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3-19 6:40am Tommy, missing Malaysian plane

Mar 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to Shawn Pruchnicki, the President of Human Factors Investigation & Education and a professor at Ohio State University, about the missing plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sean efforts Nicky joins us right now to get there right John. Porter right Kurt -- under -- star Parker. Acknowledged soccer. Both artists are in particular that a stalker you know what we test -- different things here I tell you which make you feel like. Every -- needs economic value Mr. President president human factors investigation and education faculty member at the Ohio State University. Center for aviation studies warmer con air pilot was on the airline pilots association international investigation of the 2006 crash of com air flight 5190 once you deserve a lot more and -- -- A -- tell me what you think about this. -- old Malaysian mystery or is it really a -- are we contacting that. Well you know it earlier the mystery because we -- have so if you want to go on their face. All of the -- definitely say like I've been here. Immediate operational we have. Somebody different scenarios we could understand the high -- whichever one has been very focused on the last you know sort of the last reported. I tell ya think that there air. You know -- competitive that we go back to. You know what that they could order received in the past what do we know what do we believe we can now because that's been changed to -- the information we're getting from. On the Malaysian -- Well I'd -- island evens and they pounded on the radar knows you know around early show on not that it's anything to joke about. But you know almost imagine Thailand's -- that plane that's you're you're about that flight yeah we got in on Allen. Yeah it's it is to detonate the actual you know and -- constable or the maker. To make of that as well Alitalia. That the idea. A onboard fire. Cargo fire or idiotic state fire. Well it would go a long -- exported a lot kind of a gut reaction not I'm not here you know and triggered. Or you know the white guilt or -- that to happen right but I. I think you're absolutely sure he will result understanding. That you can happen. So you're saying that they did that thing was programmed into the computer to turn the plane. And then there was no more contact because a pilot and co pilot were pretty busy with what was going on board. And he made a U turn and try to find some way to land the plane safely. That exactly right and we feel for all Swiss wonder a lot all the -- so -- -- a year ago large. Large aircraft McConnell fire. And isn't it you know if you look at that that point what their crew was trying to do. Can you imagine being an on radar -- are significantly reduced rate environment. There -- a lot here. The bottom line until we get from wreckage that we get to cut that the black so to speak. -- will -- to speculate -- The you know the one -- -- I guess Urban Renewal is that we do on a bracket we don't need to find the fairway Alder. An important in flight fire we get some of that. Investigators will be able to look at parents and yeah most likely -- terminal -- -- by people on the map that. In terms of of debris though he shot as they were to find debris. Will that really tell you what happened whether the plane was intentionally brought down -- -- was an accident. Well certainly the potentially brought down because the impact strikes and that and the defamation of the gravel and if you want to -- Google basically saying. But for items like in flight fire. Or explosive decompression. These types of yeah. Actually parents absolutely. Look deeper correction there will be other. In Iraq will be able to -- -- -- -- I'd in terms of -- if the pilots were trying to turn a plane around make that you'd turn -- Head toward and landing area that was safe will would will be some of the possible destinations that they could have had in mind. Ultimately going back to go home port all orders. Is probably one of the primary I want to be quite honest with you I -- -- for me to mention are not circuit consummate leader. Clear right away but wouldn't you agree with that then narrows the field between Cambodian Malaysia. That they would be looking. Into. Well it -- up here and they think that he. The evidence showing that it's straight audible that they didn't complete -- That's even though they start to turn back when they became potentially incapacitated or lost control of the aircraft. Could have been during aren't so the fact that the you know -- I'm OK with the idea that it's very possible that they -- everywhere that linger. In the Sudan actually want what do you know you want to correct it would turn out their aircraft where. We'll be turned and turned when the group became incapacitated they contribute or were trapped. I appreciate your time and -- real quick as far as these that the this thing goes off and I've seen so many terms and the only thing I know from. Airplanes is taking issues off again on it. But blue would do what about the that the its thing and activates when there's impact and how long elect continue to send. A king -- data whatever it -- Yeah yeah which talking about it beyond the black boxer actually they're I only device attached to them hand. It is being typically -- good shape and have been contained. Without a goal like that. But here's the thing about the doctors is that -- -- to their close to them percent -- you can't you know. We don't 200 miles away you'd typically range of about twenty miles per hour. So ships -- in an aircraft to be pretty close to it. To be able to pick up on the signal and it's also possible proposal we in the in the end this presidential -- -- on -- off for the boxers you know actually and the army and you find the -- On the auction soldiers. Another potential Opel to. You want to get to that point in the super. I've Ricci appreciate your expertise in -- I'm relieved you know we talked again. Bad -- -- -- that thing users on. Which -- president of human factors investigation faculty members the Ohio State University. Center for aviation studies former come -- Ireland and even investigated. The 2006 crash of Comair --