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WWL>Topics>>3-19 6:15am Tommy, missing Malaysian flight

3-19 6:15am Tommy, missing Malaysian flight

Mar 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS reporter in Malaysia Barnaby Lo about the latest with the missing plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker 617 gonna Barnaby Lowe who only has a couple of minutes -- CBS reporter in Vietnam what can you tell us about Barnaby about the missing Malaysian flight. -- -- And all of our right now where things are happening at the center court records and -- operation and they told -- answer. Until that point it's already did well -- That this plane basically gone missing and they still -- after they don't know where it stayed in night report. It has landed it be in -- -- It big tonight that and so we are clueless until this point out what happened to play now we saw. -- -- Chinese patents are -- to the meeting the tribe entered the room but they were. Try out of the -- room I believe in the 48. What we wanted to. What really happening he said that the truth be. All ears are growing frustration. Ball members are on the ballot members of the Mitt -- Is the sense there Barnaby when you know Thailand comes up all of a sudden with. Well yeah we had a plane on radar but nobody asked this but there's something going on here that the families just don't know about. Well that just really bring the questions that little operation. That Malaysia is getting from its neighbors Alito or seeing. That they target people corporation -- in other countries are involved. And search and rescue effort and also. He as you want a country that it ignored a court or that possibly the plane -- Who will work so. That just really going to question as to how what cooperation they're getting all the other countries. Real quick and you gotta go are there any witnesses that said they saw the plane over the northern round. No conflicts aren't dead they be detected nothing under redirect China said they detected nothing on their radar. Nothing at this point really. Thank you Barnaby appreciate your time we'll talk -- --

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