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Mar 18, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: we’ll get the latest theories and thoughts on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still missing…could the pilots have been involved or was it a catastrophic event? AND: Fred Phelps the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church is reportedly on his death bed. That has caused many people to cheer. Is it wrong to hope that a person you think is an evil person dies?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Rolling Stones and called off their dates for their Australian and New Zealand concerts following the death of projectors girlfriend a fashion designer immigrants god. She was found hanging in her apartment today in New York City -- -- suicide. -- endeavors and thank the fans for their support -- this difficult time. Make jagr was and very very obviously very upset and quite surprised. As a -- just described is deeply sorry and disappointed to announce -- postponement of the rest of their fourteen on fire tour. They will make that up to the fans they were scheduled to plea in Perth. And tomorrow night -- and -- it stops in Melbourne and Sydney. I'm next week. It's again our thoughts and prayers are with the mic -- philosophy is girlfriend. -- -- And. Okay. CNN is defending its wall to wall coverage of missing only a Malaysian airlines flight 370 saying that it's an incredible mystery full of human drama. And it international element is involved. Doesn't this supports something I quite often talk about on the show and that is the news is entertainment. The -- like tonight is titled media giving us exactly what we want with missing -- saga. And this is something that is not talked about enough and in mainstream media. And I love talking about it this is some things and I've steady throughout my career. And I think it's important always to understand the relationship between the audience and the media. And the media is giving us exactly what we want as as a viewing. Audience in America right now may be. You're tired of it but most Americans don't seem to be tired of CNN in January we talked about this on the show. Had to their third lowest ratings in the history of the network. And now their ratings has seen an increase. A recent spike because of their wall to wall coverage of this missing Malaysian airlines flight 37. So why is that. Quite often people are are quick to criticize the media for the way the news is covered but yet the media covers the news. The way we tell them to cover the news Fox News covers the news in a certain way too. To feed the audience that's watching Fox News the same thing with MSNBC. And the media and the news is a reflection of of the audience. So it's it's an interesting read you can greeted share when others give us your comments if you like it's on our website at WW real dot com. The -- good -- tonight is also a conversation on our FaceBook page which is to be WL radio and I will get to some your comments coming up in just a little while. Since Leo word has spread to Fred Phelps senior the founder of the controversy -- -- west Borough Baptist Church is dying and hospice in Kansas. The Internet has been filled with excitement over his. Impending death. There even announced plans to picket his funeral which kind of -- what his church does to the funerals of gays lesbians and fallen soldiers all in the name of the campaign. God hates. Derogatory AF worked for homosexuals. Is it wrong to. Cheer for a hateful person's death but her WWL pretty -- opinion it'll give -- opinion -- go to our website WWL dot com it would give you another update coming up here. In just a few minutes of Miley Cyrus is in concert at the -- leaking senate tonight I'm assuming a concert is still well under way so there will be a number. Of tired students in school tomorrow because they're gonna stay up late get to bed late because of the Miley Cyrus concert. Hopefully we'll get some reviews from people leaving the show just a little while who'll tell us what the -- was like. As we were talking about the media coverage of missing this missing Boeing 777. The conversation came up about a plane that crashed -- line and I'm getting some -- it was an eastern airlines flight. I took off out of what was then -- on airports. In Kenner. And it to crashed and Billy can't you train and the years and I'm getting -- 1964. Honestly I've I don't have any recollection of this. And apparently the plane went it is believed to be fifty feet in the mud under lake project currently posturing is not very deep. So wouldn't take long for the plane to to to reach the mud. And apparently it did it went into the -- so it is this something else that is coming up in our conversation if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight. Our numbers 260. 1878 toll free 8668890. Point seven via text -- is 8787. From -- dale reverend walker here on the -- show. Yes -- on good reverend you. I just -- -- clear some blank out of it then by -- when that plan. When an eight point keep turning -- heralded BCD quality young man and I'm 82 years -- map. And I thank whatever are they navigate -- a plan thing whatever keep let's get an. Sorry for totally arbitrary and only about can beat -- -- -- -- -- plan. It more give more to continue though there are reports beat down on. And I -- and I kept a week ago Pam but it ain't never been on a plan. Because earlier in my community its attempt an accurate vote. Quickly you know I remember going out to. Did the lake front and going off the the seawall in which you would walk on the that the flora -- -- to train it was so I don't know maybe a four feet deep five feet deep at that point. And I do remember it -- being soft and you and your right there in the -- is for a link that size it is extremely. Shallow. And you wouldn't take it wouldn't take long for a plane to penetrate right to the water and then go into the mud. At that -- you know you know what people don't get. Bet. Make that make you not beat terror rise -- out you know and not an apartment instead act like -- -- the ECJ. Well I don't do a stern airlines there would have had a DC -- -- that was a popular plane in 1964. And try it try. And how do you know traveling you know area correct that it be put on the planet when that plane hit that market mullah. Tickets for a -- in the embargo on -- -- water air and actually -- made their repeated that. I kept probably a year you know along the power of radical our young mainly to them you don't think like he notes. But George thank reverend it ended today with the technology we have they knew they would -- found the plane and it's interesting that nobody has gone backed her really try to find it. It would you not thank the technology we have would be you know they could track him. I forgot about that as planned IP twenty prior period sports beat down in mid market warm and yeah. -- -- No reverent thanks for the information. Okay back to their rights -- -- -- ice. He -- and Eric I appreciate that you are that he gets about here in my. Reverend walker I appreciate I appreciate you listing and you call us any type. You know Apache YouTube for -- both parties whoever you talk critical ingredient that should make it's the UN people -- -- -- -- -- partners group. How low limit and don't -- I appreciate your listing. God bless you reverend -- it. I here's a Texan reads. Eastern -- 304 it was basically never found crashed just south of Amanda's bill. What's lost on 370. Is there are hundreds of families. That can't move all -- time we touched on this last night on the show think about the the families and the friends. Who are still trying to figure out where their loved ones are where their friends are on that Malaysia airlines flights recently where -- And they -- -- money alive I know the hope of somebody being allies is today is is very positive. But imagine the conflict with within. Individuals who were dealing with not knowing whether there are general life and if they are -- what's happening -- where are today. There are so many different theories I was really I was really set this afternoon to to buy into the theory that he was catastrophic. I heard somebody explain if if there was a fire on board and would somebody please correct me if I'm wrong here but does Malaysian airlines still allow smoking. On their flights. -- -- -- or is that something that is banned just globally. -- they're -- airlines still allow smoking again not that that would have necessarily cause death an accident. But if there was some kind of short. That. Caused. A malfunction with the transponders in some of the -- electrical a transponder being in communication equipment. If if that would have led to smoke in the cockpit to smoke in the capital that could've. Disabled the pilots. However I mean I was that sounded all believable to me and then the plane immediately once there's smoke in the cockpit the plane immediately turns back to plant which is when it apparently did. All of that made sense until later I heard -- there's we're we're getting so much conflicting information. Later I heard that the plane was programmed to turn twelve minutes. Before the co pilot said good -- to air traffic controllers. If you wanna join our short and right are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. We sent to Texas a 77. From Gregg -- David you're on the -- -- good evening. So there cult. That -- the animal experiments matter but the -- 46 weeks ago at times Picayune. Appropriately auto -- that airplane currently -- -- And it local element. These southern Libya article. -- and flight and he he said that he -- it -- -- but. Recovered. And -- were covered. While -- and all recovered and -- Six weeks -- ultimately know about com. -- salute and the outlook that the financial entity in the assassination. And it commitments met with the the investigation at that and -- and that the plane crash. Visual thought that. Thought about the war. And the closest approach that. Yet not today it if if something happens like that today after president was assassinated they would be people who would be thinking that that might be part of the conspiracy. It's possible but -- memory walk out but yet he can't that it Salomon. In the crash. As physical memory. There are real colony. At least small problem to the point where one. Like that one day but it it's a -- people -- -- here also that. And the playing practical play at all well leak another would appoint a lot of research. All the laps in the twelve year than he -- cover different. Information out there. Yes somebody had sent a text to tell us about totals about that article in the in the times for Q sorry I appreciate you reminding us about that David. Well quickly pitcher had. As for that -- Sure. A lot of cabinet -- people real world yeah that was from Baptist Church. In Amman mostly limited flying. Around him. -- But now it is very. -- -- If you think. -- -- he's in his eighties so sometimes people get sick when their worries spread you know being 8080 to 84 today is that like being eighty to 84 on a long time ago and its -- younger today that it was in the past. Good and things. Appreciate you again. Let them to make -- now open probably. -- Among. And it would it would be and what. Kind of life. I'll probably an issue that peace now an error an apple. Yeah I understand it I guess we don't really know exactly what happens after after we move on David I appreciate the -- -- and thanks OCR EW one night. I join to join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- were -- 7870 got a text the. -- can't Malik Cyrus concert is over ended at 10 o'clock or good for her. She knows that a lot of young people are going to a -- isn't that an outstanding young woman. A lot of young people go to a concert she knows it's during the weekend they've got class tomorrow so she ended the concert at 10 o'clock. What wholesome young lady. If you're at the concert. Are you picked up your teenagers and they were the concert. And what are called a show and tell us what it was like here's our number. 260187. Text number 87878. To teenagers in the card that would listen this a textbook luggage -- not driving a school. It would be designated textures says detection telling -- Miley Cyrus concert plus. This is the Schuylkill and we'll be right back WL. Bird brings. We chain -- same name -- nine. Can I ask him. Miley Cyrus in concert tonight at this movie king center concert is over. Geno was there do you know what was it like you're on the air. How oil -- and -- -- good house concert. Well you got about. Not that long I think it -- it was bittersweet. I think -- actually cool. -- Vocal she would absolutely. Incredible. They'll put up first -- -- additional thing that you -- Indies and only up and maybe -- ping an older. So it was a little too risque and well. My fourteen and thirteen year old man. I was kind of copper and it's four point. Really. He used to use what you think that there were other apparent they're with their teenagers who felt the same. Many parents are source so. Sifting. Dark and fourteen. And older one and oil lose a source OK. And beer. You know. Opting out more cars soared. So I know you go to church every Sunday shall hopefully he'll be young teenagers in church. Auto policy and there I'm amazed the content and it's a world because usually concerts and in this early gonna -- -- -- I guess my -- realize accuse -- gonna go to school. They had to open in ban and she's ordered program Beatles for both no we left to right but the last song. So I think she played almost too good to -- Think it was more you think it was more for adults and it was for younger teenagers. Apart sport you know in this sector or she started playing and she got concrete route -- -- the -- are -- -- well. -- -- -- Saw. I was very restless and though. But she she is incredible. Incredible singer entertainer did you -- like it. Might know. But it talking about commitment. To try to distract from the stage. That. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Some the wrong in net. Now idealist I appreciate the appreciate the -- critique of the show and I want your honest opinion. Sure all right thanks. All right if you would join our show is your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text Amber's late 7870. Here's our WL pretty general opinion poll it's about Fred Phelps senior and the founder of the west Borough Baptist Church that's the very hateful. Baptist Church -- we quite often talk about it there in the news because -- protests at funerals. Gays and lesbians they've protests at funerals of fallen US soldiers. Because of the military's acceptance of homosexuals. So they protest the funerals. -- US soldiers killed in action. And their bodies are sent back to their local community for burial. And they celebrates. I mean there was -- right they they protest those funerals. Because. Of the military's change in attitude. A homosexual acceptance. You gonna tell me those are Christians. So Fred Phelps is according to reports even from his son. Is very close to death at a hospice in Kansas and the churches in Topeka Kansas. So here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll is it wrong to cheer for the hateful person's death. Like Fred Phelps. 28% say no it's not wrong but 73%. Say yes. It's wrong. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and it's always something new and our website we've got the latest on all the moves that the saints are making. And you can also follow all of the free agency. Stuff that's going on all around the NFL with our free agency tracker. That's at the top of the front page right Deborah Debbie WL dot com. And antibody beer and utility and Christie -- they have all contributed to. I've covering some of the moves at the saints are making right now also LSU's men's basketball teams in the NIT -- -- -- taking on San Francisco that's their first battle. It's tomorrow night and you'll hear the game right here on WWL so no -- -- tomorrow night. But we will be back on Thursday night so enter the game tomorrow night and then we'll be back if you would join us tonight are numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890. Point seven your -- interstate 77. And also tonight we've been talking about as CNN. Defending its wall to wall coverage of the missing Malaysian airlines flight 370. Saying that this is a great human drama with an international elements. And their ratings have apparently gone up the -- like tonight is titled the media is giving us exactly what we want with the missing plane saga. You might not want to admitted but if you're watching it then you're basically telling the news networks. What you want them to -- And since the ratings are going up the critics may be criticizing CNN but if the -- are going up. Do you care what the critics say -- from New Orleans east WB here and having WL. Be unity. So I've been thinking about ego. You know all the -- -- -- after the playing. The Belize and slightly and you know everything it's like something different you know those that -- too close but it it's a they do potable. Well a slow. Army rather -- expert just in state there's -- Bet they'll probably could disable it in practical part. Of stalemate in playing. Put -- in just took a practice. With Betsy that might speak to what is he took particular they're property. All -- an -- couldn't sustain. Life. -- continue to follow this is -- -- and. No rights is at its true editors there's so much that we don't know and and were basically watching the news. For an extended period of time again maybe not near you but America is watching for an extended period of time and really people are around the the world are. There watching for an extended period of time and all they're hearing is maybe. Not sure this could have happened that could've happened and at this point absolutely nothing is known and you know we always like answers to two to mysteries we always wanted to have the mystery solved. There is there a possibility that this mystery will never be solved night I don't think they ever found a -- air and. Look at that they can. But I you know when those things in it might even goes so slow. That information IPV epidemic The Who. Too much information they give the public create -- Earlier here you're right I think there's possibilities that governments no more than they're telling us and then there's also the possibility that this is does that mean. To be criticism of the Malaysian government. But they're not used to handling things like this the way the United States is sand and it could be partly just Donovan competence not that they're trying to hide anything. They they might just not know how to handle. The release of information which is one of the reasons why it's seem so confusing to us. RWB and let's call -- short I'm glad you're listening to WWL at night. Here is a text have been reads any parent that would allow they're children to attend a Miley Cyrus concert should not complain. When their little angels reject any guidance concerning morality. As they grow up. And that is -- from Tommy and here's a Texan -- are really wholesome person really. Well I I I guess she didn't detect the sarcasm there I thought it was very wholesome of Miley Cyrus to. Make sure that her concert was over early she you know went on about 805 according to -- just called our show. Who was there and the concert ended -- at 10 o'clock so I thought it was quite wholesome -- Two in the culturally because this was out of consideration for so many of her young fans. Who have to wake up. And go to school tomorrow. If you -- join our -- -- our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 87870. The Jazz Fest lineup for 2014. Is on our web site right now and you can take a look at that the long with a lot of other stuff. It's -- and you know dot com. So is CNN to be criticized or are they to be applauded for -- wall to wall coverage of missing only a Malaysian flight. 370. On their network. Should they be criticized or should -- be applauded for that we'll talk about that when we come back. On Demi WL my studio producer John wearing just told me in mind nine headphones as you're coming back from the break. Well I did win the Mega Millions. But I knew that John because I can look concede is still in the studio -- figured if you won needed in on a year by now. Now we're talking about if if you won the lottery -- really make you happy -- sometimes money like that it does bring its own problems although. They're always going to be the situations where money could directly make somebody. A lot happier. But I am sure you can thick -- times in your life when you had less than you have now. And you are happy. And maybe there times that you remember you had more. And you weren't as happy issue or now. When you have less and I think that really does explain to us that money doesn't always -- make this happen. If you ought to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Cyril it's happening -- number -- 8787. At least -- tonight is titled media giving us exactly what we want to with the missing plane saga. And it's on our FaceBook page at WW radio here's a comment from Chris on FaceBook. I think it's agree. Story wondered if not salt will be the source of many conspiracy theories for years to come it's the next DB Cooper. And here's a comment from William a -- boils down to this the network has nearly 87000. Seconds per day to fill. If they don't have -- They will make it up you can join the conversation by going to our FaceBook page WL radio. Last night on the show somebody called and said I I keep hearing from all these experts are saying maybe and perhaps in -- speculation and we just don't know. Saying that over and over again. So little is known about what has happened to this disappearance of -- Boeing triple seven. And yet the cable news networks continue to treated as breaking news even though there's really not much breaking news I mean every once in awhile there is something. New for example today we learned that. The plane was -- programs in the computer to turn twelve minutes before. The co pilot said goodnight to air traffic controllers. CNN has had almost wall to wall coverage. Is the story really worthy of such attention. Several CNN executives. Who asked not to be named have justified the amount of time the network has been spending on the disappearance of this flight 370. Once CN executives said. It's a tremendous story. There is completely in our real house another CNN executive said it's an incredible mystery full of human drama. With an international element. He continued anything international plays into our hands because we have more reporters to deploy all over the world. Still another CNN executive said. One way to define ourselves. Is to go in is to go all in on stories of human drama. Some media critics have criticized the attention CNN is giving to this this mysterious plane disappearance. But CNN has seen a boost in the ratings. So what does that tell you. It tells me that something we talk about quite often and that is that news is designed to attract an audience. And they -- four focuses on the elements that are important to any good drama. Once CNN executive office said that this news story is water cooler talk in offices and it is dominating conversations. In party settings across the country and did over the weekend. So they feel like they're responding to what the public wants. In January CNN's ratings were at the lowest point I think the third lowest point in the networks history. If the goal is to attract the largest possible audience. Then should CNN be criticized for focusing on a news story that he is. Attracting attention and increasing ratings. Critics have certain criteria. By which they judge and analyze entertainment and that's from news channels to different programs to have to move east. And that criteria is often differed from how mass audience judges entertainment. I can think of movies and I'm sure you can think of movies that. Are your favorite movies and yet we all know that those movies were panned by critics and did not win critical acclaim. Many of whom are just outright blasted by the critics. So who's right. The critics of the audience. If the goal is to attract people to the box office then. It's the audience is right. But this is a much debated question and it's not gonna go away anytime soon. But as long as the goal of the news. Is to attract an audience. -- news programs will be driven by. A desire to focus on stories that contain elements necessary to make any successful form of entertainment successful. Which would be mystery. Human drama sex. Death. And when I say news is entertainment. This is not to suggested it's a fabrication. More than it's all fun and enjoyable. Defining news as entertainment simply means that news oriented programs and especially the cable news channels. They respond to stories that are quick to capture and hold the attention of a mass audience. I haven't been able to talk to friends recently with -- saying hey screw what do you think happened to the point. And I'm sure you've had similar experiences. We're we're human beings. And so we're naturally compelled to follow mysteries. And the disappearance of a big Boeing triple seven which is referred to by pilots and air traffic controllers as heavy. Because of its size I mean this is a mystery. And then also we were late to the agony of what family and friends of passengers must be feeling. We relate to that and maybe we've never gone through that but. You know we've all been worried about family and friends and loved ones at times and we can only imagine issue in beings what that's like. And so that binds us as human beings and that adds to the human drama of politics. And since the two planes close to the size of the triple seven that disappeared. Were used as weapons in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. America and the world are sensitive to the idea that a plane could be used. For an act of terrorism. And that possibility and it's further intrigue to the mystery. Where is the plane. Is it being prepared to be used as a weapon against the United States or one of our allies. These are unanswered questions that continue to feed this story. So there's a great temptation for people to criticize the media for. Not reporting real news that is important to us and yet. It is the audience. It is actually telling the media what to focus on. If you don't like what you see in the news. You might wanna be honest with yourself and think about the things. Did attract and hold your attention. As you see it as a member of the audience. If you gonna join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And our checks and -- 7870. Scoop on tonight is titled media giving us exactly what we want swift the missing airplane saga. And that's on WWL dot com also on our FaceBook page -- he -- radio and we'll be right back. Happy birthday today to Adam Levine. A group size he's 635 years old today and it's. Six symbol. Adam Levine -- -- sex symbol among many. Mainstream. Of American women. And he's covered. With tensions. So maybe ten Jews really are. Sexy. I'm -- what did you witness on this. Tuesday night LSU basketball relishes in the and I T tournament they play -- Cisco tomorrow night that game's going to be live right here on WWL. So we have no -- -- tomorrow night we'll be back on Thursday night. -- if you are joining on FaceBook in its scoots on the year. And that's where post the -- -- to comment on that numbers start to put to have more comments on that FaceBook page it's scoot on the year. I noticed this afternoon. That's CNN. Which is trying to that they're trying to re do a lot of their program and CNN has made one mistake after another with their programming and a they're trying to to to improve their ratings. Now they're seeing a ratings increase with their wall to wall coverage of the mystery surrounding this Malaysian airlines flight 370. But CNN has meets a major mistakes with their their programming and and I don't know why they make mistakes that seem to be obvious. I noticed that most of the people on on CNN. And also on MSNBC. To the kind of looked the same and really at some degree Fox News as well. And you know the world has changed but these hidden network or cable channels really haven't changed very much but I noticed that CNN. Is stealing something from fox. And it's going to be interesting to see if this continues -- you know I I've studied media all my life that I noticed these kinds of things in quite often we talk about this stuff now on our show. But I believe her name is Brooke Baldwin. Very attractive female. I saw her in -- setting that I never scenery in this afternoon. Brooke was seated at a beach stroke table and she was talking to an expert about the mysterious. Disappearance of this Boeing triple seven. She was sitting at a -- stroke table. Talking to a guy. And the camera angle. Showed her legs. And they showed her skirt up to. -- -- That's something that Fox News does a lot. And if you haven't noticed that notice it Fox News knows it's sexy sales. And Fox News announcing these women are Smart but they go out of their way to find Smart really attractive women. And they let you know they're attractive and they go on their way to let you see their legs and so now I'm noticing that may be CNN is picking up on -- This is -- show what we're coming right back with more on -- WL.