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Mar 18, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- another chilly night does it really feel like mid march -- the official. Spring time arrival is before noon just before noon. On Thursday but it today is gonna feel like spring soon enough respect I think tomorrow highs going to be at 74 with partly cloudy skies in this weekend exe is expected to be nice. So again embrace this cooler weather while it's here because there is going to be a time this summer when you're gonna be begging for this kind of weather. And it's going to be nowhere to be found the Miley Cyrus concert is -- the we used to be an -- Serena now it is the smoothie king center tonight and I had four tickets. And I've I've obviously I couldn't go because it shows they gave to for -- to take his friends in his eyes daughters his girlfriend and his -- on. To the concert and PRD utilities that you should see how the young girls are dressed to go to this concert. And you know I don't that is anything wrong with dressing. In what would can be considered by many to be an inappropriate way as long as your behavior. Is appropriate. Are we -- let's talk about tonight in our topic today so let's get started here's the top rated dates that topic things we'd like even though as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. My mega million jackpot is estimated at 400 billion dollars. Now that would make it the six largest jackpots in US history. And if a single player matches all six winning numbers that winner would have an option of taking a one lump sum jackpot. Of 224. Million. You can either that or you could stretch out the 400 -- to 400 million over a period of time I think I would have detected 224. Million flops on. And I I think most people would actually do it but here's the key. Money doesn't buy happiness. And I I I hope you live long enough to realize that money doesn't buy happiness. But if you're already happy. And you won this money. It would it would make you unhappy woody. Or would it. Were you happier when you had less than you have now this is something else tonight I thought we were talk about on the show tonight. Were you happier when you had less than you have now. Are you happier now. That you have less than you you once had you know -- I've been open about this on the show there have been times in my career. When I have had more material things and even nicer material things that I have now. But I've never been happier mean I'm I've I have what I need I love what I have I love -- live. And so I'm actually happier now than when I had more. More things in in terms of material tangible items. That really doesn't make you happy. And yet sometimes people win lotteries and you hear stories about how they've really become unhappy. And a lot of people end up losing their money and I know when you think the white you wait you didn't have this money all of a sudden you have all this money. How could you possibly. Lose all your money. What happens is people win lotteries. And they certainly try to compete with other millionaires. Instead of instead of like staying where they basically are you improving their lives obviously. But they try to compete with millionaires. Who has may be money constantly coming in. They certainly tried to put themselves in a different status of society and they end up losing their money so we'll talk about this on the -- and I know what you think about your life. Were you happier. When you had last week I remember when I first got married. And my wife and I would would save up. To go to the store and what if we can afford to buy a hail. And entire hand we were excited. And I think about those those times and they were really good times and then later I had more in my life and I have to honestly tell you that I wasn't really as happy as -- was. In the beginning at their bit tighter throughout my life that I have been happy but I've never been happier than I am now and I don't have some of the material things that. I want to answer we'll talk about title this year right number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There is a proposal to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under 21 in the. State of the -- -- is made it right through -- Senate Judiciary Committee today. And I guess this brings up this question about should the a vicious from a democratic senator Rick Gallo from -- And he would like and he'd like to add that to the list of cigarettes and other tobacco products that should not be sold to minors. Now the verdict is still out I don't know if there is conclusive evidence as to. The impact that these. -- deliver nicotine that sometimes with flavorings that might be fruits mentor chocolate flavored. Of the users get their nicotine without the chemicals. Tar and the owner of a cigarettes. So -- -- and get that nicotine without all that that bad stuff is that a bad thing. A so -- health groups that do not really totally agree on whether these products. I'll pose a serious health hazard the FDA has not approved these four smoking cessation but a lot of people are using the and the -- surged to try to stop smoking if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we talk about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text number is 87070. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Unemployment rate in Louisiana has dropped. For the fifth consecutive month. It's now down to four point 9%. The national unemployment rate is six point 6%. Now if you order among those who wanted dismissed the drop in unemployment. On figures that can be deceiving. Would you use the same information. From the same source. To promote the idea that the president's policies are not working because unemployment has increased. Now wouldn't that be hypocritical. I love. Talking about things like this because one of the things that we are guilty of in this country. Is hypocrisy. The very people who say the unemployment rate is high. It's the president's fault. Those same people. Will say -- to get employment rates down but you know they can do all kinds of things with those figures well they can do all kinds of things with those figures. Before when you were promoting this problem of -- an appointment so if you if you accept the higher unemployment rate. Then you need to except -- the the lower unemployment rate it comes from the same source. Using basically the same. Information. So I really think this -- to point out the hypocrisy that so many people have in this country they only believe the polls the only believe the information. That they won a belief. And I realize that this is a challenge for for many Americans. But there are people who don't want who don't wanna hear this kind of analysis they wanna find the the radio talk show nationally that one -- fine. The cable news network that it is an echo chamber for them. It's simply echoes what they want to believe. It echoes what they wanna hear. But these these statistics come out all the time I'm not saying that they can't be. They can't be manipulated in some ways although I don't know exactly how they're manipulated but I'm not saying they can't be manipulated. And I'm not saying that they are not always. A perfect accurate picture of exactly what's going on with unemployment. What I am saying is if you use those polls to -- used those surveys. To bash the president. Then you'd give the president credit. If the same information indicates the unemployment rate is down. And there are people I think this is sad but I think there are people in this country. Who want the unemployment rate to be -- Because it would make the Democrats look bad since the Democrats controlled the White House now we don't control both houses of congress. The control via the Senate's Republicans control the house. And doesn't this speak volumes about the the political mentality in this country. There are those who are. More interested in. In power. And beer parties advancement. In the -- in things being good for America. There are people who don't want obamacare work. Because if it works. That's not going to be good for the Republicans. And if the Republicans do have a plan. That's better than Obama care. I guarantee you they're not gonna come out with that plan now. They're gonna wait until they can use it with a candidate in an election. To promote. A a new plant or if there's a new plan right now. And if it's good for America and what's the plan. Or is it better to hold off on the plan because. You wanna use it as an election tool again I I I like talking about this I don't hear enough of this. On mainstream media radio or the cable news networks. And I I thought about this when I read the unemployment rate in Louisiana has dropped for the fifth consecutive month down to four point 9% immediately. There will be those -- saying. I don't believe the numbers. But yet those very same people will believe the numbers if we chose the unemployment rate is high and that we use those numbers to bash the president. So that's hypocritical but what I don't think the president has as much to do as many people think with the unemployment rate whether it's high. Or whether -- slow. That's a lot to do with cyclical. -- -- Situations and it it has less to do with the president and many people think. But I just find it interesting that people will use. The same information. On attitude discredit somebody but indeed they will discredit the information if it doesn't support what they what they want to believe. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A state senator in South Dakota tried but failed to push legislation that would allow business owners to refuse to serve customers based on their sexual orientation. Claiming the action is protected by freedom of speech -- go again. This is the same type of legislation that failed in Arizona State senator -- Jensen of South Dakota. -- went so far as to suggest that businesses should have the right to discriminate. Against blacks. However there's another Republican who is a part of the legislature itself Dakota who said that this particular deal is mean. Nasty hateful and vindictive. Soul. There are many Republicans. Who don't buy in to. The visit the judgment. And it's the condemnation. That that some do. Now I think it's also fair to point out that this is a state senator in South Dakota Jensen. In 2011. He says he's a very strong pro life advocate. He supported a bill. That would amend the State's definition of justifiable homicide. In a way that would make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions. -- he killed a Doctor Who performs abortion that would be considered justifiable homicide. Really. TI I thought your whole. Campaign was based on. Being pro life. Talking to kill a doctor again and there are people who actually justify that and those at the people who have. Tainted the image of the Republican Party. If you wanna join us tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy and tech's number is 87870. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. CNN is defending wall to wall coverage of missing Malaysian airlines flight 370 by saying. It is in incredible mystery full of human drama with an international element. Now doesn't that supports something that I quite often talk about on the show. News. Is entertainment. The scoop like tonight is titles media giving us exactly what we want to with missing plane saga. Last night caller called the show and he said that he continues to hear all these experts on all these shows say maybe. There's speculation perhaps. We just don't know. So little is known over a week after the mysterious disappearance of his -- triple seven. And yet cable news continues to treat the story as breaking news and there's there yes occasionally there's something new that comes out. But there's still nothing known and it's still considered breaking news. And CNN has almost at wall to wall coverage. Is this story worthy of such attention. Several CNN news executives. Who asked not to be named -- justify the amount of time CNN is spending on the disappearance of this flight 370. Once -- executive said it's a tremendous story it is completely. Hi in our wheel house and other says a just moment. You -- just a moment ago it's an incredible mystery full of human drama with and international element he continued. Anything international -- into our hands because we have more reporters to deploy. All over the world well every network has reporters all around the world. Another scenic and executive said. One way to define ourselves is to go all in on stories of human drama. This is exactly what I'd fight I talked about quite often and that is that news entertainment it it it doesn't mean that the news is always happy. It's it's not always a happy ending. Britain it's it's entertainment in that it has the elements. Drama sometimes sex. Sometimes death that it has the elements. That are also president Ian. In in in drama. So it is indeed. A drama. And while it is something that is important to us we are compelled to watch that the colors as human beings we are just. Innately interested in things that are our our mysteries and this is a true mystery. And it's a possibility that this plane landed somewhere and is being equipped and and it being prepared to be used as a delivery system for. A new -- some kind of terrific. Bob. So there's all these these possibilities but yet. Is this is this really worthy of the attention that it's getting in the news other than it's something that's interest. I I constantly. Get a phone call from somebody and before the conversations over or sometimes the conversation actually starts. The conversation is about. -- what do you think happened to the point. I mean this is water cooler talk this is talking parties a lot of people asking this question at a lot of people were glued to the coverage justice. And again -- and and it's almost wall to wall because. It's -- Sold. Before you criticize the news for giving you the news that you think is an important. Understanding and this is something that I think it's really important that this is something else that has not talked about in mainstream media in America. What is really scary is an audience that consumes the news regularly that doesn't really understand the motives of news. This is not a criticism as much as it is a realistic observation. If you criticize the news for not giving you the news you want. Didn't realize that your ultimately without realizing it telling the news what you want and that's what they give you in return again the scoop blog. It's titled media giving us exactly what we want with dismissing airplane saga. And that is trending on our website at WWL dot com you can read it to give us your comments and share with others if you like. But again I think this is inflating observation that we talk about quite often on the show. Also it's part of our conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio and go to our FaceBook page and join that conversation. And throughout the shooter and I will give you on an update on some of the things that are being -- number tour tonight's list of the top eight at eight. An Ohio high school student at fourteen days in jail after police found a pocket knife in his car parked on school grounds. Jordan wiser is finishing up his senior year at home. After being expelled from school. Wiser is an EMT. Trainee. And the pocket knife was part of is the empty yet. For doing things like cutting a seatbelt often victim who is trapped in a car accident. But because it's -- -- Even though which part of his EMT training kit. He was suspended and spent thirteen days in jail. Should human judgement. Be more important. Then zero tolerance policies. Zero tolerance has led this country a stray. Because it's black and white and it shouldn't be. There should be exceptions. And there are countless cases of zero tolerance policies leading. Kids being -- suspended from school for bringing aspirin or ad deal or or might all or something like that to school. To me that's ridiculous. And this this is part of this attempt to make schools safer and yet when you take out the human element of judgment. On a particular situation and make -- so black and white it just reveal such stupidity. This is the kind of policy that does nothing. To make schools any safer. If you and join us tonight. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text number is 877. And like I I'm sure when it comes to this a missing plane is one of things you'll talk about tonight I'm sure. That many of you have received some really interesting emails about some very interesting theories if you wanna share those with us. Call us tonight. And finally tonight. Number one net and on tonight's list. -- and it's. Since word spread that Fred -- Senior the founder of the controversy west Borough Baptist Church which is dying in a hospice in Kansas the Internet has been filled with excitement over his condition. And the fact that he's dying and there are already plans on FaceBook pages to pick at his funeral. His organization the west Borough Baptist Church. Quite often. Would picket the funerals of gays and lesbians. Saying that they're gonna burn in hell. They even got to the point where they were picketing. The funerals of fallen US soldiers. Because of the military's growing acceptance. Of homosexual soldiers. The common campaign with a west Borough Baptist Church is god hates. And it's the derogatory F word. For gates and I don't feel the need to actually say it though we probably can legally do it god hates you fill in the blank. Here's a question. Is she wrong to cheer for hateful persons to -- That's our WW -- pretty general opinion poll. I hate this guy. When I was only in Portland I don't remember what he did but there were some kind of protest planned by the west Borough Baptist Church so I I got listeners together and planned a counter protest against his protest. I hate this guy. And I hate the people the west Borough Baptist church and I hate the fact that they hide behind disguise of christianity. -- I don't think they're really Christians at all. So somebody sent me. A text over the weekends -- did you hear Fred Phelps is dying. Thinking that I was gonna be really excited and is a part of me that I guess I'm kind of excited because. Well I don't you know if he goes to hell that's one thing. But if he meets god I think God's gonna really set him straight. But here's our question answered -- W a pretty -- my opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death. Mean I'm having a real problem with this. Because I don't that's supposed to it and what he's a changed person to see if he gets -- so you can be horrible person all of your life but if you change right before you die. If you become a different person. Then you're forgiven ranked. Is it wrong to cheer for a hateful person staff. Which you have cheered for him -- death. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna attract a poll throughout our shooter rights can be anything to see how this it turns out. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. -- numbers 878 -- this is the -- -- were coming right back live from New Orleans with your comments on WL. Greens and change. Change. -- Tonight Miley Cyrus is seen concert at the New Orleans Arena which is now the -- king center. If your parent and if you drop your teenagers off their earlier. I wanna hear from the kids after the show when he knew what it's like. To caller show in the area when the show's over hopefully when the concerts are for real it's a refusal of the shooter right about what it was like. Here's our Debbie are you a pretty general opinion poll tonight I think it's an interesting question is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com this is inspired by. Fred Phelps a senior at the founder of the controversy -- hateful in my opinion hateful whisper a Baptist Church. He's apparently dying in a hospice in Kansas and a lot of people are excited here's a text that reads my question is did you cheer for bin Laden's death. It's a tough call. Indeed it is I've got a lot of text to get to -- -- all those. We're also we're also talking about this all Ohio high school student who spent thirteen days in jail. After police found a pocket knife in his car parked on school grounds Jordan wiser is now finishing up his senior year -- home because he was expelled from school. He is in EMT. Trainee. In the pocket knife which part of his EMT kit. And yet because of zero tolerance policies he -- -- expelled. We're also talking about this of this mega million dollar jackpot tonight 400 million dollars or 224 million if you take into one lump sum if you win. Money doesn't buy happiness. Would that make it happen. Sometimes Monique can make you very unhappy and could lead to problems that you don't have although I know we also we love to have those problems I'm already happy. So if I won though if I -- that jackpot rates but the idea that that would make you happy -- -- -- is the wrong reason to want to win. And take about a time in your life when you had less than you have now when you were actually happier. I can think of times in my life when I had more -- wasn't as happy as tight as I am now to join -- right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And our text number is 877. A deal here on the scope showing their VW good evening. It is and two. -- -- in about what he would but -- money you know why not yet been married five years. -- man one -- for our little part got married now neck and pull out now on the mind. Brady knocked out -- out of the mine again or not acknowledge and the talent. And then like bill like one dollar. Now we're back. -- and an indictment. Amazing art where we were you happier when you had lessened and life was less complicated. -- although I mean not there armament and name. There and I couldn't help but when I thought about this earlier before going on the air I couldn't help it. I think about when when I was first married him my wife and I used to. Just get really excited about those times that we can go to the store that week and we can afford to buy a -- mean -- a -- it was a it was a half my hand but we could we could buy -- -- have that the refrigerator to have for dinner. And to make sandwiches with and it was just such. It was such a big treat and and I remembered the first new car I bought it was a Chevrolet Vega. And I specifically remember driving home I bought it from the dealership in New Orleans east and -- I'm driving this. It's new Chevrolet Vega which was of some. All I have to work that was. You know not art art would that -- -- and it athletic department but wound up Elena while -- -- And then look what happens to us. Our -- and mandate is. Bill I enjoyed our our conversation I'm glad you're listening to Debbie if you -- night. From Lake Charles Paul here and to be to be -- good evening. -- -- I will put Paula hold -- -- -- still there was gonna punch to a brochure on the Scotia good evening. It eating. I not help but wouldn't he call in which you keep having these topics. Just rotten apple ball. -- -- that's okay that's what they show's about I appreciate you listening to us every night. The represented that would that the problem on the side. As well at the young -- and an eleven days in jail. Yes why can't people just use common sense not -- why can't say. Just -- situation. And make a decision on. One news so I didn't go to college but like Don Evans and more common sense than can be represented his. I'm sure you did because win when you're going to school. Common sense was a lot more common than it is now and and so much is tied up in politics -- there are people who are so pro life. That they justify killing abortion doctors and if somebody just joined us we're talking about a South Dakota State representative. Who. Actually at one point proposed legislation. That would change justifiable homicide to include the murder. Of a Doctor Who performs abortions and more recently he tried but failed to push legislation through -- South Dakota legislature. And they would allow businesses to refuse to serve customers based on sexual orientation and even implied did business -- also have the right. To discriminate against black customers. He doesn't deserve to be -- Well and who you who putting this year. But people exactly. What our own state. And what the point is it you know believing it you know. Well I think it's hypocritical to see. And I know the justification rose I gotta get to break I'm so glad you called show -- and keep listening at night. There are those who say well these cities killing babies that -- killing but if you're against. If you're against ending a life. In -- -- -- doing with an abortion in your opinion then how can you justify. Ending a life. Period. Part of your -- stay witness -- skewed more of your calls him more of your techs are next on WWL artists Fred Phelps senior the founder of the west Borough Baptist Church the church that goes around and protest the funerals of gays and lesbians and is even goes to -- protesting funerals of falling US soldiers because of the military's acceptance of of homosexuality. A Fred Phelps is apparently dying at a hospice. Is it wrong to cheer for a hateful person's death that's had a VW a pretty general opinion poll. Here's an update on the pole 26% say no it's not wrong 74% say. Yes it is wrong you know in a way I am I have to be honest with you and tell ya I'm kind of excited because I think the world would be better off without people like that. But as soon Catholic Christian I'm not struggling with hoping that there's somebody dies without really knowing exactly what what's in his heart. But I'm going to be honest with I hate those people and I realize it's wrong to hate but I don't care I hate those people with the west Borough Baptist Church. If you wanna give us your opinion go to our website at W dot com are also talking about on the show tonight from New Orleans Chris welcome to the scriptural. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are concerning the people. You know -- for people who get killed. Such as Hitler. You know there's certainly a lot of people were directed by Hitler and at the very least they should they -- have appealed relieved. And many did cheer when the laws. And got -- And a neutral -- -- until like. Pot laughter monopoly Miller Borger and our commercial real time. The -- of the craft and that's about to outlawed. But eventually. Get back defender and realize that people like like that. You know they they missed out on the goodness some light -- the good things like and a returned there. -- -- Their power toward you know towards the -- -- to believe that saw it and don't you agree that that they didn't enjoy it like willfully. In judo but you know and it will be on the challenge. When you when you look back there Chris do you feel guilty about him being happy about bin Laden being killed. No not at the moment. At the moment I had to laugh -- -- dodged a lot of people should the commercial government yeah. But I would tell you I don't do it anymore trouble because I've got comeback -- And not realize the -- on the on the moment. Yeah Chris I really appreciate you calling it takes us into WW -- night. I Joseph welcome to our show tonight. There or a joke. I'm the -- in and out and watch it now these people disrespect goalies that are funeral. You know. Anything about a funeral ornery and New Orleans. All -- and almost dead and need our respect it much. Virtue and -- got. It we meet at your role. Oh man -- -- -- read that in any real well so I'm on the right. I'd do it every day -- -- -- ears in any kind. -- Their web pages written right into doing it. And for the same reason that even though it didn't directly affect us. It affected people we know when -- people who were unfairly crucified. We would join in that Congo line. Everybody everybody everybody. You know they are Christian people that didn't look at the color their creed and Christian. I mean does need to be a party ought to operate in that -- -- operate your. -- you can maybe not celebrate his death but celebrate the fact that he's dead. And I -- and I'm glad. I'm glad you called man thanks listing to -- guerrilla night. If you witnessed tonight and you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. The text numbers 87870. This is the schoolchildren coming right back on VW well Fred Phelps senior the founder of the controversy west Borough Baptist Church is apparently on his death bed. Internet his feel with all kinds of excitement over his condition here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death. 25% say no 75% say yes it's wrong to -- -- opinion by -- to our web -- -- -- -- account. Also the -- mega million jackpot is estimated 400 million if you won the money would that make you happy from Lake Charles -- you're going to be WL. Yes scoot pretty neat you talk about people having in the can't -- -- money and enjoying it immediately it's -- Republic that allow you an extra dollar and 35 cents and now. Or especially to me in -- at the actually -- convenient store T. And it did get an upper and give her part personal that it got -- at comic con it. Even -- a lot of worldly possessions. -- man not as listing which spiritual. He got a rich spiritual blessing bestowed upon me. And she's happy that you really eager -- and and I told me. In I hate. You know I'm I'm happy for her I. Before I -- to her before you to a new spring Paula you are married are you happy. -- happy. Focus. I think could be better June. Let YL that they could be at work -- Let me get to a news -- -- appreciate listening at Lake Charles tonight if your -- stay with us. This is this -- children coming right back with more of your comments and more of our conversation on -- -- you well.