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03-18,11pm Scoot- Zero Tolerance, Media misconceptions

Mar 19, 2014|

Tonite, Scoot talks about: Zero tolerance in schools; a high school student was expelled for forming their hand into a gun. Does today's Media have it's hand on the pulse and/or; are they way off the mark?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the final hour of our show on this Tuesday night remember LSU -- basketball issues in the NIT tournament they place ever Cisco tomorrow night hopefully they win and go on in the tournament but there will be no -- -- tomorrow night because the game is on tomorrow night and we will be back on Thursday night. Hi -- and enjoy our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- tech's number is 87070. A news has spread that Fred Phelps senior the a founder of the west Borough Baptist Church had known as a very very hateful church in fact they have been on the verge of being declared hate group by the US government I don't think that has become official yet but. I certainly think they deserve that designation. Other west Borough Baptist Church goes around and protest funerals even the funerals of fallen soldiers who have died in action. And in Afghanistan Dorgan -- Iraq because of the military's growing acceptance of homosexuality so wait that's the way you protest. You protest. A funeral of a fallen soldier. Who really had nothing to do with the decision. That's how hateful this particular group is so when it was learned that Fred Phelps is I'm close to death and hospice in in Kansas. There was a lot of excitement on the Internet and people are now planning to pick at his funeral so here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong to cheer for hateful person's death. 28% say no and 72% say yet it is wrong. Can -- opinion by going to our web site to be difficult outcome if you know the repaid on that coming up here in just a few minutes. On the unemployment rate in Louisiana has dropped for the fifth consecutive month down to four point 9%. I think there may be some people who were not happy with that we'll talk about that in just a moment also there's a high school student in Ohio. Who spent thirteen days in jail after police found a pocket knife in his car the car was parked on school grounds. To me news this is absolutely absurd and another reason why zero tolerance. Is basically equal to zero common sense I'll I'll I'll tell you the details of this story coming up the -- blog tonight is about dismissing plain and coverage of it. The media is giving us exactly what we want with the missing plane saga. That's the a blog on our website at WW real dot com would you agree or disagree you can read it -- and others give -- -- and if you like it's also on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. Here is a text that reads I live in New Orleans and support CNN's 24/7 coverage. I spent two weeks last month in Indonesia and koala Lou -- Malaysia. I flew round trip on Malaysian airlines and flew out of the column park and midnight to Tokyo though not a -- A close call to be where you conceal somebody like that could totally relate to this story. Here's a -- it reached 90% of the media today has a strong liberal slant. And is extremely biased. It is not real news to intentionally not report facts and leave out key parts of a real story. And not cover certain events because of bias. Is. No better than communism that is from Thomas on the North Shore. Here is taxed no one is talking about the real important issue concerning Russia and the US instead. More people are talking about the missing plane. Not so this is not important. It not that it's an important just not as important as the crisis in a Crimea. Here is -- the airplane story is a good diversion from all of the scandals in the Obama administration. Not like everybody covers those anyway you have to find those on on our own a way to go mainstream media. In others a lot of contempt of with the media today. But you know from from my standpoint I see a lot of fairness. I see fairness with Fox News Channel IC so much balance we have. The Rush Limbaugh's in the Sean Hannity says all of the the local and national and syndicated. Hard core right wing talk show host. That creates a lot of balance with the media and yes something we talk about quite often on the show. The media is biased I think it's impossible to ask human beings. To be totally objective. And you and I can -- the exact same facts about the same story. And report them in different ways. Where we would decide. Based on all the facts given we would decide which facts to use. To tell our story. So that's human nature. And the media is biased just accept it. And and and don't allow the media to manipulation. And I I still don't see evidence. Then -- is widespread. Widespread. Steering of American opinions. From the media. American stand and think about your own personal use of the media. Americans stand too far -- the media source. That most reflects there views. And that's what they pay most attention to. And it just so happens that Fox News is not only successful because a lot of people like the ideology of Fox News and there is an ideology it is not fair and balanced. And I don't think they should say that but then made their free does say what they wanna say. It's just important that those who watch Fox News understand that it's not fair balance but. It it's also human nature for people to think that if something is. Expressing their opinion -- that's true. And everything else is not true. Because those are the people that are not sitting back and objectively. I'm judging the media it's okay that Fox News is not fair and balanced. I wish they wouldn't say it but again I think it's important for the audience to be Smart enough to realize that it's not fair thousands and so many of these. -- nationwide and even. Many many local around the country local talk shows just mimic what -- went to Rush Limbaugh started and that is right wing conservative talk. And because of the collective frustration with what is perceived as too liberal media. There -- a lot of people who have supported those those networks and those kinds of shows on on local levels. But that's not really reflective of America. America is. Not -- right wing as those shows that preached to a right wing audience. And Fox News that we talked about this I don't know with the ratings are right now but I remember the ratings from a January and we talked to her on the show Fox News is by far. The number one rated cable news channel. And the number one rated short Fox News is the O'Reilly Factor. The -- factor only has about one point five million viewers. Which compared to a top network sitcom like the Big Bang theory which tracks. Twenty million is not really that much. So I I I just don't see any evidence that Fox News is steering the country to the right. Or that MSNBC and CNN or the perception of the liberal media is steering the country to the left. Those people who far -- the media source. That most it's the year ideology that's what they watch. -- most people don't don't watch the news or they don't listen to a radio talk show to become enlightened. They find something that reflects. Their views. And I think you could to relate to this if you think about how are you consume the news solo on a regular basis. But I guess I just I don't I don't have this fear that the media somehow controlling America. And I did in this business a long time also worked in television -- in television news rooms mostly on the radio but sometimes in a television newsrooms. And then I have never seen any concerted effort on the part of management. To tell me or anybody how to think. When it's an opinion driven show. I haven't ever been told what I had to say. And I and that's -- I think the beauty of the of the media now I can't speak for anybody else but I've worked in stations all around the country. And this idea that -- everybody on the areas some kind of a pop it. It is ridiculous. If you wanna join Russia with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And text numbers 877. And one of the things we've been talking about is is the media coverage of dismissing a Malaysian airlines flight 370 is its. Worthy of the amount of coverage it's getting especially on CNN. As CNN's going wall to wall with it all day and and all night. Now there are so many theories out there that if this plane is discovered. And it just was horrific a catastrophe. In the year. Is that gonna make all these. These conspiracy theories seem. Seem silly and it was -- a big waste of time. I understand that it's a human drama I understand that there are a lot of elements here that are intriguing to human beings. And I think this just. Continues to demonstrate to what we often talk about and ideas that news is designed to attract. -- your attention again more than criticism that is an observation of the news and why I like to do on the show is is talk about what drives the news and the responsibility. That the audience hands. When it comes to consuming -- news. I think if you watch the news if you listen to talk I think you have a responsibility as an individual. Two to not buy into rhetoric. To not buy into. A lack of showing the full spectrum of the story. You have a responsibility to think for yourself. And for those who say that the networks leave out information. Also -- Fox News. Fox News you'd like the other networks. V8 ten to find. Those. Experts those -- Those people. Who. Advance the story in the direction that they want the story to advance yet. It's not that there aren't some balancing opinions on on all of the networks because there are. But there's still is a general direction. And -- Fox News as we assess constantly on the show Fox News is a very Smart because they understand that sexy cells. And I -- talking about this -- assuming that you haven't noticed when they do that show called the five which is one of the real popular shows on Fox News. Well first of all there are five people. And former conservative. Ones liberal. So it shows that they have some balance but the balances in one direction and that's okay I'm not being critical -- to -- just don't be stupid. Don't buy into the idea although they say they're fair -- so -- fair about it just because something says new and improved doesn't mean it's really new and improved. It just means that they're saying it's new and improved and you need to be Smart enough to make that decision for yourself. But Fox News when it comes to the show the five. How -- we -- When we re descendants. You pick up a newspaper you pick up a -- pick up a piece of paper you read from left to right. On the left side. Of the table. There's always an attractive female. And she's one of the of the leaders of of the five. And not only issue attractive but she's also wearing a very short skirts. She's wearing what might be considered the news first -- a stripper shoes. She's wearing big pumps. Again I'm not being critical just making an observation by the I think it's fine but let's understand what they're doing. And her skirt is. Opt to -- thought. And they show. Purposely show her legs and quite often whoever's on the and she is actually kicking her leg that is crossing over her name she's kicking her leg. To attract attention. To relax. Because sexy. Cells. If you and join our show tonight -- -- comment on numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. Point seven in. And a text number is 87870. Here is a text today and read some media bosses don't have to tell the talent what to say because they simply control. Who they are who all basically -- who they hire the higher liberals get liberal news. They are conserve the exit well I mean I think there's a lot of a lot of truth to that but -- hire whoever they want. And any any network any radio station is free to build the image that they want -- -- I'm very proud to work for the station because. That there are so many people on the station who effect. I can't think of anybody in the station who is really for the most part not. Very. Very open when it comes to presenting both sides of issues to does that mean that I'm not opinion agent and others -- an opinion dated. But we also talk about. More than just one side -- it is a bit towards your checks and we'll be right back with more -- scoots on. VW well and look about -- show on this Tuesday night LSU basketball issues in the ninety basketball tournament they take on -- Cisco tomorrow night that game's going to be live here on every WL. So no Scotia tomorrow night that we will be back on Thursday night. I tomorrow iconic news woman and community leader Angela -- the newest member of RWW real family has some great stuff -- part of our show. At 2 o'clock what is the message win two of the city council's. Longest sitting council members are -- that happen in the -- election this past weekend. So the newest members of the emerald City Council Nadine Ramsey districts -- and Jason Williams at large division -- -- be financial issue tomorrow. That's one of the things sector Angelo we'll talk about -- it's an open mind but mentally ill from one to four tomorrow and weekdays here on -- WL. I John welcome to the -- -- good evening. -- -- -- And -- Florida Kama. There's -- really it could hear our law you're seeking and he. The media out about -- like Nazis unity can get a pot of and out how he's that there is not really. Felt an -- that source -- critique of the media. I agree I think at the air like maybe two shows. Actually I think and they're on Comedy Central all -- -- not delusional and it'll air war. And like they're like one of the only shows are the only. Top talent -- actually really sort of critique in the show really analyzed how they're sorting pitcher and what not. I think you're right it's interesting that it's on their Comedy Central it. You know John is -- that I've been interested in him in my career I wasn't only interested in now putting a show together but I was always interested in the relationship of mass media. And society and studied did some things about Marshall Kluwe and and tried to -- to keep up over the years -- studying the relationship between mass media and the audience. It is something that time I like to follow to this day and it did find time on this show too. Wake up America wake up viewers and consumers of the news and let them realize that. You really do more than you think control what the news gives you. And it quite often it's about. What sells. And Fox News is been brilliant to figuring out that sexy cells and it's one of the reasons that they're the top rated network on the the cable channels. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's not that's not really a. Let's say I don't think I'm the success of that showed John is not. It's not because it's changing people's opinions it's attracting. Millennial -- attracting a younger audience because that's the way they think it's not making them think that way. That's the way they think and so. By doing the show that way there are attracting that audience and and Fox News does what it does to attract its audience and interestingly the Fox News audience is. Is collectively a lot older then a lot of people would think. John I'm glad to color show and thanks hosting two WWL a night here's a Texan reads zero tolerance equals zero intelligence. And amen to that. Here's a text always. Preconceived notions. About what it means to be liberal or conservative. Why do we have to choose. Yet we shouldn't have to -- and again I I hope it comes down to the individual issue. And and not being liberal or conservative in general a from Bay Saint Louis -- at a good time for quick comment before our break. Here scope and are being made me -- it. All the -- and didn't do it properly and Peter. In this sport there -- two to zero coming. Into the newsroom with an account that would put you in -- global. He used it is changing protection. There -- I appreciate that comment and I totally agree with you who has zero tolerance is is. Ruining. This country and as a totally ruining the country and -- -- over exaggerate despite. It's it's ruining a sense of justice. A sense of right and wrong it's blurring the lines by actually creating such a definite lines between right and wrong. But a pocket -- that's part of an EMT kit. Which is in the possession of of an EMT training. The kid goes to jail and is expelled for having that on school campus that's crazy. I'm -- we'll be right back -- real is it wrong to cheer for a hateful person's death that has been -- WWL pretty -- -- opinion poll we're talking about this because says Fred Phelps senior the founder of the controversy west Borough Baptist Church is apparently a very close to death at a hospice in Kansas. That is led to a lot of people of the Internet -- Juan. Celebrating cities close to death and there are even plans to picket his funeral which is. I guess a mockery of and it made mocks what his church does which is a picket the funerals of gays lesbians and fallen soldiers all in the name of god hates. Announced the F derogatory word for gays is it wrong to to be happy about hateful person's death. A 32%. Say no and 68% say yeah it's it's it's wrong and that's been our W if you are pretty -- opinion poll tonight. I heard that Savannah Guthrie from The Today Show on NBC. I heard that she years she got married in this was announced that she got married and I think it was during the reception. She announced that she's four months pregnant. So how does that happen. Okay wait years. -- get married. And your four months pregnant. So that would mean that they actually had to. Tightly before they got married. You mean they. How that's. Can't imagine it. One of John -- studio producer my email address is scoots at WWL dot com. And you can join me on Twitter at scoots WWL. Thank John quicker studio producer a -- Harrison in the of the studio I will miss being with you tomorrow night LSU plays in the unity tournament against ever Cisco tomorrow night and Evian you will. And we're back on Thursday night have a great evening and enjoy your day tomorrow. -- --