I believe you know there's just more people and it's just -- so joke for our kids and everybody that they -- those types heading. Pay their experiences is that good and the person that. That play in front of the big big you know big big crowd so it's all relative to let you know how you feel about that but -- order entry. And Scott always unappreciated. Signing I just sit here thinking about. Murray chipped -- on you over the course of -- and just. This history I mean you you you mentioned that the rehash it but this -- and okay this Saints missed the thinks coach -- dome patrol all the great players. Are you coming up I unit to blame the Syracuse -- think about in the Pioneers in India's. You have been to a school Ernie Davis. Jim Brown Jim behind me all the great players. Mean you you go to to a San Francisco. Mean you know you've been around some serious history initial -- -- not going to be young man come out some some of the greatest history -- -- while. Well I hate the guy like that setup in. Nobody's been more blasphemy. Around great people and you know -- -- you you you guys start start with you guys you know I mean our -- The high school -- man and watch it play in in being in that locker that that special. And and there are special people that are all pretty much pick and he'll -- all. All those people you know look -- that. That's about as it happened -- opportunities. And and it'll be a couple fireman. Indian blessed with with what you've been given that and just trying to apart that other people so. Stoudemire certainly. Very very very humbled by that and spot that. Scott say US got thank you so much man good to hear from an our by back home as a proud of the work you're doing and -- directed the University of San Francisco tomorrow night that -- in -- LA issue. And 830 and timing 9 PM tip off here on WW always a pleasure Scott to the family say hello. He had my best everybody in the world. All right -- -- gonna get so fame is they get mad dash and highs for the Gavin Scott Sidwell Dave before you know it. I don't know I don't have I would. Like it wanted to -- like all it copycat. I -- take care. By and you you'd you think about about a -- and I know we getting all of the nothing like yeah it was a little boy and now he's AD here he's eight the event manager who think about coming here the Greek as they would university Syracuse and and he was in that and -- department. I mean pain in San Francisco means that the historic dome patrol known -- today was it. Defense cloning of that considered the greatest group a -- back close on the field at one time and let you know you could tell is that -- -- -- very respectful and he's a humble you don't get the way he is an accident Melanie it worked for that you know in the exactly it would just like get to know he's very humble hardworking handle facial hair yet exactly. Thank god has -- the door than any that the event that's exactly right.