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Scoot Show 3-18 9pm Missing Plane/ Fred Phelps

Mar 18, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: we’ll get the latest theories and thoughts on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still missing…could the pilots have been involved or was it a catastrophic event? AND: Fred Phelps the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church is reportedly on his death bed. That has caused many people to cheer. Is it wrong to hope that a person you think is an evil person dies?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CNN is at doing almost wall to wall coverage on the missing -- and Malaysian airlines flight 370. As saying things like it's an incredible mystery full of human drama with an international element mean doesn't -- support what I quite often talk about on the show. News is entertainment. The -- like tonight is serious about this it's about the media giving us exactly what we want to with the missing -- saga you can read that. I give us your comments if you like -- share with others it's on our website at W if you will not come. I like to talk about this and in part because I don't hear anybody else in mainstream media talking about these kinds of things. And something that I studied really throughout my career and I'd like to. To try to talk about the responsibility that. We have as consumers of the news that consumers of the news media. The responsibility that we have to make sure that we keep things in perspective and realize why the news is the way it is. As CNN has had the lowest ratings. It's among the lowest ratings since the network went on the year. This happen in January and they party scene or ratings increase because of their wall to wall coverage of this and missing. Boeing seven 77. Soul. Why are we watching this of course it's intriguing. But is it is it worthy of this much attention again that's the -- blog it's also. A trending on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio and you can join that conversation and I'll be reading some of your comments on the show just a few minutes. Also word is -- spreading that Fred Phelps senior the founder of the controversy west Borough Baptist Church. Is dying and hospice in Kansas in the Internet is filled with excitement over his. Impending death and they are even plans to -- his funeral. Which mocks what his church does with funerals of gays lesbians and fallen soldiers his campaign with his -- -- god hates. And it's the derogatory F word for homosexuals. I WW a pretty general opinion poll a -- were also talking about tonight. Is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death give assure opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we'll get to more of your text here in just a moment. And also tonight we're talking about the the Mega Millions jackpot estimated at 400 million and drawings can come up release soon here. -- that would be the sixth largest jackpot in US history and if a single player matches all six winning numbers. Then the winner would have the option of taking the 400 million over a period of time or taking one lump sum of 224 million which I think most people would do. The without actually make you happy. I mean I'm already -- so if I won that -- speak rate. They are people who might win though and be less happy than if they want it doesn't mean that you shouldn't wanna win. It just means he should be aware of what money might duty -- And can you think of a time in your life when you had less than you have now. And yet you were happier. Can you think of a time in your life when you had more than you have now. And you're actually happier right now. If you wanna join our show would comment about any we were talking about our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text -- -- 78 cents. Here's a text -- -- Cisco we worked all week to pay the bills and did cite jobs on weekends to save 16100 dollars. So our daughter could be born. That was our share of the insurance. My little girl graduates from high school and a few weeks a great feeling of satisfaction. Would agree thought and I I shared this with you there were times in my life and I had more material things. But this is the happiest I've ever -- and it's a happy Easter I've ever been. With me. And maybe it was being. Being. Stripped of some of the material things that I had. In in recent years. That caused me to focus more on -- and what what made me happy again I'm happy now so if I win the lottery incorporate. Might it might not necessarily. Make -- -- a from Slidell David you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- Good a he'll -- crazy even call you narrow victory in you know talking about it general that. About a 39 and in Florida. -- -- And product. And I looked up in the sky and it's really weird a look at in the sky and there's this. -- Our operating as a red light it was a solid -- flashing in red glory -- there's got to sit there in the distance. About it but we are usually low and it wasn't blinking at -- like any other light on an airplane. Yeah so you can you can hear you could hear some kind of sound associated with the area where the light was coming from. Not totally signed an edit it it would it's sort of -- even. Sort or I would stop in the street has kept uncle -- -- -- totally silent about or anybody else. And final saw that is and people probably recognize -- always come here this morning when it. I mean I don't think anybody else then -- -- So you think this could possibly be under a -- Because they need to be a government -- could be -- I don't know it. I don't. Vital if anybody experienced this so or has experiences at any point tonight David cities saw this around 830 in the Slidell area a red light that might have been associated with the -- it was moving but there wasn't -- enough sound to indicate that it was a a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft -- or something like that. I've caller showing that tell us what you think you saw I. I don't think there's any doubt they were gonna hear about more more drones in the sky. And there is they're not necessarily Alter your -- for evil purposes the summit they are four. On the commercial reasons I've I I heard about it a florist it was suited delivering. Four -- I think was Valentine's Day they were actually delivering flowers with drones. I would I would do it -- with Amazon. You have to have pride in order for them to deliver with a drove her. I don't know I don't know I don't know audience if anybody knows the answer the when answer that please call our show. -- -- -- Don't lie if you like. If you look if you saw if you saw something you you saw something. And it. You know you you might be. Fantasizing of -- too much about what he might be but then again -- need it it might be exactly what you think it is. Here's here's attacks that just came in alarm we're having this conversation in the air shoot it down. She. And probably. -- would be -- that your -- and -- away. -- -- -- going to -- I don't we find out don't know what that was dated may have been some kind of a drone but it doesn't mean at all drones -- Are or appear for malicious purposes. Here's a text about the disappearance. Malaysian airlines flight 370. The plane disappearance reminds me of a TV show from ten years ago COLT lost. We just you know there was a time today that I was really buying into the idea that this was some kind of catastrophic event. The the the theory that smoke filled the cockpit. And that caused them to turn. The plane back toward land and made sense and they may have. Died or become unconscious. Before they can I do something about landing the plane so that. Kind of went to the idea that it was a catastrophe. But then I I later heard and again we're getting all this new different information constantly coming in none of it is really defining anything. But there was new information that. The computer was set to turn the plane. Twelve minutes before. They signed off. As in all right good night when they were signing off to an air traffic controllers entering into a different airspace. So again if you wanted to share with Dennis day you're best theory of what you've heard what you've concluded on year old from all you've heard about flight 370. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- -- -- -- 87870. Here's a Texan Reid said no drones here in the eighth ward -- just the usual few aliens and zombies. That's reassuring. Alexandra you're -- WWL. Good day I'm good at art. These are just talking about things. A group of Baptist. In order to carry out place in no I don't think you should ever. Feel happy that someone dark. Home. On the other hand is it take into account someone that is. I'm grossed notorious. -- has also bought. Our home. I think he should be willing. You know. So. It's at -- it was a tough call for for Christians because your your first reaction is element I'm glad disperse the -- I mean this is a terrible person. You know -- nine now it's. Well we we celebrate. We do celebrate death in New Orleans and in a lot of cultures celebrate death in that. You're just leaving this body and and you going on to another life and in the minds of many it's a much better clings to every. You're. Bloody border Kenya -- stop this thing is. -- told -- that killer beat and kill someone in power or you know I stated so. The lottery that. Yeah I totally happy are you happy now. OK with the lottery making. A lot of that we do something and we invite my family with three children. That I've been fighting policy here spore for. Three doubles three years and in there and butterball. Yeah I understand so you know I mean in some cases money does to some degree he. Buy happiness it would do it would relieve -- -- -- -- and know that they're a lot of people can totally relate to what you're going through. It would help to -- -- -- and he has something to do what you were as. And why. Has some. Learning disabilities. This calls and issues that those he has got involved and basically. -- -- -- recruit children pairs partner. They're watching them fight to keep them as. -- And as they walked in debt as well that we. Grew apart or. That there were no way could be -- To children and my aunt and I'd be reunited could be. By now I hope you win for that reason I hope things work out for that to repertory are. It well that's -- that's the one thing nobody can take from me is you're desired to fights you're in addition you know. Life and people can take a lot from a -- the one thing that nobody can take from you. Is -- is your rendition in your desire to make things different from the way they are right now. And tell about what they try to do -- and I think my god Harold writes from. Alexandra I hope things work -- where you got bush and thanks for posting. And here's a -- reads it's an -- for nine world today religions are being divided by the national media. Here's another text you can celebrate someone with a sick dysfunctional mind like his leaving this earth. But he won't be the last of its kind. Among other things and I were talking about is soon mega jackpot there worth 400 million dollars. If you -- would it make -- happening or are you already happy and it would just maybe make things a little better for you. And also can you think the time in your life win you had more. But you weren't as happy sure now. Order is your. A time when you had less and you were happier than you or now. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday Texas a 7870. This is this crucial liven it Tuesday nights and we'll be right back into the WL. Miley Cyrus is performing in a smoothie king senator right now I'm sure there's going to be a lot of young people who are going to be tired at school tomorrow because they stayed up late to go to the concert tonight. And if you're parity you you drop here's your teenagers off for the concert earlier you can pick him up there and if they get the correlate you wanna call us up and -- didn't give us a a review of the concert -- to talk to him and I had four tickets some before going on the year but obviously could use of -- gave to a friend of mind. Hopefully he'll call us and let us -- concert once. -- tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker will talk about Miley Cyrus says she entertains her fans sit tonight but who exactly are her fans from Hannah Montana to the -- tour. Is it's not -- Cyrus for kids teenagers or four adults. I -- my adult friend was excited about going so where he is teenagers and so was his girlfriend. Talking -- we'll talk about that tomorrow morning and every WL first news or six to ten. Here and every if you will here's a quick update on our -- WL -- general opinion poll this is about Fred Phelps senior the founder of the west Baptist Church who apparently is on the edge of death according to Internet reports. Is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death 28% saying no it's not wrong 72% say. Yes it is. Here is to text the reason happy when he dies no happy that he will not be able to hurt others yes. Happy that he will find his eternal existence. You -- Here's another text is in Haiti and someone judging someone. Disagreed book called the -- it might help you with your dilemma and here's a text. That was a UFO that Billy was it was David slight -- calls that he saw this red light over over Slidell did know what it wise was it dutrow was in the UFO. Well here's a -- tries to explain it by saying that was a UFO flying over Louisiana. The aliens have come to take Fred Phelps back to his home planet. Well if there on the planet and if we refer to aliens as intelligent life. I don't think intelligent life would want him on their planet as we don't want him on -- for Texas Howard you're under the WL. Ago one plane crash -- portraying. Want to mud advocate on it. It did produce -- city remembers. And another thing about being happy I am very happy that he still live in Biloxi the wallets of the Chapel Hill uncle lived along the Gulf Coast. Am very happy lived in the Gulf Coast life. Barnett -- truck would you give me -- from the moment they need Doobie Brothers. Very happy says Monica green white kids and grandkids and oddly it was a lot of hypocrite that's like over -- did you -- -- Yeah you know I think if that if they did something to mess of my life I think or try to figure out a way to learn to deal with it and and not allow it to mess up my life and and I I think that's one of the things that we should fantasize about if we if we buy lottery tickets -- you think about winning the money the money itself is not gonna make you happy and the money itself is gonna bring on problems and stress that you. You didn't have before so if you can find a way to be who you are now with out the money with the money and not let the money. Lead you into areas that don't make you happy and you don't suddenly try to compete with millionaires which is a -- off a lot of people win lotteries and they end up broke because they. They they try to compete with people who were making millions every year they suddenly try to put themselves in -- different element of society and they end up losing their money but if you can stay who you are and where the money that would be the case. I think nightly -- the election should lead to deceit that my kids think it's. But no it wouldn't as the spotlight -- happy very happy and -- -- that would appeal to react and it Mondale. Howard and I'm happy and I'm here I'm happy that your listings thanks from sorrento rain year on WW Miller leading ring. -- Iran. Would. Be -- body. Template that. It. And -- economy. -- -- That. Work. And now. The question. -- -- Yeah I do I do have this whole -- Fred Phelps or anybody with the west road Baptist Church or any group like that are anybody who shares their mentality and attitude I do hope that those people. I do have a conversation with god and they understand. That they were wrong. Or ray and political show thanks Lucy if you rejoiced with your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text number 678 Saturday. Here it is attacks that reads -- don't drones in -- springs helicopters every night of the week always flying low. Here is. Text that reads. That's the problem with hateful people like Phelps he spreads hate to good people. It's important to take a step back -- and realize. Then it's if we rejoice over his death. We are no different. Then him. Here is a text -- do you have Tracy's number. In the top. Nine years ago. When I was doing to -- in the morning show. I had a girl call me every morning from her bathtub in her name was Tracy. So we called the Trace -- job I don't remember what she really talked about what she used to call show every morning. Here is a text. That reads happy when he dollar Barbara -- text earlier here's -- -- is it heating or judging someone. Another text about -- -- judging someone. And I if we hate him and Hartley on. His level if you wanna join our show tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. Also a group of foot to 48 attorneys general. Are urging CEOs. Five major retailers including Wal-Mart. To stop selling cigarettes and all tobacco products because the products. Are deadly. But they're all legal. So if cigarettes and tobacco products are banned from retailers. Then should they should be just be made illegal. Mean if if the idea is forward. These CEOs to I mean and so these are attorneys general. Then they are probably sounds weird to me I always thought it should be attorney generals but it's attorneys general. If these people representing the government 28 of them. If if they're asking CEOs of five major retailers including Wal-Mart to stop selling cigarettes -- all tobacco products because they're deadly. There isn't that the government essentially. Saying that these products shouldn't be on sale. Sold then why are they legal. And they're legally on sale. Do you criticize. The retailer for selling them over the criticism -- of the person who is buying them. For -- root out here on the Scotia good eating out screw. Government. Two people back. You'd court about -- point where they aren't great political bodies are blamed. Really don't have the memory of that yet -- -- -- late dictator sector record at. In your. -- Asian. -- So a plane crashed in late punch train reality late fifties early sixties yet to -- old. -- there it went into the mud. Bigger critic and never found Baddeley -- usually not that deep I mean it like what twenty feet at the deepest point. Right sure Richard can group are -- is anybody know. About disappoint rationally potty train in late fifties early sixties please caller -- episode. All right -- keep listening and now maybe we'll get an answer for supplying precious and they did they didn't find it in late -- you train. I mean the bottom of -- too much strain is rather soft. And it's just not that deep I guess a plane with a certain amount of force could. Could get down into the mud that you'd think that they would have found. Where you would think that with all of the the equipment that's available today. Medical metal detectors and -- type stuff you think that somebody would -- -- out there and try to find it. While we could find a -- -- -- party frame which is a very very shallow lake. Day it's not likely that -- gratifying. This triple seven Malaysian airlines flight 370. If it indeed crashed in the Atlantic and the in the Indian Ocean which is -- supporting -- said the other night that it was up to. -- 101000 feet deep at one point I George you're on WW out good evening. I do a good car that minister in that the guys behind it straight. Back to your obvious results. I really like the chip -- -- which has bobbled judgment statement itself. One. The other side. That it no wait a party. We walked out when you know that's that's true I I didn't think about it there will be people waiting for him. -- all Americans just. Don't do. -- And equality shall -- Can't remember -- -- And they said that some people came out and local. -- Local ethnic groups. These new -- in my pocket support bodies and -- cowboys out in my support. You. And simple. And it is likely being real -- you beat people cryptic any problem and -- basically blocked airway and it feels like it you -- -- which one I'm not scared about what year period and structure. You know there's -- a garden. There's been a lot of talk about. Actually. Having the west Baptist Church declared that he -- I don't think it has gotten -- for -- job. -- figured you know I I agree. And that's what Mr. Big. Should it be. And I want. Non profit. Picture were you know -- on special. From. So him engaging activities like. At Georgia thinking is his death is gonna bring even more attention to the hate that day. Spread which I think is a good thing to expose the west grove Baptist church of hateful people that they are. -- our our show reaches a Kansas so there's always a possibility that there are people. Associated with the west grove Baptist Church or listen to are sure right. George are glad to -- thanks listings have WL here's a text that reads -- this was recently written up in the times Picayune it was like the fiftieth anniversary. A search TP it was a large front page article it was about a plane crash in late party trying. If you're on hold stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about -- our number is 2601. A seventy toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our -- -- 7870. Here is a -- reads from what I heard regarding the plane crash. The cramps were fat old -- guys the cramps Arafat that year that would mean the cramps ate them. You -- freaks me out. In the early part of jaws. After the the skiers killed. It was adjust to. It might have been -- to -- did anybody that the the did the sheriff goes to the beach and he finds this arm on the beach. And the cramps -- eating on the armed and I'm thinking wait a minute I'd love crabs. In the -- did stuff. -- This is the -- Shelvin will be right back under the WL. Since word is that spreading Fred Phelps senior the founder of the controversy over west Borough Baptist Church being on his deathbed the hospice in the Kansas the Internet has been filled with. Excitement over. He is -- impending death it is is it wrong to. Be cheerful about somebody's death -- -- WW a pretty general opinion poll it's changing more people are saying no it's not wrong. Is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death 30% now say no and that's that's a -- so for tonight. And 70% say yes it is wrong give us. Your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Tomorrow night L issue is going to be in IT turnover taking on San Francisco the pre game starts at 830 tip off is at 9 o'clock that's tomorrow night right here on tiger radio Debbie if you will. So we will not have a -- Joseph tomorrow night but we've will be back with you. On Thursday nights here -- -- W well I'm from Indiana rich welcome to discourage show. Again he -- to you know history. Will be of them -- revenge. Fifty years from now nobody will remember shelled and is. And -- in my opinion trader family by fifty years from now somebody will be putting an American flag on that box. That's combat veterans up marker. -- history is that that's revenge. Rich -- I would agree with you I appreciate you calling from Harvey captain Rick here and every WL a good -- captain. I'm good. I had the privilege of flying so not a privilege but to understanding that area a little bit. Aircraft took out a lot of bars thank -- I predict altitude maybe a 121000 feet. And like a regular airplane direct -- -- some of the old airplanes. The how hours battles stabilize it was just. Kind of an -- flap up and down up and outline the dealer plates that would to call it Jack screw the whole the whole. The whole elevator rotated up and down. And what happened was able -- now. And -- jackscrew went crazy in the but the airplane it -- -- nose down condition and in those days sorry to break his. But something happened and evidently they couldn't pull the break a quick enough. And an airplane went in those first. And let me play is like -- -- If you don't if you think law concrete is. Is taught when you get to walk -- that it just disintegrated. That you write they couldn't find anything of it. It just just integrated -- Well as it disintegrated then it didn't like a lot of people believe. Remain intact and to become imbedded in the in the the sand at the bottom of the lake. Absolutely -- at the Air National Guard and air. At the end of the road -- tried. They piled up all the stuff they dug out of the mud that it rolls and rolls of sixty millimeter movie film it can't just up they came out of the -- the baggage compartment but nothing was not it was -- then. This I guess. -- queen size bed kings have been exist threads and it just it just disintegrated and we would -- -- several towns and we know where it went down a pop approximately. But you couldn't see anything and the water was murky all accounts. As -- area but I can understand why. And it's a good partners for this -- other airplane goes we just out of here operate in news breaking news breaking news this all the same. Well and they continued to call -- breaking news when there's really nothing definite about it I mean there's new information that comes out that often contradicts the information we just had the people there are quite glued to this and his -- blog is about how the media gives us exactly what we want. In this missing plane saga that's on identity of economic -- before you go. What are bring everybody up to date on what we're talking about this retiring early about the the missing Malaysian airlines flight 370. If it is in the Indian Ocean and can't find it Simonyi brought up a plane that crash in Italy punch -- I believe in 1964. It was believed embedded in the mud in the never really found that the whole plane but if you say this plane took off form what was more -- on airport at the time. I eight to 121000 feet over -- putt straight hundred they'd get to that it's how to get to that altitude so quickly. They com -- well it might have been output gets -- altitude but it did. L it's easy Wheatley from battle lake for many capitals falcon jet to but it applicant does decide -- we will. 121000 feet. I don't know -- got atomic. Yeah -- if it's if it's a piston driven planed -- and I don't think it's it's not it's certainly not gonna climb at the same rate is as a falcon jet. -- this airplane what that one for the lake. Yup that -- reject always June oh yeah. It was 880 or DC eight applicant which one. Oh did you oh absolutely and that was. I I got the impression from an earlier conversation that it was a private twin engine plane. That one in LA you notice this was a passenger a penalty yet. It took proper runway. 10 -- A margin attest to that thought that made a slight right turn it was gone after the Milosevic clinic created. I so what is it what is Jack climbs it commercial jet would climates they went 3000 feet a minute. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because you gotta get that altitude is conserved fuel you know. And that's the other day about this jet that's that's missing picked up -- on how to fortify our target feet to back and thoughtful but you can't. And an airplane would would burn all -- AM out of Alabama it would -- just can't. Do you teach you to lean doubted higher -- really bears and then him and it's far it's 45000. Feet if they get close so that we used to call we trained. Service field was 42000. In the falcons earlier -- higher. But there are so then that the airplane basically. Has no lift it would cost coffin on a potential fallout this. Captain -- I've enjoyed our conversation but I do have to get to break and I appreciate the information. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And CNN has wall to wall coverage of this is he worthy of that much news coverage. Also we denied talking about this plane crashed and I don't have memories of this. Alec potty train I was young and 1964. But apparently a commercial airliner took off from which then voice on airport. And crashed into the lake -- -- on -- eulogy over the plane crash. I would I don't remember the crash. -- It is just kind of he caught that we mean. At airline -- And apply for a short time. And I. Don't. Quite. In. I can't I mean where -- It just yet. Actually. Apparently. Red -- that. -- -- Myself I -- got to get to a news break and I'm really glad you call with that information and and that that would explain being -- -- 121000 feet of the lake project train because if you took off even in a commercial jet. And it's more so on airport now we are referring internationally be hard to get that height to that quickly.